Royals cast of characters!

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Meet the cast of the Royals!

Here you can find a short description and biography of the characters in the series. We will start with the most current characters first and work our way back to those from the beginning of the series. Please note that are a few characters without download links yet. Those will eventually be added when the characters are uploaded for sharing!

For the characters taken from the pages of history, I am including a link to factual information on them!

Richard III, short lived King of England
Richard III cover
Richard York, king for a short time…Did he kill his nephews just to get the throne? Did he sleep with his niece in the hopes of securing his throne? Did Elizabeth York curse him to his death? Did he let his ambition get the best of him or was he as devious and treacherous as his ancestor, King John? Well, we know he didn’t kill the boys in our universe but he has done away with quite a few others and he’s not finished yet! Richard is one of the main characters in the Tower Mystery.
For more information on his real life history:

Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham
Henry Stafford cover

Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, one time close friend of Richard III until Richard determined he was a traitor and did away with him… Was he really a traitor, or did he just finally come to his senses and realize he put his faith in the wrong man? We have come to know him as coming to his senses and trying to save his family’s future. Will he be successful before Richard catches him though?,_2nd_Duke_of_Buckingham

Catherine Stafford, Duchess of Buckingham
Katherine York cover

Catherine Woodville Stafford, Duchess of Buckingham…married to Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham for almost as long as she can remember. Her sister was queen but her husband held her loyalties… or did he? Catherine may be loyal to her husband but Richard is a different story. Her children are in danger now and her only loyalty is to keeping them alive and safe. She will do what ever it takes to ensure that. Will her husband’s misjudgements cost them all their lives?,_Duchess_of_Buckingham

Henry Tudor
Henry cover

Henry Tudor, future king of England if his Mother has her way! Henry has spent his life on the run trying to stay alive and waiting for the right moment to return to England and claim his birthright for the house of Lancaster. He is taking huge risks, making promises to supporters much the same as Richard did…will he survive to take the crown? Does he even truly want the crown, or is he living out his Mother’s dream. Does he have any idea of what happened to those boys who could be his downfall as well as Richard’s.

Jasper Tudor
jasper tudor cover

Jasper Tudor spent most of his life as guardian and protector of his nephew, Henry Tudor. Will he ever find some peace and a good wife? Jasper is loyal to his nephew above all else…He had one true love, knows it was never to be, he is content with that but he holds her in his heart and will ever be as loyal to her as he is to Henry.

Elizabeth York
Elizabeth York cover

Elizabeth York, daughter of king Edward IV and Elizabeth, wife of Henry Tudor, Mother of Henry VIII. When her brothers disappeared from the tower, she suddenly became an important pawn for everyone! She must take measures on her own to protect herself in this game of pawns. She has come to the conclusion that her Mother is fault for all of their troubles and she fears what will come to them in the future?

Cecily York
Cecily York cover

Cecily York, the middle sister of the York children never seemed to get much attention or credit for anything… isn’t that the usual fate of a middle child! She lost out on numerous marriage offers because of her family’s problems, but finally Henry Tudor found her one. Even though she’s young and no one gives her credit, could she be hiding her own secrets? She is much resentful of both her Mother and sister but how far does that resentment carry…

Elizabeth Woodville
Elizabeth Woodville cover

Elizabeth Woodville cares not how you spell her maiden name as long as you remember her married one of York! much accused of witchery… perhaps they only meant her disposition? Mother of princes who disappeared, a princess who would be queen. Elizabeth’s goal…to live in a manner to which she’s accustomed to and retain her power and control. She might do anything to keep that power, and she is not above using curses to do it. She did save one son by sending him away to parts unknown… will he return and be ever grateful to her for that? She has set up a plot to use her daughter Elizabeth as a pawn, but the daughter has some plans of her own. What does Elizabeth Woodville know about the ancient linen inside the chest.

Elizabeth Shore
Elizabeth Shore cover

Elizabeth Shore was an overly friendly young woman with a big heart. She was probably a bit too fond of the opposite sex… having been mistress to quite a few important nobles, including King Edward IV. She was honest about her role in life though and did not use her relationship with the king for her benefit. She was well liked by all, except Richard III, who sentenced her to walk the street in her shift in pennance for her sins. She did it with her head held high. Elizabeth had her own secret and was willing to face Richard’s wrath to ensure the safety of that secret. She was one of the few who went against him and survived. In fact, she came out much ahead of him in the game of pawns!

