Melusina’s Story- A Royals link to Avalon

The legends or myths of Melusine, the water goddess are many and varied. Some of them say that when Melusine was betrayed by her husband, she took her daughters and retreated to reside on the Isle of Avalon. Her husband betrayed her by breaking his oath to never intrude upon her one day a week of seclusion in her private bathing chamber? These rooms are Melusine’s private chambers. You will notice that the bathing room is only accessed from her private quarters or from the outdoor walkway… which she keeps locked at all times. After her husband’s betrayal, she had a great distrust of men!

A clue to how this legend is connected to the Royals and the mess someone made of their lives could be in a few historical claims that some of the Royals made over the years… Such as the Tudors claiming that they were descendants of King Arthur? Or the claims of Elizabeth Woodville’s family that they descended from Melusine herself? Melusina Deware would be the one person who might know those answers?! Perhaps she knows much more than she has ever admitted about who may had a greater part in causing such chaos in their world?

This excerpt from the Royals saga is told by Melusina Deware, Mother of John Deppley. She has brought two young women, Eleanor Deguille and Elizabeth Rivers to her ancestral home of Avalon to tell them of her, and their past?

melusina and ladies2

Elizabeth and Eleanor had been invited to her home for the holidays and suddenly found themselves transported with her to another realm! Eleanor was not pleased with yet another turn and disruption to her life? She had suffered greatly from some recent relevations lately, such as the realization of her long dormant fairie bloodline among some other disturbances including a intense attraction to John Deppley, whom it was discovered was a long ancient Vampyre?! If that were not enough, she had been just recently threatened by Henry of England for supposedly neglecting her duties of watching over his daughter Elizabeth. All of these events were causing her to have more than a slight episode of agitation and high anxiety levels leaving her emotionally exhausted and on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

Elizabeth Rivers, usually the flightier, uncomposed one, had recently become much more stable and calm as the result of her relationship with Gerard DeJewel! She was concerned and a bit fearful of this powerful woman, but more curious about what secrets she might hold to the past and the future?

As Melusina brought them to this isolated island Castle and tried to explain, Eleanor became more agitated and skeptical. She wanted no more fantasies and fairytales in her life!

Melusine's bath3

Melusina was not pleased with Eleanor’s response to the memories she chose to share. Before Eleanor could walk away and disregard her stories of the past as nonsense, Melusina stopped her. “What? You who have fairie blood running through you would dare to question or disavow the notion of magic or myth? You would say it does not pertain to you and your current problems?!”

Eleanor tried to ignore her, but Melusina was not one to be put off or ignored! “Your problems are partially your own making…No one can solve them for you, and they will not just go away because you choose to deny them?
Melusina continued, “Gerard can not fix you, nor can my son! You are the only one who can do that. And, the only way you can do that is to accept yourself for who and what you are… Instead of putting up walls of fear around yourself as you have done for centuries, You must go through the walls of fear, of darkness and storms; reach inside yourself for the light, the calm of understanding and wisdom.

She spoke to both of the young women, “You both must hear my story, experience it and remember it with me. It pertains to both of you!

To the ever impatient and curious Elizabeth, she had added words, “You are as fearful as Eleanor! You can not find your future because you are too afraid of what the secrets of your past hold?!”

Melusine's bath2

Now, you will both join me on this journey through my memories of a past that you think fantasy, fairytales, and fables! You will see quite clearly that it is all real and filled with all the pains, sorrows and treacheries of life!

What you do not see is the pain, the tears and the heartbreak of a woman betrayed by the one she loved and trusted above all else… Perhaps if you look closely, you can see the color fading from her life, replaced by cool detachment for almost everything save those she sought to protect? The color left in her life and her heart was reserved for her daughters that shared this room, this life with her.

Melusine's sleep4

Melusina continued, “This was my life, my home…My Mother brought us here to safety, to sanctuary to keep us safe from the world that was turning against us. Before this time, the world was filled with wonder, people believed in that which they could not see or feel? People traveled here from other worlds and lived here peacefully sharing their knowledge, their wisdom and they trusted each other. But, eventually that of course changed and people chose their separate paths to follow.

My Mother, Melusine was one of those of a different world…She had gifts and powers which people envied and feared. My Father swore to love her, protect her and honor her beliefs. In the end, he fell to the desires of power and control though and turned against her. He then sought to use his daughters as pawns in an effort to gain more power, more lands, more control over others?

My Mother’s heart was broken, would never heal… She sought sanctuary for us here on this remaining hidden isle of magic. So, here to Avalon we came to live, to stay- much as in a prison, for it was unsafe for us to leave. We lived here and watched our Mother fade away from us, watched her color disappear, listened to her mournful weeping when she thought we could not hear? And, in the end when her spirit left us we heard the singing of her soul in the wind?

Melusina looked around the room and sighed, “This chamber is the space we shared together, My Mother, my sisters and I. There were three of us daughters of Melusine and as we grew, we each took different paths in life. Eventually, we all ventured out into the world once again on our separate journeys toward our destinies and our fates but we always returned here as it was and is the only home we know?”

She smiled softly, thinking of her sisters and her Mother. She closed her eyes, a faint drop of a crystal tear escaped as she sighed, “Sit down, be comfortable and I will try to piece this legend together for you? “You, Elizabeth, the scholar, You know that behind every legend or myth is more than a grain of truth?” Elizabeth nodded her agreement. “We fabricate a story around an event to capture the listener’s attention and each time the event is recounted, the story teller weaves more magic into the telling.”

“This is what happened with my Mother’s story. Now, I shall endeavor to tell you a more truthful version of it!” Melusina laughed harshly, “Ohhhh yes, there is still some magic within it, as that is within our nature- our being?!” She paused, “It should be everyone’s nature but of course there are those who refuse to beleive!” She looked pointedly at Eleanor, “Everyone has a calling, a natural magic within, even the humans-the mortals who deny it and refuse to believe it!”

“But, this story is not so much about magic as it about other basic human natures such as greed, power, envy, fear, all of those emotions that affect one’s magic?”

My Mother was feared and envied because of her natural ability to be in tune with forces of nature- mainly water and wind? In the beginning she was a well honored and revered priestess of the ancient beliefs. She was a Lady of of the Lake and worked only for good, for the balance of nature. She lived a much solitary life near the lake she was charged with protecting. My Father wandered into her glen one day, injured and delirious from his wounds. Mother used her gifts to heal him and during that time, they fell in love. Within that forest glen, their love was pure and untainted. According to Mother, in the beginning Father was good, just, true and honorable in all of his intentions. It was later, when they left the lake and entered Father’s kingdom, that he began to doubt, to fear what he had once vowed to understand and honor? When Mother went with him to his kingdom, she agreed to be his queen on the condition that she be allowed one day a week to return to the lake and her role as it’s protector… It had nothing to do with mermaids! My Mother was the protector, the guardian of that lake and the forest that surrounded it.

As my Father’s kingdom grew, they needed more land and Father began to look towards the forest and the lake. That area contained great natural riches and materials that his people could benefit from? Mother was adament that they could not encroach upon the lake or the forest. It was a sacred space with special properties that could cause great harm if used unwisely… And, it was already inhabited by the quiet ones, the ancient people who resided there in peace and caused harm to no one. She was their leader, their priestess, their guardian and it was up to her to keep all within that forest realm safe from harm.

Over the years, bitter arguments ensued over that land which Father began to crave and desire with obsession. There was also dissent over the fact that Mother had produced no male heir to the kingdom, only beautiful daughters. The kingdom wanted a son, an heir to the throne, as did Father! Mother could not understand why their daughters were not as honored or revered as much as a son! She had given birth to three healthy, beautiful daughters and felt blessed each time she looked upon their shining faces. Lorilie was the firstborn…and as such, she should have been heir to all within my Father’s realm- at least that was how my Mother viewed it. I was the next born, named after my Mother and my destiny was to be the next guardian of the lake. Vivianne was the last born, a daughter free to choose her own path… this how my Mother viewed the world. When Vivianne was yet an infant, our life of royal grace was ended.

In Father’s desperation for a son, and the land that Mother protected, he cast her aside for another who might produce him a son! He set about casting aspersions upon Mother, creating doubt and fear of her within the kingdom. He accused her of monsterous acts, spread suspicions and rumors of what she might be hiding in the forest? In his final decree, he stated that as King and ruler of all the realm, that included the forest and lake. He broke his vows to Mother and the ancients of the forest, and allowed his people to seek the riches of the forest. He sought to lock away Mother and seperate her from us. If he could not produce an heir, then he would use us, his once precious daughters as bargaining chips, as pawns and wed us to other kingdoms to strengthen his own.

My Mother managed to escape with us and sought out the benefactors, the hidden ones, the leaders of Avalon. They granted us sanctuary there and yet as all sanctuaries go, they could only guarantee our safety if we remained on Avalon. So, in a way, we were all prisoners of Avalon? The minute we would leave, Father would be within his rights to do with us as he willed, us being his daughters… of little consequence save for enriching his power across the lands by trading us to the highest bidders? If Avalon should ever fall, so should we!

