Shared Dreaming – does it exist?

For those Vikings fans wondering about the shared dream experience of Aslaug, Helga and Siggy!

Lucid All Night

I’ve been coming across a lot of accounts of shared dreaming. For those who don’t  know, that’s when two or more people share the same exact dream or when someone communicates with another person via a dream.

This idea comes up when talking about Lucid Dreaming a lot. People mainly ask, “since you’re in a dream and can do anything, you can go to other people’s dreams, right?” Well, no one really knows. There’s accounts, but those are just that — accounts. There’s also the Lucid Crossroads. It’s a place “created” quite a while ago where lucid dreamers could gather together and pretty much just hang out or do some dream karate in the dojo. Not many people have claimed to visit this place, and the ones who have claim they haven’t seen anyone else there.

What do you guys think? Does shared dreaming exist? Do you have any accounts or
experiences to share?

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