A closer look at the Vikings season 4 preview

I promised earlier to take a closer, more in depth look at the season 4 preview released at Comi-con. I spent much of yesterday doing just that. It’s amazing how long it can take to watch and re-watch a 1 minute trailer. It’s  also amazing how much you can pull out of it when you slow it down, pay close attention and manage to catch somewhat hidden flashes! I believe that I have accomplished that and will share some of those half hidden bits with you here.

Before we get into the trailer, it’s content and what it all might mean, I want to remind everyone of a few very important things pertaining to this and other promo trailers. First and foremost, as I have mentioned previously, these trailers are a collection of various scenes and events splice together- often in random order- to pique your interest and grab you attention. If you watch closely, you will see that those events and scenes have been taken apart and re-inserted at random perhaps not so random… but more pivotal moments that will cause you to start guessing and making your own assumptions as to what is happening or will happen. A promo trailer is designed to do just that, to immediately draw you in and create those doubts in your mind so that you want to watch the future episodes to find out if your assumptions and guesses were correct!  You also need to be aware that episodes and scenes are not shot consecutively or in any linear fashion. Scenes and events are shot according to things such as location availability and cost effectiveness as far as shooting as many scenes as possible at one place and time with as many cast members as possible in a given location at the same time.  So, while the production may have just begun recently, that does not mean that all of these clips are necessarily from just the beginning episodes.  Lastly, please remember that I am presenting my personal thoughts on the preview. I was as confused, baffled and curious about what all of this means as the rest of you probably are. This is my attempt to sort through it and make some sense of it for myself and hopefully others of you who are just as confused!


If you missed the trailer, here it is again. If you’ve already watched it, it never hurts to watch again and refresh your memory or your thoughts on it as we begin our discussion of it!

The entire preview was a bit eerie for me and threw me from the very beginning, listening to Athelstan’s narration of it. Here are his words

               “Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher. Vanity of vanities. Who is vanity? What profit hath a man of all his labour which he taketh under the sun? One generation passeth away,

                      and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever.”


After listening to his words throughout the preview, we were then presented with a flash of one who resembles him so much that it becomes one of those curious wtf moments…

Does Athelstan reappear

Please note that I have stated that this is a flash of one who closely resembles Athelstan… we all know that Athelstan is dead. So, short of resurrecting him, I can only assume that this either a vision, or it is one in the future who will bear a great resemblance to him? I am not even going to guess on this one because I really have no clue! Some have put forth the idea that this may be a glimpse of the future when all of the sons are grown and perhaps this is Athelstan’s son Alfred?  I do think that with the number of episodes set now at somewhere between 16 and 20, that there could possibly be more than one time jump to get the story to a point where the next generation fully takes over. Hirst  has confirmed at least one time jump of a few years, but that would not put the children as old enough to take over on their own. My own thought is that at some later point in the season, perhaps as next season reaches it’s finale there will be that other time jump to all of the children as adults ready to begin that next stage of the Viking era.

Now that we have that first curious and mysterious overall feeling out of the way, the biggest WTF moment for most people was of course Floki’s situation! It has left many with conflicted thoughts on it. Even those who have come to hate Floki and want him to receive his justly deserved punishment seem to be a bit unsettled by these scenes of his arrest, his punishment and his possible demise. I have watched the trailer more than a few times and still confused by these scenes of Floki, and Bjorn’s announcement of his arrest. There is just something about the situation and how these clips present it that lead me to wonder about all of it.  First of all throughout the trailer, we do see other scenes of Floki, alive and well, fighting with the others. My immediate thought on that is, Ok- do those scenes take place before or after this arrest and his torture?  The initial thought would be that they must take place prior to this event, while they are making their way home… which Hirst does say will take a good deal of time- almost two years. So, during that two years, they say nothing of Floki’s betrayal, allowing him to spend that entire time waiting, wondering when the axe will drop on his head…

a puzzled floki floki fighting later in the preview


They finally reach home where a number of things await Ragnar’s attention besides Floki’s past betrayal… it would seem that while they were gone so long Aslaug was contemplating her own thoughts of power and reign over Kattegat. Now, realistically, why would she not? If they were gone such a length of time and she had no idea whether they were alive or dead, why would she not think about such a thing. She was in control of the kingdom while Ragnar was gone and the people probably accepted her reign. She went so far as to seek the Seer out for his thoughts on such an event as woman ruling Kattegat. His answer was cryptic as usual but he did say that one day a woman would rule Kattegat. As to whether she would be that woman was left unsaid…

the seer says a woman will one day rule kattegat will a woman ever rule the kingdom of kattegat

It was unsettling to see that the Seer ventured out of his hut into daylight sunshine for once… he should be more careful though, it looks like he may have been out there too long… his skin was probably not used to such exposure and unfortunately, there was no such thing as sunscreen back then!

the seer comes out in daylight

So, Ragnar finally makes it home to find that his people may be having second thoughts about who their ruler is… Bjorn must set them all straight on that count. Aslaug does not look too happy about this?

bjorn and aslaug

These boys, whom we later recognize as Ragnar’s sons, are quite vocal in their allegiance and praise of their King and father…

to whom do we owe our allegiance

Another couple who do not look quite as enthusiastic about it are Floki and Helga..

who is your King

Perhaps that is because the next clip we see is Bjorn ordering the arrest of Floki for the murder of Athelstan…

Bjorn:  I order the arrest of Floki

Bjorn: I order the arrest of Floki

I order the arrest of Floki

I order the arrest of Floki

helga at Floki's arrest

helga at Floki’s arrest

We then see the result of Floki’s arrest and what appears to be his torture… which has a great resemblance to some parallel or symbolism related to Athelstan? We would assume this to be Floki tortured and hanging in some cave at a later point.

athelstan's punishment begins

What we see in between Floki’s arrest and his later torture is Ragnar’s comments to Floki.

ragnar to athelstan you betrayed my trust

ragnar to athelstan you betrayed my trust

you betrayed my love of you

you betrayed my love of you

What we see later are two things that speak of some serious change in Ragnar’s character.  We know that his thoughts and his actions are turning more to the dark side…so could these two action be predictions of that darker side? We see what appears to be his very physical reprimand or treatment of Aslaug- something he has never resorted to previously.

ragnar looking pissed as usual of late ragnar 2 aslaug is reprimanded by someone

And, then we see this treatment of  Floki…

floki suffers an even worse punishment

My own personal thought on this scene of Floki being tortured is that I do wonder whether this is out of context to throw us off and assume that it is Ragnar’s doing and that Floki meets his end here. I could see this being Ragnar’s personal revenge upon Floki, especially seeing how his mind is now working. I could also see Ragnar doing this act to show the villagers of Kattegat just who is in charge, and using Floki as an example to show his force and his power. What I can not see or  understand is Bjorn and the other villagers completely going along with this act. In their minds, Floki killing a Christian would not have warranted such a punishment and torture as this.  Bjorn was Floki’s friend from childhood, he even agreed with Floki on the matter of the Christians and their religion.  For Ragnar to make such a public display and example of Floki in this way would not draw these people to remain loyal to him out of trust and belief in him but more out of fear of him and his reprisals… in this way he is becoming more and more like those he fought against- Earl Haraldson and King Horik! If this is truly the path he going down, then his people would most likely looking for some way out from under his control…  What I could more easily envision is if Ragnar did do this to show his supreme authority, then others might be willing to secretly rescue him from this fate and send him on his way to some exile with warnings to never return to face Ragnar’s wrath… I could even see Bjorn going along with something such as this if he comes to realize his Father’s darker path. If Bjorn were to aid in such an act and others knew of it, then it would set Bjorn up as a better leader to follow than Ragnar…

Perhaps an act such as this is part of why Bjorn sets off on a solitary journey or quest to clear his mind and his heart. In the Comi-con discussion, it was revealed that on learning of Porunn’s departure, Bjorn leaves on this quest to find himself and his true destiny or fate… during which he has the fateful and already famous encounter with the bear.

bjorn in the wilderness Bjorn's Holy Fuck moment

At some point Bjorn does find time to bond with his young half brothers… interestingly, it’s Bjorn’s bonding we see and not Ragnar’s!

