Sims 4 Creations


Since I have been experimenting with the Sims 4 CAS Demo, I thought I would go ahead and create a separate page devoted specifically to them! If you already have the CAS demo installed, you can download these characters into your library for use when the game comes out in September. Please keep in mind that these first creations are my initial test subjects and are the result of my experiments!


You should be able to find them by typing their names into the search for mode in the gallery! You can also find them under my user/creator name of Judywork1957!


Claire Randall from the Outlander books and Starz television series.

This is a general representation of Claire either in the 1940’s or the 1960’s in between her trips through the stones to travel through time. She has a knowledge aspiration with a nerd brain desire to be both book smart and handy. Her personality traits are perfectionist, neat, and hot tempered. She does have quite a habit of voicing her opinions so I felt justified in giving her the hot tempered trait.  For more detailed information on the process of her creation, you can view this post:

claire43 claire with hat old photo of Claire with hair well tamed! claire44 claire45 claire46 claire47 claire48 claire49 claire50


Of course, we all know that Claire is not complete without Jamie Fraser beside her,  I have added him to the collection! You can find the couple together as a household, and separately in the Sims 4 gallery!


Jamie Fraser:

jamie16 jamie15 Jamie fraser4 jamie fraser2 Jamie everyday jamie athletic jamie formal Jamie party style jamie sleep wear


Jamie and Claire together!

Jamie and Claire Fraser



Judith Self: Aspiration to be best selling author, she is creative, hot headed and self assured! Judith is active, loves books, the outdoors and is non-committal… she’s not one to let romance stand in the way of achieving her goals!

sims4 judith4 sims4 Judith Self 2 sims4 judith self judith self sleep wear judith self party Judith Self formal Judith Self athletic



Eric North: Eric is a Renaissance type, he wants to be good a number things!  He’s athletic, hot tempered and self assured. He loves the outdoors, is outgoing and a bit of a perfectionist.

Eric North Head shot Eric North formal Eric North everyday





Brenda Blonde is a musical genius who want to be an expert musician and song writer. She is creative, cheerful and romantic.  Brenda is a music lover and a romantic, she’s just plain friendly and likes to be around people!


Untitled Brenda Blonde6 Brenda Blonde Cover photo Brenda Blond5





2 thoughts on “Sims 4 Creations

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  2. These are the first Sims 4 I have seen. I guess I do have to break down and buy it when it comes out. I have a complete Outlander set in Sims 3. All the characters and Castle Leoch, Lallybroch and Fraser’s Ridge. I used to make Sims 2 meshes (MTS2 under the name of BettyE or BJE) but never got into meshing for Sims 3. I wonder how difficult it would be in Sims 4. I can see your Claire and Jamie need suitable clothing. 😏


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