Thomas Stanley
Thomas cover

Thomas Stanley, ambitious and pragmatic…he is one of those nobles who thinks and plans ahead, choosing which ever course might benefit him and his the most. When a time displacement landed him in present day Dragon Valley, he took it in stride and decided to make the most of it! He knows the real power lies behind the scenes and quickly learned that the key to power today is the business world?! Thomas Stanley played a major role in the Tower Mystery as well as in guiding his family to power through to the future. He managed to keep his connections and bloodlines well hidden through it all. What will he choose to do with the knowledge he has of the ancient linen and the chest? Will that information somehow be his key to keeping his family safe?,_1st_Earl_of_Derby

Margaret Beaufort Stanley
Margaret Beaufort

Lady Margaret Beaufort/Tudor/Stafford/Stanley…she started life as a wealthy heiress to her Father’s fortunes and from then on it could be said that she was ever a pawn used by her Mother in the game of marriages. Perhaps that was why she held some underlying feelings for the child, Eleanor Deguille placed in her care. She also held some feelings toward her nephew, Henry Stafford the eventual Duke of Buckingham. For the most part, Margaret kept her feelings inward and focused on only one thing that mattered to her. Margaret was determined that it was her son’s destiny to rule England and spent much of her life dedicated to ensuring he claimed that destiny. She learned early on how to play the game of pawns and survival. Henry Tudor was her only child and through most of his childhood, he was also used as a pawn. She did what she had to in order to keep him alive, including sending him off to exile with his uncle Jasper Tudor. Margaret was willing to do what ever she felt God told her to in her efforts to secure the crown for her son. Some suspected and accused her of having involvement in the disappearance of the Princes in the Tower, but would her conscience and her religious morals truly have led her down that path? No, she was as horrified as everyone else at the thought that those boys would have been murdered. She insisted that she had naught to do with such an act, other than a silent wish for God to intercede and do what he would to aid her own situation. Her plans had never included the killing of innocent children. Our question is, why did she have the keeping of young Eleanor DeGuille, and what really was her role or purpose in the previous arrangement and contract of marriage between the children, Eleanor DeGuille and Edward York? Perhaps the castle walls will eventually tell us that portion of the story!,_Countess_of_Richmond_and_Derby

Lord John Howard
John Howard cover pic

John Howard, close friend and supporter of Richard III until the very end. Howard met his death in supporting Richard, but it was not the end for his family. In our story, he manages to keep a secret of his ancient bloodlines and history, much like his relative, Thomas Stanley. It might be said that he took the secret to his grave with him, but did he really? He knew much about that ancient linen and it’s powers… he also knew that somewhere in the future there would come one who could repair the bitter threads woven into it. He tried to maintain possession of the chest but Richard deemed it should be kept in his own possession. Was Howard able to somehow keep the chest safe and pass it down to his future generations, which included that of one Anne Boleyn… the one who still wanders the castle searching for someone or something.,_1st_Duke_of_Norfolk

Guinivere Pendragon
Guinivere Pendragon cover

Guinivere Pendragon, the other woman in Arthur Pendragon’s life…During his time in the legendary world he vowed to protect her but she knew he had one true love that was not her. She had a role to play in the legends and she did that to protect her people, the ancient ones. Would she ever find her own true love? What did the fates really hold for her? Guinivere has appeared to help her daughter, Eleanor DeGuille discover the secrets of Haunts Castle. Will she share her own secrets with Eleanor? For the time being she seems locked to Eleanor as some sort of ghostly spirit residing within her daughter… What is her story and why does she wander about Royals Forest?

Vivianne of Avalon
vivianne cover

Vivianne of Avalon- ancient Fairie Queen, leader of Ladies of the Lake, protector of the ancient ones. She lives a much sequestered life on the isle of Avalon and has one true love, Arthur Pendragon. Her desire is to be leader of the free world, have a life of peace with Arthur and if there’s any time left, she does love her music and her art. Vivianne’s story can be found in the story of Avalon:

From ancient time to present day and into the future, Vivianne will guide her people to their rightful place in the universe. First, however, she must deal with those who have caused much chaos, disruption and terror through the ages with their manipulations of the time slips. She is close to finding those most responsible but she needs to find the evidence that Haunts Castle may hold within it’s walls and it’s ground.

Arthur Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon

Arthur PenDragon, the real man behind the legend and the myths. Born to be a good and guiding light to carry his people through the darkest ages. He played his role and then returned to Avalon to his one true love, Vivianne of Avalon. He left a legacy to generations that would ever search for him and claim him as their ancestor! Arthur is still a leader of men, of noble and honorable warriors who continue to fight the battles for good. Now though they fight behind the scenes from the much secret world of the Higher Council, the world of Avalon. They fight for a more peaceful world and a greater future for all. Arthur’s one regret on returning to Avalon so many centuries ago was having to leave his beloved daughter, Eleanor behind to face that world on her own. He has watched her through the ages and his one hope is for her to be with him at Avalon and know him as her Father. More of his story can be found in the story of Avalon!

Lady Eleanor DeGuille
Lady Eleanor DeGuille

When the story began, the Lady Eleanor DeGuille was simply in search of a wealthy Royal to wed and preferably see dead… leaving her with a title and all the riches that go with it! She was willing to do almost anything to achieve her goal, except… No, she won’t do that! She won’t settle for being just a mistress, she’s seen how many of them end up! She was well mannered though she did have a stubborn streak and a sharp tongue. She planned to be a royal legend, she just had no idea how much of a legend she would become!

