Eleanor’s Journal69: Eric at Dunvegan

Present Day Scotland at Dunvegan Castle on Isle of Skuy

Eric waiting and watching the sea

Eric North was at Dunvegan Castle waiting and worried. He spent much of his time searching the skies and checking his phone. His agent and manager were furious with him and left him countless irate messages but those were not the ones he cared about, not ones he even cared about right now. No, the one message he needed to hear was not forthcoming and he was becoming quite concerned. He was furious with himself at the moment feeling guilt for having caused this situation in the first place. For the time being, all he could do was wait impatiently for a phone call, for a thought sent out to him… Bloody Hell, at this point he would take anything, any shred of evidence, proof or assurance that she was alright. All of his attempts at reaching her, or any of them for that matter had been unsuccessful. Damn, he knew the cell service and the connections in that isolated, remote place of Dragon Valley and Haunts Castle were sketchy and intermittent but this was getting down right ridiculous. He had been trying to reach them for days with no luck at all. And, now he could not even feel a trace of her thoughts anywhere. He usually didn’t worry too much about her when they were apart as he could always sense her presence and her thoughts even when they were oceans away from each other. Now, though, there seemed to be nothingness… it was as though she had disappered from the face of the earth.

Eric in the Castle

Eric tried not to panic over this loss of connection. He had, after all left her in safekeeping, or at least he had assumed she would be safe. They had all known that this project would be risky but everyone had assured him that as far as Judith’s role in the situation, she would be merely an observer and liason of sorts. Everyone had been insistant and adament that she would be kept out of any danger. Judith herself had been determined to go once she had found out about the project. Now, he feared that they had all been wrong… Why should that not surprise him? They had been wrong quite many times before, which was why they were in this mess in the first place.

Eric lost in his own thoughts

Eric stood staring out a window of this Castle that he had called home for centuries lost in thoughts of the past and the future, if there was a future worth living on for. He had finally come to the realization and the acceptance that he wanted nothing more than a future, a life with Judith. Now it seemed that if something should happen to prevent that, he did not want to go on after all of these many centuries of waiting for her. He had intended to surprise her after this assignment was over. His plan had been to refurbish and renovate this ancient Castle for her, to make it a home that he knew she would appreciate and love as much as he had for so long. The Castle was in the middle of those renovations now, having been stripped to the bones and painstakingly put back together. He had put his career, such as it was, on hold, much to the aggrevation and dismay of his manager and his agent… not to mention his fans.

The career meant little to him anyway. It had been a way to pass time, an amusing diversion for a while but now it was becoming nothing but a serious headache and a pain in the ass. He wanted his life back, a real life that meant something. This acting business had served it’s purpose, he supposed. It had put him in the public eye as a Vampyre and allowed him to be a spokesperson for the Vampyre faction. There was an increased awareness and understanding of them now that there hadn’t been previously. He would continue on with that mission for he did feel it was his calling and his destiny. If it took being in the public eye as an actor, then he would do it, much as Brennie now did with her music. From now on though, he thought, he would do it on his own terms. He would do as so many other entertainers did and turn his focus and his thoughts towards making a difference in this world. Whether it be on a political stand, or a humanitarian one, he would take his stand for what he felt was right, just and honorable… much as he had done throughout his past as a warrior, a knight, and Clansman.


Some time later, Brennie and Svein joined him on a balcony facing the sea. They were worried as well. Brennie asked him, “So, you’ve heard nothing? Neither have I… and I can not feel her either. I cancelled my next few concerts even though they were full booked.” She nervously scanned the skies and the ocean as she continued, “Of course everyone’s furious with me but, I couldn’t do it. I can not perform when I am so worried about her.”

Eric and friends2

Svein was frustrated and made little attempt to hide his irritation. “Well, What the Blood are ya waiting for? Why can we not just go see for ourselves what is going on?” Svein had been suspicious and leery about this assignment from the beginning. He didn’t want to say “I told you so”, but could not refrain from a comment of that like. “I told you from the start to be wary of this!”

Eric and friends at Dunvegan1

Eric waved aside his remark and paid it little attention. He understood Svein’s frustration, felt it himself, but he didn’t need to be reminded of it. “I’ve waited only because I did not want to think something could go so seriously wrong. I also want to be in control of myself before I enter into that battle field!”

Eric and friends7

They stood for a time in silence watching the skies turn odd colors. Finally Eric spoke again. “We will need to make some preparations but do them quickly so that we can get there and find Judith. I am going to find out what is going there and I swear that if any harm has come to her, there will be ancient vengence for them all to pay!”

Eric and friends8

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