Ragnar's sons  and another generation takes it's place

Another event has set many on edge and to the point of taking sides is of course, the matter of Rollo and his ultimate betrayal of Ragnar and his own blood- his own people. We all knew that it would  come down to this and surely Rollo knew that it have to happen eventually as well. Some have noted rightly, that had Ragnar been well enough to make the decision, he would never have left Rollo there in the first place knowing full well what the Seer’s prophecy was. This decision by Bjorn could foreseeably put him and his Father at odds in the future. What ever the case, Rollo had to follow his own fate, his own heart and his destiny knowing fully that he would have to side with the Franks in any future battles against the Vikings. These are the decisions and choices that men, and women must make in their quests for their own power, fame or reputation. Hirst has  given fair warning and confirmation that Rollo’s future path will follow closely to that of the real Rollo of history. In that historical context, Rollo pledged his alliance and allegiance to Charles, and he held himself to that oath for as long as Charles was alive.  After Charles died, however, all oaths were off the table and Rollo was on good terms with his Viking blood.

The preview trailer naturally plays up this ultimate betrayal of his own people, but what we do not know yet is what the reason or context is surrounding this battle and betrayal. What we do see is Rollo coming into his own power within the Frankish dynasty.  I personally have no issue with any of this… I have been waiting for three seasons to see Rollo step up and take his own power, his own destiny. I am anxiously awaiting the story of Rollo and his battle for a foothold, a new dynasty in this place that will come to be Normandy, land of Northmen! Three long seasons, I have been by his side in the filth and muck that was his previous life and now finally am rewarded with his upswing, his conquest of both Normandy and Gisla! It appears that we will indeed get to see at least a glimpse of a Royal Wedding, even though neither the Bride or Groom looks all that happy about it. The Bride’s father seems to be the only one remotely happy about it?

charles appears rather calm and even a bit happy

rollo and gisla rollo at his wedding a tearful gisla

We also see a glimpse of the unhappy and still rather childish Gisla attempting to take matters of the wedded bliss into her own hands and make herself a widow by morning…

A wtf moment for rollo

A Royal Wedding

As to what Rollo’s reaction will be at awaking to find a dagger at his throat remains to be seen…. I have a hunch that what ever his reaction, Gisla will not be allowed to play with sharp objects any time soon!

Yes, there is indeed some sort of battle that ensues between the Franks with Rollo included, and a force of Vikings. We do not know who this group of Vikings are or what their reason is for being in France. Nor do we know when this takes place… we would assume that it takes places some time after that two years of Ragnar’s travel home but we can not be certain of that either. All we know for now is that yes there is a battle and Rollo fights with the Franks, thereby as the wounded warrior states, betraying his own blood and people. We do not even know for sure who this wounded warrior is, whether he is one of Rollo’s men or a warrior from the other side. Now, when Rollo signed his oath of allegiance, his men would have sworn along with him and profited along with him from that decision. Rollo along with his men profited a great deal from this allegiance and would have received land grants in return. That is how Normandy was founded, through those land grants. Perhaps this warrior was a disgruntled man of Rollo’s. I am sure that were would have been some who were not in so much agreement on this decision, or some who might not have taken into consideration everything that the agreement would entail. The initial reward may have been appealing to them but then at some later time such as this, some of them would realize just what this bargain really involved.  It also could have been an opposing warrior who is giving the warning that Ragnar will hear of this, he will come to revenge us…  We shall have to wait to see what this battle is actually all about!

seiging a castle rollo2

warriors on the move victorious warriors rollo facing his own battle a fallen warrior warns Rollo

We shall also have to wait to see what this person’s  part in the battle is and what if any importance they might be?

a woman is down in the forest a woman meets her death in the forest a warrior in fear

We do see the return of another rather mysterious character who has as yet not had any real significance in the story… could that be changing though, will we see more of Roland’s story?

Roland's story

As to the news that Ragnar is on his way… Rollo knew that fact would be inevitable and this time he will present a much different face and force than in the past. This time, Rollo has come into his own power, his own right and destiny. This time, Rollo is fighting with the entire force of the Franks on his side. He is also fighting now as a Landowner defending what is his. He should not be taken so lightly this time!

Ragnar is on his way

With that all in mind, it would appear that Ragnar does eventually come…

Two brothers two destinies

Rollo's destiny

We see a voyage to somewhere that includes at least one of Ragnar’s young sons… We can’t be certain of where this particular journey is to because Hirst makes mention of a number of places this next season. In looking these pictures though, it does not really look like the landscape of France but I could be mistaken!

Ragnar's sons  and another generation takes it's place ragnar is on his way  to where we're not sure boys are old enough to join in battles


In a few other less obvious and more hidden glimpses, we see someone who looks much like Torvi in her own difficulties once again…

not sure if this is torvi or helga think it's probably torvi one of those wtf moments is this torvi or helga

Torvi’s difficulties bring us to her current husband, Erlandeur who for no good reason to me, still seems to be alive and well! His appearance is linked to the events surrounding Lagertha and Kalf. Lagertha seems to be having some difficulties as well but has not killed off Kalf  yet as previously threatened.  She and Kalf remain together for the time being and Kalf gives off an appearance of being in some control and continuing to display a calm form of leadership.  What we see of Lagertha seems to be of two separate events,  one being some sort of interrupted celebration in which she ruins that beautiful dress with the usual blood stains that seem to follow her! It’s hard to see or know what the interrupted event was or what set her off…

Lagertha one generation passes away and another takes it's place lagertha and her shieldmaidens lagertha shame that she has destroyed that beautiful dress


The other event involves that earlier traitor, Einar, whom she has apparently finally caught up with after these few years of travel.

lagertha faces more battle

It also perhaps involves Kalf, and yes even sleazy Erlandeur is involved as a bystander…

She and Kalf seem to be on somewhat good terms with each other… as I said, at least she has not killed him off yet?

lagertha and kalf are still together

It would appear that Einar may not be so lucky?

