Last look at Comicon 2015! Outlander update

Ahhhh my travelers be verra weary and are now trudging their long trek towards the home fort. They survived their last day but almost met with grave injuries at the very last moment of their Outlander experience! In a brief bout of temporary insanity and loss of coherent rational thought, my Outlander fan emissary made a near fatal mistake… She admits that she lost all reasonable and rational thought, was so swept up in the crowd craze that she reacted by joining the mass of screaming women! Despite all previous safety warnings and discussions about Outlander frenzy and it’s affects, she threw herself into the massive crowd of fans in attempt to at least get a picture of the stars after the panel discussion. She did of course immediately realize her error but by then it was too late. She was stuck in the middle of the crowd with no way of escape and found herself carried along with them. With no means of retreat or escape, she found herself attempting to snap pictures along with everyone else. She swears that she did get one that includes Caitriona Balfe’s head in the corner. Personally, I am of the thought that this might be a case where she will have to circle said head in order to point it out to others. I will not burst her bubble of excitement though, as I understand what a difficult and traumatic battle it must have been for her to achieve even that small form of reward. I do think that she should have known better than to attempt such a feat after a prior experience with frenzied women.  Good and thoughtful daughter that she is, she once accompanied Mother to an art festival and concert… She was unaware at the time that it would be such a well attended event by a massive crowd of  middle aged still devoted and adoring fans. She failed to comprehend how many fans Kenny Loggins could attract to an outdoor art festival! One would think that after that experience of being swept into a sea of women, she would know better than to repeat such an experience!  I guess that the Outlander frenzy hit her too hard and she forgot all reason. Thankfully, she survived the experience!

These are photos of crowds waiting for various autographs… Whew, at least she was not crazed enough to attempt this feat!

autograph sessions autograh sessions2

Ohhhh and rest assured, it was not just women vying for pictures of the Outlander cast!  And, yes if you look closely, you can indeed see Caits’ head in the picture.

outlander crowds2 outlander crowds1

The panel discussion did not really give away much that most fans do not already know about season 2. I know many fans, me included, were hoping for some hint or mention of the Roger and Bree characters. Nothing was mentioned about them so I guess we just keep speculating and dreaming about that. It was revealed that Diana Gabaldon will be writing one of the scripts for the upcoming season. Other than that, no real news, but plenty of whiskey and entertainment for everyone! Besides the whiskey, the highlight of the event was Sam’s transformation to Pirate!

outlander whisky has appeared outlander6 outlander7 pirate sam2

The entire panel discussion is already available on youtube, which you can view here.

You can also view a cast interview here:

You can view another one of the interviews here:


I did mention that Sam transformed to Pirate mode in order to prove himself the true Alpha male…

pirate sam3 pirate jamie2

I do need to note here that this may indeed apply to Sam, but not really so much to Jamie… We all know that as far as pirating and being captain of the seas, Jamie would not exactly be one to count on.  Jamie would not be quite the alpha male and warrior of the ocean battle- in fact he could be more of a hindrance in any such battle unless of course he had Claire’s needles stuck in his scalp!  Sorry, but I did feel a need to point this sad fact out.

And, that concludes our visit to San Diego Comicon 2015! I hope you enjoyed the virtual visit as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together for you. I will just leave you with a few assorted photos from my travelers and from the ohhh so numerous twitter feeds that allowed me to feel like I was a part of this great experience.

As I explained earlier, my travelers parked themselves in the ballroom for all of yesterday in anticipation of the Outlander event. This was not really an unwelcome chore or challenge for them, as they wanted to attend the other events hosted there anyway! They were rewarded with visits from Once upon a time (which I covered in yesterday’s post), One of their biggest rewards was being able to sit in on a panel that included Norman Reedus… better known as Daryl Dixon of Walking Dead!

sitting in on Norman Reedus discussion norman reedus2

Speaking of Walking Dead, here are few other photos from that experience!

walking dead walking dead3 walking dead4 walking dead5

Along with the walking dead, there were of course some other dead not walking… because they were victims of the Viking raids!

viking longboat bus at comicon travis hanging out with a friend on the longboat

history channel waiting in line for long ship

Now, go off to enjoy your day! Recover from the experience and be glad that you live to face another day in the long wait for your favorite shows to return! I will return later after my own recovery to provide a closer look at the Vikings season 4 preview!




Outlander: People’s Choice Awards


Sam and Cait for people's choice awardBefore I take off on my Viking adventure, I just want to add my Congrats to Outlander on their win of the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable  Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show!!! THE hit Scottish-set US show beat The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and American Horror Story to win the fan voted award. Wow! What a huge accomplishment for this show, to beat out Walking Dead and Game of Thrones along with Doctor Who, all in their first half season on the air! Of course, all of  the dedicated fans of the show made this win possible, so a huge round of applause and gratitude to all of those who so diligently kept up with the voting process to get the show this recognition and credit it well deserves!

Hopefully this award will bring the show an even broader audience than it already has! I hope too that the recognition will spur more interest in reading the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon that the show is based on. I have already sung my praises and appreciation for Diana’s work in all of my posts here regarding the book and the show so I am not going to repeat it… If you follow and read this blog, you already know what a huge fan I am of  Outlander!

What I do want to mention here is the continuing on going debate over the category of Diana’s work? I also want to address once again, the debate on the criticisms of  historical fiction and it’s worthiness of acceptance or acclaim as far as history in accuracy and authenticity go. 

