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Eleanor’s journal entries 31

Haunts Castle1

Haunts Castle was a far older place than most of the other structures within Dragon Valley. A huge stone fortress, built upon the coast to allow barges and boats from the sea to dock at it’s back entrance, it had at one time been a Royal holding of much importance. During the past of my timeline, many Royals and Nobles had resided there at various times. It was more steeped in history and mystery than any place I knew of. Many said it was filled with ghosts and hauntings… if you would believe in such things? I had not been there since my childhood. At that time it had been a grand and busy place with the court of the Yorks residing there quite often.
A few times, I had ventured near there but something about it gave me shivers and sent cold chills up and down my spine? Something certainly did not feel right about to me and I was loathe to tempt the fates by exploring it?


I mentioned as much to John, and he was of the same opinion on the place! He told me that it was a very strange and eeerie place indeed? I was right in my thought that something was not right about it. John told me that after centuries of disuse, it should have been much in disrepair and ruin, but once you entered the place it was as though time had never touched it? The Castle itself was in pristine condition as though the medievals living there had just left yesterday rather than centuries ago!
While most often the place was shrouded in mists and difficult to see either from the sea or the land around it, there were rare times when the view of it was crystal clear? The clouds of fog would dissipate and the castle would appear as if out of nowhere.

Haunts Castle2
When the Council decided to contain the time displaced peoples here, their original thought was to renovate and refurbish this piece of history as a welcoming place for all of the medieval residents. They had thought to give them a cultural center that they would appreciate and feel at home in? There was one major problem with this idea… None who had known of the castle in previous times wanted to step foot inside of it again! It seemed that I was not the only one who feared to return to it!
The Council had gone to great lengths in trying to dispell the rumors of it and encourage us all to visit it… John laughed at this and admitted that even some of the High Council members were hesitant to go there! He shrugged and shared with me the ill placed idea that a few members had come up with for the residents of this time trapped Dragon Valley to become self sufficient and somewhat independent again?
Of course, we all must find new ways of supporting ourselves… The idea of those particular Council members was for us to put our knowledge and skills of the past to “good” use here in our future? They had determined that since there was so much interest in legends, myths and all things historical, we should become a Living History Museum and eventually open our realm to the public as what they referred to as a tourism industry? They were certain that this concept would benefit all involved? I looked at John in dismay and shock! We should put ourselves on display as like odd curiousities or artifacts? We should allow ourselves to be viewed as in some sort of theatrical performance?! “I see not how that would benefit any of us in making an adjustment to our new world! I see only how that would lower us to the levels of beggars and minstrels putting on some sort of show and passing our hats for gifts of meager coins in return!” I was disgusted at the thought of it! “I would sincerely hope that this nonsensical idea has not been given further motion or approval?”
John winced at my shrillness and answered me, “Unfortunately, despite your particular misgivings, the Village Council has agreed with much of the premise? They did much of their own research into the amounts of monies that could be made from such a venture and have voted to move forward with it?” He reached out and touched a finger tip to my chest in a motion to emphasize his next comment, “You would be quite amazed at just much money there is to be made from this entertainment and re-enactment business if done in a proper way? Far more than a few coins tossed one’s way in the street!” Shrugging his shoulders in some resignation, he admitted, “I hate to admit it, but it does appear to be a much viable option? Especially if they choose to go along with Judith’s idea of promoting it as an education and advanced Academics center for History and Culture… She has suggested that it be presented in such a way as to offer advanced level graduate studies and research opportunities in what she called immersion type programs?”
I could not believe my hearing? My loyal friend Judith was involved in this and was going along with selling us as cheap entertainment?! I expressed my disappointment in Judith to John, “I Thought she was my friend, that she cared about how I should go forth and get along? I can not believe that she would think I should approve of this!”

John sighed and looked towards the ceiling again… I was noticing a pattern in him? When ever he seemed too frustrated with my words or behavior, he would look up towards the heavens and begin to silently count? Sometimes, it took him a long length of time to end that counting and return his attentions to me. This was one of those times! Finally he took a breath, looked at me and spoke in his calmest manner, “Eleanor, she is your friend, a most trusted one at that! She knew full well how you should react to this project, which is why she made no mention of it to you even though it is a project that she is much passionate about? When she first heard about the plan, she was as horrified as you and determined to sway them away from any such circus as she called it? When they would not be convinced or detracted from the plan, she did her own thorough research and came upon this alternative plan of an educational center? Her reasonings are sound, Every one of you has a story, a lesson to teach about your paths in history. This place is full of priceless and rare artifacts that have been lost to history. It should be preserved and shared with the world now. This is an opportunity for all of you to make a valued contribution and tell your stories in more realistic and truthful manner than they have been previously presented? Her version of this would not be an entertaining theatrical performance but a true learning experience for any who visit. “ He finished his explanation, “Thankfully, those on the Village Council were swayed by her proposal that done right, it would be far more profitable and long enduring than any attempt at a more trend oriented tourism destination?”
I was still much indignant over the whole idea and asked, “Just who is this Village Council? I have heard nothing of them? I would much like to know who would think to vote for all of us on such a course as this!”
John explained, “Right now, the Village Council is made up of those Nobles and Royals who were displaced… such as Francois DeFrance, Henry of England, Juan Carlos DeSpain, Lady Leona WoodLyon…” He paused for a moment before going on, “Some of the others include Henry’s daughter, Mary… she is an adult of voting age and her Royal blood has allowed her a space on that council… There is some other Village respresentation as well, Hugh and Nell Guinn have seats on the council as does Lady Leona’s son, Francis Woodlyon.” John added, “Eventually, once the community is more stabilized, the Council seats will be put open to voting by all? This initial Council is in a way, another version of testing and evaluating some of those Nobles who assume that they know best and should be given roles of leadership?” He shook his head, “ Believe me Eleanor, when I say that you do not want to be a member of this initial Council! They, many of them think that they were granted this role in deferrance to their status and their royal bloodlines… In part, they were, but it is a trial to see how they conduct themselves now?”
I continued to mumble my distaste for all of it and wanted to set it aside for the moment. I held up my hand bidding him to halt his further explanations of either Councils, “Enough of that for now, it is causing my head to ache! Let us return to what this all has to do with Gerard and that awful place of Haunts Castle?” I refreshed myself on our initial conversation, “So, the High Council attempted to pass of the Castle upon us and failed as none of us want to be reminded of it… Why is it then that Gerard is the only one willing to remain there? Though as I spoke before, it does seem an appropriate place for him, I am sure he is quite happy there!” I remarked in a rather caustic tone.

Screenshot-37 (2)
John, as usual ignored my sarcasm against Gerard, “Gerard is there doing research on the castle and it’s contents. And, no he is not much happier than the rest of you to be there? He in fact warned the Council to do away with their plans to open it to the public any time in the near future, stating that he does not feel it is stable or safe in regards to people wandering around there? He is as concerned as anyone else about it!”
My answer to that was one of sarcasm and doubt upon Gerard’s character, “Hmmmph! Else he is just hiding something there that he does not want known to the rest of us?!”
John was trying quite hard to remain unphased by my comments and replied, “Well, we shall see soon enough? We have been directed by the High Council to assist Gerard in some of his research there!”
I put my hands up is despair, “Who has been directed? Not I! I have received no such directions and should not follow them if I did! I shan’t go to that place, and most definitely not with Gerard there! For all we truly know, it is he that is causing the disturbances there!”
John was grim now, “You shall be receiving your directions soon. I believe Judith will be bring them over in the next day or so? Judith will be joining us in this… though, I daresay that she is any more enthusiastic about it than you are? Would you prefer that she should have to go on her own to face this?” John paused and mused aloud, “I would think that if you wanted to be such a friend to her as she has been to you, you would be willing to endure this with her?”
I almost stomped my feet in frustration! He need not be so smug and self right about it! No, I would not subject Judith to face that place, or Gerard on her own! I glared at him, “fine then, I shall go for Judith’s sake. Now, perhaps you might explain to me just what it is we are to do there?”
He smiled and attempted to not be too self assured in his attitude, “Actually, you will be assisting the young woman hired as curator of the Castle. The poor woman was originally hired when they thought to turn it into a museum and Cultural Center? That prospect seems highly unlikely now but they have retained her services to continue the historical research on the Castle.” He sighed and smiled softly, “Really, this part has little to do with Gerard’s ongoing research. I doubt if you will even have to encounter him. You will simply share your knowledge of the past events with Miss Elizabeth Rivers in order to give her a better, first hand account of some of the history?”
I was still much leery and filled with some doubts but sighed a huge breath of relief, at which John laughed! “I suppose that I could do that quite easily? But, then what is Judith’s role in this?”

John explained that Judith would be learning more about the history, the culture and the traditions of the era as well as assisting in taking an inventory of items that should be moved out of the Castle to safer and more accessible quarters. Many of the artifacts and books within the place were rare, one of a kind items that would be put to far better use by being shared by those who could interpret some of it?


I nodded in understanding, it made much sense to try to protect as much as possible of what was contained there. I questioned John, “So, that accounts for what Judith and I should be occupied with while there… What is your purpose in this? You said that we would all be under directions to go.”

John was gravely serious in his answer, “I shall be watching and observing, keeping you all safe from what ever is there? If I determine that it is time to leave for any reason, you will all follow my orders and take leave of the place whether your work there is finished or not! Richard and Bradley will join me later in this duty and all of you will pay close attention to our advisements…Even Gerard must leave if we deem the place as unstable as he thinks!” He muttered more to himself, “That man is the most stubborn and determined soul when it comes to his research!”