Now, in watching these scenes and deciphering some of them by looking at their attire in the separate clips… that does give a clue as to putting things together, there is something else going one in the following scenes that has Lagertha concerned, puzzled or even a bit fearful.  It’s difficult to know for sure whether this takes place before or after her treatment of Einar.

something unexpected an unpleasent is happening around lagertha lagertha looking concerned

Her revenge of Einar, with Kalf looking on calmly and seemingly giving some approval? Ohhhh yes, and Sleazy Erlandeur is here watching as well…

lagertha takes revenge on Einar sleazy Erlandeur and Kalf look on while Lagertha prepares to unman Einar kalf waiting for something kalf seems to be in charge and giving a signal

kalf and lagertha


Last but certainly not least by any means, there is Wessex and England to think about because really, this where the future for the Vikings will be most played out and give them their most talked of fame.  This is where the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok will eventually leave their mark and do battle with ones such as that grandson of Ecbert, Alfred the Great.

King Ecbert still holds his power and gives warning that Ragnar Lothbrok could return at any moment.


We do catch a glimpse of Kweni so yes, she is still alive and plotting… but she does appear somewhat rattled or fearful? Interestingly enough, it looks like she’s in a dungeon… and she’s not looking too well if you ask me!

Kweni is back but looking a bit rattled

Judith, on the other hand seems to be faring much better? She’s survived some serious difficulties in the past but looks like she finding her way to playing to the power game.

judith is smiling that's some good sign judith

At the end of last season, we saw her making a start at realizing that she might have some chance in this game. I will update her story soon to include this beginning realization. Good for Judith, I can’t wait to see her figure this all out!

judith holds her own in this game of power

One last thing of interest…. we seldom see Ragnar with a look of real fear on his face but something has put this look on him in the next season!

it's not often we see fear on Ragnar's face














85 thoughts on “A closer look at the Vikings season 4 preview

  1. First of all throughout the trailer, we do see other scenes of Floki, alive and well, fighting with the others. My immediate thought on that is, Ok- do those scenes take place before or after this arrest and his torture?

    I think you are referring to the scenes from 0:51 to 0:54 in the trailer, where we see Ragnar, Floki, Bjorn fighting the Mercian soldiers. However, if you look closely at that part, you see that Ragnar has his old hair from before he shaved it for Paris. All the definitely new scenes with Ragnar show him as bald. And Ragnar, Floki, and Bjorn are fighting on the shore in front of boats. I think those scenes of Floki fighting with the others are footage from Season 3. Specifically Episode 1, “Mercenary.”


    • I did see that interview. I have faith in Rollo, he will learn quickly and succeed! I am wondering if maybe Roland eventually becomes a friend who helps him learn the Frankish way of battle.


      • I do not think there is any way Rollo will ever respect Charles, once he discern’s the Emperor’s craven nature. If there are any Frankish men whom Rollo would respect, I would guess Roland would be it. And possibly Count Odo. I know Odo is a pervert, but despite his personal hobbies, he appears to be a capable commander and politician.

        I am glad to hear this story development. Most fans think the only relevant conflict will be between Rollo and Ragnar, thinking that the Rollo/Franks matter is just a sideshow.

        Rollo and his men might have been complacent at first, thinking that the Franks must be desperate to come to them and offer such lavish terms. They might presume that they hold all the cards and that Charles will do anything to placate them. Standen’s comments suggest that this will not be the case and that Rollo’s cadre will have to make changes and concessions of their own to make this deal work, and that this will be a driving conflict in the show.

        Some compromises will be at sufferance, but the Vikings may also find that they enjoy some accouterments of “civilization.” From the wedding clips in the trailer, we can only see Frankish people standing on the right side of the church, behind Gisla. I wonder if there is going to be a “groom’s side” at this wedding? Are Rollo’s men standing on the other side of the church, biting their tongues and resentful that they had to “clean up” for this occasion? Did Sinric have to tell Rollo’s men that it is not customary to yell out praises to Odin at a Christian wedding?

        I wonder if they will depict the wedding feast, with peevish Frankish aristocrats looking askance at the riotous Vikings drinking and eating with their hands? Then again, I have heard that even “civilized” royal medieval wedding feasts could get rather raucous.

        In Season 3, there was no individual focus on any of Rollo’s men who stayed behind with him. Except for Sinric, most were probably extras. I wish the show might give some individual attention to some of them and their experience of the change. Maybe Rollo’s second in command or other confidante. That way, we could see another Viking’s experience of the cultural conflict and change that Rollo is enacting and experiencing himself. And if some of this man’s family or friends return from Kattegat (and they are not killing each other at the moment), we could observe their reaction to seeing how their brother, cousin, or friend is changed. How he has cut his hair, how he wears a finer garment or two, or how he has married a Frankish woman whose language they cannot understand. That would probably be an awkward and emotional encounter, even without the stabbing and killing.


      • HIstory says Odo became the next king of the FRanks. Charles had a favorite that the Frankish people did not like. He was driven from power. Rollo and the Vikings came to rescue him and killed Odo’s brother Robert. They tried to rescue Charles, but were unsuccessful. Charles died in prison. During that time, Rollo grabbed more land, and was finally recognized by Robert’s brother in law. IT was always the Frankish intention to be rid of the Vikings. William, I believe was assassinated, but not before he became the father of Richard. Richard was the father in law of Tancred of Hauteville. The Hautevilles would become the world’s most successful mercenary soldiers. They would spread Norman influence to the South, North Africa, the Middle east and the Byzantine empire. The franks did try to get rid of them, but after Richard, it was just never going to happen.

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  2. That quote Athelstan is reading from the book of Ecclesiastes. I need to go and read that. If I remember, that was written, at least tradition says it was written by King Solomon. He wrote it when he was old. If I remember, that book is all about eat, drink because nothing lasts, except love, faith and hope.

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  3. If I remember the history. Odo’s brother Robert usurps the kingdom. The Old king is put into jail where he dies. Rollo and the other men attempt to rescue Charles the Simple. Robert is killed and then the whole kingdom pretty much erupts into a civil war. During the chaos Rollo grabs more land. Rollo’s land grab is eventually recognized by the successor of Robert. I believe it was a brother in law. I can’t remember name. The brother in law will become the progenitor of the Capet family. The Capets will dominate France for 100’s of years. I believe Richard the Fearless, Rollo’s grandson married Emma Capet.

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  4. I remember seeing Roland talking to Gisla. Roland is a Carolingian name. I am wondering if he’s perhaps Odo’s brother in law. Hirst might simplify the story. Odo seems really happy about all this. Is he planning to usurp the kingdom, once Gisla is out of the way? Does he see Rollo a dumb tool? Is Odo planning to discard Rollo once his usefulness is over. Is Roland perhaps, the nephew of Charles and the cousin of Gisla? If that’s true, they don’t show any sons for this Charles. He might be the next male in line.

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  5. We saw Wessex soldiers using their horses to tear off a town’s gates. Then we see Prince Aethelwulf and Wessex soldiers fighting Mercian soldiers. For whatever reason, it seems Ecbert will attack Kwenthrith. Maybe Kwenthrith tries to assert Mercian independence from Wessex again. Maybe she tries to make entreaties to Ragnar to support her and Ecbert finds out. But whatever the reason, based on the clip of Kwenthrith looking distressed and possibly in a dungeon, it may not go well for her.

    When the show first introduced Kwenthrith, she was depicted as a cartoonish nymphomaniac. They tried adding some depth to the character in Season 3 with a background of sexual abuse and her independent ambition. When we first saw her “son” Magnus in Season 3, I thought she just stole some orphan from a village to pass off as Ragnar’s son. However, Hirst has suggested that Magnus’ parentage is genuine and that he will be an important plot point.

