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The Following names/families are part of my Workman family ancestry: Workman, Mills, Clark, Fitch, Carroll, Ernest, Owen, Critchfield, Hartsell, Turner, Rogers, Lothrup, Auger, Barnes, Van Alstine, Quackenboesch, Pierson, Davis, Crane, Conkling, Mulford, Mann, Oldham, Heaton, Eastman, Wheeler, Watts, Dustin, Sutton, Harpster, Cox My Mother’s surname was Driver and the list of names for her ancestry includes the following names/families: Driver, Pfeiffer, Mueller, Meyer/Mayer, Bennett, Scott, Woodfield, Hetrick, Rhodey, Franklin, Moore, Ball, Peck.  This is just the basic list of surnames for now. I will eventually update this list with additional details!

 Fayette County Illinois Names connected to Amos Workman and son, Isaac Workman

This list of names are families connected to Amos Workman and son Isaac Workman in association with their migration from Ohio to Illinois. Some of the names are referenced in the article: From Maryland to Illinois;Deciphering a Workman Family story.

Some of the names are direct ancestor relationships, others are very indirect but they all become connected in some way once the groups settled in Fayette county, Illinois.

Amos Workman b. abt 1765 Maryland d. abt 1844 Fayette county, Illinois

Jane Conner/Connor/Matheny b. abt 1790 Virginia d. aft. 1860 Fayette county, Illinois second wife of Amos Workman

children of Amos and Jane:

  • Joseph Workman 1818– spouse name Cynthia?
  • Mary Mariah Workman 1820–1887 spouse John Nugent, Isiah B. Greer
  • Margaret A. Workman dna 1822–1865 spouse Hiram Lawson
  • William C. Workman 1824–1885 spouse Jemimah Burgess, Mary Ann Musser
  • Abraham Workman dna 1829–1890 spouse Jane Turner, Elizabeth Francis Smith Fairchild
  • Israel Owen Workman dna 1830–1871 Rebecca Neely Sapp, Mary Lucilla Jennings
  • Lyman Workman 1833–1860 spouse Mary Cleary
  • Amanda (Normanda) Workman 1834– spouse John Graves

Isaac Workman, oldest son of Amos Workman. Mother’s name known only as Rebecca. b. abt 1799 Virginia d. abt 1845 Fayette county, Illinois. 

Mary Jane “Polly” Owen, spouse of Isaac Workman. B. 27 May 1800 Tennessee D. abt 1895, Fayette county Illinois

Children of Isaac Workman and Mary Jane Owen:

          William Workman dna 1822–1906 spouse Harriett Earnest
  • Leah Workman Hibbits 1824–1870 spouse George Hibbitts, Joel Bennett
    Amos Workman dna 1825–1860 spouse Mary Ann Burgess
    Mary Jane Workman 1826–1921  spouse Michael Putnam
    Sarah Workman 1830–1925 spouse Joshua Arnold
    Louisa Ann Workman 1833–1903 spouse William Jones
  • Thomas Jefferson “Jess” Workman dna 1836–1921 spouse  Mary F. Hayden, Amelia Severns Scoles
    Martin VanBuren Workman 1838–1923 spouse  Louisa Sidwell
  • Nathan Workman 1839–1850


Earnest Family:

Harriett Earnest was wife of William Workman, eldest son of Isaac Workman and Mary Jane Owen. She was born abt 1826, died March 29, 1907 at Villard Minnesota. Her family lineage connections are not exactly clear but dna matches link her to the other Earnest families in county at the time. Her Father was either David Earnest or possibly William Earnest.