Happy Birthday to our Viking Warrior, Clive Standen!

happy Birthday Clive Standen

I can not let the day go by without wishing my favorite Viking warrior, soon to be Duke of Normandy, Rollo aka Clive Standen  a very Happy Birthday! Besides being our not always loved or appreciated warrior Rollo, Clive Standen is a fine and honorable warrior in life! He is an actor who appreciates his fans as much as we appreciate him. He adds humor to our day, he cares about us and he cares about causes that are important to all of us. If ever there was a worthy knight, Clive is one in my humble opinion.  He is a great actor who I think deserves more credit than he sometimes gets, and he deserves the fame that he has achieved so far while keeping his honor and his principles.  So, with that said…

Enjoy your day of recognition, your name day… Eat much cake, Feast with you family and your friends, and be sure to raise your drinking horn in tribute and thanks to the Gods who have given you life! My only suggestion would be- please be careful of those magic mushrooms!

clive in his magic shroom shirt clive with antlers clive at comicon

rollo is a good host he shares his shrooms

I wonder how many shrooms are too many shrooms

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to our Viking Warrior, Clive Standen!

  1. Yes, he’s a great actor. INteresting. I have book around here about the Viking age. Thralls always had their hair cut short when they were enslaved. I wonder if Michael Hirst is going to do something with the theme of what it means to be a king. (God knows some politicians these days could use the lesson) Charlemagne, the greatest King of the middle ages, knew what it meant to be a king. He didn’t have to prance around and tell everyone he was king, or make his son yell “who is King” everyone knew what he was because it was undeniable. Charlemagne was pretty much a servant to his subjects. His life was dedicated to making their lives better. That man was never home, he traveled around and knew exactly what was going on. IT’s like the Japanese management style. Here’s a little video on, a king who didn’t have to use senseless display to get his point across. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9AMpIU-JYw

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  2. hello I am Brazilian and fa of the Viking series and rollo and my favorite character as a Viking and in its essence and congratulate our anversario actor who gave life to the historical rollo.
    I will send a congratulations to Clive Standen in Portuguese
    feliz aniversario clive rollo !

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  3. I think it was last year, they did an analysis on the bones of Charlemagne. The researchers have not released the results . Some people think he had a Gallo Roman male lineage. He was, in the male line, from Arnulf of Metz, a catholic bishop. Bishops were often chosen from the Gallo Roman families in the area. Arnulf was not supposed to get married, but he did and had two boys. He later become a monk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR0sQbCKs44 We will see, the show does anything with the King theme.

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    • The show’s Emperor Charles spoke his most honest and revealing words:

      Alas for you, Count Odo, I am not like my grandfather. I am not Charlemagne.

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