    If Bjorn and Lagertha accompany Ragnar to England this time, I doubt they will be so sunny if they learn about Magnus. And I wish Aslaug would accompany Ragnar to England just once. I would really like to see the look on her face when she sees Magnus.

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    • I have a feeling Kweni is doomed… Ecbert’s plan all along has been to gain control of Mercia and Kweni is just an irritating headache getting in the way of that. I think that he believed that she would fail miserably and her people would revolt against her. When that doesn’t happen, he will have to look at some other way of ousting her and her half Viking son. I do wonder what Hirst has in mind for Magnus as he keeps mentioning how important he will become to the storyline in the future? Aslaug can’t leave Kattegat… it’s her only hold on power! I would love to see her face though if someone say, brought Magnus back to Kattegat to be raised by the Vikings. Hmmm Kweni needs an escape plan… Could you see Kweni in Kattegat with Aslaug??? That would be an entertaining episode!


      • Was reading book of Ecclesiastes. Very interesting. That book speaks of a foolish king that dies in prison. It also warns the reader that some women are a trap, only one is trustworthy??? Could Magnus be the bait to get Ragnar back over there and have King Elle take him out? The book also speaks of being blinded by the lust for power and enjoying now the wife you love. Not sure what that means.

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      • Hmmm a foolish king might also die in a snake pit which would indeed be a prison! Some women are a trap, only Lagertha is trustworthy and the foolish King should have enjoyed and appreciated her then he might not be destined to die in a snake pit prison!


      • Although we may speculate on ways for cute bastard Magnus to survive, we should remember that Ecbert, Aethelwulf, and Ragnar are not above murdering children.

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      • Which is why Kweni should probably have kept her mouth shut about the baby or who the father is… I’m sure at the time she thought she had a good idea but it could back fire so badly!


      • If Magnus is indeed Ragnar’s child, I think Kwenthrith’s primary intention for having him was for political leverage. You cannot threaten your enemies with something if they do not even know about it. But as you pointed out, it could backfire so easily and it has not proven as effective as Kwenthrith hoped.

        Aethelwulf simply shrugged off the threat and said even if the boy is Ragnar’s and even if Ragnar comes to retaliate, he would not get to Wessex in time to actually save Kwenthrith and Magnus. Kwenthrith seemed to be cowed by this and apparently gave in to Aethelwulf’s demands. Under the current situation, she can only hope that the prospect of Ragnar’s retaliation on behalf of Magnus will deter Ecbert from more brazen action.

        Whether Ecbert really believes that Magnus was fathered by Ragnar or not, he probably does not appreciate Kwenthrith dangling the threat over his head. He may decide it is best to just eliminate Kwenthrith and Magnus before Ragnar even learns of the boy’s existence, wiping out any uncertainty.

        Whoever Magnus’ father is, I would hope that Kwenthrith does actually love the boy. However, knowing what we know about her, she may not be able to have good and healthy human relationships. When she said “hello, darling” to Magnus, it was creepy and menacing. This would be one case for us to be glad that the nurse/nanny does most of the rearing.

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      • Kweni most definitely should not be in charge of raising any child! I just don’t think she would ever the mental stability to do it even if she by some remote chance did actually care about the child. From Hirst’s comments, it sounds as if the child does survive to adulthood. Who rescues and raises him will be a huge key to the future storyline. If he isn’t killed then obviously someone raises him… I could easily see two scenarios playing out. Ragnar rescues him, sends him back to Kattegat to be raised. In this event, a possible plan in Ragnar’s head… the child as an adult would have a rightful claim to Mercia. Being raised by the Vikings he would be a valuable asset in laying a legitimate claim to the land for all of them. Of course he would still have to fight a bloody battle for it but it would be a rightful and justified fight. The other scenario is that he falls into Ecbert’s hands and like little Alfred, he will be raised Christian and taught to hate the Viking invaders, probably never knowing who his real father is until some later point. This would be Ecbert’s supreme and ultimate revenge against Ragnar for taking Athelstan away… he would be in control of both children!


  6. As for Roland, I always had a sense he would become more relevant. From Season 3, we can tell that he is a brave and able warrior. He coordinated that ballista/crossbow trap in the city tunnel, which wiped out a host of Vikings.

    During the night attack, he beckons Gisla to retreat back behind the lines while she is engrossed in watching Rollo’s carnage. I have wondered if perhaps Roland has a special devotion, or even an unrequited attraction, for the Princess. Even if it were not unrequited, I am guessing he never had sufficient standing to marry a royal. Roland actually leads the delegation to Rollo which offers him the terms. When Rollo keeps his poker face after the offers of land and title, Roland haltingly lays out the betrothal offer. In the trailer, we see Roland attending the wedding. Even if Roland could never marry the Princess, it might still sting that she gets paired off with a heathen who sacked the city and personally killed dozens of Parisians.

    Clive Standen pointed out that Rollo must make a tremendous effort to win over the Franks, who understandably regard him and his men with suspicion, contempt, and hostility. For these reasons, if Rollo and Roland must ever work or fight together, it will probably be fraught with tension. Roland would still regard Rollo as something of a rival and intruder. And Rollo may not be too pleased to learn how many Vikings that Roland massacred. That would have to be addressed and resolved.

    I really hope Roland does not become one of the two knights whom Charles sent to support Gisla but end up executed. Perhaps Roland and Rollo come to blows. Or perhaps, despite their mistrust and resentments, the two develop a grudging respect for each other as warriors. And maybe that is one way in which Rollo starts to “bond” with the Franks.

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    • Clive Standen hinted that Gisla cuts off Rollo’s hair. That’s the scene with the knife. That’s a very clever way to torture him. That’s saying, oh I could have cut your throat but I didn’t. Then he would have to explain the hair cut to everyone. Rollo could steal her thunder by saying he cut his own hair to fit in with the Franks. Maybe there is something going on between Roland and Gisla perhaps that’s why she’s extra special miserable. Rollo’s looking miserable too, maybe he knows or suspects it.. They are supposed to be touching hands during the ceremony and she won’t even allow that. Back in medieval times, that might be the first time the engaged couple would be allowed to touch each other.

      I was thinking Floki looks a little Christ like in that scene. Maybe he’s imagining the torture. In the other scene he appears to be dying of hypothermia. After he killed Athelstan, you see Floki dressed like Jesus with the loin cloth sitting in the tree..I expect Floki will escape.

      Last season, Aslaug beat on Ragnar. He doesn’t appear to be beating her but it does look like he pushed her. Perhaps he found out she is plotting to take Kattegat.

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      • Maybe there is some kind of “Samson” trope going on between Rollo and Gisla. Though I am not exactly sure of the import of long hair for Viking masculinity. Though, Floki has always had short hair. And Ragnar shaved off all of his in Season 3, and it looks like he is keeping the bald look in Season 4.

