Behind the scenes 2

I did make some very limited progress on Royals Forest… enough for it to be used for some initial filming anyway. Sometimes that’s the way it goes with the set creation!

The story required some use of the forest portion of the set so we worked on the basics of it. Screenshot-3

Creating the forest involves dealing with those dreaded trees that have a habit of disappearing once you’re in live mode of the game or when you need to zoom in closer for decent photos! One solution is to layer the trees and foliage so that it doesn’t all fade away. This is one of those processes that involves much back and forth work between live mode and build mode, zooming in and out to see your results… This is a start of that process. Right now, when you zoom in closer, it still looks a little bare. Hopefully by the end of the project that will be resolved!

It does look better from further away but that does not help when trying to take good photos!

There was initial work done on the hunting lodge/cottage as well. For those of you familiar with the sims worlds, you know that for most purposes you can not place a stove on community lots. Since it has not yet been decided whether to use this lot as residential or community, I’ve opted to leave out the stove for the time being!


Behind the scenes3:Improvising and invention!

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