About Time Slips and the Royals

The Royals from Avalon through time and history to Haunts Castle!

The Royals from Avalon through time and history to Haunts Castle!

Lady Eleanor DeGuille through time and history, from a lonely child pawn of Royals to an uncertain romance, timeless friendship to a Mother's spirit within her guiding her journey and her destiny.

Lady Eleanor DeGuille through time and history, from a lonely child pawn of Royals to an uncertain romance, timeless friendship to a Mother’s spirit within her guiding her journey and her destiny.



Welcome to Time Slips and the Royals project. Journey through time and history with Lady Eleanor DeGuille and all of the Royals, including well known names and faces from the pages of history as well as some magical, mythical characters.

The Royals saga started with Eleanor DeGuille’s travel to a mysterious, hidden village somewhere between England and Scotland. Sometime after her arrival at the mystical place known as Dragon Valley, her life started to change in some much drastic twists and turns of fate and time.

You can follow her story as it unfolds from that beginning in the main story posts labeled: Eleanor’s Journal entries. The story began with her and will most likely eventually end with her at some point. The earlier portions of the story were written by her in journal entries, thus the name for the story posts. As the saga has evolved and unfolded with so much more than just her accounts, it has taken on more of a narrative form.

The story is presented in a format similar to an ongoing and unending soap opera or television series in print. There is a basic starting premise, which Eleanor details in her initial journal entries. In the early entries she tries to explain and understand the time slips that she experienced. As the story progresses, the time slips take on much more importance.

The saga deals with those mysterious time slips and who or what might have caused them or used them to create chaos in the world. The Time Slips provide the journies through time and through history as a secrative group attempts to put the world’s timeline back in place.

It is so much more though than a story about time misplacements. It stretches from most ancient of times and myths to the present day, and into the future as our world readies itself to take it’s place and rejoin the other worlds in the galaxy. The story includes a number of mythical beings such as Vampyres, Fairies, and witches. Their bloodlines are ancient and they have been in this world since the beginnings of time. Much of the story involves how their bloodlines and their existance in this world was threatened by a population that over time had lost their own natural abilities and began to fear those who still had those powers and abilities. It is not so much a story about Vampires, Fairies and Witches as it is about those who live in fear of the unknown, about those deny the unknown and those who would use the knowledge for their own purposes and their own power.

It is a journey through time and through history with real history woven into it as much as possible. Our story deals with the rich and often mysterious history of the British Isles. When ever possible, I try to weave in many of the myths, the legends and the mysteries that about in those places!

Besides Eleanor’s journal entries, which make up the major portion of the series, you will also find other smaller back stories that connect to the series. I believe if you take time to read some of those, you will find more clues to Eleanor’s story?

They are available on separate pages as follows:

Melusina’s Story- A Royals link to Avalon


Something Wicked this way comes- Gerard DeJewel and Elizabeth Rivers.


The Woodlyon Saga


In addition to those story pages, there are pages devoted to other aspects of the story, the history and general information!

Book Reviews- A list of books I’ve read for research, inspiration and enjoyment.


Royals Cast of Characters- a cast list with some biographies and historical details.


Royals Project Builds- a list of various sets created for the series with details and information about each one!


Behind the Scenes- A behind the scenes look at what goes into creating sets and characters for the series.


Musical Inspiration- an ongoing list of music that I find and use as inspiration in creating. Hopefully you will enjoy it too!


You will also see posts from The Creator. I try to do a weekly creator’s update to keep you informed about what’s going with the story, the sets, the history or anything else that may or may not pertain to the story! It’s my way of keeping you updated and staying in touch with all of you.


What started with a sims3 building project and a need for a few characters to help present the finished Castle has turned into so much more than a simple game driven back story for a build? When I do builds for sims3, I always have some sort of behind the scenes back story in my mind for inspiration. My Royals Castle project was no exception. I put together a small household of three with the intention of simply using them through out the build… As the build progressed however, I came to be more interested in the story line than the build! The build became a way of expanding on the story and the characters rather than the other way around! The story of the Royals quickly took on a life of it’s own and outgrew it’s original building thread on the sims3 forum. There was an ever growing cast of characters and homes involved in the project and I was and am a bit overwhelmed by all of the various categories this project encompasses from Characters and sets/homes, to separate back stories, then to actual extensive research on time periods, historical figures and locations! This project is really so much more than just Sims3 that I felt it needed it’s own space and blog to tell the story! I am so attached to my one original character that I chose to use her as the foundation character for the story!

So, Welcome to the world and time of Lady Eleanor DeGuille as she tells us her story!


Lady Eleanor is a key character in the Royals Project for Sims3. She has been there since the very beginning of the story and involved in most of the building projects. While much of the project centers on building and sim creation, there is an underlying ongoing story unfolding which connects the builds and the characters! This blog will attempt to tell some of the story portion of the project from Eleanor’s memories, perspective and point of view! Hopefully this will tie all of it together and add more depth to the entire project and story?

This is a sims3 creation! I am using the game as a story board, character creator and set building. I find the game works well for me in this capacity as I can develop the sets and characters the way I envision them and then put them all together to tell the stories.

The basis for the Royals project is that every castle has a story and everyone in those castles has a story? In the beginning, I started with one very ambitious castle project… Royals Castle and a household of three… Lady Eleanor, and her young charges, Lady Jane England and Princess Marguirite DeFrance. From there, the story took off and much was discovered about the Teen, Lady Jane and little Princess Marguirite. Little was ever divulged about Eleanor’s past. She has always been a key character showing up in various stories but still, little is really known about her. We often see her at her worst, a control freak, mean spirited, Snobbish, and at times a Gold digger. There is always the question or thought that there must be more to her than these qualities? Her story will be presented here in her private diary with her ongoing journal entries!

As the sims3 builds and sims creations are so important to the story, I will be providing links and pages for those creations as well!




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