Vikings Reborn: Celebrate and welcome to the world

First of all, before we get into the celebration of life and death, we have something else to celebrate. Thanks to all of you readers, fans and followers, my little blog has hit a huge milestone. Well, it’s huge for me anyway, considering the fact that when I started this blog I thought no one would bother with it but it was a place for me to escape to and live out my childhood fantasy of writing. Now, we have just reached 50,000 views! I must give credit and appreciation to those many followers who support and encourage me on various sites.

Thanks so much to all of my friends at Vikings Aftermath group on facebook! You are all so wonderful, such a great group of people! If you have not checked them out, please visit their page- you will not regret it!

Vikings Aftermath banner

Much appreciation as well to the google communities!

Viking Mythology community

Vikings on History Channel community

And, although we are deeply entrenched in medieval and Viking history right now… and probably will remain so, I need to thank all of the Outlander fans out there! Especially, the Outlander Series facebook group! Without their initial support and encouragement, I would not have come so far on this path!

outlander series banner

Now, the thanks and credit have been mentioned and we can go on to celebrate together  Vikings style!

viking feast viking celebration4 viking celebration3 viking celebration2

Let us feast together, drink together and perhaps enjoy some entertainment together… though I promise that in this particular post party, we shall not have the prerequisite death. We shall save that sad event and the mourning for some other time. Tonight, we shall celebrate in happiness!

For your entertainment, we have managed to secure a special performance by the most popular entertainer in Francia!

mademoiselle LeWanderer

I told you the women in Paris were beautiful2

In addition, the Princess of PeePee, that well known scandalous Kwentirith will provide us with some interpretive dance…

kwentirith shows off her dancing skills

kwentirith shows off her dancing skills

Please save your cup throwing until her performance is finished!

Just a hint here Kwentirith  when everyone throws empty cups at you you may have a few friend problems!

Just a hint here Kwentirith when everyone throws empty cups at you you may have a few friend problems!

Later, we shall enjoy some relaxation in the delightful Roman spa of Wessex…

What is it  This is wrong this is just so wrong

What is it This is wrong this is just so wrong



lagertha and ecbert are getting quite relaxed with each other

lagertha and ecbert are getting quite relaxed with each other

We did send an ivitation to Harbard the Wandering Story Teller to come regale us with his stories but he is not sure he can make it… he mentioned some prior commitments?  He did also state some concerns that he may not be so welcome right now…

Harbert earning his keep and telling stories of the gods to impress the women

 The highlight of our entertainment will be a moving speech from our own Ragnar Lothbrok!

working the audience getting them all excited about paris Ragnar inspires even the youngest

Tonight is a night for celebration and goodwill between families, friends, nations and religions. We shall set our differences aside and enjoy each other’s company. There shall be no drunken brawls, name calling, other harassment, nor shall there be back stabbing behind the scenes manipulations! I know, you are probably thinking, Well that takes all of the fun out everything… I am sorry, we must all learn to work together and get along, and this is a family event. There will be young ones here so please try to be on your best behavior!

There will be no secret killings either hidden away in back rooms!

ragnar kills the survivor and sends him to his family and the gods.

ragnar kills the survivor and sends him to his family and the gods.

As I said, there will be no harassment, or religious persecution tonight!

where is your arm ring where is it athelstan is harassed by the men of kattegat

That especially applies to you Floki….

floki puts the blame on athelstan

Perhaps we can all become christians why not

And, to you as well Aethelwulf!

so it is a boy congratulations aethelwulf watches his wife torture with disgust

aethewulf has directed the arrow

No drunken brawls or fighting… Are you listening, Rollo?

or well  rollo  he's still having some difficulties Rollo and Bjorn fight for life and for death siggy bluntly revives a drunken rollo

And, Finally no back stabbing behind the scenes schemes and manipulations…

to give birth to a very special child I have to ask you how's the settlement in wessex with this ruse we have rid ourselves of the northerners and all of those nobles who question my rule look at them huddled together  it sickens me kalf is not a fool he may be devious but he is not a fool It's clear that these men do not like her or at least do not want to be ruled by her

you may recall the fate of Ragnar's enemy  Yarl Borg

you may recall the fate of Ragnar’s enemy Yarl Borg

Ok what or who is next on the list2 Now what the hell do we do with her2 Here's to you Sweetheart  just don't get too comfortable cause you won't last long2


No, Tonight we all come together in peace and celebration. Let us have this one night of happiness.  For as much as we have great sadness coming, we have great happiness to share! Tonight, we celebrate as well, the birth of a new generation. We have been blessed with two new souls. They are two infants on very different paths…

