Eleanor’s journal entries 1

Everyone can think what they like of me… They’ve not walked in my shoes, traveled my path in life or time! Some say I am mean spirited, too full of myself. Well, Perhaps I am? That is how I have managed to survive this strange life that God has set me to!

I feel at times as though my life has been wicked cursed by a Witch who others said naught of? They all suspected her of blasphemy, heresay, witchcraft, but none would ever come forward and speak out loud of it…because she was their Queen. Because she entranced their King, and as a result, all the rest of us as well! Now, I live a life in slips  of time? My world is a meshing of times and people out of place and out of sync?

It is difficult to explain… Even I am continually puzzled by it when I sit here in the darkness thinking of it? I know that something is not right? I know that certain events happened in a certain way, but then they change and they become our reality? I know there is another timeline that our people, our history has followed different from what I live now… And, I feel as though I have lived for an eternity but I know that is not possible, I am not a witch, not an unholy creature of the night that lives forever?! I know that if I voiced this aloud, I would be locked away at best, burned alive at worst! So, I keep silent, try to live out this odd life as best as I know how and stay alive to see what happens next?

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