Vikings: Lagertha… a Warrior Goddess worth dying for!

Ok, there is one situation in Paris that we have not talked about yet? I think we should look at it before we see Ragnar’s upcoming wrath… because if you’ve viewed the previous promo clip from my last post, you will be well aware that a portion of  his anger is directed at Lagertha for some reason. Perhaps he’s annoyed with her recent alliance with Kalf? Yes, as much as she professes to hate Kalf, she has proven that while she may hate him, she is not immune to his better qualities!

Now, I know that we make much of the Viking men around us and often end up leaving the women out… I am going to remedy that a bit today with a little tribute to our own Viking Goddess, Lagertha! It seems the only one not enamored of her lately is her ex-husband, Ragnar! Ragnar is often downright rude to her and seems to constantly find ways to cut at her with his remarks and his disregard for her feelings. If he has some inner desire to get her back, I believe he is going about it in the wrong way! Well, fortunately for Lagertha, as I said, other men seem to appreciate her assets. Rollo knows things are long over between him and this feisty shield maiden but he continues to hold a spot for her in his heart. Ecbert of Wessex was extremely fond of her, comparing her to one of those ancient Roman Goddesses. And, Kalf has made it abundantly clear that no matter what their other issues are, he desires her more than anything, he stated in the past that he thinks their fates are twined together… And, quite recently he set out to prove just that!

Lagertha Our lives are stories: Fan art by Jul Sanchez at facebook group, Vikings the Aftermath

Lagertha Our lives are stories: Fan art by Jul Sanchez at facebook group, Vikings the Aftermath

lagertha must leave because Oh Lagertha in some things you are so wise  in others you are so naive  Rollo states the obvious All men are ambitious2 Lagertha the free woman the pagan goddes nobody's pawn

lagertha's thought... ummm no this isn't wrong in fact I think it's going pretty well

lagertha’s thought… ummm no this isn’t wrong in fact I think it’s going pretty well

rollo and lagertha

lagertha the goddess

lagertha the goddess

kalf admits I did yes I did even though all the while I was desiring you.

kalf admits I did yes I did even though all the while I was desiring you.

I am not going to go over her entire life history here, we all know of it already. She is a strong independent and stubborn woman, a shield maiden, a Mother, a wife spurned for a younger woman by one husband and abused by another husband. She handled both of those situations and is even stronger from those experiences. She makes her share of mistakes, sometimes she is far too trusting, other times she is far too stubborn and refuses to give up even when she might not be right. She is also now a Grandmother who is far from ready to sit at home and knit… if she even knows how to knit?

Here is a little of Lagertha’s story in real history:

Lagertha’s tale is recorded in passages in the ninth book of the Gesta Danorum, a 12th-century work of Danish history by Saxo Grammaticus. According to the Gesta (¶ 9.4.1–9.4.11), Lagertha’s career as a warrior began when Frø, king of Sweden, invaded Norway and killed the Norwegian king Siward. Frø put the women of the dead king’s family into a brothel for public humiliation. Hearing of this, Ragnar Lodbrok came with an army to avenge his grandfather Siward. Many of the women Frø had ordered abused dressed themselves in men’s clothing and fought on Ragnar’s side. Chief among them, and key to Ragnar’s victory, was Lagertha. Saxo recounts:

Ladgerda, a skilled Amazon, who, though a maiden, had the courage of a man, and fought in front among the bravest with her hair loose over her shoulders. All-marvelled at her matchless deeds, for her locks flying down her back betrayed that she was a woman.

Impressed with her courage, Ragnar courted her from afar. Lagertha feigned interest and Ragnar arrived to seek her hand, bidding his companions wait in the Gaular valley. He was set upon by a bear and a great hound which Lagertha had guarding her home, but killed the bear with his spear and choked the hound to death. Thus he won the hand of Lagertha in marriage. According to Saxo, Ragnar had a son with her, Fridleif, as well as two daughters, whose names are not recorded.