Fortunately for us, Avalon did not fall, has not fallen, is still out there hidden in the mists of time! We grew to our womanhood there, and though we lost our Mother along the way, we had the ancient hidden ones to love us, teach us and prepare us for our journeys back into the world. We were surrounded by Ladies of the Lakes and Druid Merlins, whose duty it was to protect the ancient land of Britain. You may think now days of Merlin as one particular person…just as you assume Arthur is one particuluar king, or the Lady of the Lake is one being? That is due to your story tellers blurring the lines and the ancient languages. This is why it is so important for oral story tellers to be accurate in their recall! Because of these story tellers, much of our history has been misrepresented or lost completely! Take the story of my Mother being a mermaid… not that mermaids don’t exist and aren’t lovely people, just that my Mother was tasked to protect them- she was not a mermaid!

The Ladies of the Lakes are the priestesses entrusted as guardians of places such as Avalon and all of the other mysterious hidden lands of the ancient ones. The Druids, which I believe you might call by terms such as tree huggers now days?, were in truth the early ruling noble class! A Merlin was a member of the Druid society who pledged their alliegance and service to the land…much like later noble knights! And, Arthur… the ancient king you hold in such hight esteem as one person? Arthur was the ancient term for ruler!

Our time at Avalon was spent learning from the Merlins and the Ladies and discovering our new destinies, our purposes in life. Meanwhile, my Mother while she lived made it her one goal to stop my Father from achieving his goals… I believe that is really when the colors of life began to dim for her? She became distant and cold, detatching herself from any emotions other than her love for us and her desire for revenge against my Father. She used her powers for her own benefit, not for the good of others, thus she depleted her power and had no way of renewing it. For it is true, what you send out comes back to you. When you send out your energies for good, that is what is returned to you. When you send out negatives, that comes back to you as well! The other Ladies were able to deflect the negative from coming back to her but, that just meant nothing was returned to her… so when her power, her energy was depleted, she faded away from us. She was able to accomplish her goal before she faded to the sea? My Father would never father a son, and as he had besmerched our lineage with his falsehoods, he could find no willing noble to wed us! He was forever haunted by Mother’s singing voice in the wind and eventually he died alone in the forest where once he had found her…Tis said that he found frozen like stone reaching for something in the waters of that enchanted lake? If you should go to that lake and look in that spot, you can sometimes glimpse a fleeting vision of a woman’s face in the lake?

As for my sisters and I… my sister Lorelie went out in to the world first. After my Father’s death, she was the rightful ruler of his kingdom whether the people wanted her there or not?! She was destined to rule that land, and she turned many of the falsehoods and lies about us to her favor! Now days, she leads a highly prestigious, very elite and expensive public relations department! She made people want to be descended from a Water Goddess, a Lady of the Lake!

For me, I chose a most difficult path… or it chose me? I followed my Mother’s calling of a Lady of the Lake, was assigned to the protection of a fairie glen in the highlands of what is now Scotland. I was charged with guiding those ancient, quiet ones to this isolated place of safety and with ensuring their privacy and their futures in the coming upheavals and uncertainties of the changing world. They had a most difficult time changing or adapting…They still do! It was high in those isolate hills that I met Adrian, a vampyre who had been charged with much the same calling as I? It was up to us at the time to keep the sacred space hidden and protected from those such as my Father, who would destroy it for their own personal gain.

My youngest sister, Vivianne… Ahhhh Vivianne, the one that legends go about?! Vivianne was an infant when we arrived at Avalon. It was and is truly the only home she ever knew! When people think of Avalon and the Lady of the Lake, Vivianne is generally who they think of. Mother died when she was so young, she was raised fully by the Ladies and the Merlins of the Castle. It was her destiny to become the Lady of the Castle! Ohhhh and she should like me to clarify that she did not kill the Merlin and trap him in stone as so many popular legends accuse her of?! It was time for her take her power, her destiny as priestess of Avalon and the Merlin knew that while he remained, no one would accept a woman in charge? So, he merely retired to his own castle! She did entrap the sword in stone, only so that she could determine who was truly worthy of ruling in the future!

“Now, we must move on to the more important matters concerning Avalon, the Royals and you two?” Melusine looks at two young women intently, causing a great bit of discomfort for both of them! “Really, You did not think I just brought you here to tell you my somewhat sad family history, did you?!”

Eleanor and Elizabeth sat fidgeting and hesitantly nodded their heads. No, they were quite sure she had something far more serious and important to share. They were also not quite sure they really wanted to hear it?!

Melusina began again with her history lesson. The most important thing you need to understand for now is that Avalon was and is real, and I believe it does indeed play an important part in the history and, the future of our world. Those legends about some Royals being connected to and descended from the rulers of Avalon… well, some of them are indeed true too! My Father’s kingdom was in what was in an area of France known as Anjou… My sister Loralie went to take her rightful place as ruler there. During the earliest years she had a difficult time managing the lands as a woman, and as of course a woman with a tainted history? I will be honest, she made her share of mistakes along the way. Don’t we all? The key is that she always managed to find her way around the mistakes and come out ahead! Of course, as woman and a ruler, she was in need of a husband. She did eventually find one, and settled into her reign of the land with him. They led a quiet life and were successful in their management of the small kingdom. It is her daughter who started the chain of events leading towards Royalty… Personally, I blame my sister for it from the beginning? Who would not expect some sort of troubles when giving a child the name of Dangereuse?! Yes, that is what my sister chose to name her only child!

Legend of Dangereuse

Let us just say that Dangereuse was much adored, given much leeway. She was a headstrong stubborn girl who fortunately inherited her Mother’s ability to put a positive spin on her mistakes! My sister and her husband allowed her much free reign without instilling the consequences. My sister, who was normally quite level minded, fair and at times even harsh with consequences in the other facets of life, was just the opposite with Dangereuse. Ahhhh enough of my personal observations on her parenting skills… it did eventually turn out well for the girl! Dangereuse was raised in the practical real world where, at the time it was unwise to mention any ties to magic or old beliefs so she did maintain that secret! She was married quite young, as was the usual practice then, and it appeared it would be a successful union?

Considering her youthful tirades and exploits, it was lucky that she found a suitable match?! Much to her parents relief… and a rather large dower, she was wed to a wealthy young Noble Viscount Aimery I, Viscount of Châtellerault. They were married for seven years and produced five children within that time! She even provided him with the requisite heir and a spare in their two sons, Hugh and Raul. The other three were daughters- Aenor, Amable and Anois. It was their daughter, Aenor who went on to achieve far greater fame than anyone could have supposed or hoped for? Aenor is the old language for Eleanor…Aenor married William X of Aquetane. But, more about that later. After seven years of marriage, Dangereuse was supposedly abducted by William IX of Aquetane while riding through the woods. I say supposedly because that is the public version, the nice version?! In reality, Dangereuse went willing and had no qualms about becoming his prisoner/mistress! He installed her in the Maubergeonne tower of his castle in Poitiers, and even painted a picture of her on his shield. Obviously this caused quite some scandel and dissent within his court…especially with his current wife, not to mention Dangereuse’s husband! Now, admittedly back then, events such as this abduction were somewhat common… none was so public and blatent as this one! Dangereuse remained with him and bore him three more children. One other person not at all happy with this situation was William’s son by his first wife, William X. Such a mess! William finally appeased his son by wedding him to Dangereuse’s daughter by her first husband, Aenor. This union also somewhat appeased Dangereuse’s husband? So, Aenor married William X of Aquetane and within a year, their daughter Eleanor of Aquetane was brought into the world! So, there you have my sister Loralie’s quiet contribution to part of the Royal connection?

My sister Loralie may have had only one daughter, but that one daughter was quite fertile and fruitful enough to produce a number of descendents who went on to provide connections to royalty! I will not go into the web of genealogy here as it would confound and confuse you more than you already are?! I will only mention that Dangereuse’s grand daughter Eleanor of Aquetane eventually became both Queen of France and Queen of England! Among her descendants were Jacquetta of Luxembourg and her daughter, Elizabeth Woodville… I bring these two up because they are important to our history?! Jacquetta was one who returned to the ancient beliefs and held within her our powers of communicating with nature. She also had enough common sense and wisdom to understand the seriousness and importance of her gifts! She tried to teach this to her daughter, Elizabeth but Elizabeth did not take it seriously enough! Elizabeth was another stubborn and headstrong girl who chose to use her gifts and powers unwisely. I believe that much of the problems with our world and our shifts in time started with her?! She refused to let things be, refused to accept her defeats and constantly made attempts to change the course of history and the future even after she was retired away to an abbey because of her continious interferance in things that she should have left alone. Instead of rejoicing in the fact that her daughter had come to the throne of England and leaving it at that, she constantly made attempts to unseat the now King Henry VII and ultimately her daughter. To make a long story short, she made their lives miserable! Many accuse Margaret Beaufort Stanley of being the Mother in law from Hell, but I would rather say it was Elizabeth who fit that category!

For now, let us move on to my youngest sister, Vivianne? As I mentioned earlier, she remained at Avalon and was eventually entrusted with the protection of it? We shall meet her later when she shall join us but before that I will tell you of her story? There are times when I am still awed by what she has achieved and accomplished? Of course, I still often think of her as that little glowing child with the elfish pixie face that would giggle and laugh at the world around her, not as the all powerful leader that she has become?! She inherited much more inner power from Mother than either Loralie than I? It was apparent from the beginning… Perhaps that is what led to my Father’s fears and insecurities. Perhaps it is also why my Mother brought us here… not so much for the safety of Loralie and I, but for the safety of Vivianne? Loralie and I could more easily adapt and fit into the quickly changing world, but it would be far more difficult for one such as Vivianne with her looks and her powers that were always so near to the surface and would need much training for her to control! Loralie and I inherited some of the ancient powers and our looks were similar to Mother’s with our pale skin and light hair. Vivianne however, seemed to be a rare one? I know it was whispered about that perhaps indeed, she was not my Father’s child… that perhaps she was some sort of changeling creature that Mother had spawned with one of those ancients of the forest? Perhaps, Perhaps that may even be? Mayhaps that is more why Mother fled with us? She never said, she never denied, nor never admitted… She just guarded Vivianne most closely until she was safely within the walls of Avalon where the Ladies and the Merlins took over her care and her training?