Eleanor’s journal entries 30

My anger melted away with his words of family. He had touched upon my deepest hearfelt wanting. He understood even more than I, just how much the girls had come to mean to me? John knew what I had not been willing to admit to myself for fear of having it used it against me in some way… for fear of it disappearing from me. I looked upon those two young girls as my family. What I wanted more than anything else was to have a home to call my own, to know it would not dissipate into thin air? I wanted for young Elizabeth and Jane to grow to their adulthood safely, and for them to look upon their life with me with love and fondness? I wanted a place for them to feel well loved and happy, a place which they could call home? I wanted them to know a peace that I had never known.
John held me in his arms as I cried and apologized to him for my outburst. He had went about the actions in a wrong way, but his heart was in the right place. He had acted instinctively out of concern for my well being and safety as well as the girls’. I could not hold fault or anger at him for that!
There was a soft glow about us now as we settled our turbulent emotions and felt the comfort of each other. This glow was not like the flickers and the flashes of heated desires, but more surrounded us in a warm light. We sat there for a time enjoying the new feeling of ease and comfort. After a time John spoke, “This feeling shall endure and hold us together long after the heated sparks fade away?” He sighed and stroked my hair as I curled close to him, resting my head on his chest.


Then he spoke of the other more troublesome thoughts within us both, “I know in my soul that there is something amiss about Henry? You must take great caution with him Eleanor. I am worried about you and the girls. There is still trouble out there somewhere in this place and until we can find out who and what is the cause of it, you all are still in danger!”
I lifted my head and voiced my thoughts, “I think there is too much you are not telling me, John? And, the not knowing puts me at a disadvantage and in more danger! You must be truthful with me and tell me what it is you think is going on?”
John grimaced and was hesitant in coming forth with answers. Finally he admitted, “I am not telling you because, truly, we are not quite sure? I am also hestitant to bring you into this any further because I have been of the thought that you were safer not knowing everything? But, now I see your point in being at some disadvantage and more danger…”
He stood and pulled me up with him, leading me upstairs to the library. Once there, he brought out a stack of papers and motioned for me to sit at the table with him. He began to share with me what little they did know and why he felt such threat from Henry?
His first concern was one of the time slips and the misplaced people. They had thought they had it much under control and contained, but there were still people showing up? Though not nearly as many as previously, it was still a concern because these people were coming from other places than the original vicinity of Dragon Valley where the original displacements had been the worst. This could mean that the displacements were more far reaching than they had assumed, it could be a case of someone still out there misusing the time slip pools and portals?
Their research nad narrowed the window of time and location down due to the times and places where people were being misplaced from? The displacements spanned approximately a hundred or so years and were located in areas of Britain, Scotland and the coast of France. Someone within that time frame in those areas had played havoc with time and space for some unknown reasons? It had started around the time of Eleanor’s childhood in the mid to late 1400s and continued through the mid 1500s. Prior to that, there had been occasional, limited occurances and events, which had been accounted for?
Throughout the investigation, many ancient ones had come forth and admitted their personal uses and experiments with the time slips. The events had caused minor disruptions but nothing so severe as what had occurred in those years they were investigating.
On putting these fact together, my first and immediate thought was that of wicked Gerard! He was in those places at those times and I could not help but place my blame on him? I again brought up this point to John and was as usual admonished for it! “What is this insistance of yours not to see or suspect him of such foul play? Every time I broach this topic, you adamently deny that it could be him!” I clenched in frustration, “Has he you all so beguiled for some reason or by some power of his that you can not see his wickedness?”

Screenshot-27 (3)

I was quite tired of this support of the man! He may have done something good but I felt it just a cover for what ever other evilness he might have been hiding!
John groaned and replied, “Eleanor, Enough! I can see that you will not give up this resentment until you are aware of his full story? It is not mine to tell, but please believe me when I tell you that he has paid his own high price for his previous misdeeds and actions.”

I was not satisfied and spoke, “Well if you think that I would hear his side from him, or be in the nearest vicinity of him, you are quite mistaken! Besides which, as far as I am to know, he has conveniently disappeared and no amount of searching has ever found a trace of him!”
John pushed me back into my chair as I thought to end this now unpleasant discussion and leave him to his papers, which I now thought I had little interest in. He spoke in that stern, authoritative attitude that annoyed me so! “No, you are not going to leave because this is not going your way. You were the one who insisted to be filled in and included on these matters so now you will be!”
He stared up at the ceiling for a few moments… I could swear he was counting under his breath? He exhaled loudly then began, “I knew this time was coming and holding out hope that I could cause you to see some reason before approaching it? Unfortunately, that does not seem to be coming any time soon so we must go ahead and get this over with!”
I eyed him suspiciously and curiously, wondering just what his next surprise was going to involve? I was quite sure I would not like this one even after his reasonings and explanations, especially if it involved Gerard DeJewel!

He held my arms, forcing me to remain seated across from him. I could also feel him forcing some calm into my again whirling thoughts as he spoke, “First and foremost, Gerard did not just disappear into thin air and a vapor of time slip! Not of his own accord anyway… When he disappered from Dragon Valley and Royals Castle all of those centuries ago, it was because he was taken into custody by those of a higher authority than the Royals of the time! He was brought before the Council to answer to them for his actions and his involvements in those events. Gerard is a powerful witch, one of those most rare ones, a time weaver… He falls directly under the juristicion of the High Council and must be judged by them, not by mortals who would have destroyed him for their own personal gains and power plays?”
I started to argue but John cut me off before I could utter a word, “No, you must hear me out on this! I know you think Gerard the most evil and wickedest of enemies but, I will remind you once again that he saved you and countless others from being burned at the stake in those times! He may have went about it in all the wrong ways, but don’t we all at various times in our lives?”
John was determined to go on with this whether I like it or not! “As I stated, Gerard paid his atonement, his highest of prices for those actions he took without the guidance or approval of the Council. He had quite some length of time in confinement to consider his behaviors, his actions and his course in the future. He could have been responsible for much of the later disturbances as he was locked away in confinement serving his pennance during a good portion of that time!”
I was still doubtful, “Well, if he truly is as powerful a witch as you say, could he have not found ways around that with casting his spells?”
John sighed and replied, “For one thing, he is powerful but not in such a way as you imagine? His power lies more in his abilities with time and not so much with spell casting. But, the highest most powerful gift Gerard has is his brain! The man has an amazing mind, and is considered a genius? The problem for him was that when he was young, he had no proper training or guidance in his abilities! Because of that, he used his mind and his skills in the wrong ways. Once he was aware of this, he was able to put himself on a far better course for all of us!”
John clasped my hands and urged me to stay steady with him through this explanation. “Now, Gerard is one of our most valued researchers on many levels. He has made it his goal to make his amends and repair the damages that he and others have inadvertanly caused. Gerard is one of the foremost experts on the timeslips.” John gave another sigh and looked distressed as he continued, “He is also a leading edge researcher on our ancient genetics? He is determined to find reasons and cures for many of our unique maladies… such as the one that my sister Mellie suffers from? He is our most desperate hope for any kind of treatment or cure that will ease the torture of so many countless individuals, He has his personal reasons for this research as well?”

My mind was having great difficulty putting this new picture of Gerard with the one so engrained in my memories of him… At the mention of his personal reasons for the genetic research, my mind went again to Marie and her daughter, Marguirite who was Gerard’s niece?
Princess Marguirite head shot

An ever prickling thought came about, “John, I know your story of your sister Mellie, and her affliction… and I continue to come back this odd thought of Marie DeJewel and her younger daughter? I know well and understand that Marie was by the end our time together, not in her right mind… but, as far as I know she was no Vampyre? There was much speculation and rumors of Margurite’s malady, though no one would ever admit it openly. Many thought her some sort of changeling child, with bad blood inherited from one side or the other. Accusations abounded on which side that blood came from? And, when Marie so lost her mind and displayed her insanity, most of course laid the bad blood upon her? I do not understand all of it but, I am confused now… If Gerard is a witch, then wouldn’t that blood run through Marie and not Vampyre blood?” I continued my puzzled and confused thoughts on this subject, “If Margurite is a Vampyre, then where did she get that blood from? Would not that mean that Marie passed off some other Man’s child as Francois’…. or if Marie somehow carried Vampyre blood but did not evidence it, then wouldn’t that mean that one of her parents were of Vampyre blood? I am painfully distressed… I knew both of her parents well, and they did not appear to have any sort of Vampyre qualities or traits?” Another rambling thought entered my mind and I let it out, “Now, I think of it, I am puzzled about my own blood as well? From where do I truly come from and why do I carry this fairie blood in me?” My head began to hurt with the puzzles, and one last thought struck me, “I wonder now too, as to why you thought in my early years that I carried this other rare Witch’s blood, this Time Weaver blood that Gerard carries? You have already told me that I was no true relative of Gerard’s so would not come by it on that account? How would I have come by both of these traits?”
John seemed overwraught and overwhelmed with all of the thoughts and questions flying from me. He tried to calm them, “The one person who can help us answer all of these questions is Gerard?”
My thoughts stumbled and halted, “Gerard? No, I do not think I am yet able to deal with him? The thought of him and Marie much still pains me! And, besides, where ever would we even find him should I be willing to consider such a thing? A trembling feeling of lingering fear welled within me as John spoke,
“I have to tell you Eleanor that Gerard is in need of your assistance… he has questions and puzzles of his own which he feels you might hold answers to locked within your memories? He is here in Dragon Valley, at the much ancient Haunts Castle.”

Screenshot-12 (5)
I flinched at the mention of that Castle and of Gerard being near, “How appropriate! I find it quite fitting that he should be residing at that awful place!” I shuddered, long buried of that place tugging at the edges of my clouded memories! It was a place for me filled with ghosts of the past better left alone, I thought to myself… remembering that was where Lady Margaret had brought me as a child, to my meeting with Elizabeth and Edward who was now Bradley Pittens.

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Eleanor’s journal entries 29

A new home and an instant family for John!

Eleanor and John

I walked over to where she stood gazing out the window and put my arm around her shoulder, hugging her gently. I felt her sadness and in that moment, I learned about friendship? My heart ached for her and I wished that there was something I could do to ease her heart? I did not feel this out of any sense of duty, or responsibility to or for her, such as I did for my girls or for Penny, my maid? I felt it because I felt such a connection to Judith in our hearts and our souls even though we had not known each other for very long?