After returning to Denmark to fight a civil war, Ragnar (who, according to Saxo, was still annoyed that Lagertha had set beasts against him) divorced Lagertha in order to marry Þóra Borgarhjǫrtr, daughter of King Herrauðr of Sweden.He won the hand of his new love after numerous adventures, but upon returning to Denmark was again faced with a civil war. Ragnar sent to Norway for support, and Lagertha, who still loved him, came to his aid with 120 ships, according to Saxo. When at the height of the battle, Ragnar’s son Siward was wounded, Lagertha saved the day for Ragnar with a counterattack:

Ladgerda, who had a matchless spirit though a delicate frame, covered by her splendid bravery the inclination of the soldiers to waver. For she made a sally about, and flew round to the rear of the enemy, taking them unawares, and thus turned the panic of her friends into the camp of the enemy.

Upon returning to Norway, she quarreled with her husband, and slew him with a spearhead she concealed in her gown. Saxo concludes that she then “usurped the whole of his name and sovereignty; for this most presumptuous dame thought it pleasanter to rule without her husband than to share the throne with him”.

According to Judith Jesch, the rich variety of tales in the first nine books of Saxo’s Gesta, which include the tale of Lagertha, are “generally considered to be largely fictional”.In portraying the several warrior women in these tales, Saxo drew on the legend of the Amazons from classical antiquity, but also on a variety of Old Norse (particularly Icelandic) sources, which have not been clearly identified. Saxo’s depiction of women warriors is also colored by misogyny: Like most churchmen of the time, Saxo thought of women only as sexual beings. To him, the Viking shieldmaidens who refused this role were an example of the disorder in old heathen Denmark that was later cured by the Church and a stable monarchy.

A woman called Hlaðgerðr, who rules the Hlaðeyjar, also appears in the sagas of the 6th century Scylding king Halfdan. She gives him twenty ships to help defeat his enemies.Hilda Ellis Davidson, in her commentary on the Gesta, also notes suggestions in the literature that the name was used by the Franks, for instance by Luitgarde of Vermandois (c. 914–978), and that the tale of Lagertha could have originated in Frankish tradition.

When Saxo describes Lagertha as “flying round” (circumvolare) to the rear of the enemy, he ascribes to her the power of flight, according to Jesch, indicating a kinship with the valkyries. The tale notably recalls that of Kára, the valkyrie lover of Helgi Haddingjaskati, who flies above Helgi in battle as a swan, casting spells in his support.

Davidson deems it possible, as Nora K. Chadwick considered very probable, that Lagertha is identical with Þorgerðr Hölgabrúðr (Thorgerd), a goddess reflected in several stories.

Thorgerd was worshipped by, and sometimes said to be wed to, the Norwegian ruler Haakon (c. 937–995), who lived at Hlaðir (Lade). This may be the origin of the name Hlaðgerðr Gaulardal, the Gaular valley – where Lagertha lived according to Saxo – lies nearby and was the center of Thorgerd’s cult. It was also, according to Snorri, the abode of Haakon’s wife Thora.  Finally, the description of Lagertha coming to Ragnar’s aid with flying hair is similar to how the Flateyjarbók describes Thorgerd and her sister Irpa assisting Haakon.

So, Ecbert was not misguided in his assumption of Lagertha being a Goddess!

lagertha is awestruck

lagertha is awestruck

All of the men in her life, as well as the rest of us, have seen her at her very worst but are still fascinated and drawn to her.  There is something about her inner spirit, and strength that draws people to her…. much like a Goddess to hold belief in.

104,_Lagertha_et_al lagertha must tell Ragnar what has happened lagertha leads her family Stay strong be ready siggy tries to comfort lagertha Farmer Lagertha agrees to visit Ecbert's home what is up with Laggie it looks like she's been sleepin in the barn rolling in dirt and hay Kalf tries to warn lagertha and keep her safe

The other thing that sets her apart from others is her sense of honor, her basic human goodness, which even in her mistakes, she never waivers from. She may be a shield maiden, a warrior killer when she needs to be, but she does not kill unjustly and she will fight for those being abused whether they are her people or not.  For her, there is a difference between killing in battle for what you believe in or a battle against other warriors and killing for other less honorable reasons. Lagertha is a woman with a conscience, trying to keep her battle side and her personal side separate. Sometimes, she achieves that, other times not so much. She is also a woman trying to succeed and achieve her own reputation, which is so important to the Vikings, in a male dominated career field.  She is not so much different than women today! She knows that she has to prove herself among the men in order to be taken seriously.