Vivianne is the link to Arthur, or rather Artur…which is an ancient word for ruler. You see, my sister Vivianne is the leader of the high council that you all have heard so much about, yet know so little of? It is she who sits at the table of justice and wisdom. It is she who makes the final decision on who sits at the council! It is she know determines one’s worthiness. And, in the end it is she who determines who rules the lands.

Much of the time, she allows the lands and the people to follow their own paths, their own destinies, even if it means ongoing battles and civil wars over who should lead? And, there some areas which she has no control over? These places have not yet made their choice to join the council and be represented there? They may be places that are not ready to understand or accept the world unity principles, or they might be places who have made the choice not to participate. That is up to each land and the peoples within it. The council will step into those places when it appears that they may cause world devestation or harm though.

One important thing to know about how such ruling and leadership decisions are made… You may be familiar with ancient rulers claiming their roles by that of divine right? The divine right of kings, or divine-right theory of kingship, is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will of God. The king is thus not subject to the will of his people, the aristocracy, or any other estate of the realm, including (in the view of some, especially in Protestant countries) the Church. According to this doctrine, only God can judge an unjust king. The doctrine implies that any attempt to depose the king or to restrict his powers runs contrary to the will of God and may constitute a sacrilegious act. It is often expressed in the phrase “by the Grace of God”, attached to the titles of a reigning monarch. Well, in a very basic often misunderstood and misinterpreted sense they are right?

You must understand that there is some truth to the phrase “born leader”?! The ancient genetics running through all of our blood now play a part in this theory. Many researchers are now discovering what some of us have known, understood and accepted all along. There are certain genetic traits engrained in us that lead to that born leadership role. What Vivianne and her council attend to is balancing that born leadership trait with bloodlines and with one’s capabilities to be just and honorable leader? Tis all very complex science and psychology! Because as we all know, some may have inner leadership trait, which enables them to gain power… they may be completely lacking in the just and honorable sense?! Their bloodline gives them the leadership quality and ability but it is what’s deeper in their soul that gives them the “divine” right? In the end, Vivianne and her council must determine that divine right as she and her council answer to the universe and the creator. Vivianne and her council are this world’s representation to all of the other worlds from where we all came in the beginning. So, the rulers may assert that they answer only to God, in reality, they answer to Vivianne and her council first?!

There are times when the peoples of a land fight so bitterly over who should rule their land… when they all lose sight of honor and right, when those who should be leading spend much more time defending, accusing and killing each other, when the bloodlines of leadership fall away and become lost in the seas of blood shed upon the land… These are such times when Vivianne has had to step in make her own decisions on who should lead? Sometimes it is a case of who’s destiny it is for greatness, other times it is just a case of who will do the least harm?! During the dark ages of our world, she had to step in because so many peoples were dying not just from battles, but from disease! During those darkest times, it was often difficult to find a light within a soul bright enough to lead their people out of the bleakness and darkness! It was during the darkest of those ages that Vivianne gave them someone to believe in. She gave them Uther Pendragon and eventually his son, Arthur.

Uther Pendragon was one of the most noble and just merlins that sat upon the council with her at the time. It was Uther that she trusted enough to send out to slay the dragons and the “demons” of the darkness and guide the peoples of Briton out of the darkness towards the light. Uther knew exactly what his mission and his role should be, he was not a young man full of desires for glory on his own part. Uther understood that his mission, his role to play in that dark time was to give life to a new bloodline, a bright light,a king/Artur for the peoples of that world to hold fast to whilst they clamored out of the dark ages! She gave them a belief, a legend that they could hold to while she and the council made their own attempts to set the world on a better path? They knew that they could not continue to interfere and change the course of destiny completely. All they could do was give the peoples some temporary respite and faith to hold on to. The dark ages were very dark and very long with little light other than the small glimmers of hope within one’s soul. Arthur added to that small light of hope? He was as real as you and I. He was indeed a mighty warrior king who united his people for a time. As like his Father, Uther, Arthur knew his role and his destiny. When it came time for him to depart that world, he turned his crown over to his kinsman, Constantine of Briton and made his return to the isle of Avalon where he took his seat upon the council.

There followed many centuries of wars and conflicts over the lands and the ruling of them. Most of those conflicts, the council stayed out of. It was not their way to intervene on every matter of succession- should that have been the case, that is all they would ever have dealt with on an almost daily basis! The had no need to intervene on such a micro-managing level. They had an overall map and picture of the timeline and the future and only intervened to keep that picture stable. There were of course those few occasions when they would step in to guide a decision… such was the case with of William the Conquerer who took over the British crown in 1066. It was a case where the previous ruler had no direct heirs and no matter what the outcome, there would surely be a war. William the Conquerer was Duke of Normandy at the time and was a distant relative of the dying King Edward. The council had to decide at the time whether to intercede or let King Edward’s brother-in-law Harold, who had no royal bloodline take the throne? It was a heavy decision but when they looked at the future outcome and weighed William’s abilities, they decided in favor of giving him some slight advantage in winning the throne over Harold.

Though there were ongoing battles and disputes over the next few centuries, the council felt no need to interfere with the ruling roles of Briton- frankly they had their hands full with other disputes and concerns more serious than the often petty family squabbles of one kingdom! They had to deal with other realms and kingdoms as well and all of those who brought their concerns and complaints to be settled by the council! This included the ancient Fairie realms, the Vampyre Lands, and the Witch’s concerns from all over the settled world? At this time, the fairies and the Vampyres kept much quiet and to their own particular realms. The witches however were spread through out the lands and all were voicing their concerns and fears of persecution from the now changing world they chose to live in. To the council, these matters generally took precedence over all else because it was their duty to protect and serve all who dwell on this world. Those without powers or abilities were starting to be the majority and thought because of that they should be in power, they should determine the fates of all others? Those were trying times for the council and they had little patience left to solve a land or power squabble between those peoples! Many of the council was of the opinion of “Let them live in their darkness and fear then until they realize the errors of their thinking?” Vivianne knew that left to their own devices, they might well destroy all the peoples of the world, not just themselves!”

The next time Vivianne and the council chose to intervene in the ruling of Britain was during the bloody mess of the Cousins Wars… Vivianne was not happy about it but they brought it on themselves by their incessent feuding, calling in of other countries and then going as far as bring the ancient beliefs into it? She also felt uneasy about her intervention due to the fact that it now involved our own family bloodlines? Yes, our bloodline had been there for some time with Eleanor of Aquitane’s ascension to the throne… but she had been a quiet, for the most part non-practicing family member. She had posed no outward threats to any of the other realms of peoples. When Jacquetta’s daughter took the throne, it was a much different matter entirely! Jacquetta had come before the council, assured them of her daughter’s loyalty and adherance to the ancient ways. She had vowed her daughter understood the importance of her keeping her vows not to practice her powers in any way that should call attention to her, or cause harm to anyone. In fact, Elizabeth Woodville had stood before that council herself and made the vow not to use her abilities in any way to affect the land she would rule if she became Queen. Well, that went quite seriously wrong in many ways?! By the end, she had caused even her Mother, Jacquetta- who had always been quite careful in her behaviors and practices-to be brought forth on accusations of Witch Craft!

After that Vivianne made the decision to intercede on behalf of young Henry Tudor VII to claim the throne with Elizabeth’s daughter, Elizabeth of York. This set the future of Britain more stable, excepting for Elizabeth’s continued meddling in affairs which she should have left alone… for as with all negative intents, they only came back to haunt her in the end!

Quite suddenly, Melusina stopped her history lesson? “I believe that you have had more than your fill of history for now! Let us take a break…” She motioned for them to follow her down the stairs and whispered, “Shhhh I think I hear my sister now? Quiet so you do not disturb her!”

They got to the bottom of the stairs and stood behind Melusina, somewhat surpised and awed by the young woman they saw?

As they peered around the staircase column, they saw a shimmering, glowing, very
young woman entranced in her dreams… music filled the air as the girl lost herself in the vibrations of her violin. The woman who held the power of the world looked to be no more than a girl of early teens? She had iradescent porcelain skin that seemed to glitter and gleam with the notes floating around her. Her red hair was a striking contrast to the pale skin and her eyes were the color of fresh green grass. On seeing this young woman, it was rather obvious why her Mother had felt the need to see her safe at Avalon? She most certainly displayed an other world quality from her glowing skin to the ever so slightly pointed ears that showed with her hair tucked behind them. Her look was beguiling and enchanting, delicate and dreamlike. At first look upon her, one was so enchanted that they may forget to notice the one other striking feature she displayed… a set of filmy gossimer wings that wrapped around her like sea mist!


It’s difficult to say who was more startled… Vivianne or the two who were so unprepared for the vision of her? Vivianne was only momentarily startled as she had been so entranced in her music! Elizabeth and Eleanor, however not just startled but awestruck!