Judith stood there quiet for a bit, seeming to take comfort in my nearness with her? She wiped a tear from her eye and sighed, “This is silly! I shouldn’t be burdening you with my troubles that are more in my mind than anything else! You have enough of your own problems to work out without hearing of mine!” She reached for my hand and held it as we watched the stars.
I spoke quietly, “Sometimes, I find it easier to think of someone else’s troubles than my own?” Giving a small laugh, I added, “There are times when hearing another’s troubles puts one’s own troubles in a different perspective or light? Do you not agree?”
She nodded and I went on, “I have went about feeling like my troubles were the most burdensome and worse than any others because I was thinking so constantly of only them? You have reminded me that others are suffering in their own ways. I understand that I must find a balance between only thinking of others and only thinking of myself now… For while I am much releived at being able to think of myself, it would be unfair and quite selfish of me to think I am the only one whose trials matter!”
We leaned against each other, our head touching side by side were comforted by each other in a way that those who know that true spirit of friendship understand.
That night was the beginning of what I knew would be a life long friendship between us even should we eventually part ways for our seperate paths in life!

Judith and I spent much time together teaching each other. I learned that she had taken this position at the suggestion and encouragement of her friend, Eric. He had come to her and told her of this very unique job opening that he felt would be perfect for her? He knew of her passion for history and love of a good mystery. Apparently, Eric was an ancient Vampyre himself and held a great many secrets unshared with Judith? She said he tended to keep his Vampyre connections and history much to himself and seldom divulged much of it to her. So, when he had approached her with this project, she was somewhat surprised but happy that he trusted her enough to share this part of his life with her.
This position went far beyond anything that she was used to? In her normal life, she told me that she did what she called “free lance” consulting on home renovations and building, and community restorations and improvements? I had little understanding of all of that but it seemed she dealt much with architecture, design, as well as somethin called Public Relations? She explained that as improving, repairing, and at times even creating an entire new image of view of people and places? That I did understand! I knew well how the slightest scandal, or poor showing could tarnish one’s reputation beyond repair!
I asked her how Eric had learned of this position? He must be somehow connected to the Council? She told me of how Eric had finally explained the Council and their workings to her. He had spoken of the ancient ones and the Vampyre community that was now flung across the world but still closely connected and watched over by the High Council. Because he was such an ancient Vampyre, he was well known throughout their community even though he chose to maintain a well private profile in both the Vampyre and the outer world community. Apparently he was a friend of John’s. John had come to him wondering if he knew of anyone who might be able to fill this position? Eric had come to Judith, explaining the entire situation… He had said that he had serious concerns about it, and her safety along with not knowing how long she would be involved in it, away from her life. His concerns were not with whether she could do it, he was quite sure she could excel at it, which was the one reason he was even approaching her with it? Judith said that Eric expressed worry for her safety, and guilt over his selfish reasons for not wanting her to go? This was an opportunity of a lifetime for her and she should be free to accept it with no misgivings or reservations!
As she spoke of it, I could see that thiers must be a very special relationship that allowed them to see past their own desires in order for the other to fullfill a destiny or a dream… I mentioned this and Judith looked at me thoughtully, “I guess when you speak of it like that, Yes that is how we view our life together? It’s difficult at times being apart, but we have faith and trust in each other to know that we will be together again?” She smiled and added, “And, the reunions are so much the better? That old saying about Absense making the heart grow fonder seems to hold true for us!”
Understanding her relationship with Eric helped me to have a better feeling and grasp of my own relationship with John?
During these busy weeks he was much absent from us, and when he was around he was preoccupied with all of those Council matters. He also did a good job of avoiding me much of the time? I found it exceedingly irritating and annoying, but I did have an understanding and inkling of why? I think it was his way of maintaining his self control! When we were near each other, it was increasingly difficult to set aside the desires and the physical cravings we experienced for each other! Just the mere scent of him would set my senses to light and my skin to sparkle and tingle? I am quite certain that he was experiencing much the same reactions… I could see his body tense and his eyes glimmer when he would enter a room not realizing I was there before hand… such as one evening when he entered the music room to listen to young Jane play the piano? I was around the corner where he could not see me at first… He stepped into the room and his body immediately reacted to my hidden presence. I watched as he struggled for that ever present self control of his. He quickly found his cool exterior presence but I had laughed smugly at the knowledge that he was struggling just as much as I was!
He had come around the corner and given me one of his stern glares before caving and reaching for my hand! The touch between us then caused sparkles and shimmers of light to arise from our hands. A few seconds of that heated touch was all we allowed ourselves before we each guiltily pulled away yet savored the remainder of the feelings. I saw in his eyes the extreme frustration, and heard it in his voice as he spoke, “Eleanor, You vex me to no end! I have so much to accomplish that needs my complete focus… and just the thought of you scatters my concentration to the winds!” His voice lowered, “I am at the edge of my limits where it comes to you Dearest, and must figure out some way to get through this next few weeks!”
His admission caused me to smile again, my hear was lifted by his admission that he was consumed with thoughts of me! I knew that I should not be so happy that he was struggling and having difficulty in his duties… but that small part of me was elated with the knowledge of what I did to him?

Of course, a few days later, I was not so amused or elated? I was once again irritated and infuriated with him! This even went far past just minor annoyance at his actions? John’s plan to deal with our situation for the time being, to figure out a way to get through it, was one that as usual he had not consulted me on or bothered to ask my opinion of it?
He quite simply and calmly came home that day to announce that he had requisitioned more suitable and appropriate living quarters for myself and the young ladies! I was at a complete loss for words in my ire at him as he happily explained that he found us a most excellent dwelling that would suit our needs perfectly? As he went on with his description and announcement of said move with great pride, I was in a state of red glazed anger! What ever did he mean by this? We had a perfectly suitable abode right here at White Towers? Why on earth should we consider moving from it!
My temper was seething and those around me were edging themselves away, backing out of the room to leave John and I alone. John looked at me in surprise as though the thought that I should be upset or angry had never once crossed his mind? He quite suddenly realized that he had made some grave error in judgement, that the plan which he was so taken with and proud of was not turning out has he had imagined?
My anger lashed around us, the windows rattled, and doors banged shut on their own accord… the lights flickered and I was in danger of setting the room to flames should I not control it! John just stood there, for once humbled and apologetic. My voice came out in a seething hiss, “I would much appreciate it if you would take a moment to think of what you have just done, John… And, then explain to me your callous and unthinking logic behind it?” I waited for his answer, glaring at him all the while.
It took him some moments to sort it out, during which he went so far as to attempt to glimpse inside my thoughts? I, in my anger, instinctively shut him off, not even realizing that I knew how to do that! My mind was flickering with shards of glass like anger which I for a moment debated on throwing out at him? He winced in pain as a few escaped and pricked at his skin… My words to him, “Feel quite free to enter if you wish for more of the same?” He rubbed his arm and his thoughts retreated to the safety of his own mind then! I spoke slowly but still full of a biting venom, “Do not attempt to get out of this by trying to read my thoughts, or willing me to calm and tell you all is right and I understand?”
John seemed to understand that at this moment, we were not equal footing… I was on the upper footing right now, I was the one in power? He seemed unsure as to how to continue or what to say? With one last toss of an angry glassy shard at him, I continued, “I would suggest that you think very carefully upon your next words to me and your explanation of what you have done in casting me out of the one place I have come to consider as home?”
John took a deep breath and shudder before speaking to me, “Eleanor, my deepest apologies to you for this mess I have just made!” He hesitated and halted while he waited for me to respond. I just glared and nodded my head for him to go on… He slowly began, “I will readily admit that I seem to have made a grevious error in my actions and my explanations? If you would but calm down just a bit, and let me try again?”
I felt him struggling with his own emotions and allowed him make his attempt…
He slowly edged his way over to the sofa near the windows, and sat there running his hands through his hair as he tried to think before speaking. Brave man he was, I gave him much credit for sitting so close to the wall of windows that were still rattling a bit? As if he suddenly thought of that, he looked up and eyed the windows nervously! For good measure, I caused them to rattle a bit more!
His response, “Eleanor, that is quite enough! You have already convinced me of your anger at me, You do not need to destroy the surroundings as well to prove it!”
I stood there with my arms folded, and willed myself to calm the windows… I did not enjoy the vision of having to clean all of it up and replace all of the precious glass?”
That thought escaped my control and John picked up on it, “Yes, indeed, the cost of replacing all of that glass would be enormous and wasted on a home that is not even our own!”
At that comment, my anger was somewhat replaced with puzzlement. Then the realization occurred to me that, no… this was not my home, even though it had felt like it? This estate did not belong to me, it never had. This realization hit me and caused me to be filled with a sadness and aggrevation at myself for having forgotten that one important fact over the past months! This place that I had so lovingly built to my own comforts and tastes was Henry of England’s to do with what he chose. And, what he had chosen at some point was to transfer it to Sir Bradley Pittens? So, Bradley was now the rightful owner of White Towers.
I broached this carefully and cautiously, “Has Sir Bradley requested our removal for some reason?” I was still quite angry over how John had handled this situation, but now I was concerned that I or the young ladies had caused some disturbance which gave Bradley reason to not welcome our staying on?”
John patted the seat next to him and bade me to sit down while he explained. I did so, but left a wide berth between us to remind him that he was not yet free of my wrath?
He smiled grudgingly and nodded his head knowing well that he was not clear yet! He spoke calmly, “No, most certainly not! Bradley has made no mention of wanting you gone… Well, most of you at least?” He gave halfhearted laugh, “He has made mention of thinking that the Lady Mary should well find other accomodations for fitting for her, such as a nunnery or a sanitarium for the deranged?”
I had to laugh at that comment, having had much the same thoughts of her myself in the past months!
John smiled at my laugh, “Well, that is a relief… a start at least? Your anger is not all consuming now?” I gave him a stern mocking glare at which he nodded, “I understand! I will not push it!”
He gave me his explanation of his sound reasons but misguided actions in applying them! “I am quite sure that Bradley would happily have us as guests permanently but it is really not appropriate or wise at this time for a few reasons? The first and most imperitive is the current situation between you and I!” He held out his hand to me to stroke it softly, the sparkles returned, glowing softly now around us, “Eleanor, much as I want and need you near to me, right now the only way that I can get through this and think clearly about the pressing Council matters is for there to be some distance between us until such a time as we can truly come together?”
I sighed in resignation, understanding fully but not being happy with it. “You should have come to me and discussed it first! It should have been a decision we came together upon? And, the choosing of another residence… that should well have involved me!”
He groaned and admitted, “I know, I acted unwisely and rashly, not thinking of you, only wanting to have the matter dealt with quickly? I had this underlying feeling that you would not want to leave here, and would draw out the leaving as long as possible in never finding the exact suitable residence. I had the thought that we would spend much time that we don’t have right now while you searched for the perfect substitute home? I thought to take that ordeal out of the equasion, have it be done and over with as quickly as possible?”
I had to agree with him that his visions were exactly what I would have carried out… it did not make me feel any better to admit that!
He went on, “Besides that all important fact, there is the propriety involved? It is not appropriate for you and your charges to be living here now with no proper chaperone? You are single Noble Ladies and it would be greatly frowned upon… We have Henry to deal with on the appropriateness of this matter? He is much concerned with any hints of misconducts on behalf of his daughters. It came to either sending them all back to him or finding you suitable residence in which to keep them with you? I knew that you would not be keen to send back… other than Mary of course, and that may still be arranged?!”
We both laughed at that thought, but then he grew serious again,
“We must take all caution right now not to ire Henry too much, or set him off, as unpredictable as he and his moods are? He seems in a rather vile mood of late since his recent scheme to wed Lady Leona Woodlyon seems to have gone awry?” John sighed in frustration, “Something else is going on with him… I just have not yet been able to determine what? He is an unknown quality and I feel he could be some cause of danger to all here. We need to appease him for now until we can figure this out?”
I nodded, “He is not one to be taken lightly on any matter… I have enjoyed his better side in the past but also witnessed his darker one?”
John agreed, “He is hiding something, that is certain! He is now insisting that Mary return to live within the confines of his watch… I am hoping that with this move for you and the girls, they will not be called upon to return as well?”
I was resigned to the move but worried as well, “Where does that leave the two of us for now John? And what does this move leave us with for protection?” I was fearful of those things going on which I did not know of. This place was supposed to be safe but now I was not so certain of it!
John held my hands tighter and assured me, “We shall live apart for now, I will stay here for the duration of this… But, we shall announce our bethrothal publically and I will be ever present as much as properly possible at your new home!” He looked at me with love and hope that I was in understanding and agreement on all of this. “Eleanor, I promise you this, I shall do everything in my power to keep you and those two young ladies safe through all of this! I have come to care for them a great deal and would never seek to take you apart from them! You, and they are my family now and I will protect you all with my life!”