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      • You know I was thinking about that Megladon. I think Gisla is fully expecting Rollo to rape her. I think her plan was that after he rapes her, she’s going to let him fall asleep and then cut his throat and kill herself. (murder suicide) He knows something about her, but she knows almost nothing about him! He raped a woman in season one, and he never thought about it. I think that whole deal with Thyri bothered him. I think that’s why he went over and at least offered Siggy and Thyri a place. He wasn’t the nicest to them, but I do think he felt bad about what happened to Thyri. Siggy killed Thyri’s husband, and Thyri was relieved.(I think he saw that) He never intended to commit to them, but I think that whole incident bothered him. We will see, but I don’t think he’s going to rape her. I think he saw her during the raid, and she looked out of place like a colored butterfly or flower in a field of grey. He thinks she’s a pretty ornament. He can’t really speak to her, but I think he’s just going to lay down and fall asleep in that beautiful room.She’s going to be surprised. So cutting his hair is going to be like. Hahah “If you HAD RAPED ME, you piece of meat, I was going to cut your throat. Here’s your hair to just show you that I can and I will kill your ass, if you hurt me.” Of course, that’s going to be irresistible to a man like him. Odo would probably have run for his life. She’s going to be surprised that he’s going to want her even more.


      • Maybe this is where this is all going. We’ll see, Gisla was responsible for the death of Siegfried. Siegfried saved his hair but she had his head chopped off. Rollo must have seen his head on a pike or heard about it. He might be shocked when he wakes up with his hair in a pile on the floor. Maybe she leaves her night shirt all nice and folded, with the clean shiny knife on top all polished.. She should be gone when he wakes up, just to make him doubt himself. She disappears all day. Then she shows up for dinner and pretends like nothing happened. If he asks, she should just deny everything, but cock her head just a little and raise one eye brow. It would be fun if she finds a few more ways to gaslight him and torture him a little. He’ll be thinking but she’s such a little thing? huh?


      • I was thinking about this. God this is sad. Remember how Rollo was supposed to marry Thiri, and then Haraldson gave her over to that other Viking leader? Remember how Siggy killed Thiri’s husband and how older viking raped Thiri. REmember how Haraldson didn’t give a crap and he was happy because it was a good deal for him? Well now Rollo is in the place of the older man getting the younger girl because her father made her marry him. That must be painful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsSpezKKhKw


  7. Whew! I finally have some time to add my own thoughts to all of your excellent comments and ideas. I don’t think that Rollo intends to rape or abuse Gisla, but I don’t think he is going to let her walk all over him, insult him and physically attack him either. This is going to be a rough beginning for both of them. I can not imagine that Rollo being a well trained warrior would not have some idea of what she is up to when she is trying to sneak up on him and attack him during the night. My thought is that he might pretend to remain asleep just to see how far she would actually go in her attempt? Maybe the hair cut is an unfortunate side affect of her thwarted attempt… he turns to grab the knife from her and his mass of long hair just gets in the way thereby causing the hair cut! He does need the hair cut if he’s going to attempt to fit into this Frankish society with their more refined fashion and grooming.

    As to the part about Gisla’s guards being executed, Hirst has already made so many changes and alterations to the story that this portion may not ever be included. If it is included in any way, I could see it more as a scenario where her guards are actually traitors in some way and are executed for that reason. I still say that after Gisla’s recent actions and behaviors, Charles is growing weary of her complaints anyway… If she tries to run home to him, he would probably send her right back to Rollo because he needs Rollo’s allegiance and promise to defend him. I don’t think he is going to take a chance on pissing Rollo off enough where he rethinks his decision. Odo, on the other hand might resort to that just so that he can gain an upper hand in all of this. If he could cause Rollo to go back on his oath and look bad so that the people are on Odo’s side rather than Charles’ he would probably do it.

    The difficulty with this storyline is the way that Hirst has played with the timeline, events and the historical characters such as Odo and Charles. It’s hard to tell where Hirst will go with all of it. Hirst has combined at least two of the King Charles into this one character, and it seems like he has used two separate identities of Odo as well. I think I did cover some of this in one of my earlier posts, I will have to search back and see if I can find it again to reference!


  8. Ok, I have found the post referencing the two possible Odos being combined for our character of Odo. This post also references two of the King Charles that were probably combined for Hirst’s portrayal of Charles. Charles the Fat ruled during the earlier time period of Ragnar Lodbrok’s attack on Paris, he was deposed and replaced with Odo of France. Charles the Simple took over the rule after the death of Odo of France and it was Charles the Simple who was involved with Rollo. Historically, Odo of France was dead before Rollo arrived on the scene. Here is the post that details the two Odos.


    • The siege attributed to Ragnar Lothbrok (or Reginherus) was supposed to have happened in 845. I thought the Frankish Emperor during the 845 Siege of Paris was Charles the Bald?


      I think the show’s Emperor Charles is at least based partly on Charles the Bald, seeing as they are both grandsons of Charlemagne.


      Charles the Fat reportedly reigned during the second Viking siege in 885-886, which was successfully repulsed.


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      • Our Charles is probably some combination of all three of them!
        You’re right it was Charles the bald in 845 then Charles the fat in 880s when Rollo was part of an attack on Paris. Then it was Charles the Simple in charge when Rollo returned in 911. It’s confusing trying to keep them all straight!


      • You’ll go crazy trying to match history and chronology with the show. It seems Michael Hirst just selected a period of time from the late 700’s to the early 900’s and decided that he would freely mix and match events and persons from within that period into his storylines.

        According to the historical accounts, the 845 Siege of Paris was a total and humiliating defeat for the Franks. Supposedly, the Franks never mounted much of a defense and the Vikings easily seized the city during Easter and occupied it for some time, only leaving when Charles the Bald paid a lavish ransom. The only thing that chastened the Vikings was a plague that afflicted their camp and which Christian captives claimed was divine punishment. One apocryphal story says that Ragnar subsequently boasted to Horik about how easily he conquered Paris, but then collapsed and cried that the only resistance he met was from the long-dead Saint Germain.

        The Paris raid on the show was much different. Although the television Ragnar pulled his ruse and accomplished a brief raid into the city, it was nothing like the total rout described in the historical records. The city and its defense remained intact, though Charles was still personally humiliated. Though we did some shots of Vikings getting sick, the plague on the show was mostly seen afflicting the Parisians. And no mention of divine wrath causing the plague.

        Makes me wonder how they will depict this second attack on Paris in Season 4. What battles and encounters are they going to combine and amalgamate?

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      • I wonder too about that since after Rollo’s arrival in about 911-920, there were no more Viking conquests or attacks on Paris. If he includes another attack, it would have to be a purely fictional scenario. Hirst did say he would be sticking closer to what little real history and accounts there are of Rollo but I would guess that this coming dispute between him and Ragnar would be considered an exception to that history!


      • it would have to be a purely fictional scenario

        Since the show’s attack employed elements and people from the 885 siege (like Count Odo), this second raid could incorporate elements from both the second or first sieges. Even though the Parisians successfully repelled the 885 siege, they did still pay some treasure to the Vikings to go away. However, it was a nominal sum, much smaller than the 845 siege ransom.

        I, however, do not want to see this become some total massacre in which the Vikings decimate Paris and the Franks as a way of getting revenge against Rollo. I think the “unstoppable Vikings” and “invincible Ragnar” motif has run its course. Alexander Ludwig (who plays Bjorn) has stated that his character may have to swallow his rage against Rollo in order to negotiate with him. That may give a little hint at how this largely fictional battle proceeds.


