Sims4 mods and Custom Content

Ahhhh Yes, I know I mentioned previously that I was finished with Sims4 discussions, thoughts and concerns for now… I want to clarify here that this following post does not really pertain to any doubts or concerns about the game! This post is my testing and experimenting with the Custom Content that is already available for use in the Sims4 CAS Demo. Because the game creators are promoting this area as one of the highlights and benefits of the new game, I was interested in seeing how it works now and how it will work when the game is released.  I decided to test this out since I am sure that there are many others interested in this as well.


You can find a variety of the available content on the newly set up My Sims 4 Blog.  Most of you are probably already very familiar with  My Sims 3 Blog and this new site is an extension of that.


You can find instructions on how to download the content here:


If you look in your documents files for Sims4 demo, you will find that a mods folder has already been set up for you! Follow the above instructions exactly and copy the package files to your mods folder, which should be located in documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 4 Demo/Mods. The resource cfg is already installed there for you so it is just a matter of adding your package contents to the file.  If you have copied them correctly, your mods file will contain the packages like this.

mods folder for sims4 demo


The installation process was quite easy. My only concerns right now are the fact that once you go in game, there is no way to easily or quickly find your custom content! Most of the content so far is default replacements and re-colors or re-textures of game provided material. None of the custom content gets labeled or tagged in any way as cc so you will have to hunt around for it within the various selections available. At first I thought that none of it was showing up in my game! After some added research though, I did figure out how to search for it in each category that it was created from.

This custom dress recolor is by Rusty Nail: What you do need to do when downloading, is pay close attention to the original item and color it is created from. This will make it much easier for you to find it in your game!  Rusty was kind enough to show in game shots detailing exactly which outfit and color have been replaced. Many thanks to him for that!

Rustynail default replacement dress

This dress recolor is also available on his site!

Rustynail default replacement dress 2


Some of the downloads do not provide that in game reference so you just have to search for it in game. This sweater recolor is available at Kano Ya Sims:  You will have to search through the colors until you find the recolors.

Default sweater replacement2 Default sweater replacement

One other set that I was impressed with is available at misfortune sims:  You can download either separate pieces, or the entire set.

Pink outfit two Pink outfit default replacement


Now, on to the last, but just as important and impressive category of the custom content. That would be the make up, eye and hair replacements and retextures. As I mentioned, these are mostly all default replacements at this stage so once you install them in game, they will replace what ever the original was. For this reason it was a bit difficult for me to accurately see the differences or get good comparison pictures! I am just going to present the test sim with the custom makeup, eyes and hair retextures for you to view here.

Hair: I downloaded a number of hair recolors and retextures from Everborn’s The Sims 4 Workshop:

hair options without mods

custom lip color by Kano Ya Sims:

default makeup replacements


Eyes: The eye color replacements are from Gelcha:

default eye color replacements


My one major concern at the moment is on the sharing process for these package items? I am not sure right now if the packages transfer with the sim when you upload it or download one from the gallery? I am still trying to research this issue. If anyone has an answer for this, please do leave me a comment! I would really appreciate knowing this important detail for future use and I am sure that many others would like to know for sure as well!  My concern is because it was such a major issue with Sims 3 and so many people did want any type of custom content in their game. The Sims 4 creators are stating that this new game will be much more friendly and usable for custom content but there will always be those who prefer not to have it in their game. Hopefully there is some way, or will be some way of easily flagging or labeling the content in the future so you know if it’s shown up in your game, or so you can easily find it once it is there?! At this point, I can not see it immediately in game and would have to go to my mods file to track it?


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