Eleanor’s Journal entries 28


After signing the documents, I did have a troublesome thought which I put to Judith, “I understand the seriousness and importance of this…and as such, I wonder if I should not have waited until John was here with me?” I was pensive and wondering that surely he must have known of this? Why was he not here with me?
Judith took my hand and looked at me thoughtfully as she spoke, “This was not a decision which John could or should guide or influence you in. This oath must clearly be of your own volition and choosing. There must be no other party present who could later be accused of swaying your choices in the matter.” She went on to explain that everyone went through the same meeting in the same way. Every person, from man to woman, husband to wife, down to the youngest child capabile of making such a decision was afforded the freedom and the responsibility of making this decision soley on their own.
We lived in a much different time now, where women and children were allowed and encouraged to have a voice in the most important matters of their lives. It was well undersood that in the time from whence we came, our choices would have been made for us without our say in it? In our past times, the eldest man of a household would most likely have made the decision for the entire family. In the situation we were in, going by that age old tradition would cause an entire family to be banished along with a ruling husband and father who decided for what ever reasons that he did not want to take this oath.
For my own part, I had no one to make such decisions for me? I had no family to speak of and, even going by the traditions of my past time, John really had no say as yet in these matters of my life. Until we would be officially betrothed, I was much my own person.
This was another matter which somewhat troubled me and I was in need of some council on it. I hesitated before asking Judith if our official meeting was over? She nodded her head as she put the papers away and sealed the large envelope.
She looked at me and smiled, “Yes, the most official part of our day is finished! Is there something else you want to talk about?” She seemed to know that something else was bothering me today.
I was not sure how to start this sort of conversation, never having had occasion to confide my private matters to a friend before! “Well, yes there is something that you might be able to help me with?”
She smiled softly and encouraged me to go on, “I will do what ever I can… I have a feeling that what you would like to discuss is more of a personal matter?”
I nodded in agreement, “I am truly not sure even how to begin this? I should like your advice on relationships in this day and age?” I felt myself blushing at the mere mention of this subject!
Judith laughed, “Well, as I said, I’ll do what I can? But, I will be the first to admit to my own struggles with this subject!”
I paused and looked at her with some doubt now…perhaps she was not one to go to for this? After all, she was a woman of some years and as far as I knew, she was not married nor had family of her own? I did feel some ease with her though and had no one else to turn to right now so I went on, “What I should like to understand is not so much relationships, but more where I fit in, what my place and my status is here?” I knew it was not coming out as I intended and tried to explain, “In my past time, I was much on my own, having no real family to sponsor or guide me? I did merit some status due to my family name and my lineage, and I was ever guided by that? I was also ruled by those of higher rank and position than me, by the men in power at the time…”
Judith looked somewhat confused and I assured her, “Tis alright, I am rambling… I am not sure how to put this together so if you would be patient with me whilst I try to sort it out aloud?”
She suddenly laughed and told me, “You have every right to be confused! And, honestly, I think I am beginning to understand what you’re trying to sort out?”
I sighed, “Ahhhh well, I am happy you understand when even I do not!” I went back to my musings, “What I am trying to sort out is the differences in the times for the state of women such as I? Back then, I knew my place, what was expected, what was my duty and my role… I was trained and raised from a small child to follow certain rules of conduct in my life? Even when there were such devestating changes, those rules remained quite in place over a long period of time. Even though I had limited and doubtful family, they still played much of a role in guiding my life. I guess what I am thinking, is now I have none of that? I have no family, I am unsure of my role or my status in this new world. So, I am now truly my own person with none to speak for me or make my decisions…” I was silent for a time, then continued, “My previous decisions and choices have always been based on what best for others, what others might deem proper and correct? Every choice I made was for that of someone else? Either their safety, their happiness, or how they would judge me? I do not remember ever making a decision or choice based on what I should like, or what I desire?”
Judith sighed, “Really, Eleanor, not so much has changed over the centuries as you think? Men and women still struggle constantly with those same feelings! You are just now at a point where you can make choices for yourself? You’ve made sacrifices for years for others with no thought for your own happiness. Now it’s time for you to think of what would make you happy? What do you want from life, Eleanor? You have plenty of time now to think about it and decide?”
I gave her a puzzled look, “That is the matter? I have no true idea?” I chewed on my lip for a moment and Judith squeezed my hand.
She peered into my eyes with subtle questioning, “I think you have some ideas? I think you’re just scared to voice or admit them?”
I looked back at her and nodded slightly while still chewing on my lip, I whispered, “I am scared? Frightened beyond belief at what I want and what I desire because it so goes against my entrenched beliefs and values?” I squeezed her hands tightly, “I have ever tried to remain as independent as possible in my life withing the boundaries set by those above me… And, because of the precariousness of the time slips and their affects, I sought never to become too attached to any others or give them my heart? I feared it would be far too much to bear should I lose them?” My voice faltered as I went on, “Now, I fear that I have lost my heart, and will lose my much fought for independence in gaining that which I desire most? And, I wonder if my intense desire is true or if it is just a physical desire, an infatuation caused by my over heightened senses of late?”
Judith seemed to understand what I was grasping at? She pulled me close and hugged me in comfort as I tumbled out my feelings for John, my fears and my doubts, “How do I know truly if this is what he so firmly believes, that we are soul mates destined to be ever together for eternity? And, if it is that, what must I give up to be with him forever?”
Judith sighed, “Eleanor, we all ask ourselve those same things? We always have those thoughts and fears that run through our mind? It’s part of having a heart, soul and brain all interconnected?” She smile again, “What are you so afraid of? Do you fear his bloodline, his Vampyrism… or is it something else that you fear? I think you fear losing part of yourself? I believe that what you fear most is within you and not so much about him?”
I was surprised as her understanding! “I fear that our union will once again put me in a place, a position of being controlled? I know that John and I are from a time long past and he still adheres much to those old beliefs and traditions, one which I have never put much faith or trust in, but followed because I had few other options or choices?” I stood up and started pacing around the room as I, in Judith’s words vented my fears and my frustrations. “In my heart, I do not question the fact that I love him? I would gladly give him my heart and share my soul with him… but, then I think of some of his so self assured attitudes, and his oft controlling behaviors… such as going forth with plans and not consulting me? I then become infuriated and think that this is not how I want to go forth?”
I went so far as to stop and stomp my foot in irritation,”I have viewed some of this present day, and I have remembered some relationships of my past that I admired? They were ones of those two peoples being on sound and equal footing, go forward together side by side, not one ahead making all of the choices and the decisions? If I am to be with him, then it should be as side by side, not him beleiving he is more of one to decide than I!”
Judith sighed and then laughed as she insisted I sit back down before I wear the carpet out with my pacing? “Eleanor, I do believe that speech is one you should be sharing with John!” She laughed again, “Although, I have to agree with you on your thoughts that he can be a bit arrogent and overly self assured when he thinks he’s right? I think your problem is that you are a woman far ahead of your ancient past times and you are just realizing that! Your other problem is that John is not one who has quite reached present day attitudes where women are concerned?” She groaned in her own frustration and added, “Really though, there are quite a few men still like him around! Believe me, I’ve dealt with more than my share of them!”
I looked at her curiously, “Well, then if it is so common even now, then surely you should be able to help me with this problem!”