Screenshot (2)

Viivianne quickly recovered and composed herself. While she might look ethereal, diminutive and delicate, she can become a quite commanding and regal visage when she assumes her role as keeper of Avalon…

Her words to Melusina, “I see you have delivered to me the two young maids I requested!”
Eleanor’s long life lived in the courts of Royalty and highest authority caused her to immediately sink low before Vivianne. Elizabeth had no such previous training but quickly followed Eleanor’s lead, understanding that this was most certainly a woman to kneel before?

They both sank low before Vivianne and held their breath waiting for some sign, any sign from her? As Vivianne stood before them a wand appeared in her hand. As they remained low, thoughts tumbled through both of their minds of anything they might have inadvertently done in their lives to cause this powerful being displeasure with them? They felt the touch of something on their heads and were suddenly filled with light and a serene calm… Then heard Vivianne’s soft voice flowing over them like music.

Screenshot-5 (2)

“I welcome you both home to Avalon, I bless you with the light and fill you with the spirit of life!”

Vivianne lifted her wand and bid the young women to rise up… Perhaps the blessing was a bit too much for them? They were both unsteady, shaken and somewhat dazed!
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Melusina was worried about their state and voiced her concerns to Vivianne, “Vivianne, You did not do what I think you may have, Did you? I did not quite care for that last portion of your blessing upon them… The last time you did that, it was problematic and far reaching in it’s affects?!”

Screenshot-10 (2)

Eleanor heard their whispers and became worried for herself! Both women slowly recovered from the intense flow of magic into their veins but were now overcome with some worry as to what else Vivianne may have bestowed on them? As they stood off to the side sharing their slight trepidation and fear, Melusina and Vivianne were involved in some serious whispered conversation. After a few moments of discussion, Vivianne dismissed the two women, “Perhaps you would care to spend some time in the gardens whilst my sister and I discuss some much important family matters?” It was phrased much as a command to be followed and the two did not hesitate to make their way out!

Once they were alone, Vivianne addressed her sister, “Ohhhhh hush you! I would not think to do that upon them right now…And, for your information, I have worked on that particular blessing and perfected it since that long ago slight miscalculation!” She smiled and pointed her fingers at Melusina, “Ahhhhh and, You did not seem to think it nearly so problematic when it brought you the blessings you so truly desired and pined for at the time?!”

Melusina hugged her sister, “Yes, I will concede and admit that the blessing brought me the greatest of joys in my life and for that I will be eternally grateful to you!” She then admonished Vivianne though and shared, “I thank you for meddling in my life, but that young fairie will soon be my daughter in law. And… I do not think that my Julian, or John as he prefers to be called now, would quite appreciate your meddling in their lives?! You know how he is about such interference from us!”
Vivianne soothed Melusina’s concerns, “Shhhhh my dearest sister! I know what joys as well as what pains and heartaches that blessing has brought you. I would see you happy, and your children happy as well.” She comforted her sister, “I know the pain you all feel for our dearest Mellie, just know that in time, she will heal. Her pain is not so much in her blood but in her soul? I also know that John’s greatest fear is that he carries her affliction and would pass it down to future generations. Please understand that it is a time for discoveries, for miracles and world healing. We have waited many centuries and generations for it and now people are ready to accept and begin anew?”

Melusina was comforted by her sister’s words and they continued their discussion. Melusina commented, “It might have been achieved sooner without this mess that someone has made of our world timeline?!” She paused before voicing her other thoughts…”And, what of Elizabeth? This Elizabeth who knows nothing of her past, of her inheritance?”

Vivianne answered, “Well, of course she must be told, As must Eleanor!” She weighed her next words before broaching the sensitive subject, “I am somewhat concerned that they are not ready to realize and understand who they are and what their destinies are?” She was deep in thought and pensive, “I am also concerned about John and Gerard? How they will take to knowing how their lives will be so tied and sealed to Avalon with their choices of these two young women?”

Melusina sighed in agreement, “Yes, they both have made much of trying to distance themselves from this, they are so adamant and determined to have their own lives and make their own accomplishments?” She frowned as she went on, “This will be immensely difficult for them?”

Vivianne sighed, “The most important thing right now is to finish this situation of that one who caused such chaos with our world’s timeline? We have contained it, set it as close now to rights as it will ever come… But, the person responsible must be brought to answer for it!” Vivianne’s cold, foreboding stature returned, “I know where she is now, and she will answer for all of this!”

“Once she is here, she will be judged and contained. Then, we can deal with the rest of it?”

Melusina had caught her breath at her sister’s ice like demeanor then let it go as her sister calmed. There was still a chill around them from Vivianne’s mood at thinking of the woman who had caused such treachery for all. Slowly, the air started to warm and Vivianne’s lighter side returned. She suddenly gave a laugh and teased Melusina, “Ahhhhh I have just had a delightful memory of that long ago overdone blessing?!”

Melusina joined in her merriment at the almost forgotten memory of all of the Ladies of the Lake in attendance at Avalon during that time suddenly and for many, surprisingly being filled with the life of future generations! And, the fact that the blessing had reached so far beyond the bounds of Avalon that women for miles surrounding it had quite suddenly caused a population expansion?!

Much later, the two sisters sat together staring out a large circular window to the ocean that surrounded them. Each of them swept up in memories of the past, and thoughts of an uncertain future. Vivianne shared her thoughts, “The future is always uncertain, ever changing and intertwining with the events of the past that create it? That is why time is a circle, a wheel in the sky? all we can ever do is attempt to keep it stable and clear of the rocks and pitfalls that cause such upheavals?” She sipped her wine, “Tis all about balance, this business of life and the ride through time?”

They sat in quietness for a time not needing outright conversation, but merely the closeness of each other as a comfort, a reminder of home and family. Finally Melusina broke the silence, “What shall we do then about all of this? Do you have a plan?”

Vivianne leaned her head against the window, “Yes I know what needs be done, and will carry it through, as unpleasent as some it might be?” First though, we must discuss Elizabeth and Eleanor? I believe I will meet with them each seperately and explain their fates and their destinies.” She paused for a few moments before continuing, “My greatest concern right now is for Eleanor? I have been told that she has not adjusted well to the recent changes and is… How to put this nicely… not quite stable in her reasonings and behaviors of late?”

Melusina frowned and rubbed her forehead in frustration, “Yes, I have been aprised of the same and am dreadfully worried as well? For so many centuries of the time slips, she remained stable and quite level headed in her reactions to the upheavels in her life and her world. She handled it all with enduring grace and never faltered from her inner course of protection of those who needed it the most no matter the cost to her.” Melusina sighed, “I believe her unoing was the fault of my son?!” She struggled with her next thoughts, “Ahhhh I believe they were the undoing of each other? And, I can not help but be concerned as to whether it really their fate, their destiny to be together? All I can think of is perhaps tis more their destiny to set each other aflame and end up burning to ashes together?” Her words were faltered and she whiped a tear away, “I am sorry, but I can not think beyond my Motherly need to protect my adult son who already dispises my interferances in his life!”

Vivianne reached for her sister’s hand, held it tightly, “Melusina, you need to let them go. You need to let go of both of your now grown children, and your pre-concieved notions of what once was best for them? You will drive them away from you if you continue on this path. They must follow their own paths now and ever more. all you can do is be there when they come to you. You deny what and who they are, and think that in denying it, their vampyre natures will not be known to the world? You have driven your son to spend centuries denying his true nature, his true being. You deprived your daughter for years of treatment which could have helped her early on, so that when we finally intervened on her behalf, it was almost too late?! It may even yet be too late if Gerard can not break through with her? You do know that she is not cured, she holds within her a driving rebellion against you, a desire to create more havoc in the world by feeding upon the unknowing and turning them all… just to spite you?!” Vivianne held tightly as Melusina wept, “Go ahead and have your sorrow now, then find your strength to face this all?!”

As Melusina continued to cry softly in her sister’s arms, Vivianne went on, “You and Adrian have an unbreakable chord betwixt you, you have an eternal love that know no time or limits. Your connection was destined from the stars, your children are the blessings and the outpouring of that love but they are not yours to posess or dictate to- something that you and Adrian both often forget? Your bloodlines were destined to mix together and create these two souls who have their own destinies and futures to bring to the world. John’s destiny lies with Eleanor and we must somehow renew her strength to follow that destiny. Melliana’s destiny is yet unfolding, we must be strong to guide her to the right path.” Vivianne stroked her sister’s hair and soothed her trembling, “Shhhhh enough of the pain, the sorrow and the fears of the past? Those times are closing and we must look forward to the brightness of love! Love will heal both Melliana and Eleanor? Eleanor needs the comfort of a Mother’s unconditional love as much as Melly does!” At that comment, Melusina sat up and looked at her sister thoughtfully.

“I never even thought of that? I was so wrapped in my own concerns and fears that I failed to think of Eleanor’s past, her childhood that which she barely had?” Melusina thought of Eleanor’s lost childhood and her heart began to ache. “She was so wrapped in the secracy and the terrors of that time, poor girl… she knew nothing of what was happening, what was being done to protect her and somehow keep her safe in a world that was collapsing around her? I wonder if she even now realizes part of the reason her parents sent her off and took away her identity was solely to keep her alive in a world that would have burned her and her family in the flames for sorcery should her blood have been known?” Melusina cried a bit now for Eleanor, “I would hope that John and Gerard have explained this all to her, but I am beginning to think this is the reason for her unstable behavior now? Her life long engrained notions against the ancient ways, those beliefs that kept her surviving during those perilous times, now warring with the realities of that which she is?!”

