Behind the Scenes: Work on Dunvegan Castle

Yse, it’s very slow progress but at least I have made some!  I was waiting for the new Amore Venue/set hoping there would be some items I could use on the Castle… unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed in that respect! I did find a use for the new windows though. They work well when recolored, and I have swapped a few of the other windows out with these new ones. I am not going to replace all of the windows with these new ones because I do think that would be overdoing it? A few scattered around though does change the appearance a little and adds a touch of color to the stonework.

Screenshot-30 Screenshot-34


I also finally found a place to use this new gate from the Brunch at the Old Mill set from the Sims3 store.

Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32

The rest of today’s work was on the main level of the Castle. A larger, newer kitchen space was added along with less formal dining for servants and a back breakfast or tea room.  The kitchen space is designed to easily access the formal dining/great room as well as the breakfast room. There would also be convenient and easy access to the lower level old kitchen and storage areas. This new kitchen will be up to date with modern appliances but will retain an old world rustic feel to it. The décor is not finished in either space but the layout is set now. There was some initial thought on replacing the flooring in these two rooms but I have decided to keep the old stonework floors here. The stone flooring gives the historical and old world feel to the rooms. They have been lightened and scrubbed up to lighten the rooms up a bit.

Screenshot-29 Screenshot-39



Screenshot-38 Screenshot-37 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-28


Breakfast/Tea room  This room is not meant to be a formal tea room but just more of a comfortable dining space for family or guests.

Screenshot-25 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-21 Screenshot-22


Previous Dunvegan progress:

7 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Work on Dunvegan Castle

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    • Ohhh My! Thank you so much Alyssa! It’s nice to see a simmer show up here seeing as I have taken such a long break from the sims world. I have not worked on Dunvegan Castle in ages and your comment may inspire me to get back to it soon! I do have a few other history articles that I need to finish up before I can devote some time to this project again. I will try to get back in the game this weekend and see what all is left to do on it. Then I can give you a better idea of how long it might take to finish it and upload it for you. It does contain some cc items right now- if you’re ok with them, I will try to leave them in and see if it will upload with them in the build. Otherwise, I can easily remove them- they’re all just décor items and not critical to the build itself.

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