Judith groaned and answered me, “Eleanor, if we could solve that problem, we would all be living happily ever after!” She decided then that perhaps we should enjoy an evening of commiseration and a few glasses of wine to ease our varied frustrations with the opposite sex?
As we relaxed, she shared her own frustrations with me. I had asked her if there was someone in particular that she had felt such a way about? She swirled her glass of wine around and had a far off look on her face. I knew there must be someone she was thinking of and missing, or perhaps regretting that she had left behind?
She told me of this someone…”First, I should advise you that as far as Vampyres go, you really have no fears? I know one quite well and, while he often displays many of the same irritating qualities as John, I do still hold hope for him… for us?” She sighed, “Ours is what people now days refer to as a long distance, commuting relationship? Mainly because we both seem to be too busy and involved with our individual pursuits to put forth that commitment to be always together? Or maybe it’s a case of both us being a little afraid of that word ‘commitment’?” She took a long drink then went on, “Who really knows, or understands? Our relationship seems to work well enough for us right now, so we don’t question it or force the issue for fear that the other person might not be at the same point as we are?”
It became an evening of sharing our lives and realizing that as Judith had mentioned earlier, things were really not all so much different between the times? There were still the same emotional struggles and heartaches that spanned the ages. There were still the frustrations of love and loss, the battles for control and power no matter what age one lived in!

Judith’s thought on all of it was, “All I know is that, like you, my heart tells me that I love him no matter what, but my brain tells me quite often that he’s not worth the frustration and we should just stick with the dog!”


She stared out at the starlit night and pondered, “There are times when I wonder who I miss more, Eric or my dog, Noel?!” Her voice sounded forlorn as she tried to laugh it off, “Then of course I wonder too, who misses me more? Or if they are such great pals now that they don’t miss me at all?”


A hint of doubt and worry entered her voice with her last thought for the night, “Then too there are moments when I worry that I shouldn’t have left? I even have pesky little thoughts of doubt on leaving them with my good friend, who I know would never betray me in that way… but, I wonder, What if? What if Eric and Noel should find more comfort with Brenda just because she’s there and I’m not?”

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Eleanor’s journal entries 27

Eleanor and Judith

I will readily admit that I have a rather short temper, though I do much try to keep it at bay. My frustration over this most recent event between John and I caused me to react in a most unlady like manner and show my irritation outwardly. Had he turned around at that particular moment, he would have seen me act in such a childish way of actually clenching my fists and stomping my foot! And, my next thought was to consider tossing my slipper at his back… until I realized that I was not wearing them! He must have sensed my thoughts because he chuckled and commented on his way out the door, “Your slippers are out in the library where you tossed them off last night! And, while they are quite lovely slippers, they would not hurt a bit were I to be hit with one!”
He left me to my pouting without another glance and calmly mentioned, “Perhaps you should eat something this morning, maybe your mood will improve?”
I glared at his back… How could he be so calm! I knew well that he had been just as affected as I, yet he was able to so easily set it aside and act as though nothing had happened between us?
His mention of eating reminded me that I was indeed hungrier than usual for me? I was not normally one to eat a great deal, and very seldom ate more than a bit of toast and tea at morning. But for some reason, this morning I felt quite ravenous! Knowing it was rather late, I hoped that the kitchen staff would have kept some fare warm!
I reached the dining room and spied the covered dishes waiting upon the sideboard counter. John was already eating, enjoying a large platter of eggs and sausages that caused me to pray that he had left some! I also wondered randomly of the myths I had long heard about vampyres not eating? As I filled my plate and took a seat across from him, he gave my plate a long stare, then asked in a somewhat surprised tone, “My word Eleanor, Are you actually going to eat all of that?” He quit his eating to stare at me as I happily indulged myself in the small feast of food on my plate.
I ignored him and savored the tastes that seemed to be more intense and enjoyable than I ever remembered? I went so far as to close my eyes and give out a sigh of pleasure? What on earth was happening to me? It seemed that all of my senses were far more attuned and heightened since my body had begun to adjust to this fairie blood pumping through my veins?
John shook his head as I finished my food and gazed longingly at his still half eaten plate? He eye my hand, and my fork reaching towards it and answered my unspoken thought, “No! Absolutely not! I can not believe you are still hungry after all you just inhaled so quickly! But, should you still desire more, there is still plenty left on the counter.” He gave me a bit of a scowl, “And, as to your earlier thought of what Vampyres eat or do not eat? Firstly, I am only half Vampyre and I do enjoy my food! I have never felt any discomfort or ills from it and I plan to go on enjoying it!” As he ate, he went on between bites, “It is rather strange? I have experienced no real cravings or need for blood? I thought perhaps that it would come at some point in this transformation but as yet it has not! I do feel much as you, in that all of my senses seem to be much keener?”
He finished his breakfast and stared out the window behind me at the sunlight filtering in. He commented on this, “Unfortunately, one affect I do seem to be experiencing is a sensitivity to the direct sunlight.” He frowned and it was obvious that this was troubling him, “I had never really thought about it before, but this will be most difficult to adjust to and accept?”
His next words brought annoyance and disgust to me… I could not get past my feelings on this person! As he was staring out at the sunlight and describing the ills it was causing him, he happened to mention, “I am hopeful that Gerard will eventually make progress in his research and come up with some remedies for some of these side affects?”

I knew he was speaking of Gerard DeJewel and I could not believe that the man would be capable of any such kind of involved research as this entailed! My disgust showed on my face and the look that John gave me was a stern warning to heed his oft repeated advice not to judge on previous actions.
He let the subject go for the time being and went about explaining that we had much to accomplish in the next few weeks. There were a great many details and matters which I must be brought up to speed on and adjust to in order to live in this new century and this current place of Dragon Valley? He also explained that he had some quite serious matters of the Council to attend to that he could not as yet explain to me fully. It had been decided… without any discussion of it with me… that as he was going to quite busy with these matters, Judith would be assisting me in much of the preparations and adjustments?
I learned that Judith, while having no ties to the past or the history of Dragon Valley, was a sort of liason between the worlds and cultures? John explained to me that actually, Judith and I should be of assistance to each other? Judith was new in her position here and I could be much benefit to her as I was so well versed in the history and the people she was dealing with!

It was explained to me that everyone who had been residing in the area of Dragon Valley during one of those worst time slips had been displaced much as I was? The entire area was now being contained against any further slips but the result was that all of us were contained here as well… whether we wanted to be or not? The time line was close to being repaired as much as was possible save for a few still unsettled spots and mysteries. Most of those displaced could not return to their previous times as, the way it worked, they were still there? I did not quite fathom or understand this concept and John agreed that it was a highly complex theory that took much to understand fully! What I gleened from it was that one was born and lived in a certain time period, and remained there. The time slips had caused people who were not meant to, nor capabile of doing so, to be transported through time… It was as though we became two people? One of us remained where we should, while the other was moved through time. Of course, the one who remained knew nothing and continued on with their life. The other of us knew something had happened but not what or how!
Once we had experienced this future, it would be exceedingly dangerous for us to go back, for anything we might say or do could cause another disruption or change in the timeline? Only the most highly trained and skilled as well as trusted individuals were now allowed to travel back and forth through time.
So, now, this place of such previous instability was a sort of refugee place for the time displaced. As they were located and discovered, they were brought here to live until such a time as the Council could determine what should be done. We were here in a new time, and world and the Council was doing what it could to assist us in adjusting to our new lives? People like Judith were brought in to help us all adjust.
One day, Judith had brought out a package of documents which she said we must read through. She was quite serious and somber, something she was usually not with me? She told me that it was vital that I understand all of the information thoroughly and suggested that if I had any questions at all, I must ask her? She told me that when we were finished, I would be required to sign the documents in order to remain here in Dragon Valley?
She must have seen the fear in my eyes and told me, “Yes, this is quite serious and must be fully understood and agreed to.”
The papers outlined my status as a time slip refugee, documented the approximate times and places of my displacements with my final arrival here in the present. They went on to detail explicitly what the Council would do to assist me in a new life, and what my responbilities were in accepting this assistance and this new life. There would be every possible consideration made for my past experiences and every possible effort would be made to provide me with an acceptable new identity and life. I would be given training and every opportunity to create a new life on the condition that I agree to put any and all past ties behind me, not attempt in any way to return to the past or use any of my possible past connections to my advantage or to the detriment of the present,or future world? If I did not feel that I could agree to this, I would be removed from this place to a seperate place of more secure surroundings until such a time as I could agree, or other arrangements could be made and decided upon for me.
I must solemnly swear my allegiance to this new world and the Higher Council. I must also understand that my continued existance here would be based upon all of my past activities along with my current ones? Should I choose to sign these documents, I would be cleared temporarily to go on to the next phase of my new life. It must be understood that at a later point, I would be interviewed again, in far more depth and my past as well as my current attempts at adjusting would be reviewed. At that time, I would either be granted new citizenship and be free to go out on my own, or I would be removed to that other place?
It took us much of that afternoon to go through all of this and for Judith to be assured that I completely understood what was being explained, and asked of me. I had no qualms of signing this…I had no desire, intent, or reason to want to be attached to my past in any way! My deepest concern and fear was that my past involvements in such situations as that with Marie DeJewel would once more come to haunt me and place me in danger of losing what I had now? As I thought about it though, what choice did I truly have? I chose not to sign, I would be immediately removed. If I signed this document, I at least had a chance to prove myself worthy in how long this next phase lasted. I would have time to prove that I could be a trusted and honourable citizen! I asked for the pen which Judith held, and signed my name of Eleanor Deguille once more to an oath of allegiance.