Vivianne nodded her head in agreement, “She needs the time here to adjust, to regain her balance before we explain to her how far reaching her destiny, her lineage is? She is so entrenched in her personal beliefs, her perceptions of Royalty, nobility and bloodlines of the past… How does one explain to her that her royal bloodline far surpasses those around her? How does one explain to her that she is really a daughter of a most powerful Merlin who only waits to be reunited with her?” Vivianne paused in thought for a moment, “Tis a quite sensitive situation, one that she will need time to understand? That she was not abandoned, that her Father did not die, but merely disappeared into the mists without her for her own good?”

Vivianne stood and pondered another thought, “Then there is the matter of Elizabeth? I believe her situation should go much smoother? Yes, she appears flighty and skeptical of her powers and those around her but, she is at least aware of some of her lineage? At least she know she is a witch?! More to her benefit than that of Eleanor, who has had no idea of what was locked inside of her?! Also, there is the fact that Elizabeth is a born scholar, a curious nature, and wants to know? I say that we start with her? We sit her down with all of the books that she is so desiring of touching and let her find her past in those chronicles. All we truly need to do with her is assist her in her research, fill in the blanks for her and hold her within our arms when she comes to the realization that she is our descendent? Through all of those tangled webs of genealogy she will trace her path back to us through all of the other Elizabeths, the hidden ones as well as the most known ones… It may be a bit difficult but I believe she has an inkling of it anyway?” Vivianne smiled, closer to a smug smirk of knowing, “I know she has already done some research on a very sketchy subject that has caused her to be disreputed within certain historical and scholarly circles? I plan to give her the proof that she needs to prove her thesis correct on the subject Elizabeth I of England having given birth to a daughter who was then secreted away to live in unkwown obscurity and be raised by a family of the Rivers name? Those documents will now become well known and Elizabeth Rivers shall take her rightful place in our long family history of Royalty!”

Melusina bit her lip and frowned in her concern, “Are you sure that is the wisest course of action? Do we have to stir all of that up once again? For what purpose… Can not we just give her her history and welcome her home? I just do not see the need to open this past up and open Elizabeth for more of that ridicule and scorn from her peers. She is already lacking in confidence and this will just continue their criticisms of her and her work.”

Vivianne placed hands on her hips and stared her sister down, “No, this will give her the credibility she so well deserves after her years of research! It will not change the course of history, nor the path of the future and it is time for another of history’s secrets to be revealed! It shall be Elizabeth’s choice of course on what she does with the information. But, I think she deserves to be recognized as a well reknowned scholar and historian by her peers who scoff at all of her theories and judge her harshly behind her back! Now is the time for many of those secrets to come to the surface. People are ready, they are searching and making their discoveries each and every day… yes, I will admit, sometimes helped along by us… but none the less- The world is changing again, for the better this time. People are again interested in the mysteries, the history and knowing the truth about their world.” She paused and went on, “The documents will not change the line at at all, it’s in the past and will stay there. It will simply give answers to all of those suspicious accusations about Elizabeth I?”

Sha paced back and forth musing aloud, “We were there back then, Melusina…We knew what happened, we assisted in the cover up of the facts in our desire to keep that young Elizabeth safe and able to take her place on the throne? We are partially responsible for the path she chose to take, not that any of it was wrong- but we must assist in rectifying it now that it is safe for all!” Melusina was doubtful but Vivianne was insistant, “The past will still play out as it was meant to, but this way, Elizabeth Rivers can be confident in her knowledge of her past. You will see, once she knows the story and the reasons, she will come into her own… she will be well confident and wise enough to take her seat on the council!”

A few days later, Elizabeth Rivers was escorted to the library by Vivianne, “My dear Elizabeth, I have followed all of your research on the Royal bloods of England, and I would much like to assist you in your work?!” She smiled softly with her arm around Elizabeth as she guided her toward a cabinet filled with ancient manuscripts and documents. Elizabeth, ever the curious one, the lover of books, was awed and could not resist reaching out to caress the volumes. Vivianne laughed, “Go ahead, touch them all you like, devour them and the facts within them!” Vivianne became serious, “Elizabeth, I believe you will find all of the answers and proof you need within these manuscripts?” She pointed towards the center of the room where a table was filled with modern technology as well as old books, “I hope you do not mind that I have had Gerard provide us with all of your research and your current work. You may stay as long as it takes to complete your study and all of the documents will be made available for you to share with your distinguished collegues of the academic world. I know how insistant they are on having indisputable proof… even though, once they have it, they still manage to deny it and question it’s validity?!”

As she seated Elizabeth at the table and handed her some books, she commented, “These manuscripts have been kept hidden away for centuries to ensure they survived the turbulence and the terrors of the times. Now it is time for them to reappear in the world. You will be their finder, their discoverer… I would much love to see the faces of those who mocked you and laughed at you then!”

Elizabeth was overwhelmed with emotions, from curiousity and wonder to the continued feeling of doubt and fear of what she would find, then too an inner lingering feeling of unease and unworthiness in the presence of Vivianne? Vivianne sensed all of it, “Elizabeth, Please put your doubts and fears aside, as well as your constant lack of confidence? You are more than worthy of this, and so much more!” She turned to leave, “Go on, get started…I know you are over run with that curiousity of yours so I will leave you to it!” She added a few final instructions before parting, “Ohhhhh I should advise you that the use of your mechanical devices will run best during daylight? I have set them to solar power and equipped them with small back up batteries but you should try to avoid using them in the evening. We are ever energy conscious here and besides that, The blasted internet connections are highly unstable out here in the night time!” As she left, she mumbled to herself, “I must have Gerard come and update all of the technology here soon!”

The door closed and the library was soon filled with quiet, serene music meant to calm one’s mind, yet open it and provide energy and focus on one’s work. Elizabeth was alone with all the history of the past ages. She started by skimming through contents of the various books and was suddenly overwhemed by the discoveries? Here were hand written pages upon pages of genealogies- births, deaths, marriages and everything in between- thought to have been lost to the world forever? She found personal journals of Ancient Royals, letters of correspondence, admissions of acts and guilts… things that would, if made public, change the way that the world viewed the past forever?! Elizabeth was swept into the past of the Royals, enthralled and dazed by the facts, unable to take it all in at once… Occasionally, she would have to pause, walk around the upper level and refocus before going back for more. After some hours of fact finding, and documenting notes, she realized the sun was setting and remembered what Vivianne had advised. She turned off the computer and picked up one more volume to spend the evening hours with. Her heart came to a sudden halt, skipping a beat when she read the inscription and description of the the book? It was simply stated, details of the life of our Elizabeth and the early events of her life. 1533-1558. Her hands began to shake as she stared down at the pages. This volume contained personal documentation of events that transpired during her early life before she took the throne.

Many hours later, Elizabeth put the book down, her heart and her hands still shaking from the knowledge she had just consumed? She could feel her heart pounding and her chest felt like to explode?! She needed to calm down and tried to concentrate on the strains of music floating around her. The music did as was intended, her heart slowed to a once more quiet beating. She closed her eyes, began to filter and absorb the details of a young woman’s harrowing journey through life towards a great destiny. Of the things she endured and gave up in order to reach that goal as well as to keep others safe from worse fates than hers?

Elizabeth sat there now in the dark of the night silently feeling the life of that other Elizabeth, the one she now knew as her ancestor… It was a story of great pains and grief from her beginnings, but also the story of a woman who knew her inner destiny from her earliest years. A child who was protected and kept as safe as possible by the women surrounding her, yet betrayed by one who should have kept her the safest and offered the most protection? Granted, the betrayal was not purposeful or meant to do harm, but through that woman’s lacking in good judgement she caused such harm as to affect the young Elizabeth and others for the future. It should also be noted that the said woman herself was much betrayed by her husband of the time?!

The life altering events took place whilst Elizabeth, a young and imressionable girl barely into her teens was placed in the care of her step-mother, Catherine Parr. Catherine was Henry VIII’s last wife, his widow who had eventually married man of rather suspicious and questionable character as it later to light? Catherine was so infatuated with him though that she overlooked his flaws and his faults, which would become her greatest error in life. So it was that the young, impressionable, and energetic Elizabeth was placed within the confines and the grasp of Thomas Seymore who was later beheaded for his various treasons to the crown. For the first time, Elizabeth was in a place of ‘supposed’ comfort, safety and security in which to be herself, to let down her ever present guard and enjoy her youth? She was accompanied in this place by her cousin, Jane Grey who later suffered her own betrayal by those who used her for their own purposes.

During this time, Thomas Seymore took Elizabeth under his wing, befriended her and so much more… To his wife Catherine’s credit, she was sadly unware of how far the behaviors and betrayal went as she was duly suffering with her first pregnancy at an advanced age of the time. She was not as attentive as she should have been to the situation and thought it only friendship that her husband was encouraging with Elizabeth. When she did discover the depths his depravity and behaviors, she quickly removed the young girls from their home and his reach. Unfortunately for Elizabeth, the damage was already complete- to her body and her soul. From that point on, she would ever be a different person as the result of the acts. Elizabeth was removed to a quiet solitary confinement in a more isolated place for some time. It was reported that she was much ill and bedridden for a long period of time… What was kept from everyone was the cause of her reported illness and confinement other than it being a grave stomach ailment? The truth was hidden, never to be discovered, only privately speculated upon by those who would never dare to openly bring up such matter with anyone? A young and now quite terrified Elizabeth,surrounded only by highly trusted and secrative ladies who swore oaths of silence with their lives, endured the worst pain and heart wrenching agony any woman, let alone a girl so young, should ever must endure. She found her inner core of strength to survive it though, a core of strength that would never fail her over the coming years. In the darkness of one of the fiercest storms of a long winter, Elizabeth gave birth to a surprisingly healthy and robust daughter. A daughter who displayed the lightest coloring of the generations of Woodville women, the ancient blood that ran in her veins. Elizabeth never faltered in what she knew she must do though tears ran down her face touching the infant she held in her arms for but a few moments. In those few moments, she bestowed a legacy of love, a blessing for the future and a fortitude of strength for the future upon the girl. Her dark amber eyes looked into those innocent, already oddly sea mist colored ones staring intently back at her. It was as though the infant already knew this would be her only chance to memorize the look of her Mother? Elizabeth bequethed the name of Elizabeth Rivers upon her and quickly bade the ladies to take her away.