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      • I just read this interview! I don’t feel bad about Rollo betraying Ragnar but I do feel a little bad for Bjorn… once again he seems to be caught in the middle of a situation that he really had little to with causing. Clearly, Bjorn had no idea about the Seer’s prophecies for any of them… he has no reason to think that Rollo would choose this path with the Franks which will be looked at as betrayal by all of the Vikings. I think too it will be hard for Rollo once he has time to think about the consequences of his choice. I think that Rollo knows what he has to do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is going to feel good about it!

        I too am getting a little tired of the “unstoppable and invicible” motif. In reality, the Vikings made a lot of mistakes and did not normally stay in one place long enough to carry out very many long term conquests or battles until later on during the battles for land in England.

        As to how this next fictional battle might go with Bjorn having to swallow his pride and negotiate terms… this could be the point where Rollo and the Normans offer the Vikings an alternative solution to their raids on France. Historically, what eventually happened was that the Normans continued to protect the coast of France but allowed their Viking relatives safe passage and access along the Seine to easier reach England. The Vikings eventually left France alone for the most part and were better able to focus their efforts on raiding England. It was profitable for both the Vikings and the Normans as Normandy received a portion of the profits from these trips. It is also why the Franks and the English considered the Normans as not much better than the Vikings and referred to them as pirates!


      • Clearly, Bjorn had no idea about the Seer’s prophecies for any of them… he has no reason to think that Rollo would choose this path with the Franks

        True, Bjorn would not have known about the Seer’s prophecy. However, with regard to the second possibility, something always struck out at me.

        At the end of Season 3, when Bjorn says that the Vikings must maintain a presence near Paris in preparation for the next raid, Floki initially volunteers to remain. Rollo objects and says that Floki “has no reason to stay.” Bjorn responds to Rollo by pointedly asking, “And what reason do you have, Uncle?” When Bjorn asks this question, he appears skeptical and suspicious towards his Uncle. Rollo never answers the question, but just gives a forlorn look. So I was surprised when Bjorn just says “then it is decided” and accedes to Rollo’s request.

        Maybe Bjorn interpreted the mournful look on Rollo’s face to mean he is still bereaved over Siggy and wants to stay away from Kattegat for a while. But the way Bjorn brusquely asked Rollo about his reason always made me think that Bjorn maintained or shared some of his father’s distrust of Rollo.

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      • I did wonder about that too… his questioning there was out of character for him, considering his relationship with Rollo over the years. It almost felt like Bjorn was falling into his father’s habit of being suspicious of everyone. I put it down to the fact that Bjorn was probably highly stressed out and on edge about everything that had been happening. And, after his own actions of keeping Ragnar’s secret plan, everyone was just as on edge and suspicious of him.


  9. I don’t think the Vikings are going to win this one. They will raid a little, but remember what the seer said, it won’t go well for them. That scene looks like Gisla is cutting off his hair. She is not aiming for his throat. Remember how Siegfried said something about not cutting his hair. In Viking land Thralls have their hair cut short. Think if you were her, Odo hates your guts. You KNOW he’s up to something. I think she’s pretty innocent and doesn’t know the full extent of his masochistic tendencies. I think she knows there’s something wrong with him. Remember Odo said he wanted to break her. The whole thing about throwing her to the dogs was Odo’s idea. Charles did not deny it. All they have seen of Rollo is his crazy on mushrooms. No wonder she’s crying, she’s afraid he’s going to hurt her. Odo wants Rollo to hurt her. There’s no way Rollo is going to physically hurt her. He can’t afford it. REmember what happened to Thyri’s husband. Now he’s the older man, with the crying bride. SIggy killed that man. REmember Rollo almost killed himself when he found out that Siggy was gone and there was no way he could make it all up to her, because she was dead.

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    • No, I don’t think Rollo has any intention of actually hurting her. When Synric translated to him what she was saying about him, he seemed really upset that she would think those things about him. I don’t think Gisla realizes the extent of Odo’s thinking or tendencies either. She knows that he’s up to something, that he can’t be trusted but I don’t think she has a clue of how far he might be willing to go to get what he wants.

      Odo wants any result that will make Rollo look bad or worse in the eyes of the Frankish citizens. He can then use that against Charles and against Rollo. If Charles’ plan fails, if Rollo fails, then Odo looks better to the citizens of Paris and he could have his chance of ousting Charles and taking over as ruler. Right now, the citizens are all in awe of their Princess and her bravery… if Odo sets it up so it looks like Rollo hurts her, they would be up in arms against Rollo!


  10. IMO Rollo has no choice. Look what happened to Floki. You think the new “dark” Ragnar is going to forgive Rollo for his confession by the coffin? Rollo cannot go home. He knew it and that’s why he asked to stay behind. Bjorn is like starving for affection from Ragnar. Ragnar mostly ignored him, and now daddy is paying attention. I am really disappointed in Bjorn. He’s turning into Aethulwulf, except Athelwulf does not trust Eckbert. “Yes daddy whatever you say daddy.” Sure I’ll destroy the Viking settlement. Sure I’ll hand my wife over to Athelstan and you. Sure I’ll clap Floki in irons for something that was 1/2 daddy’s own fault! I think Floki deserves some punishment, but not a death sentence. Ragnar stoked the hatred Floki had for Athelstan, he fed it like a flame. I wonder if Lagertha will tell Bjorn the truth, Rollo is his father, and he kept his mouth shut all these years so Bjorn could be happy and Lagertha could have what she wanted. She said it in Season one, I have everything I want, she had Ragnar, Bjorn and Gyda. She said the gods had answered her prayers.

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    • Rollo is doing what he needs to do and of course Ragnar is not going to forgive him for it… Rollo knows that. I feel kind of bad for Bjorn because once again, he is caught in the middle of a situation that he didn’t cause and now he has to be responsible for trying to fix it, or having to choose sides again. He clearly knew nothing about the Seer’s prophecies to Ragnar and Rollo about Paris so he makes what he thinks is the right decision to leave Rollo in charge there. I think this will cause some rift between him and Ragnar later, as well as tear his relationship with Rollo apart when he believes that Rollo has betrayed them all. I do feel bad for Rollo in having to lose his relationship with Bjorn. That was the only relationship or connection that he might feel like he has to Kattegat anymore. I think that will be the only loss that he will feel any true remorse over.


  11. What is your impression of Emperor Charles? Do you think he is entirely an ineffectual coward or does he actually have some trace of talent for machination and connivance? At the end of Season 3 and in the preview for Season 4, he seems to always have a Cheshire Cat grin.

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    • I think he knows what he’s doing even if he is pretty much a coward… I think he figures he shouldn’t have to actually fight, that’s what he pays his troops and Odo for. He may seem to be ineffectual but I think he does have a plan. As the saying goes, there is method behind his madness. I think he may even know of Odo’s duplicity and plans to have him deposed. The whole idea to give a Viking land in France and thereby cause him to defend his own land from invaders is actually well thought out. I think that is what it comes down to in the end… Rollo now holds that land along the coast and he needs to defend what is his. I think Charles knows too how seriously the Vikings take their oath swearing. He knows that if he can get Rollo to swear an oath to him, he will not easily break such an oath even if it means going against his family. I don’t remember exactly… did he actually ever specifically swear an oath to Ragnar? And, if he did, might he consider that Ragnar’s betrayal in faking his own death would in a way nullify any such sworn oath between them?