Eleanor’s journal entries 26

Screenshot-12 (2)

I woke from that sleep to find sunlight streaming in a nearby window. Only half awake, I opened my eyes a bit to determine just where I was for I knew that I was not on the sofa where I had fallen into sleep? I found myself curled up, tucked within the arms of John upon his bed. He was soundly sleeping but when I moved, his arms instinctively pulled me back to him. It seemed that he was intent on his earlier vows that now he had me close, he was going to keep me with him for all eternity?
I lay there thinking of all that had taken place in the past hours… One thought came clearly to me. Though I might not understand everything that been explained, what I did know was this? I felt more well rested than ever before in my life, I felt safe within John’s arms and there was such a feeling of calm within me that I did not feel any desire to move from this spot at all?
I know that many of those women I have met in this current day would view John’s earlier vows more as a threat and would immediately set to confronting him on his attitude of domination and control of them? I, however did not see it in any such way. I welcomed his promise to keep me safely by his side for that eternity? In fact, somewhere in my deeper thoughts, I looked much forward to a future with this man! I could easily state the same vow to him. Now that I had found him, he which felt like a missing piece of me, I would fight to keep him with me as well!
I curled myself closer to him, felt the heat and the rhythm of his heartbeats and dozed back into day dreams that I had never wandered to previously. My mind drifted to thoughts of a romantic nature… I, who had no experience, no previous desires of this type, was dreaming of a desire to feel all of him? My body heated and my heart beat quicker at the thought of him in such a way… I slowly turned within his arms so as not to wake him. I pressed myself much closer to him to put our hearts together. They beat together in the same rhythm as one. I let my fingers trail over his fully clothed body and I put my face close to his neck where I could see and feel his pulse beating there… My lips found that spot and lightly kissed it while I inhaled the scent of him. A sudden rush of warmth pooled deep inside of me and swept through me until I could feel it sprea up my body to my breast and my heart? What was this feeling, this new delirious sensation creeping through me? I felt something else as well… I felt John’s body reacting to mine in a way that startled me to an unsure comprhension.

Of course, I was not totally naïve… I had grown up in a time where, while propriety and manners took precidence, matters of physical intimacies and activities between the sexes were somewhat more open, mainly because it was difficult to keep some it totally private. I had seen men’s evidence of their attractions and desires for women on display through their breeches before. I had witnessed couples in various states of attractions… I knew what took place, I had just never experienced it myself before so this reaction from John’s body took me by as much surprise as the feeling that were taking place in my own self!
I lay there quite still, and now unsure of myself. I felt John’s arms tighten around me, pull me closer as though that were even possible? My legs were entwined with his and I felt that other part of his body beating with it’s own pulse?
John held me there for moment, then gently moved me apart and took my face in his hands, willing me to look up at him. His normally sea green eyes were dark and glazed. I saw such emotion there that it was difficult to look away. He closed his eyes for a second and pulled my face close to his. His lips were upon mine in an instant fullfilling my earlier desire to know his kiss. This was not a gentle, comforting kiss upon the lips. I opened my mouth to his and allowed him to pour his soul into mine. My entire being felt the rapture! All of my senses snapped and tingled at once and I returned the kiss wholeheartedly. Even though I had never done this before, it seemed as natural to me as breathing? At least for a moment it did, until my body started to quake and reel from the intense explosions of pulses within me!
I broke from the kiss, shaking and barely able to breathe! John took a deep sharp breath, closed his eyes and held his breath before letting it go raggedly. He looked at me, and when he spoke, it was as though he was still struggling for breath or some sort of control? “Ohhh Gods Above Eleanor! You are not ready for this yet! I know well for a fact that you are not, yet it may be the death of me to wait until you are!” He shook his head as if to clear it and moved me further away so that we were not touch nearly so intimately!
I was struggling for my own control of those new and over powering sensations. My limbs were weak, my insides felt somewhat melted and there was still a tingling throughout me. I was unsure and fearful but, I was puzzled, and curious as well. I was also still desiring and craving for more of him…I reached my hand out to touch him once again and spoke,”Ahhhhh and, How do you know so much, John, as to know for certain that I am not ready for more?” My fingers traced a delicate pattern over his hands, “Mayhaps, I am more ready now than I have ever been? Perhaps it is you who are not ready for this between us? I continued my wandering path with my fingertips and inwardly smiled as he he shuddered from my lightest touch… With a sudden reliasation of age old knowledge, I knew I held an ancient, timeless instinctive power over him? It felt immensely good to know this? I smiled at that secret and John looked at me in his own puzzlement then groaned when he seemed to understand what I had just comprehended?
He leaned his head towards mine and muttered, “Yes, you will ever be my own personal trial!” He pulled me a bit closer again and sighed, “Eleanor, you are quite right in your sudden clarity that you have that ageless power over me… you are also right in your thought that perhaps I as well am not quite ready for this? We, neither of us are ready yet for this next powerful step that will essentially bind us together for all of eternity? “
Though it was difficult for us both to maintain our desires, we laid there held close together as John went on, “Eleanor, this next step, which we both so crave, is not one of just a physical connection between us? Should that have been the case, I would happily give in, give us both that release and that satisfaction that we are in need of so desperately!” We both sighed in our individual and mutual frustations at that!
He sighed and copied the pattern I had earlier traced on his hands, repeating it on mine, “My dearest Eleanor, my heartbeat and my soul, I will not take you in a whirlwind of quickened cravings just for the sake of momentary mutual gratification! No, you are my soulmate, my destiny of the stars… I know that deep within me, as I am quite sure you know too? Ours is a union of souls and eternity. I hold firmly to my beliefs and my ancient traditions. We will honor those beliefs and those traditions and no matter how torturing the wait shall be for us both, we will be wed and sanctified properly before we commit to this act!”
My thoughts and frustrations must have shown on my face…He laughed and commented, “Never fear, Sweeting, the waiting may be insufferable but the outcome shall be well worth it!”
I was extremely frustrated now, and my sometimes peevish nature showed itself, “Hmmmmph! And, What causes you to be so sure of yourself, Sir John, that I would be so agreeing to wed you? I am not so experienced in these pysical matters and reactions… How do I know that you are so definitely my soul mate even?” My peevishness was turning to the waspish side… “Mayhaps, I do not even believe in these things such as you have told me, nor might I even believe in the notion of soulmates?”
In response to my outburst, he grasped me close and kissed me again, this time a longer more drawn out and sensuous play on my lips and my tongue. His fingers trailed a pattern down my body from my breasts to the most intimate space between my legs. My response was as powerful, even more so this time. He slowly dragged out the kiss, then quite suddenly released me and laughed heartily as my tongue licked my lips as if speaking for me in wanting more! “Eleanor, you may deny it all you want but, your inner self knows the truth!”
He laughed again as I turned away from him and groaned in dire frustration, hugging myself in an attempt to regain control!
I was sorely aggrevated… he was so sure and certain of himself and of me. And Blast the man, he was so right in all of it. That was what infuriated me the most!
John simply smiled as he got up from the bed and told me, “Come, we’ve wasted much of the morning! We have much to attend to and no more time to devote to our private pleasure!’”

Melusina’s Avalon

The land of Avalon used for the story of Melusina is now available for download on the sims3 exchange! All of the illustrations used in the story were done on this set!

Isle of Avalon
Welcome all who seek wisdom to the Ancient, Enchanted Realm of Avalon! A timeless sanctuary of magic, myth and legends. Whether you be medieval or modern you will find everything here to fullfill your destiny and create your own legend. From apple orchards to ancient burial grounds, outdoor training to indoor comfort and recreation, treasures await, a Merlin’s library of legends, Royal Council chambers , numerous living quarters and family comfort. From myth to modern you shall find here!

Avalon cover1

Avalon's beach

Avalon cover2

Avalon window to the world

Avalon sunset

Avalon magic room

Avalon indoor recreation

Avalon family comfort

Avalon at night

Avalon's training

Eleanor’s journal entries 25

John helped me to put the room back to rights after the storm of emotions settled. It had caused a slight bit of untidiness in the space… and I was and ever will be one for neatness and keeping things in their proper place! My many years of trying to maintain a semblance of order and balance have engrained it into my nature!
The display had caused us both some weariness and we collapsed on the sofa. For some reason, I was far more relaxed than ever I could remember? I had spent much of my life in a state of tenseness and unease, always waiting, wondering and trying to prepare for what might befall me next? Now, it was as though that heaviest of weight was lifted… at least temporarily. For the first time ever, I stretched out upon the sofa, removed my shoes and even stretched my toes! I lay there, forgetting about proper ladylike behavior with my head on John’s lap as he leaned back against the cushions. His hands ran softly through my hair and I felt him pulling the pins out to let my hair fall down. He laughed to himself and mentioned, “tis these hair pins that most likely cause your headaches Eleanor! It’s wonder you are not in constant pain with your hair bound up so tight all of the time?”
His fingers burrowed into my hair to massage my head…. I swear I heard myself making the oddest sounds? Much like a cat purring in contenment? My scalp tingled where he touched and I had never before felt so incredibly eased! I began to wonder if he wasn’t right about my hair pins! Not that I would give them up easily… but for now, it was quite pleasant to enjoy this feeling of being relaxed. John continued with his personal remedy for my headache and thought outloud, “I think you much needed that release of your emotions! Sometimes, it is benefitial? In your attempts to balance and hold control, you caused yourself even more unbalance on the inside!”
As he played with my hair, he went on, “I have done much the same myself in trying to control my inner being? Fortunately for me, I had opportunities to release the tensions upon the battle field and the training grounds… place where I was able to let go of some of the control? You’ve had no such safe place to release your energies!”
I sighed and had to agree with him as his hands moved on to my shoulders, contiued their strokes of calm causing my body to feel as if it were melting? I could feel the years of discomfort fading away. He spoke in a rythmic tone as if hypnotizing me…”Ahhhh My Eleanor, are you relaxed enough now to focus on the rest of the words I should tell you?”
I murmured something… not even sure quite what I was agreeing to? I stared up into his eyes and felt a tingle in my head as his thoughts wrapped around mine and held my attention. I could not say for certain whether he was speaking out loud to me, or he was within my head sharing his thoughts? Truthfully, it matters not how he shared it! He had my complete attention, my mind was focused only on what he was telling me.
He told me of those ancient powers, those beliefs, and of all of those beings throughout the world who shared in the beliefs? He spoke to me of distant worlds and people far away in time and space. He painted a picture of natures creations balanced in time… and he showed me a world where all matter of beings lived together in peace. He spoke of stars in the sky, of time unending… not as line but as a wheel or circle with spokes interconnecting and weaving time around itself? His voice grew softer as he told me of the light within each of us ever searching and reaching for the one that would equal it, balance it and cause an ever brighter light together? He told me of a place beyond us in the heavens out there where we all began and would return to when our lessons, our destinies here were fullfilled. In that other place, our futures, our destinies were written in those stars. We took our places upon the circle of time and came to this world to learn the lessons that could only be learned here in a world of imperfect discord? Sometimes, we were lucky, the fates shine on us and blessed us? Other time, we must repay those blessings by learning harsher, more difficult lessons of life.
When he spoke of this, I was suddenly reminded of something I had heard before? As a small child I had heard someone speak of something similar…about the wheel of life being in one’s favor for the time, but it would surely turn again and one should be prepared for the turns? I had heard a conversation about such a wheel of time in the sky but I could not remember who had been speaking?
John must have sensed the memory tugging at me. He guided my thoughts gently to the edges of that time and place and whispered, “Go closer to that time and place, it will come clearer? I will be with you, it is nothing now but a memory, it will not cause you harm?”

