Norse Fantasy Author John Snow: Self-Published, Successful – and Norwegian!

The Slayer Rune Viking Series

By: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews 

It is perhaps not so strange that Terje Hillesund (57), aka John Snow, was inspired to become a Norse fantasy author: Living close to Hafrsfjord in Western Norway where Harald Fairhair in 872 AD after a big battle united Norway into one kingdom – it must be almost impossible not to get inspired.

In 2013, Terje Hillesund self-published his first e-book in the Viking Series under the pen name John Snow; “The Slayer Rune”, where the stage is set in Norway in 967 AD.

The story is about young Sigurd, the chieftain’s son, who is in love with Yljali, a pretty, foreign thrall girl. Helgi Blackbeard, the king’s captain-of-arms, has also discovered her beauty, and he wants to possess her.

The Viking Series has now grown to three books: The Slayer Rune (2013), The Lethal Oath (2013) and The Red Gold (2014) – read by Viking-fans…

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