Information and additional photos here:

Marguirite DeFrance
Marurite DeFrance

Poor little Princess Marguirite, caught in a battle between Royals… Her Mother sent her away to a remote castle in hopes of using her as a pawn to get what she wanted? Her Mother was only a girlfriend, not a wife. Fortunately her Father claimed her, gave her a royal title and plans to marry her off to another Royal… What her Father didn’t know was that something happened to her on the journey causing a strange malady that will curse he chances for a royal marriage…

Additional photos here:

Ayleen Healer
Ayleen Healer

Ayleen Healer does come from a family of healers but her gifts are for her love of life and family. All she really wants is her own little cottage filled with the laughture of children, a good husband who loves her, maybe a garden to tend to outside… She knows in her heart all of those things will come! For now, she’s content to care for the royal children and flirt with who ever comes her way! Ahhhh and, a fine mug of nectar wouldn’t hurt either!

Additional photos:

Morganna Healer
Morganna Mystic

Morganna Healer comes from a long line of ancient healers. It’s said they had the gift of curing people of all manner of ailments and the sight to see what lies beyond our realm? Morganna is intent on living up to her family history and determined to share her skills with others- whether they want to know or not! She feels it’s her calling to share her gifts with the world and show them it is not a wicked thing! Good luck with that Morganna!

Additional photos:

The Royals of Spain and France
Royals of spain and france

Juan Carlos of Spain with his assorted extended family. His young son, Phillip is next in line for the crown and he knows it! Juan’s sister, Isabel with her Royal French husband Francois… Isabel needs to produce an heir for Francois quickly or his illigitimate offspring, Marguirite could come out the winner and inherit everything French! Little princess Marguirite is alone in the world now but for this new family she doesn’t know after her Mother was banished. Ayleen is the Royal governess!  Because the Royal families of Spain and France are related by marriage, I decided to present them all as one household with Ayleen included as the governess!

The Royals of England
Royals of England

Henry of England with his family. Oldest daughter, Mary is somber and serious waiting for her chance at the throne and love… Next is Elizabeth- she thinks she has no chance at the throne so would prefer to have fun and flirt for now! Young Edward knows he is destined for the throne- he just needs to stay alive to claim it! Jane, is the misfit illigitimate offspring whom no one really knows- she ended up here when her Mother was sent to a convent. The Royal governess, Ayleen is included!    Note: This household includes the two female teens with cc clothing!

Royals Castle Staff
Royal Castle Staff

A merry group of workers for the Royal castle! Lady Eleanor is Keeper of the Keys- She is in charge and responsible for everything and everyone! Hugh Guinn is Man at Arms, his wife Nell is Keeper of the kitchens. Francis Wood with his horse, Royal is Keeper of the Stables. Morganna Healer is the Royal mystic and healer. Her sister, Ayleen is the Royal Governess.

Clan Woodlyon
Woodlyon clan

Lady Leona Woodlyon has suffered years of hardship, a failed marriage, children sent away… Now, her family has been reunited but she barely knows the two older ones and the youngest has returned home a rather spoiled, pampered Diva? Can she put this family back together and teach them the old ways so they are ready to take on their roles as Clan leaders and spiritual guides?   This is Francis Woods, the stable master of Royals Castle, and his family who reside at Woodlyon Keep.

Marie DeJewel
Marie DeJewelle cover

Marie Dejewelle, once a pampered mistress to Royals pushed her chances and her luck too far! She reached beyond her station in life and fell from grace when she suffered a mental breakdown and hatched a plot to overthrow the royal kingdoms! Before that plot, she was involved in another earlier plot against Royals, which entailed her attempting to use the Princes in the Tower for her own purposes and benefits. Her brother, Gerard DeJewel stopped that attempt but was unable to save her from herself. She finally met her demise in the dungeon of Haunts Castle and was last seen haunting said Castle, scaring even the other ghosts residing there!

This is some general use information concerning the sims offered on the sims3 exchange. Eventually, I will be offering them as mediafire files for those of you who don’t like trying to deal with the exchange!

I try to use as little cc as possible in their creation and when I use it, I try to keep it as a package item that will not transfer and upload with them. I do use Ladyfrontbum’s custom skins and am providing links to them here! These are the only custom skins that I use and I use the non-default versions of them.

I do use some cc clothing for my teen females, only because EA does not offer us appropriate clothing choices for them in regards to the earlier time periods! I can manage to come up with attire from the store choices for everyone but those poor young girls! I have limited myself to using period costumes from All About Style

The clothing from All About Style is in simpack form and will transfer as cc with sim!

Also one from mts- this one is a package and should not transfer with the uploaded sim

I do add eye contacts to my sims but they are packages from mts and will not transfer with sim. You can use what ever contacts you normally use for your sims!



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