From the Creator

Ahhhh this week’s episode was so lengthy and involved that it took all week to work through it! It may seem that it departs from the Tower Mystery, but never fear… It goes deeper into the past and will return again to Richard’s battle. I think as you read these portions you begin to see how all of it is linked together! It took me quite a bit of time and research to get this figured out. While this is a work of fiction, I do try very hard to keep the historical characters as much intact as possible. Sometimes, most times… that involves a lot of work in searching through time lines and events to find characters that will fit in with the story in some way. This recent work was no exception!

Because Arthur and Guinivere are mythical characters, I did take more liberties with their story. I did follow some of the legends surrounding them but I have chosen to take them down a slightly different path in weaving them into this story. When you read more of it, you will also find that perhaps Lancelot was not such a shining hero as he is so often portrayed! In our story, his name has been reverted back to what some believe was most likely an earlier version of his name and his role… Ancelot literally translates to manservant.

As to the photos for these episodes… I normally try to stick to my own illustrations and photos but found it extremely difficult to capture what I wanted to present. Because of that, I have chosen to use some web images for portions of it. I hope you all enjoy them and that they add something to the story!


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