The infant was silent throughout the entire ordeal of removing her from this unsafe place to an already secured safe haven for her to be raised in much total obscurity. The child was placed with distant members of the Woodville families who were well trusted to ensure that this girl would grow up and live a life of peace away from the treacheries of those who might use her for their own ill purposes. They would also ensure though, that the child would raised and taught the ancient beliefs, the practices and the powers that she held within her soul. Her life would be one of quiet, unassuming grace and her name would pass down through generations of her family. Even when those future generations lost their paths, their immediate connections to the old ways, the name remained and continued on.

That young Elizabeth knew from an early age how cruelly a child could be used in the wars waged by those most powerful and corrupt. She also now knew just how cruelly a female child could be used and manipulated in all aspects of life. She sought to protect her innocent offspring and herself from just such cruelties ever coming down on them in the future. It was after this that she emerged back into the world of power plays with a much calmer, cooler and at times even icy demeanor that served her well in the future. At some time later when Thomas Seymore once again attempted to use her, manipulate her, he found a much different persona in her who would shed no tears at his demise. When her actions and behaviors came into accusation during his trials, she stood firm in her denials of any such misbehviors on her part. She stood firm because she knew in her heart that it twas not her who was guilty of anything, but him! In her heart, she knew his actions and his behaviors had brought about in part, the death of his wife… her much beloved Step Mother, Catherine. It was advised that she died from childbed fever after the birth of her daughter, but Elizabeth believed that the woman had succumbed as much to a broken heart and will to go on. It was Elizabeth who later, silently ensured with the assistance her most trusted ladies that the orphaned daughter of Catherine was also able to go on quietly to a life of unknown obscurity and safe peace.

Elizabeth Rivers stood up, holding the book of well kept secrets to her heart. She shed a few tears for the young girl that given such a legacy to her now and smiled in some pride at how that young woman had survived to create yet another legacy for herself and her country. As she turned to put the book away, she had another thought… She suddenly remembered the same young girl under quite different circumstances?! Her thoughts turned to those time trapped residents of Dragon Valley, one of them a young and rebellious teen, Elizabeth England. Elizabeth England was living a far different life than she was in the past but she may be heading down a similar path? Elizabeth England now had a chance to live out a life of relative common peace much as she had given to others, but might she continue on her personal path of heart ache? Elizabeth Rivers knew something that few others in that community did… At the time, she had thought not much of it and not knowing the girl very well, also thought it wasn’t her place to stir up gossip that might cause harm. What she knew was that young Elizabeth England was involved in some sort of relationship with a much older man? A man who had questionable ethics and morals if what she had heard was correct?

At the time, she had casually asked Gerard about the man and recieved, as usual from Gerard, non-committed half answers! Gerard had mentioned that the man in question, Bradley Pittens was a loyal and trustworthy servant to the council who had survived his own trials and share of misfortunes due to the time slips. Gerard had laughed and commented, “The man may be a womanizer and a rake to his core but that only meant that Parents should be wise to keep their young daughters well away from his charms?!” He had then added his comment of seeing that his own daughter Diantha was well supervised as not to fall prey to the likes of Sir Pittens. When he had asked her why the sudden interest in this man, there was a flash of uncertain jealousy in his tone. Elizabeth had just laughed and reassured him that she had no intentions of falling for any other rake of dubious qualities and intentions than him! She had left it at that but wondered if Henry England as he now went by was aware of his daughter’s wayward ways? She knew that he had been furious the night of the party when she had shown up there unattended? So enraged had he been that he berated Eleanor, accusing her of neglecting her duties toward his daughters and threatened to remove them from her care. Eleanor had been so beside herself with all of her personal troubles and the rebellious nature of young Elizabeth that she had agreed on the girls returning home to Henry for the Holidays. It was settled that the girls would remain with Henry while Eleanor was out of town on this visit to Melusina and they would further discuss the matter on her return to Dragon Valley. He made less than veiled threats that the matter was far from finished. At that point, John Deppley had stepped in and reminded Henry that he no longer ruled the lands or the people and he should take care just to manage his teen daughters?!

Now as she thought about all of it, Elizabeth wondered if John Deppley knew more than he would say and perhaps was attempting to somehow protect his young protege, Bradley Pittens? She was far too tired to think more on tonight, but decided to go to Vivianne with it tomorrow. Somehow it felt of great importance to the lives of those now trapped in Dragon Valley?

The next morning, Elizabeth woke to rays on sunlight drifting through the windows of the guest room that Vivianne had assigned her. The sunlight was mixed with reflections off the ocean and the sea mist of the curtains creating a feeling of floating on the sea. She felt more at peace and relaxed than she could remember in such a long time. In recent times, she only felt this contentment when wrapped in Gerard’s arms. Remembering all of what she had learned the night before filled her with an inner sense of strength, confiction and confidence to face what lie ahead for her? As she dressed in one of the fine gauzy gowns that Vivianne had provided, she also felt something else… She felt inner satisfaction and beauty, which she couldn’t really say that she had ever truly felt before?! One other thing she felt… hunger, extreme ravenous hunger? This feeling was nothing too new for her. She often got so involved in her work that she forgot to eat until her stomach intensely reminded her?!

Some time later after she enjoyed an enormous platter of breads, fruits and cheese… much to the amazement of a few of the maids in the kitchen who seldom saw young women eat like that before? They were more used to young maidens picking daintly at the fare offered to them. Such had never been Elizabeth’s way. When she finally got around to eating, she had a tendancy to enjoy every morsel in front of her, a fact that Gerard occasionally teased her about asking her if she should like to lick the bowls clean as well?!

It was mid morning when, after wandering through the castle, she found Vivianne busy at work at a laptop computer in the Council Chambers. Not sure what the protocol was, she hesitated at the doorway not wanting to intrude on the woman. Vivianne simply glanced up and happily motioned her to come in and have a seat next to her. Vivianne knew from one look at Elizabeth that her instinct and intuition had been correct on allowing her to make her discoveries. The young woman was completely calm and well composed other than what Vivianne surmised was a slight case of nervous jitters at being in her company? Vivianne smiled softly, she was quite used to that and knew that it would soon dissolve for this particular woman!

She clicked the computer off and turned to Elizabeth, “Now that you know your answers, we shall talk seriously about everything!” She felt some other questions weighing on Elizabeth’s mind but chose not to probe or intrude, it was better if Elizabeth voiced her concerns and her thoughts freely and on her own. “Something else is bothering you? Do not hesitate to tell me what ever it is that is worrying you. We shall sort it out together?!”

Elizabeth felt herself relax in Vivianne’s presance, this woman was no threat to her and for some reason she felt an equal balance between them… at least here in this room at this time? She sighed and got straight to her point of concern, “I have some serious concerns for the young Elizabeth now living in Dragon Valley? As well as concerns for the rest of them of course but after my discovery of last night, I am worried about her in the now, the present?”

Vivianne frowned, “Hmmmmm I was not aware that she was in danger now? Last that I was notified, she was adjusting quite well? Better than some others there?! This should be her chance to live that life which she oft thought she desired for herself? Please share your concerns!”

She began softly drumming her fingers on the table as Elizabeth told her what little she knew of the situation. Elizabeth finished and added her thoughts on it, “In some ways she seems to have adjusted far better? She has fully adapted to being a present day teen in most ways and she is not above using both time’s guidelines to her advantage? She is quite the rebellious one, using what ever means she needs to to achieve what she wants… and, right now, I believe she desires Sir Bradley Pittens?!”

Vivianne’s tapping grew in volume and intensity as she answered, “She has ever been the rebellious one… I suppose it runs in her blood.” She sighed in frustration, “I do not need a war within the confines of this small community on any level! It is her Father, Henry that I do not trust?! I would place blame on him for any number of things lately?” Vivianne settled her tapping and reached for Elizabeth’s hand, holding it softly.

Elizabeth spoke quietly, “I was not sure whether to bring this to you? Maybe it is nothing and I am just being overly cautious and concerned? I don’t know young Elizabeth very well, and I don’t know this Bradley at all… only what I have heard about his character and reputation with women? It’s just that after my discoveries of last night, I felt some worry over Elizabeth’s path in the present?”

Vivianne stroked Elizabeth’s hand and answered, “You were right to follow your instincts and come to me with your concerns.” She gave a disgusted sigh, “Especially since no one else has thought to! Contrary to popular belief, I do not know everything… My scope and powers of second sight only go so far, that is why I rely on well trusted advisors to keep me aware of the rest of it?! Now, I am thinking that some of them are not telling me all that I need to know?” She squeezed Elizabeth’s hand firmly as she continued, “I shall determine that later. For now, I will explain to you about Sir Bradley Pittens, and why I think perhaps that he is not one who would willingly cause harm to our Elizabeth?” Vivianne laughed softly, “First of all, I have never known him to be the rake or cad with one so young and vulnerable as Elizabeth? Usually, his tastes run toward more mature, experienced and shall we say, already somewhat tarnished and debauched ‘ladies’! He usually stays well clear of those young ladies of well moraled social standing and ones with Fathers or relatives who might take offense and hold him at knifepoint?!”

