Some much needed comedy relief!

Ok, I am almost finished chasing Geillis Duncan through Paris, back to Scotland, and on to the wilds of the Jamaican jungles… I’ve scared myself countless times during the process, my head hurts and my heart is still racing! I have no fondness for snakes, crocodiles or voodoo and I am deathly afraid of caves! Her trail has included all of these things?

Skara bra orkney crocoadile python revered by voodooists jamaica4 suswa-cave-entrance dark cave2 Dark_Cave_by_Cronec

Before I present the end of this investigation of the Witch, Geillis Duncan, I had to take a much needed break and immerse myself in some much more light hearted entertainment and amusement?  You should seek that out as well before continuing with this series on Geillis, as well as after you finish reading it. Believe me, once you’ve read the rest of her trail, you will be in serious need of some amusement, some cheering, and most probably some strong Scotch Whisky!

Keeping that comic relief in mind, I would highly suggest that you head over to

Your drunk

It is one of the most original, creative and funny blogs I’ve seen! Everything from weekly news updates to advice from Rupert and Angus, to hilarious memes and a bit of smut as well! It will definitely take your mind off  from the horrors of Geillis Duncan for a while! My highest praise goes out to these creators, Go enjoy it and then come back when you’re ready to face the Witch again!


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