From the Creator: Now back to Sims3!

My previous post regarding sims4 is my final one regarding what ifs and maybes or what evers. The game does not come until September and until then I will focus my attentions back to what I am working with right now. That would be, of course Sims3!  Some of you may be wondering what is taking me so blasted long with the current Dunvegan Castle project?! Well, aside from the distractions of Sims4, the current story progress, and yes… of course, Outlander… I am waiting somewhat impatiently for the new and last Sims3 store offering! It comes out tomorrow and I really didn’t want to do much as far as building and decorating on the Castle until I get this new venue/set and see what it has to offer me! I am quite excited about it… I only wish they had offered it sooner!

The venue/set is called Amore and is being put out as a final Goodbye parting gift from the store. Hmmmm if it were truly a gift from them, then it would be free… But, I highly doubt that would happen! None the less, it is rather impressive other than the odd looking water? I can only assume that the water feature is similar to the roller coaster track set, or the farm tractor path set in previous store offerings. I am not going to complain, though, as the rest of it looks fantastic! Here are some preview pictures of it!

amore amore2 amore11 amore9 amore8 amore7 amore6 amore5 amore4 amore3


I am not sure yet what all comes in the set but, I am looking forward to it! I do think that there should be some things I can make great use of in my Castle build! So, now you know why it’s slow progress for now on the Castle build!



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