Vivianne let go of Elizabeth’s hand, leaned back in her chair and brushed her hair back in thought, “I can only think that if he is actually involved in this relationship, and it is not just a one sided one Elizabeth’s part, then he has finally met his match?” She sighed heavily, “If this is the case, then I will not interfere? I will only seek to determine if this is well and truly to be their destiny? If it is, then we must accept it and help them forward in it?”

She saw the doubt on Elizabeth’s face and smiled at her as she continued, “One can not stand in the way of matches made in the stars Elizabeth, whether we understand them or condone them is not for us to judge? They will be as the stars align them no matter what. After all, look at you and your Gerard? Or, Eleanor and John Deppley? Think of all of the unusual and seemingly mismatched couples you have ever read of, heard about, or known, that for some unexplainable reason work!”

Elizabeth nodded in understanding while Vivianne went on, “Now, on to the rest of my explanation for you of Bradley Pittens. I will start at the beginning since you do not seem to know his full story?”

Vivianne began her story of Bradley Pittens:

Sir Bradley Pittens is one of those misplaced and trapped by the time slips. First and foremost you need to know that Bradley Pittens is not who the young man started life out as? He started life as a royal heir to the throne. In his earliest life, he was the much loved, adored and prized son of Edward IV of England and his wife, Elizabeth Woodville. He would have been Edward V had not things gone tragically and terribly wrong? You might say that he and another young boy became the original ‘lost boys’?! After his Father’s untimely death, he and the other boy- whom everyone assumed was his younger brother, were consigned to the ‘supposed’ protection and safekeeping of the tower? At some point during their protection, they disappeared? There were a great many accusations and suspicions of what happened to them and who was responsible? Unfortunately, even we do not know all of it?! The one person who could have answered those questions was actually Marie DeJewel? The boys disappeared from the castle in the middle of the night and were later found in her custody by her brother Gerard? Gerard was instrumental in rescuing the boys from her but she refused to give way with how she came to have them. We all know that Marie was highly unstable even at that time, and we understand Gerard’s part in attempting to shield her from the consequences of her actions. It was always hoped that by allowing her to live, she would eventually break down and admit those others responsible? Unfortunately, she never did! It was also during that time that there were major time slips occuring… Gerard knew full well that no matter what, the boys were not safe in their time or their world? Someone was intent on them being out of the way. It is a puzzle that we are still trying to unravel to this day?! I believe that it has much to do with the time slips. Who ever wanted them out of the way for what ever reasons, could very well have had some responbility as well for the shifts in time and place? I will address that later!

Gerard took it upon himself, despite what consquences he might face over it, to use the time slips to his favor and remove the boys from their immediate danger. He eventually brought the boys to the safety of John Deppley, who was a member of the high council. Gerard knew that John could see to the safekeeping and security of the boys. So, it was that John became the boys guardian. He raised them to their adulthood and instilled in them the seriousness and peril that their lives were in? They survived by being lost in time and becoming someone else. Edward became one Bradley Pittens, the other boy retained his name…Richard McGreere. There was no need to hide the other boy’s identity. He was an orphan to start, with only an ailing aunt as relative… and she had literally sold him to Elizabeth Woodville for a bag of coins, only die shortly after anyway of her lung ailment! It was Bradley who was in the most danger should anyone ever suspect who he might be. When he reached his majority, he had to make a decision… to live in secracy with the name and legacy which was his? It was put forth to him that it was his choice, should he want that legacy, he was welcome to come here to Avalon and wait for us to sort out the mess. As an adult, he weighed all of the options and the life consequences of remaining that royalty. His choice was to forever give up any claims he might have had to rule. He chose to remain Bradley Pittens and become a valued guard of the Council, as did the other young man, Richard McGreere. They have since become invaluable defenders and protectors of the Council, putting their lives in danger on numerous occasions without fail or question! These two men are loyal, honourable and trusted knights of Avalon! They have never swayed or strayed from their duties or their alliegance. I would truly trust either of them with my life, or the life of anyone I entrusted to their care.

They both move through time according to the slips and keep us well posted and updated of events in the various times which might or might not be due to the time slips. Both men recieved high honors from those times and places which they have spent much time. You might be interested to know that at one point in time, the family whose name Bradley was attached to was awarded a Baronacy in England… A coincidence? I am happy to say, not! The original title began with a Baron Rivers in the year 1299… it became extinct in 1340 with no heir to pass it down to. It was resurrected in 1448 when it was given to Elizabeth Woodville’s Father, Richard Woodville. When the Cousins wars took their toll the title went extinct once more. The next creation went to a man by the name of George Pitt in 1776, and eventually the title was renamed with royal license to Pitt-Rivers. Bradley is well deserving of his title, though he seldom chooses to acknowledge any of it!

Now you may understand why I have no misgivings or doubts about Sir Bradley Pittens? If he is the destiny of our young Elizabeth, so be it! My concerns are more for Elizabeth… and her Father? As I said, I do not trust him at all, and I do not feel good about having to give him sanctuary and another chance in the present time! My feelings on him are that he will never accept or adapt easily to no longer being the ruler of all around him? He is proving this with all of his actions since being located to Dragon Valley! He assumes that he should be again in power and control of those around him and elsewhere!

Much later that evening Vivianne was still distressed about the earlier meeting with Elizabeth. Her concerns were not with the young Elizabeth and Bradley, but Elizabeth’s Father, Henry… as well as the rest of the time trapped residents of Dragon Valley. There were a great many serious concerns right now for their world and it’s future. This should be the turning point for this world, a time when they came together as one world dedicated to the good of all humanity. The stars had predicted this time and it had held true and fast until recently. They knew that someone in the past had altered the world’s timeline and caused the massive time shifts. They knew who it was, and were close to capturing her. Vivianne knew they were very close to settling the disaster, but sorting out the consequences was another difficult matter? She needed to talk to the one person she trusted most, the one person who was her equal in all this world’s matters.

As the evening turned to darkness and the castle quieted, she waited and watched out the large window that faced the shores of Dragon Valley. She saw someone on the shore waiting for a boat, and smiled softly. Vivianne was one who calmed others, solved their problems and injustices, eased their hearts. There was only one who knew how much it depleted her? One who calmed her and eased her heart? That one was standing on the shore, coming home to Avalon.

On the shore in the darkness, waiting for the mist hidden boat to arrive and take him home, stood a weary and worn man. He stared out at the mists and the half hidden isle that seemed to at times disappear from view. It faded in and out of the heavy sea mists that enveloped it. The man was exhausted but satisfied and happy to be on his way home, home to his heart. He had spent weeks in the shadows of Dragon Valley, moving through time throughout the entire area, searching for answers and for one woman. Now, their mission was almost complete. He had left his guards and knights in charge of the finish of it, the capture of this woman. Arthur Pendragon now wanted nothing more than to be home on the Isle of Avalon where he could rest easy before sorting out the rest of this mess!

Most of all, Arthur wanted to be home with the light that filled him. He wanted, and needed to be with that light of his heart and soul, Vivianne of Avalon. As weary as he was, he could feel that Vivianne was in as much need of him as he was of her right now. The boat pulled up and he got in quickly, telling his much trusted watchman, “Hurry us home now through the mists. I am much ready to be done with all of this!”

Watching out the window, Vivianne’s heart raced and her blood heated knowing that Arthur would soon be home safe in her arms. She calmed her emotions and now patiently waited for him to arrive. He found her standing by the window, pretending that she had not been waiting there for hours?! Vivianne laughed joyfully as he held her in his arms and teased her, knowing full well that she had there the whole time waiting for him!

Arthur held her close, felt her heart slow down now that he was here… and felt the warmth, the light from her flood into him. It renewed his energy and his spirit just to hold her, to touch her spirit, her soul! They stood there for a few long silent moments, no sound but the beat of their hearts in unison. There was little need for spoken words between them. They shared a deep spiritual connection that intertwined their hearts through time.
After their silent heart easing reunion, they broke their hold on each other but for their hands clasped together. They made their way downstairs to the Council Chamber. It was their long standing firm agreement that all outside world matters were approached and discussed within the Council Chamber. These two leaders of Avalon, and the World Council forever kept their personal lives seperate from the world matters they were equally responsible for. Anything that affected the outside world or Avalon’s place in it was discussed here. They had never strayed from the decision over centuries together! The running of Avalon as a home was left to their personal discretion but any matters of it which might be construed as connecting to the outside world were discussed and decided by the Council. It ran much as any other Royal Castle or holding of past ages. The only difference being that this holding was one of a higher order and standing than many others of the lands. Avalon was a holding of the Galaxy, The Federation of worlds.

Right now, it was of utmost importance to solve their historical and political problems. This world, this earth was at the point of being accepted as a full member of the Federation. Up until now, they had limited representation on the higher council. This world was originally a minor discovery colony, an outpost and travel stop for space travelers. It was considered much like that of wilderness that only a few brave souls would choose to stay in, survive and build a world? Over it’s lifetime, it had seen many beginnings and endings of civilizations that failed to survive. Travelers from all over the Federation had made their marks on this world, left their imprints, their cultures and their genetics into the melting pot of civilization that they now were. Now, they must prove that they were ready to become a fully acknowledged and recognized world. They could not do that, however, if they could not prove they were capable of maintaining peace and stability in their world?!