In this recent battle for the Gates of Paris, we saw her struggle with this physically and emotionally. We also saw her ongoing struggle for power with Kalf. Ever since Kalf usurped her title of Earl of Hedeby, the two have been in a personal battle of wills over this issue.  I know that Kalf is not a favorite of many people who see him as the evil conniving wrong doer to Lagertha… well that and his sudden friendship with the sleazy Erlandeur to whom he has vowed to bring down the entire Lothbrok clan.  That is a separate issue and even I can not take a venture as to what is really going on there?  In the situation of who should be Earl, Ragnar did tell Kalf it was a personal matter for him and Lagertha to work out… Kalf was willing to work something out with her because as he stated, even through all of it, he desired her… and he did state that he believes the matter is far from over, that their lives are fated to be twined together. Well, let’s just say that he made a good start at that twining together in the aftermath of this battle!

The battle went badly, we all know it. It was really no one’s fault and none of these fine warrior should blame themselves for their loss.  During the battle at the gates, Lagertha struggled to keep her leadership intact, but Kalf  stepped in when he saw problems arise. He could not help it, he is a warrior as well and sometimes people need to admit when their plan is not working so well… Lagertha must work on this!

Lagertha takes a moment to think things through

Lagertha takes a moment to think things through

lagertha's a little stressed this is taking too long is it time for a mead break yet

lagertha’s a little stressed this is taking too long is it time for a mead break yet

Kalf being patient letting Lagertha lead but....

Kalf being patient letting Lagertha lead but….

at the gates Kalf has taken over much to lagertha's annoyance

at the gates Kalf has taken over much to lagertha’s annoyance

Once they did manage to get inside, it was Kalf who quickly realized it was a trap and their lives were in danger. Lagertha, being her stubborn self, did not want to listen to Kalf so he took matters into his own hands

Kalf realizes there is something wrong with this empty hall Kalf quickly realizes their dangerous situation Kalf tries to warn lagertha and keep her safe Lagertha her stubborn self will not listen so Kalf does what he has to and drags her back out of the way.

Kalf saved her life during that battle. They both survived to deal with the aftermath of it.  Once they returned to camp, Lagertha had to deal with the fact that her son, Bjorn was nearly killed. Needless to say, she was not having a good day!

lagertha and Rollo hover over Bjorn

lagertha and Rollo hover over Bjorn

Instead of easing her worries or offering any comfort, Ragnar chides her and Rollo for their worries over Bjorn.

Lagertha asks what happened and ragnar answers he was proving that he is a leader of men without the title

Lagertha asks what happened and ragnar answers he was proving that he is a leader of men without the title

Later that evening as she tries to recover and pull herself together, the one to seek her out and offer comfort is Kalf!

Lagertha tries to recover from the disaster Kalf asks How are you  her only reply Alive

Of course, initially that just causes her more aggrevation and annoyance, but Kalf does not give in. He calmly lets her vent her frustration sets about comforting her anyway. Now, we begin to see how Lagertha truly feels about him… as much as she professes to hate him, she does not stop him or pull away as he continues.

kalf shows his concern and care for lagertha

kalf shows his concern and care for lagertha

Kalf says nothing but picks up the sponge to comfort lagertha in some way

Kalf says nothing but picks up the sponge to comfort lagertha in some way

Kalf: I know that I desire you with all my heart

Kalf: I know that I desire you with all my heart


Kalf:  you want to hate me but you can not for you desire me as much as I desire you.

Kalf: you want to hate me but you can not for you desire me as much as I desire you.

Kalf to Lagertha I want to be with you

Kalf is honest and open with her about their feelings. Lagertha could have slapped him, or done any other violence to him and kicked him out of her room. She did none of that, she let him go on and asked him why she should trust or believe him. His answer is simply, “I could have just let you die.”  Lagertha goes on to put forth another question, “What if I accept what you have to say? What if I choose to be with you, go with you but…”

Kalf : I could have let you die  Lagertha asks what if I accept what you have to say?

