Scotland’s vote for independance

Scotland vote

The country of Scotland goes to the polls today to vote on the future of their country. It will be one of the most  difficult decisions that any of them will ever make. My thoughts and prayers are with all of them on this day that will forever change the course, the path of their nation and their citizens. No matter what they decide, the key factor and most important thing to remember in all of it is that they are voting on this as a nation. It is not a war, a fight to the finish, to the Conquerers go the spoils or the land?  What ever the outcome, Scotland will remain a country, a nation rich in history and heritage, and with an ongoing future!  I firmly believe that what ever they decide, they will work through the outcome  together as a strong, united country. They have made the choice as a nation to take this debate and this decision directly to where it belongs, the people of Scotland.


As I write this, the polls are opening and the people of Scotland are going to make their decision. It is an extremely close, near to even race to this point. The people of Scotland are equally divided on this issue and no one can clearly predict what the outcome will be. What ever you believe is right as a Scottish citizen, it is imperative for you to exercise your right to cast a vote in this matter. There are so many Scottish ex-pats who would give anything to have a voice and a say on this critical issue that will decide the future of Scotland, please remember that and do not waste your one opportunity to make a difference. Remember too, that if you choose not to vote on the decision then you really have no right to complain about the outcome!


I am not from Scotland, not even of Scots descent- so far as I can tell from my in depth genealogy research.  I am just one who is passionate about the history and the heritage of your Country and your people from it’s earliest beginnings through all of it’s struggles and fights for survival and autonomy as a Nation. You will find throughout this blog, much about the ancient history of Scotland and the various peoples who made their way there to build a country despite great odds and adversity. Over the many centuries, they fought amongst themselves as well as against those who would over take them. In much of  history, they have come together in spite of their differences when they needed to in order to keep their country as a separate identifiable nation.  Even in the worst instances and losses, they did not give up or lose their identity as a unified Nation. They have been Scotland the Brave, the Strong, and the Proud for well over a thousand years and this decision on their part will not change that. They will remain, hopefully forever more Scotland the Great!


From a personal perspective and observation on this, I feel torn between both sides and their equally compelling arguments. I really can not say which side I would stand on in all of it? As I’ve said, this is such a difficult decision to have to make  and I am certain that every Scots citizen going to the polls today has spent much time weighing all of  the information, trying to come to terms with the ramifications for themselves personally and their country as a whole. My only reference point for this gut wrenching decision is the thought of one of our own states coming to the decision to withdraw from the union? And, as I think about that, I am not even sure that would be a close approximation or representation? I just don’t know!  I only know right now that my thoughts are with all of Scotland on this historic and eventful day. May you come through it standing strong and united, no matter what you all decide!

Scotland yes or no


History of Scotland:


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