Welcome to our world,  Siggy and Alfred… Your lives will follow very different destinies and there will be great difficulties ahead for both of you but you are special, you are blessed and you are well loved!

two infants two paths

Welcome little Siggy to the Lothbrok family of Kattegat!  Proud Parents are Bjorn and Porunn, even though they have their personal differences, you are a precious gift to them from the Gods. May your guardian spirit, Siggy guide you along the way and be with you in your heart as you hear of her and carry her name in memory!

welcome little siggy

To you little Alfred of Wessex, we welcome you as well. Never doubt how well you are loved, you also are a gift from God!  No matter how difficult your life has been from it’s precarious beginnings or how hard it will be in the future, rest assured that you too have a guardian, a Father in heaven who will guide your path in an uncertain future.

his name is Alfred He shall be great

So, for tonight let us just join these two families in welcoming their children into the world!

Some first family photos…

it is a girl

it is a girl

I would like to call her Siggy

I would like to call her Siggy

bjorn bonding with his daughter

bjorn bonding with his daughter

bjorn blesses baby Siggy a happy Porunn agrees

family portrait Lagertha bjorn and baby siggy

Unfortunately, due to extremely difficult and extenuating circumstances in Wessex, there are few early photos of family bonding time in that household… We will go into those details later but will assure you that the Lady Judith is presently recovering from a very traumatic child birth episode. All I can say right now is if Porunn wanted to complain about her fears and her situation, she should be very glad that she was not in Judith’s particular situation.


baby alfred I want my baby give me my baby in wessex judith has given birth to a son


this father is not filled with joy.

this father is not filled with joy.

no he is not overcome with happines at this sight

no he is not overcome with happines at this sight

so it is a boy congratulations

so it is a boy congratulations

what place what are you talking about what is this

what place what are you talking about what is this













One thought on “Vikings Reborn: Celebrate and welcome to the world

  1. I think Porunn was a Frank and was captured as a slave. She tried to be a shield maiden and failed. She doesn’t think she will be respected in Viking society. I do think Bjorn loves her and she loves him and it will always be so. She can’t really take the baby back to Francia with her as the other Franks might not accept her. I think Porunn is on her way back to Francia and will be the interpreter needed by Rollo. IMO Ragnar has lost his mind. All those men have died just to teach Floki a lesson. Ragnar is a terrible king. He killed the old man to cover up his failure in England. Of course the audience always gives him a pass, he’s the golden boy right? He’s never held accountable for anything. The dead will take the city. Two characters have said they were dead, Porunn and Rollo. Mr. Standen said, that Rollo was driven by lust to climb that wall to see Gisla. Well think about it, he’s on mushrooms and probably Ergot. That stuff is the basis for VIAGRA. Since Ragnar is crazy, Rollo thinks he’s probably going to die anyway. Lagertha has now taken Kalf as he lover, he probably knows about all that. He’s going to try and sneak into the city and see Gisla one last time. He’ll climb over the walls in the dark of night, I think. I think he might have something. I think he may have taken Athelstan’s journal. I think Rollo saw Athelstan and told him that Floki was coming to kill him the night AThelstan was killed. Rollo was on the street and almost saw Floki. I think Athelstan may have made Rollo promise to take the book and give it Judith.??? Maybe. I saw the trailer and Gisla appears to be about to execute someone. I can’t tell if it’s Rollo. Maybe he’ll show her the book and the execution will stop. EVeryone is going to be mad about this, but I think Gisla is the ANTI RAGNAR. (Ragnar is a bad bad KING) She’s everything a King should be. She’s like Charelmagne. He knew what it meant to be a king. He made people’s lives better. He made schools and cared about people. He didn’t stay in the palace. He traveled around listening to people and helped them. I think Gisla is going to come up with a plan to defeat Ragnar. (being defeated by a girl is going to suck for Ragnar) He’ll get 7,000 pounds of silver, but nothing else. She’ll make a deal with Rollo and some of the other Vikings, and they will get Normandy.

    If you go back and read about Clovis. He marries a Burgundy princess named Clotilde. Clotilde converts Clovis. Then the Franks marry the local Romans. Clovis is the only trinitarian Christian Barbarian. So the Franks are a mix of the imperial Romans and the Frankish aristocracy. They are given Toxandria by the Romans. This is just like what will happen with the Normans. They will be given a piece of France but they will marry the locals.

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