I hesitated for a moment, not being sure how to do it? He nudged my thoughts, “Don’t think, just go to it or let it come to you.”
I closed my eyes and was once again that very small child… I was sitting in a room full of Ladies. I knew them all, among them was my Mother, who was much involved in deep conversation with another woman. They paid no attention to me, a tiny quiet thing barely out of the cradle! I was content to sit at my Mother’s feet and play with a basket of brightly colored beads. I knew this other woman… she was a close friend of my Mother’s? The woman was Jaquetta Woodville, and we were in her private chambers at the court of her daughter, Elizabeth York. My Mother was wispering a warning to Jaquetta about the dire accusations being directed at her. Jaquetta had whispered her own reassurance back to my Mother about the wheel turning against her? She had made a sign with her finger to depict the circle turning and then told Mother not to be troubled, that she was prepared for this turn? I did not understand much of it, but knew enough to be fearful of the things they spoke of… They talked in guarded hushed whispers of Jaquetta’s daughter and her ride on the up side of the wheel coming to an end? Jaquetta’s voice was sad but calm as she mentioned that she had tried to warn Elizabeth but she would not listen? The talk then turned to words which I had not heard of before, did not know the meanings of yet other than the words of burning and flames? There were words of sorcery and witchery, treason and heretics?
Their words, though I was not sure of the meanings, scared me. I felt their fears and their pain and began to fret. My Mother finally remembered I was there and reached a hand down to comfort me. I felt the worry in her hand though and started to cry. Jaquetta reached for me and I felt a calm wash through me? She held me in her arms, rocking me and whispering, “Hush little one, I know you feel too much… put this out of your thoughts, it is not for you to fret about…”
I was soothed by her lulling thoughts and drifted into a light slumber but heard their speaking other things, such as my Mother’s fears for me? My Mother spoke of her frustrations in guiding me and raising me. She voiced her worries that perhaps she could not do this task? Jaquetts had reassured her in this, “Of course you can do this! She is a babe like any other. Some are easy, some are more of a trial? You have yearned for a child to care for and now you have one. Thank the stars and the wheel for giving you this chance, even if it tis just for a short while? We never know what the next turn will bring!”

The conversation faded as did my time there reliving it. I returned to the present with a memory of those two women wrapping me within their arms together as though to protect me from the unknowns of the wheel. I could still feel their warmth, their heartbeats surrounding me and I felt the child like sleep overtaking me.

Eleanor’s journal entries 24


John sat quietly beside me, stroking my hands and not looking straight at me, but staring down at our hands locked together… I could sense that he was much troubled. One did not need any special powers to realize this! He finally spoke, “Eleanor, we have other things of which to discuss as well?” I had some feeling of what subjects he was about to approach, and nodded in agreement for him to continue.
He had as much difficulty talking of emotions as I did. I could see the struggle on his face as he began, “First of all, Eleanor, you should know that over my years of watching and protecting you, I felt a powerful connection to you? I watched you suffer, and struggle but yet survive and become the strongest and most noble honorable woman I have ever encountered. Your inner strength and courage has ever amazed me!” I blushed at his words of praise, and knew that this was not exactly how he wanted this conversation to go? My heart was touched by his struggle to put his feelings into words for me.
I voiced my own feelings then, “I know now, John that you were there often? At the time, I could often feel some presence, as though someone was close by reaching out to me… but when I would search for them, they would fade away? That was you, wasn’t it? “ He silently nodded his head in acknowledgement.
I reached my hand up to stroke his cheek and encourage him to go on. He looked at me, his eyes clouded, “I was bound by my orders from the Council to keep my distance from you but found it nearly impossible at times when I felt your pain? “
He grasped my hand and held it to his lips, kissing it softly before going on, “I need to tell you of our ancient beliefs ? I know you were not raised with them and have much suspicion of them?” He sighed and laughed softly, “You need not reply to that, I know for a fact that you are filled with skepticism and suspicion of any spiritual beliefs! And, I well understand your reasons for it!”
I sighed and when I spoke, I knew my skeptical and sarcastic tendancy came through, “Well, I would be fool to deny that I am ever suspicious of beliefs which cause those around me to turn upon each other and offer their friends and family up for sacrifice to appease a God they claim is benevolent and loving to all… to all who follow their version of what he is? “ My bitterness at years of watching people change their beliefs according to what would gain them advantages would ever be with me, along with the sights, the smells, the screams of those sacrificed!
John held me in understanding, “I know the feelings well, Eleanor. They haunt me too! But, what you need to understand is this… Those beliefs are superficial and created by Man to manipulate and control? There are far deeper, more ancient beliefs that are based on a universe, not just a small world? There are inner beliefs that guide us all toward a light and a destiny of peace and caring for each other? These are beliefs which guided me? I do believe in them!”

He held out his hand, and with a touch of magic from within him, a sparkle of light appeared? I was puzzled at this, at what must be some sort of parlor trick? My skepticism was over ruled by curiousity and I reached to touch it… The sparkles danced from his hands to mine and I was spellbound by the touch of them and the sight of them glittering over the palms of our hands! John laughed softly, “Ahhhh, You see? You are intrigued, aren’t you?”
I had to admit that Yes, I was! I wanted to know of this trick and how it was accomplished?
John flicked his hands and the sparkles danced around us. When they would touch my skin, they would sparkle more and I could feel delightful feathery tingles throughout me?
John smiled at my childlike excited reaction and let them dance around me as he explained, “Eleanor, that is the magic that is within you! It is within everyone, though most would deny it, shut it off and never choose to experience it? That is the light within us.” He hesitated, “Of course, there is also dark within us all as well? When we live in fear, the dark comes out in storms of varying proportions… All of nature is within us, and our emotions have a direct impact on our world?”
The sparkles faded to mists and fog around us as I let my doubts and disbelief fill my thoughts. John went on, “You see what just happened? Your fears shut out the light and your doubts have created a fog of unclearness about us!” He guided my thoughts back towards the lights, “Imagine what happens when an entire group lives in fear? The mists, fog, the storms fill the world around them and light disappears forever!”

As if to show me, the room went suddenly dark? I felt cold drafts of wind and there flashed frightning strikes of lightning! My mind panicked and the storm within the room grew worse! I cried for John to stop it as my fear increased!
John spoke calmly though it, “Eleanor, you must control it! It is your fear, your doubt and your panic causing it?” He held my hands, and my thoughts while I fought with my greatest fears to control the storm surrounding us. My head began to throb and I felt the fear in my stomach causing waves of discomfort and nausea. This was the headaches of which I had suffered from for years? Suddenly, an inkling of comprehension and understanding took root… My immediately thought was one of concern? I managed to find some control with John’s help and guide my emotions to a calmer level. Once the room was merely filled with a slight fog, I voiced my thoughts, knowing that to give them voice would take away the power of them to control my thoughts?
I was worried now and shared it with John, “I think that I understand this power now, but I am greatly worried and wondering if it was I, not others who caused such disturbances and time slips?!” I was horrified by the thought! In the past, my headaches had generally been followed by the storms of varying magnitude, and then the time slips? My way of denying any connection of the events and dealing with the results had been to strictly shut down my emotions. That had served me well for much of it and allowed me to survive that turbulence.
John quickly reassured me while I may have unwittingly caused some of the events, it was more a case of as he had suggested before… of an entire group of people, a world of people’s doubts and fears that caused a chain reaction of events? He did caution me that my powers were strong and quite rare, and I must learn to use them in the right ways?

Eleanor’s journal entries 23

I kept John’s reminder in my thoughts through the next few days. I knew I must find a way to fight my way back to some sort of normalcy. It might be an ongoing battle that I would have to fight every day for the rest of my life? From somewhere deep within me, I must find the lost parts of me… the strength and spirit and the knowledge that I was worthy of fighting for? I must not give up on myself… not when it seemed so many others had given up so much in their thought that I was a worthy cause to fight and die for, even if I was not sure why right now?

Screenshot-5 (2)Screenshot-2

A few days later, I was beginning to feel stronger and spent an evening with John and the others. It was a strange occurance for me, to sit with a group of people and openly discuss the time slips? I found myself quite comfortable with these others, even Bradley. My past with him was just that, a childhood memory that meant naught else now. I did appreciate the memories that we could share of a past spent in much similar surroundings and knowing the same people? It gave me some comfort in fact to look upon him as a childhood friend… I could not remember ever having any friends as a child?
John shared more of his story of my past and his part in guiding it, though I had knew nothing of that at the time. He was given the role as my watcher and protector, but that role strictly forbade him from interfering with my life unless I were in mortal danger. The only other time he would be permitted to intervene would be if I showed signs of not being a mere mortal… which of course would most certainly have put my life in danger during the period which I was growing up in!

