Day one at San Diego Comi-con!

Ahhhhh my representatives have made the trek down the coast and arrived at the festival destination safely with only a few minor glitches to their original plans! Because of some last minute child care problems for one of the travelers, the group now includes an adorable young toddler who is a true warrior in the making. She appears to be a worthy traveler and has not been a hindrance in the least.   I do need to note that some adjustments to the schedule and event viewing have been made to accommodate this youthful member of the group. 

evie at comicon4

I do also need to add that my representatives have very eclectic taste and interests, which stretch far beyond the realm of the Vikings or Outlander. I readily admit that we are a family of  Trekkies as well as history buffs… and anything sci-fi related captures their attention.  I did mention in my previous post that one of my emissaries is not the most reliable as far as reporting back, or for getting info on panel discussions. He will be focusing his time and energy on the art shows and action events on the floor… and we will hopefully have a report from him after his visit concludes. My other rep is better with keeping me updated via social media throughout the day but is so intent on seeing as much as possible that her reports are limited to photos for now. I have tried to get an idea of her proposed plan or schedule of events but she has stated that she will be adjusting her plans according to what she views as time wasting hour long waiting lines for certain events. The crowds are massive and there is such a vast amount to see that she plans to wing it. She does have a few events locked down on her schedule- such as the Outlander panel discussion tomorrow- she did rsvp to that event and should be on a list to get in to that discussion. 

Because of lengthy wait lines and time constraints, they did miss out on a few things yesterday such as Clive Standen’s  (Rollo’s) surprise arrival last night at the Bludgeon Booth. This photo is via twitter.

clive shows up at bludegeon booth

She originally had some thought about attending a panel called Brave new Warriors that included Sam Hueghan (Jamie Fraser of Outlander) but it was later in the evening and the line was too daunting so she opted to skip that one.

Right now I am just going to share the photos of her experiences and adventure yesterday.  They started the day with their Trekkie idol, William Shatner at a paned called William Shatner as James T. Kirk.

william shatner as james t kirk

After that discussion, they wandered the floor a bit and found the following…

comicon1 comicon5

Our youngest traveler enjoyed some quality time with age appropriate amusements. Legos and minions- what more could anyone ask for?

evie at comicon2 evie at comicon

Our young warrior in the making was duly impressed with all of the various heroes and heroines on display.

evie at comicon5comicon12comicon13

We have not forgotten to expose her to the historical warriors as well… hopefully she will get more exposure to them in the next few days.

comicon3 comicon2

I do hope that her exposure to other things does not traumatize her in the future!

comicon9 comicon7 comicon8 comicon10 comicon11

For all of those interested and obsessed with time travel, one of the most important finds of the day was of course, the TARDIS! That all important infamous time portal of Dr. Who fame…


The day was packed with information and adventure.  Other  panel discussions that my traveler attended included  Buffy: the impact and evolution of the teenage heroine, and to close out the day they attended a preview discussion for a new series called Damien 2016. This is a sequel to the 1970’s movie, The Omen. In this upcoming series, Damien is grown up and becomes aware of his destiny… not one that I am particularly too keen on delving into any further after my initial introduction to him in the 70s!

damien2016 damien2016 2

Originally developed for Lifetime and now set to air on A&E alongside Bates Motel, the show Damien — a TV version of The Omen that acts as a direct sequel to the original 1976 film — is coming in 2016. The first Damien teaser is here, and it is a kaleidoscope of intimidating imagery and incredible cheekbones.

The cheekbones in question belong to Bradley James (formerly Arthur on Merlin, from the BBC) plays the adult Damien in a ten-episode series written and exec produced by Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead). Check out the promo below.


Personally, I will just stick to history and the Vikings!  Speaking of those Vikings, our warrior, Clive Standen/Rollo gets my praise and appreciation for his sharing of info and pics with all of his devoted fans!

clive at bludgeon booth1 clive in his magic shroom shirt clive with antlers

If you like Clive’s magic shroom T-shirt, you can find ordering info here:

Yesterday, The Vikings released a trailer of a trailer??? It was a very quick clip to preview the longer preview that will be shown later today at their Panel discussion. I am going to wait to post the longer version of it but will share one still photo from it…   My initial thought on this?  Bjorn Ironside, creator of the first Polar Bear Plunge!

bjorn in the ice

Ok, that is all I have for now… my plan for today is to keep track of Comi-con and the Vikings.  I will be back later this evening with updates!




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