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Message from Me… The Creator!

I just wanted to leave a quick message for everyone! First of all, Thanks so much for your continued viewing- Eleanor, The WoodLyons, and all the rest of the Royals do so appreciate it! Now, an important message…. The Creator has just recently taken on a new position at real life employment… You know, that which pays the bills, and allows her to do things like eat and not be homeless (it might be extremely difficult to maintain Eleaonor’s Blog from the streets and homeless shelters?!) Anyway, this new position will eventually give her more money and less work time- both excellent benefits which will allow her more time to devote to Eleanor’s story! But, during the training process, her schedule will be messed with and there will be the added stress of learning new job? So, Please be patient for a bit while she battles her way through it! Don’t give up on Eleanor or the Royals, their updates and episodes may just be sporatic and erratic for a short while!