Kalf : I could have let you die Lagertha asks what if I accept what you have to say?

lagertha but I will never forgive you and one day I will kill you

lagertha but I will never forgive you and one day I will kill you

Lagerthalagertha but I will never forgive you and one day I will kill you

but I will never forgive you and one day I will kill you

Lagertha’s words that while she might agree to be with him but one day she will kill him cause a moment of concern for Kalf.  He must decide whether she is deadly serious, and whether time spent enjoying her company is worth that future possibility?


Lagertha's threat causes a moment of concern for Kalf

Lagertha has put her threat out there for him, warned him of her deepest feeling and waits for his response.

Lagertha if you accept that condition then let us be together and enjoy each other

if you accept that condition then let us be together and enjoy each other

Kalf has decided that what ever time he can spend in Lagertha’s embrace are worth any threat to his life in the future.  Now, that is the power of a Goddess!

Lagertha gives into her desire for Kalf

Lagertha gives into her desire for Kalf

I will be with you

So, Kalf and Lagertha have made their own rather unique alliance, are on their way to working out their personal differences in some way… Only the Seer knows how this will all turn out!


One last thought on Lagertha’s Warrior Goddess status… if she is truly an incarnation of a Goddess, the question begging to be answered is, What form would she take in today’s world? Because as we know, the Goddess is eternal. She never dies, she lives on in all women. She simply takes different form…

Ahhhhh yes, Katheryn Winnick, you do indeed embody the spirit of Lagertha the Goddess!

Lagertha and Kathryne together Katheryne Winnick






17 thoughts on “Vikings: Lagertha… a Warrior Goddess worth dying for!

  1. I am not sure why Ragnar is mad at Lagertha. Perhaps he thought if she couldn’t get her Earldom back, she would come back to Kattegat. Now there is Kalf so well that’s not going to happen. Ragnar told Athelstan he didn’t want Aslaug anymore, but he can’t just pitch her to the curb. Ragnar said, he was sorry he was married and, if he had no children with her, he would not return. Aslaug’s not the smartest. She didn’t even ask the Christian missionary where he came from or who sent him or if he could read Latin. THat might have actually been useful. I don’t hate Aslaug, but she’s just not as good a ruler as Lagertha. I am not sure, but I think Ragnar is going to do something terrible to ruin Rollo and Bjorn’s relationship. REmember what the seer told Lagertha. I see a harvest in blood, the union of the plow and the sword, until you are a virgin once more. I see a city of marble and a BURNING CHURNING OCEAN. I think that’s shows she will be in some kind of turmoil over what happened in Paris.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think Ragnar is so ill and stressed that he’s mad and yelling at everyone! Actually in this situation I have to agree with Aslaug… I will talk about in my post which hopefully I will get finished today!


  2. Do you find it the least bit out of character that she slept with Kalf? I mean she still hasn’t completely forgiven Ragnar for Aslaug and that was her husband/ father of her children/ love of her life. By the way, I actually enjoyed her relationship with Ecbert because it felt equal and mutually satisfying. It’s just that Lagertha doesn’t strike me as the type to manipulate with sex or sleep with someone who has humiliated her. Lagertha often feels she has to prove that she is just as equal to men so why does Jarl Borg get death while Kalf gets sex albeit with an eventual death sentence.
    Kalf wanting Lagertha makes sense but it doesn’t make sense the other way around. It just felt like an unnecessary hate sex scenario which I’m down with but only if I could understand how deep their relationship was before he betrayed her. Plus, I feel like the writers made Kalf into the better commander by making Lagertha make really foolish tactical decisions. It just seemed like they could have done that another way and still have Kalf rescue Lagertha without Lagertha seeming not good at her job. I admit that she is very stubborn but she has never been careless in battle. I just don’t see her sleeping with a guy that usurped one of the things she had to fight to take. Still love Lagertha and think she is goddess but a little upset with the writers. What are your thoughts?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did have some doubts about it too but, I think deep down underneath her fuming anger at Kalf, she is attracted to him. I really don’t see Kalf as this all evil person- other than that part about him dealing with sleazy slime ball Erlandeur? I am still trying to figure out what the hell is going on there! On the one hand, I do think that in a way Kalf does have more right to Hedeby than Lagertha. On the other hand, I can’t help wondering what his ulterior motive is- it’s almost like he is using Erlandeur in some way? I kind of like Kalf and I don’t want to see him turn out to be the worst villain ever! I’m hoping he is playing along with Erlandeur to see what little scum bag is up to and how far he will go in any lame attempt to get back at Ragnar. I like Kalf and Lagertha together and if she gets conned again, I will be shamed of myself for believing in him… I will relegate myself to the corner for quite a while if that happens!