Arthur and Vivianne sat next to each other at the Council table with a computer screen in front of them. No one else was here but everything they discussed here was documented, recorded and shared on a highly secure live feed conference stream. No matter where one was in the world- or the galaxy for that matter, the information brought forward in this room was accessable to all Council members. No final decisions were made until every available voting member had logged in and voiced their opinions and vote on any matter being weighed. It was an extremely detailed and complex system that, while it had it’s flaws, it worked well for them. Often though, it felt like any other bearocracy full of red tape and waiting forever?! There were priority sytems in place to speed up the decisions on matters of immenent concern or danger. This discussion was being placed on one of those top priorities which meant all members must log on and vote within 24 hours. If they did not, their vote would be waived and the decision would be made with or without them!

Arthur was leader of the Merlins now that his Father had chosen to abdicate his position and retire. This put him as leader of the warrior classes such as guards, protectors, investigators, watchers and trackers. He was also the chief leader of what the Federation referred to as ones without vision or powers… basically, the human population whom had let their inner powers go dormant? In a sense, he was one of those… He was not Faerie, Vampyre, Dameon, or witch. He did have some abilities and traits from all but no one particular that placed him in any particular category or culture? He had enhanced psychic powers, prophecy and seeing abilities, and could manage some basic spell skills when needed. His eternal long life was due to both some ancient Vampyre blood, along with the fact that he mainly resided at Avalon. Within the realm of Avalon, time stands much stiller, allowing for better ease of communicating with the other worlds.

Vivianne was leader of the Wise and Ancient ones making her leader of the Ladies of the Lakes even though they be gaurdians and protectors in some respects. She also led the healers, the seers, the prophets, the mystics, and much in between?

This current conference was more of a discussion to tie together what they all already knew, update all of the Council on the progress and lay out their options for dealing with all of the lingering results of the disaster that had almost destroyed their world.

Arthur began with news that woman under suspicion had been located, was being contained and would be delivered to Avalon hor her judgement within the next few days. He also stated that it was his opinion that she be immediately transferred off this world as he did not feel it was safe to contain her here, or offer her any sort of reprieves as they had offered some others? The present timeline could be salvaged and maintained the way it was only if there were no further disruptions or disturbances to it. He asked for Vivianne’s appraisal of this as they were dealing with a witch.

Vivianne agreed that sadly, the woman could not be trusted and would surely make any attempts possible to manipulate the world around her to get what she wanted? At this point, the woman would willingly turn her family members against each other- she had already made attempts in the past, which accounted for much of the mess they were dealing with right now.

Arthur’s next brought up the time trapped residents of Dragon Valley. They had all been offered the reprieve of this sanctuary with the stipulations that they give up any notions or thoughts of their previous lives or identities. There were also other stipulations that included judgements on their past behaviors and whether they could be deemed as trustworthy and capable of making the adjustment to this new world and life they were in? All of them of an age to understand had sworn allegiance to the new world guidelines with the understanding that if they did not comply, they would immediately be removed. Of course the Council had known that there would be some who would agree to anything at the time and think they could later manipulate the orders? They had been waiting for any such occurances. One such occurance had just been discovered?

The case of Henry England, formerly known as Henry VIII of England, was presented to the council. Vivianne was right in her thoughts not to trust the man at all? Besides his past behaviors, which he knew he was to come up for judgement on, there was evidence of new plots and deceptions of his that previously had been unknown. There had always been suspicion and rumors of his amassing great wealth off from his kingdom and hiding it,but there had been no proof it before? Now, however, it had come to light that possibly he had been well aware of a need for this wealth at some point in his or his direct family line’s future… Now it had been discovered that he had not given up on his thoughts to maintain his power and his control. He was using his position on the Dragon Valley Council to his advantage, much as he had in his past. His recent activities included manipulating Leona WoodLyon, exerting some unknown as yet influence over her to sway her into marriage? He had also suggested to some that he still maintained a great hidden wealth and they would be paid well to assist him in retreiving it? Henry had made comments as well that he knew secrets of others that he could and would use to his advantage. Of course, the most recent damaging account was his action regarding his daughter, Elizabeth? He had found out about her rebellious ways of late and used less than veiled threats against all of those he thought responsible for the girl’s behavior. One such threat was against Sir Bradley Pittens, whom Henry swore he would see destroyed once and for all?! His scathing comment had been overheard, “I know you for who you are! You and yours shall not think to win this outcome!”

With all of this information put before the Council, it was advised that Henry England be delivered for his judgement immediately, but it should not be let known to him? Let him think that he was winning, and then take him by his surprise?! This might allow for him to inadvertanly tell his secrets and as such hang himself?

The matter of Henry England was put out for an emergancy vote, requiring the 24 hour window, after which they would decide on his fate?

Vivianne spoke next on the matters of Elizabeth Rivers and Eleanor Deguille. The matters of these two young women were not of any voting necessity. They were of ancient Royal Bloodlines and both had already been deemed worthy of their eventual places on the Council. It was more a matter of whether they would accept their roles? The search for Elizabeth had been long… her ancestors had been so well aware of the need for secracy that they had managed to hide her lineage even from themselves and the Council for centuries! Now, it was up to her to decide what course to take with her future. It was hoped by all that she would accept her rightful place on the council but everyone understood if it was a decision she chose not to make. The matter of Eleanor was different. They had always known of her and taken great pains to keep her safe over the many centuries. Vivianne went on to explain Eleanor’s difficulties in accepting what little she knew of her bloodline so far. She added that when they explained the true reality to the young woman, it would be even more difficult for her to comprehend or understand? Vivianne was gravely concerned about Eleanor’s current situation and felt that she would need an extensive time to heal and adjust emotionally to the massive changes that were taking place in her life. She assured the Council that she would explain everything to Eleanor within the next few days. She was waiting for Gerard and John Deppley to arrive in order to asisst in the telling, and in dealing with her reactions?

At this point, Arthur stepped in, “I feel I should have some say in this matter on both a Council level and a personal one?” He spoke softly, the words seemed to come painfully, “I am directly responsible for the events of her life…At the time, I believed it was the only recourse to keep her safe? I was responsible for the initial time slip that put her where she was.” He rubbed his forehead, frowning, “I, as have all of us at one time or another done, made use of a time slip to keep someone safe. We have all admitted our transgressions and our errors in judgement with the seriousness and the perils of the time slips. We now know just how dangerous they can be to all of us, to our world’s stability…Something we did not realize back in the beginnings when we first discovered their existance?”

He stopped speaking and Vivianne decided that the open conference should be at close for the night. She clicked off the computer screen and stood, holding out a hand to Arthur, “Come, Let us leave now and discuss the personal side of this situation?” She led him out of the Council Chamber, back upstairs to their private living quarters. They stood once more at the window arm in arm, looking out at the land of Dragon Valley.

She spoke gently to him, “Arthur, everyone knows and understands that you did what you must at the time to keep her alive, and safe? No one faults you for that. She is alive and safe here today because of what you did for her in those darkest of ages.” She ran her fingers up and down his arm, stroking and soothing the frustration and pain she felt running through his body.

e finally spoke, “No one else may fault me for my actions of the time, but her?” He stared out the window at the land where so much trouble had started, and continued on. His hands clenched tightly closed as well as his eyes as he dealt with his long felt pains of guilt, “I made a grave error? I should have brought her here in the beginning rather than using that cursed time slip which so affected her entire life!”

Vivianne tried to ease his thoughts, “Shhhhh Enough of the guilt! You knew from the beginning that was not her path or destiny at the time! Had not someone else made such misuse of the time slips, her path and her life would have been set upon it’s proper course? You put her where she needed to be, and all would have been fine had that other one not played her own disasterous games with everyone’s lives!” Arthur was calming slowly back to more rational thoughts as she went on, “Arthur, you made the greatest sacrifices in those last days all for the good of the land and the future. You knew how it would all play out, and yet you went forth with it. You set yourself upon that course knowing full well what you would give up?” She sighed, “As much as it pained me to stay here then and know that you were with Guinevere, I knew it pained you even more? So much was lost in the stories and the legends… As in how none ever mentioned what fair Guinevere truly was? An ancient Fairie with secrets and obligations of her own.” Vivianne’s voice became calmer yet sterner, “Guinevere did her part, as did you? You brought forth a new life, a new soul, whose destiny was supposed to be a rebirth of the ancient ways, the light in the darkness. You both knew what that child’s destiny should have been when you named her Eleanor? You also knew that she was to be put in another time of dark times? You both gave her up willingly with the knowledge at the time that she would be safe, she would be raised to take her place on the throne of England? Yours and Guinevere’s bloodline would carry on with her seated on the throne. You gave up a kingdom, and your life there to ensure that would happen!” She held his arm firmly as she stared out the window with him, “What you did not know was that you would be betrayed by that one whom we wait for now to arrive and answer for her actions? She betrayed a great many, Arthur? Not just you, but her immediate family and put the lives of so many in jeapordy… There are many times when I am unsure if I can contain my ire and my anger with her in order to judge her fairly? That is why I am in agreement with having her transferred off this world and judged elsewhere? I would suggest too, that perhaps that should be the fate of Henry!”

Arthur and Vivianne


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