      • Well I think the Real Rollo was loyal to the Carolingians because he had married someone from that family. Back in the day, I think it was a matter of survival to be loyal to your kin. In fact, I think Marriage is really about the two men, the father and the son in law. They take an oath to each other. Plus the added benefit is that the land goes back to the grand children who are kin to the father and the son in law. People in the modern world think of marriage in terms of love, they did not really do this back in the day. It was survival. Watch clip from Oh Brother Where Art thou! Wash is KIN! this is back in the 1930’s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPImdMknAO4

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      • Marriage was not about love- love really had nothing to do with it back then. Yes, it was more about alliances and mergers between families… namely the men of the families. Along with the marriage contracts and oaths being important, oaths in general were looked on in high value not to be broken. An oath breaker was generally looked on with total disrespect, dishonor and mistrust. The real Rollo swore and oath of allegiance to Charles and took it seriously enough that he did not break it or the treaties he signed with Charles until after Charles died.


    • I think Charles is a lot like Rollo. I actually have sympathy for him. IMO he is two men, the emperor and the man. Charles living in A HUGE SHADOW called Charlemagne. He has zero confidence and that’s likely too late to change. He says his brothers hate him and he’s been cast out. See the role of the black sheep. YOu can tell when someone is a black sheep, the family casts them aside, the village hates them. They are made to carry the guilt off into the wilderness like the biblical scapegoat. Everything is their fault forever more. Nothing they ever do is correct. They wake up in the morning feeling wrong before they have even done anything at all. Rollo’s been playing that role too. If the black sheep survives and doesn’t kill himself from the pain of always being wrong. Sometime in adulthood, the black sheep figures out there is actually nothing at all wrong with him. He figures out, his family is CRAZY and he’s okay. The worst has happened and they are cast away. They find out they are actually competent people and the make excellent parents. There children are good people because the former black sheep is usually very understanding and kind. Now Ragnar is the golden child/narcissist and can do no wrong. Usually when the Narcissist finds out that the scapegoat does not die when cast off, they fall into crisis. That means that maybe they aren’t so great after all. Some times those people have no real self besides their role as the Narcissist self. Sometimes the Narc will blame others and try to make them fix everything. See the flying monkey. IMO Bjorn is the flying monkey. If he’s smart, he’ll leave town and remove himself from the toxic narcissist. Narcs are not nice to their children. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGyiWxJDz7o

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      • I think you do have a great point here Starfish! There is little hope for Charles to change at the age he is but he may be able to salvage something of the future for Gisla. I think he knows well of Odo’s plots and maybe he is looking at Rollo to defend not just against the other Vikings, but against Odo as well. Perhaps that is a reason for putting Gisla into Rollo’s care… this makes him responsible for her and the safety of her family as well as defending against further Viking invasions. I completely agree that Bjorn’s best bet is to be the flying monkey and get the hell out of all of it! If it goes along with any historical saga accounts, Ragnar will eventually resent Bjorn and the rest of his sons for any success or fame they might achieve!


      • I agree Judy. Look this is what a narcissist does. It’s called a smear campaign. They ruin your reputation and ruin relationships. There’s not a lot of hope for a narc. They are jealous of their kids and will destroy them, if they get in the way. Could be why Charles did this? Who can he really trust anyway? He’s also been the victim of a smear campaign. He said his brothers hated him and didn’t care if he died. http://sociopathlife.com/2014/02/17/smear-campaign/ Clive Standen said Rollo was a sociopath, but I think there’s hope for his recovery.

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      • I know Clive Standen mentioned in an early interview about Rollo being a sociopath and maybe in the very beginning that is what the character felt like to him as he was trying to find his way into the head of Rollo at that time. I really don’t think applies to him now as he has matured, evolved and become more of a whole fleshed out character.


  12. We do see the return of another rather mysterious character who has as yet not had any real significance in the story… could that be changing though, will we see more of Roland’s story?

    Based on some Twitter exchanges, it appears that Roland is going to have some kind of encounter or confrontation with Emperor Charles, which compares what the two men are made of.


  13. What do you make of this picture?

    View this post on Instagram

    new #Rollo

    A post shared by ⚔Vikings | Викинги⚒ (@vikings.s) on

    At first, I thought this was from “Robin Hood” or “Camelot” or some other medieval subject series that Clive Standen was in. But his characters from those shows don’t look like this. If this is an authentic picture from the “Vikings” set, could this be a more assimilated Rollo wearing more Frankish garb?

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      • Turns out that instagram pic of Rollo in finery riding a horse was authentic. The newest teaser features him in this getup, along with some Frankish soldiers accompanying him.

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      • Yeah, I did see that one- Not sure I care for some of the Frankish style- looks like they started “Tacky” and Gaudy already back then! But then again, from what I’ve read, the Vikings would have probably liked that as they were some of the early original fashionistas!


      • I think this particular wardrobe is meant to be garish to heighten the drama of this scene (which is probably some kind of encounter between Rollo and his people wherein they first realize he has joined the Franks).

        Like almost every plot about somebody adapting to a new home/environment, I imagine that Rollo will shrift through different responses to his situation.

        And one point, he won’t assimilate much, which probably draws contempt and hostility from the Franks. Then he’ll try to assimilate too much, which will leave him chafing in his gaudy Frankish threads, feeling like he has betrayed his true self, and losing face in front of his own men.

        And then hopefully Rollo may settle into some kind of balance wherein he maintains some of his Norse heritage while also adopting some Frankish mores, thus setting the foundation for Norman culture.

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      • Very true! And interesting because in history, it’s mentioned that Rollo’s son attempted to assimilate too much and as a result, the Norman followers rebelled against him!


    • I think that’s Normandy Beach. I did a lot of research on Normandy for something. There’s a man known to me who is the carrier of Duke William of Normandy Y chromosome. So basically he the son of a son of a son of a son in direct line, or the line of a cousin or brother or even Rollo himself. (he matches St. John Bollingbroke BTW. Bollingbroke was earl of the Orkney islands. Legend says that Rollo’s father was Earl of the Orkney islands. There’s a Saint- Jean Normandy Rouen, that’s right near Saint Severn, Hauteville is on that beach too and Dreux. Hauteville was Rollo’s grandson through the daughters of Richard. Tancred de Hauteville was the father of a large number of boys. He was like the old woman who lived in the shoe with at least 12 boys and unknown number of girls. He married two of Richard’s daughters (not at the same time) Ragnar on the show would be envious. That blue cloak was worn by the royal family. There’s a legend about that. Now in the real story, Rollo was EXILED for something. It’s not exactly clear why he was exiled. He couldn’t go home, which was why he adopted the Franks. Tromoso Norway is the original location of the Y chromosome. http://originhunters.blogspot.com/2013/07/conquering-williams-dna.html

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      • There are at least a couple of legends about Rollo in different sagas. None of the legends ever reference or state exactly why he might not have been able to go home. One of the legends states that he was a son of a King of Denmark. when that King died, his brother Gurim was killed and Rollo was expelled- that legend never mentions a name for the King.
        Another legend makes him the youngest of two brothers to the first king of Dublin.The 13th century Icelandic sagas, Heimskringla and Orkneyinga Saga, remember him as Hrólf the Walker (“who was so big that no horse could carry him”, hence his byname of Ganger-Hrólf), but offer a contradictory account of his parentage.
        If you go by the Orkney sagas, Rollo may have been a younger son who was not so much exiled but rather just had to make his own way in the world.