First of all, let’s review quickly the debate over what category Diana’s work should be placed in. Some people were and are upset, annoyed or confused about where her books and of course, the show, fits into various categories?  I know that we have discussed all of this previously so this is basically a repeat of that early discussion.  Diana herself has often repeated and clarified that she does not consider her work as “historical romance” and does not want that label attached to it.  It was not intended to be a romance in those terms, and anyone who reads or watches for that specific reason may be disappointed or dissatisfied with the outcomes.  Yes, there is a love story involved, a difficult and turbulent love and life story of two people… but it so much more than that. To label it as a love story- a romance, I feel, discredits the importance and value of the overall story. The story  involves an in depth and intense walk through history and all of it’s harshest realities. There is nothing left sugar coated or softened for our sensibilities in this work, and hopefully the show will continue on that route. There are times when it is an incredibly dark and difficult read, and I believe that Ron Moore will continue to reflect this with the show. Some readers never get past book 3 or 4 because of this highly detailed and graphic portrayal of the past, and the fact that it becomes more about life in general during those times than just a love story between Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall Fraser. Already, many viewers of the show are complaining that they want more of  Jamie and Claire… they want this epic love story, I think, without all of the other integral parts that encompass that story.  It is my personal opinion that you can not have one without the other! It is all of those harsh details of life that make up the fabric of Jamie and Claire, that define their character and their identities as well as their choices in the future.  So, it’s not really a romance, nor is it just historical in it’s content. It twists and bends from past to future and back again, and it does involve the aspect of time travel in order to do that. That puts it right into the Sci-fi fantasy realm!

Now, as to it’s worthiness or credibility in reference to historical accuracy. Diana Gabaldon has woven so much historical accuracy into this series that it is often hard to tell the accurate history from her well woven imaginative bending of that accuracy! One of the criticisms from readers of her books is that she provides too much in depth detail of those historical events! As I mentioned previously, they often times just want the epic and grand story of Jamie and Claire- they want nothing else to distract or sway from that one portion of the story. Once again, I make the point that this is so much more and so far beyond just a love story of Jamie and Claire! As I became involved in this series, Jamie and Claire became almost secondary to the larger scope of the story. They became simply, the vehicles, mechanisms or tools that Diana uses to tell this story of history and all that it encompasses. I did not pick up the book originally for it’s romance value, but for it’s historical value, what ever that might be. I do not watch the show for it’s romance value either and in both cases, I am not disappointed. I am thoroughly impressed with the historical content, with it’s ability to lead me down paths that were previously unknown. The series leads you down those paths and yet leaves you with an intense curiosity to find out more about those events and time periods which are covered in it! Does Diana at times bend the facts or adjust them to fit her story?  Yes, of course she does, that is why it is called historical fiction! It is up to the reader to discern those facts or inaccuracies and search for more information on their own. In my personal opinion, that is the mark of a quality historical fiction novel! One that gives you an excellent story, provides you with enough accurate and authentic history but yet leaves you with a feeling of wanting to know so much more about the person, the event or the time that you head off on your own search for knowledge. Diana has done this in such an excellent manner, as many of her fans will attest to. I believe that Ron Moore is doing for and with the show, what Diana has accomplished with the books, spurring an interest in the real history of that time period. For that, they both deserve a huge round of applause and appreciation from historians and academics as well as the general viewing audience and fans of the books!

Ohhhh  just one more thought and personal opinion from me before I leave… Yes, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan looked  wonderful! They deserve their fair share of credit and applause for bringing the characters of Jamie and Claire to life so well. For me though, it is not so much about Sam and Cait, their personal lives or their oft mentioned celebrity status, it is about the characters they portray in such well done performances that I do not see Sam and Cait at all in them while they are on screen! In fact, when I see Sam in Cait in real life, I feel like I am seeing two completely different people with whom I have difficulty connecting? This comment and observation includes most or all of the cast members, which is a high praise indeed, when you think about it. The fact that they are so capable of totally immersing themselves in the characters says a great deal about their acting abilities as well as the quality of writing and directing on the show!



Outlander: Mystery Man at the Gathering

Previous Outlander post:


If you read my After the Gathering post, you will recall my suspicions and ponderings on this mysterious Sassenach type hanging out with Dougal…


I thought perhaps it might be the Duke of Sandringham as he was lurking about the Castle around that time? But, then I was made aware of the fact that the Duke of Sandringham will be played by Simon Callow!

Simon Cowell Duke of Sandringham outlander Simon Callow Simon Callow2



In looking at the mystery man in our photo as compared to these photos of Simon Callow, I would have to agree that it seems doubtful or highly improbable that the suspicious looking Sassenach type is the Duke of Sandringham… unless of course the makeup department is doing an incredible job of  performing magical transformations into characters? And, they are doing just that if you take a few moments to consider the transformations of some other characters?


Take for instance, Duncan LaCroix… and his alter ego, Murtagh Fitzgibbons?

Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh Fitzgibbons Murtagh-Fitzgibbons-Duncan-Lacroix Murtagh Fitzgibbons

Or Grant ORourke as Rupert MacKenzie… Grant O'rourke as Rupert MacKenzie

Rupert MacKenzie2 Rupert MacKenzie


And, then there is Stephen Walters and his other personality of Angus Mhor?!

Stephen Walters2 Stephen Walters as Angus Mohr Angus Mhor


Stephen Walters and Grant O’Rourke… or as we now know them better as? Angus and Rupert, the comic relief team of Outlander!

Angus and Rupert2


So, Yes the makeup department is capable of amazing transformations! That being said and somewhat proven, I do have my doubts though now as to whether the mystery man could actually be Simon Callow playing the Duke of Sandringham? But, if it is not him, that still leaves us with the nagging question of who is this slightly sleazy looking Odd Man out Sassenach character lurking and wandering about Castle Leoch… Who ever he might be, I am certain that he is not a MacKenzie or a Clan member!