Vikings: Rollo is taking names?

Ok, before we continue with the events of Wessex, I just have a quick message? We all know that there has been some trouble between Rollo and Siggy… Rollo has not forgiven her for past transgressions and he came on this voyage to Wessex in some attempt to forget about her. With that intent in mind, he has chosen to enjoy his freedom and is in search of someone to help take his mind off from that other woman? 

Rollo's shield wall line Siggy siggy who

 I did laugh at his version of a standard pick up line. but he swears that it works on every woman that he encounters? I am somewhat biased in my opinion on this, since I am already so enamoured of him.  I do think that it’s most likely not so much the rather lame line, but the smile that has returned to his face! Over the past few years we have seen so little of that smile, that is good to see him laughing and enjoying life again.

So, in this time before telephones, computers and such other conveniences of making arrangements and meeting up, Rollo has a rather unique way of setting dates? He has mentioned that if you feel you fit his requirement of being a free and honest woman who is interested in spending time with him, you can feel free to carve your name upon his shield and he will contact you to discuss the matter more fully.


Now, I understand that many women of this time do not read or write very well, so I have volunteered to take on the task of inscribing your name for you should you wish to set up a meeting with him. Please be advised and forewarned that he is not looking for a long term arrangement at this time but merely wishes to find some good, honest and free women to pass his time with while here in Wessex. Also, please understand that his schedule is very hectic what with various battles and such… so it may take a while for him to get back to you?  Now, if you are by chance of high born Noble blood, please state such- it may give you some slight advantage and he could possibly be swayed to consider more than a casual affair. Do be sure to be honest though because he has been deceived recently and did not take it well?

If you are interested in such a meeting and discussion, please leave your name in the comments for this post and I will work on inscribing your name upon his shield!

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It seems that women from all over Wessex and the rest of the world have heard of Rollo’s ploy? He appreciates your interest and desire to meet him. Please rest assured that he will make every effort to seek you all out during his travels this spring! There is still room on the shield, should you be interested in meeting him!

rollo's way of setting up dates

Two additional women just recently came forward expressing their desire? Ummmm, the one name I was advised to cross of immediately… I was told in no uncertain terms that this “Lady” was neither a “lady”, definitely not honest, and most certainly not free- but rather highly expensive in terms of silver and of life? The other one he has said he knows nothing of yet so allow her to remain on the list and he will check her out when he reaches Paris?