After the events of Edward’s disappearance, it was deemed that my life was in peril, as were so many others during that uprising and war between families…
John, Bradley and Richard eyed me cautiously and John held me closer as if in some attempt to calm storms that he knew would come with his next admissions?
Judith sat calmy, not saying much throughout the discussion but now voiced her own thoughts, “I think there is a lot more to all of this than you all are willing to share?” She stared at the three men for a moment then went on, staring questioningly at Richard, “You have been quiet through all of this? If Bradley is the long lost Edward and you have been with him from the beginning… then, that would make you the other lost brother?” She waited for his response with a look of impatience as it took him some time to answer her!
The men seemed on edge, debating whether to speak? Finally, Richard slowly gave his answer, “I will tell this portion, though it still brings me great disgust and anger at some others involved in it?” He paused, “And, Eleanor, you must remain calm and as John as warned you, non judging… I know your feelings on one of those directly involved in this and you must hold your own anger in check until I have finished!” The usually quiet and calm man fairly brimmed with a still burning anger that was close to the surface as he told his story.

Screenshot-22 (2)
“First of all, No I am not that lost brother… at least not in any blood relationship? Over our years together, Bradley and I have come to look upon each other as family, the only family we have?” A look from Bradley seemed to steady his nerves. Bradley stepped in, “Before you share this, we should start at the beginnings of it? It will answer many of the questions that Eleanor has filling her head, and perhaps it will give her time to sort through it before we tell her that which will set her anger?”
John and Richard looked at Bradley and nodded as he offered to tell it. He spoke grudgingly, “It is my past, my family responsible for most of it and I will tell it truthfully!” His anger and disgust was also showing through as he spoke of those past events.

Bradley told her of what had happened and who had been responsible, at least, for saving his life most probably hers as well? John filled in other details of it…
It had begun with Elizabeth Woodville, who truly was a witch- a water witch… Elizabeth had not set about to do harm but, she was as her Mother said, often lacking in self control and overly zealous in her ambitions. She used her powers without caution and caused even those closest to her to doubt and mistrust her. She used her standing over Margaret Beaufort to force Margaret’s help in arranging the betrothal. Elizabeth knew what Eleanor was, she could feel it. She feared Eleanor and deemed it better and wiser to have the child close to her. She most probably also saw the benefits of the marriage on the surface level.
Screenshot-31 (2)

There were many who knew of the “secret” and deemed no good could come of any of it. One of those was Richard, her brother in law, who was ready to be done with Elizabeth and her version of the future? He was intent on finding a way to ensure that her reign as ruler end and that her children would not inherit the throne. Another who knew of it, and also knew of Richard’s plans was Gerard DeJewel!
Screenshot-12 (5)

Screenshot-7 (5)
It came out that Richard could not stomach the thought of killing his own nephews but needed them gone? So, he had foolishly sought out the assistance of Marie DeJewel, who had no qualms about killing anyone, even innocent children? She set in motion a plot to take the boys out of the castle and replace them with two pauper boys resembling them and had those two boys killed. Her ulterior motive was then to hold the royal boys as blackmail and ransom over Richard? Her plans were thwarted by Gerard?! Gerard had some deeper shreds of decency back then and managed to take the boys from Marie, thereby holding them over her?! Yes, it was indeed a twisted mess from then on! From that point on, Gerard’s life was a constant spiral in time slips trying to keep the boys safe by what ever means he deemed necessary.
Gerard had also been instrumental in removing Eleanor from the dangers of the English wars at the time! Yes, he had made numerous grave mistakes and poor judgement back then but to his credit, he had kept more witches alive by causing them to be less open about their powers, causing them to use more caution in their practices. Had Elizabeth been allowed to continue on her path of using her powers so blatently and unwisely, many more innocents would have felt the flames of death.
At the mention of Gerard, I felt my own anger flaming to the edges of my thoughts! This man who had caused so much damage, whom I laid responsible for all of the chaos and destruction… my bitterness and resentment of him knew no bounds and I could barely think straight oh hearing his name! It took all of John’s physical and mental control to keep me in check at this point? He held me tight and whispered, “No, you must hear all of this! You must listen with an open mind as I have often reminded you!” As he held me, he spoke clearly for all to hear, “This is not easy for any of us? Do you think it is easy for Bradley to retell and relive the truth of his Mother’s and his Uncle’s actions? These are things no one should want to relive but, sometimes you must voice it openly in order to take away the power of the pain!” He nodded at Richard to go on with his portion of the story.

Screenshot-17 (3)
Richard paused, remembering that horrific time, “I was a small boy, an orphan living with my aunt who served in the castle kitchens then. One night a servant of Elizabeth came to my aunt saying they were in need of me? They offered her a rather large sum of coins and told her no harm would come to me… of course they lied, as they knew well what they thought might happen!” It took him some moments to work through the anger that still lingered from that night. “They took me to the Sanctuary and bade me do as the Queen said. While I waited there, I saw her take her own young son out the back entrance. She was gone some bit of time, and when she returned, she was wet from the ocean mist and weeping.

She told her daughter Elizabeth to clean me up and dress me well?” Richard went on, “While she was dressing me in her brother’s royal clothing she kept arguing with her Mother that this would never work? Elizabeth told her to wrap me up in layers of clothing and scarves around my face?” He still shook at the memory, “The Royal guards came then and ordered her to turn over her younger son, Richard to safe keeping with his brother.” Richard sighed, “She came into the sleeping chamber and sternly warned me to stay silent and do as told. Then she brought me out to the men and explained to them that I was quite ailing from our stay down here. Yes, perhaps it would be wise to send me to the warmth and safety of the crown?” With much disgust Richard shared, “That woman knew full well she was sending me, a poor pauper boy to a certain death! But, as I was a pauper and unimportant, she felt justified in doing it to save at least one of her boys?!”
There was a heavy silence as everyone felt Richard’s still raw pain of reliving it. He regained his control to finish, “Well, she may have saved her son, but for all of his faults, Gerard DeJewel managed to save me from death that night, and probably a worse fate had we remained in Marie’s custody! Gerard spent years keeping us safe from constant searches for us by any number of Royals either wanting our dead bodies or our living ones as pawns to take the throne for them.” Richard finally smiled and then even laughed as he pointed at John, “Gerard finally managed to place us in the “safety” of this strange creature who taught us the finer points of survival and other necessary skills such as how to hold our ale, how to win at cards, and generally how to be devilish rakes that women pretend to be fearful of!”
His mention of strange creature brought more curiosity from Judith and I, to which John was forced to explain… “I would not consider myself all that strange, but Yes I do suppose others might? I do suppose because I had a witch for a Mother and a Vampyre for a Father and have been one of very few offspring to ever come of such a pairing and survive it, Yes that puts me in a rather unique category does it not?”
Richard’s anger dimmed somewhat and he was able to smile halfheartedly at John’s attempt at levity. He shrugged and sighed, “There are times when I know not who to be more angry and disgusted at, the pathetic wretch my aunt- who sold me for a bag of coins then perished anyway shortly afterwards, or Elizabeth who knew full well what she did and held no remorse or qualms about it?” He gave a last disgusted sigh and added to the finish of the story, “I would guess that Bradley and I were actually the lucky ones in the whole situation? We had each other to rely upon, we survived and have ended up quite alright despite the circumstances… Whereas, the other brother, the other Richard may have been spared but ended up ever a pawn in Elizabeth’s games? For all we know, he is still out there as well as she might be, plotting to regain some form of power or control? That is part of our dilemma and our search…”
The tensions eased a bit in the room as everyone spent some moments lost in each their own thoughts of the past and the future?
Later, after the others had left, John continued with yet another serious discussion that he needed me to understand.
He had spent so much time over the years of my time slips watching over me, trying to protect as much as possible from afar and not interfere… He had been ordained as her watcher long ago by the higher council when she was still a small child and my true nature had been unknown. At the time they had been uncertain just what I was and the council had classed me as a mortal. The higher council had a rigid policy that they should not interfere in the lives or politics of mortals… John had never done well with that oath, nor had Gerard!
When Gerard had spirited me away to France in secracy, he had felt much the same power within me that Elizabeth had felt? He had sensed that I was not mortal but at the time, he thought that I held a rare witchly bloodline much as his own? Gerard was a rare type of witch, one of few who existed. He was a time weaver… this type of witch was rare because even other witches were wary of them? Their powers lay in the ability to use the threads of time and manipulate them, enabling them to bend the past and the future… weave a new and alternate destiny, and travel through time. Theirs was a long ancient and almost lost skill. With few left to train those who were left, they found it increasingly difficult to master their skills and not cause undue damage with it? As with any rare skill or ability, it became an unknown which others feared and distrusted. The population of witches, who should have aided in their survival, feared them so much that as a group they would willingly give up a Time Weaver to save themselves. Of coursed this caused the Time Weavers to become even more of a rare species unto themselves!

Gerard’s abilities to make use of the time slips were partially due to his time weaving skills. The other parts were sheerly due to his luck in having run across the time slip pools and openings in that much isolated area of Dragon Valley! He used them to his advantage when the times called for desperate measures.
During my years in France, Gerard had observed my own experiences with slight time slips and had some inkling of what I might be? He was by then in his own struggles to stay alive, and keep others alive- such as the boys whom he had rescued and placed with John. He was also desperately trying to keep his sister, Marie under some control… as well as his wife, Leona Woodlyon, a head strong stubborn witch who was as blatent and open about her beliefs and her practices as her relative, Elizabeth Woodville! Gerard’s life was one of constant battle to keep ancient bloodlines alive and safe in those horrifying times for them! He walked a tightrope of balancing good with what he felt necessary evils.
When he and John surmised that their suspicions of my nature were true, they both went before the council and insisted that I was not mere mortal blood and therefore merited their interventions in my life?

It was finally decided that he should provide the minimum of protection needed and stay at a distance from me until they could determine my true powers. Now, he had thrown all of the rules out and was determined to see me safe at any cost!