      • Okay. I also think that Kalf has a better claim while not liking how he went about it. I also think Lagertha could annihilate him if she wanted to.
        What do you think about how he rescued her in battle though? I feel like the choices she made where not at all like Lagertha and where geared toward us liking Kalf more.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I do think that it is leading up to us liking Kalf more! There is definitely more going on with Kalf than we realize yet! I can’t wait to find out- though I will be so disappointed if it’s all just a ruse to suck us in and then show us he’s just as evil as we thought in the beginning!


      • The only reason there’s a relationship between Kalf and Legertha is that the producers wanted to make the show sexier. It’s doesn’t make any sense at all that a woman sleeps with a man who usurped her position. Even if we think that she wanted to fool him by making him believe that she loves him, there’s no need for her to openly state that she’d kill him. That’s why their sexual relationship doesn’t make any sense.


  3. I almost feel by the beginning of next season Ragnar’s other sons will be grown … Yes what about Poruun, I believe that was her last appearance, and Torvi she came with them, but I don’t recall seeing her in the end, will something transpire between she and Bjorn. I loved it when Ragnar confronted Floki regarding Athelstan, will he and Helga patch things up? What does Ecbert have up his sleeve with Judith? Who will avenge the slaughter of the settlers? Maybe they can drop Erlandeur off with Kwenthrith they would make a charming couple don’t you think……
    But lets face it, Rollo is the true victor here, still waiting for the dancing on the beach scene. Just thinking out loud. It’s going to take 16 episodes next season to tie up all the loose ends. It can’t come fast enough.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. While I adore Lagertha, I must say there have been some quirky situations that have occurred. In the beginning, she did not seem to have any inhibitions when Ragnar invited young Athelstan into their bedroom for a menage a trois. Then she was strong enough to defend herself against Knute, by killing him when he tried to rape her, rightfully so. Lagertha then joined Ragnar and Alsaug, for yet another romp, much to Ragnars delight. Next, off to King Ecbert, while Linus Roache is truly a magnificent actor, I have come to the conclusion his character is a sleaze as well. Now for Kalf, I do think he genuinely cares for Lagertha, but still can’t help having an uneasy feeling in regard to a possible motive….. have I forgotten anyone else? I guess my final thought is, what kept her from desiring Rollo, was it because he is Ragnar’s brother? Knowing how he felt about her, she managed not to succumb to his suttle advances. Possibly as mentioned before, did they already have a past history, will we ever know? Although I loved Lagertha and Ragnar together, wouldn’t she and Rollo have made a grand couple…. The great warrior and the shield maiden, aaahhh, what could have been.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t think she ever joined Ragnar and Aslaug for any romp- Ragnar would have enjoyed it but if I recall, she was not agreeable with anything having to do with Aslaug. I do agree it would have been awesome to see her and Rollo together!

      Liked by 1 person

      • After researching a bit, it is my understanding it is a deleted scene. It is in “The Lords Prayer,” episode, season 2 episode 10 finale. The 3 of them are in bed together, and Ragnar is grining from ear to ear. I tried to add a link but was not successful. As I use google as my search engine, I just entered: ragnar aslaug and lagertha in bed together the first post that came up is someones facebook which has a video via tumbr of the scene. It is also on the blue ray dvd. Hope this is helpful. Thanks again for this wonderful blog!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ok, thanks- I think I probably came across that in some of my searches but did not pay much attention to it thinking it was something a fan put together? Because, that scenario just does not fit with any of Lagertha’s feelings or emotions about the situation with Ragnar and Aslaug- that one would truly be so out of character for her that I could never see it happening!


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