      • Tancred of Hauteville (980 – 1041) was an 11th-century Norman petty lord about whom little is known. His historical importance comes entirely from the accomplishments of his sons and later descendants. He was a minor noble near Coutances in the Cotentin.

        Various legends arose about Tancred which have no supporting contemporary evidence that has survived the ages.
        With his two wives, he had twelve sons and several daughters, almost all of whom left Normandy for Southern Italy and acquired some prominence there. Based on late testimony of dubious reliability, both of his wives have been said to have been daughters of Duke Richard I of Normandy.
        With his two wives, he had twelve sons and several daughters, almost all of whom left Normandy for Southern Italy and acquired some prominence there. Based on late testimony of dubious reliability, both of his wives have been said to have been daughters of Duke Richard I of Normandy.
        His two wives are listed as possible illegitimate daughters of Richard.
        Muriella, married Tancred de Hauteville
        Fressenda or Fredesenda (ca. 995-ca. 1057), second wife of Tancred de Hauteville.
        Guimara (Wimarc(a)) (b. circa 986), Wife of Ansfred (Ansfroi) II “le Dane” le Goz, vicomte d’Exmes et de Falaise, Mother of Robert FitzWimarc, Death:Abbey of Montivilliers, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy.


      • There’s dna evidence to support the Hauteville legend. I can’t get into it too far here, but Duke William’s dna appears in the same family as the Hauteville family, and the Dreux family. Roger of Sicily wrote about Rollo his grandfather in his book. He had the book commissioned himself, and is the closest to the real event as any other source. Roger de Hauteville said that Rollo was from Norway and was his grandfather. He writes about how he came to Normandy. Sure enough the R DNA signature appears in Tromso, Norway, just as he said. Origin Hunters says it was 15 generations ago, but that may not be entirely accurate. The men of the Dreux family, Sanseverino, St. Valery, St. John, St. Claire. The San Saverino name comes from their fife in Saint Sever Normandy. They are tied together by geographical location, and coat of arms too. There was a project going on testing the men in the Hauteville crypt, but I never saw any results from it. I believe they could not get the samples from the body of the relatives of Duke William so the project is on hold. House of San Severino. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanseverino


      • There has been some difficulty in testing DNA for Normandy. I remember reading something about it but can’t remember all of the details pertaining to the controversy over it. Part of it involves some governing officials not wanting the project because they feel it would lead to animosities or ill feelings between people. One reason for the DNA showing up could be due to a marriage of one of the DeHautevilles to a cousin of William the Conqueror’s. I believe it leads back to the D’Evreux line which also shows up earlier in the genealogy.


    • The placement of the characters is VERY interesting. Floki is in the place of Judas. Aslaug is in the place of St. Peter with Ivar. Ivar is the successor of Ragnar I guess. Bjorn in the place of doubting Thomas. Rollo is in between the place of St. Matthew and St. Jude. Matthew was the saint who used to be a tax collector and he was a Roman sympathizer. St. Jude is the patron of lost causes. St. Jude was often mistaken for Jesus as they were relatives. Jude was often confused with Judas because they had the same name. It was at the wedding of St. Jude that Jesus worked his miracle of turning the water into wine. Now Gisla, she’s in the place of Simon the zealot. The Zealots wanted to kill the Romans. So Simon and Matthew would be opposites. The rebel next to the Roman collaborator/traitor. Very interesting, because Matthew WAS a traitor, but Judas was never suspected as the traitor. The one under suspicion was Matthew not Judas. St. Jude and Simon the Zealot died together, I believe. Lagertha is in the place of Andrew, next to John (place of Aslaug), and Ivar (Peter) the three trusted men of Jesus.

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  14. Floki’s skill as a master shipbuilder is vital to the Vikings’ success and survival. As long as he hasn’t gone too loco to do his job, Ragnar’s best move would be to keep him alive, working, feeling appreciated, and not commanding any more battles. From Floki’s monologue at the coffin when he thought his friend was dead, Ragnar knows the love/hate thing going on in his friend’s mind — of course, Floki knows after the coffin trick that Ragnar’s conversion to Christianity was insincere. Floki is reliable to Ragnar in some ways but not others. Wow, what a Human Resources case study!

    My first thought when I saw the promo of Floki being tortured in the cave was the previous allusions to the Norse god Loki. Loki was a trickster god, somewhat on the fringes but still coexisting with the others until he went too far and intentionally caused the death of another god (Baldur). Like Athelstan, Baldur was well-loved, harmless, and the object of his killer’s jealousy. When his cover was blown and the other gods hunted him down, Loki was chained to a cave and tortured by having a venomous snake suspended over his face which constantly dripped poison. His wife would catch the liquid with a bowl, but every time she went away to empty it, the pain would cause him to violently scream and shake and that’s the explanation of the origin of earthquakes, blah blah blah.

    I wasn’t 100% sure that was Floki the promos showed in the cave – minus his usual guy-liner but nevertheless more supple and less withered in the beard than the scene of him chained to a post, with the guy-liner but having obviously missed a few smorgasbords. I’m thinking that as calculated and patient as Ragnar is, he’ll make a show of avenging Athelstan’s death and then put it behind him…unless he’s lost it as much as Floki has.


      • I think Eckbert is likely to die this season. I think maybe the series will end, and then a new series with the sons of Ragnar will pick up the story . We’ll see Alfred there, I think. I think we might see Ragnar in Valhalla, but I doubt Eckbert will be back. One other thing, is that Davinci painting a little allusion to the DaVinci code? Aslaug is in the position of Mary Magdeline (really St. John the Evangelist) character from the DaVinci code. Gisla is looking off into the distance, she’s the carrier of the REAL MEROVINGIAN blood line. Clovis was the first to wear the blue cloak. In the legend, Clovis is on his way to defeat the Alemanni. Clovis is still a pagan. He supposedly had a vision of St. Mary the mother of Jesus. She told him to cross the river where the golden Iris grew. Supposedly, the golden Iris/sword lily was shown in the vision on his blue cloak. Alegedly, St. Mary asked him to be her champion. During the battle, he was getting destroyed by the Alemanni, and supposedly, cried out to Clotilde’s god and he won the battle. Shortly after, according to legend, he was baptized and became the first Germanic Catholic King.

        I am not sure that’s finery either. What Rollo is wearing looks like the typical Frankish nobelman’s outfit. Odo was wearing that too when we saw him in Season three in the Kings court. I don’t believe there were any women with Rollo and the others. So who would weave the cloth to make their clothes? They don’t have the material/spinning wheel or loom to do it themselves. They have been in Frankia a long time before Ragnar comes back, so that might have something to do with the Frankish clothing.

        Charlemagne is seen wearing something like that in the oldest painting of him. Charlemagne was clean shaven, and had short hair. He sometimes wore a Roman Toga for special occasions, but preferred not to wear that. I think he favored that blue cloak. He also wore a blue Sapphire. Here is painting with Roman words on it center of this entry. Here Charlemagne wears a tan cloak. http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Charlemagne

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