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More good news for Bernard Cornwell fans and fans of history!

Just wanted to share this recent news.  A recent Variety article revealed that Bad Wolf productions is developing an small screen adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s series, The Warlord Chronicles!

Variety can also exclusively reveal that the company is developing an adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s trilogy “The Warlord Chronicles,” which is a revisionist take on the King Arthur legend. “He is a great storyteller as we know from everything from ‘Sharpe’ to ‘The Last Kingdom,’” Gardner said. “He has a very innovative way into the Arthurian stories, which is to take an ordinary man who by work, chance and life is an observer and an intimate in the relationships of Arthur, Lancelot and the key characters that we know.”

This information was included in Variety’s announcement of  HBO partnering with Bad Wolf Productions. You can read the entire article here:


If you follow this blog on any regular basis, you will probably be well aware and familiar with my interest in the early Saxon period in Britain as well as the Roman involvement there. I’ve read the Warlord Chronicles and discussed them previously.  If you have not read this series, you should!

Bernard Cornwell takes a more realistic approach and perspective in his telling of the legend of Arthur. For the most part, he avoids the myth, magic and fantasy realm and tries to create the more real world that Arthur might have lived in. The only exception is his inclusion of Merlin, but even with Merlin, Cornwell attempts to give us a more realistic presentation of Merlin as one of the few remaining Druid Preists in that time period. He does an excellent job for the most part, of debunking much of the magic, mystery and myth but does leave some mystery and question surrounding Merlin.  I say for the most part, because I will admit that I did struggle a bit with the character of Merlin, and at times I felt like Bernard struggled a bit with him as well. Aside from that minor issue, the books were an excellent interpretation of the legend and the more real history that surrounds that myth and legend.

I’ve already written reviews on the book series as well as a number of articles pertaining to early Saxon and Roman history in Britain. I have also previously discussed the legends of Arthur. I will provide links here to some of those previous articles!

Saxons, Romans and Arthur:



From Odin and Woden to Anglo-Saxons in Britain:

wodin and his followers

wodin and his followers



Ancient history connects Norse with Romans and Arthur:

Roman era map of Britain


Saxons, Romans, and Arthur

Previous post about Saxon history: https://timeslipsblog.wordpress.com/2015/06/23/from-odin-and-woden-to-anglo-saxons-in-britain/

king-arthur-tapestry King-Arthur-power-rule King-Arthur-2004-king-arthur-875455_1254_940


Before we head back to the Viking era, I just want to add some last added thoughts on the earlier realm of the Saxons, the Romans, and that ever elusive yet legendary man called Arthur who united the Britons in defending their world against those heathens the Saxons. The legend of this man is so tied to this time that one can not help but think of him when thinking about the era of the Saxons invading a crumbling and divided Britain. We have already looked at much of the history and seen what may have actually taken place with the Saxon arrival in Britain but those legends of Arthur are so steeped in that history and in peoples’ minds that we need to take one more look at him and those legends.

As I mentioned, I’ve already discussed much of this in earlier posts so this is just more of an update to all of that previous information! You can read a much earlier post on theories of Romans and King Arthur here:  https://timeslipsblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/from-the-creator-ancient-history-connects-the-norse-with-romans-and-king-arthur/

In my previous post about Saxon history, I mentioned movies and books that strip some of that myth and magic from the legends and attempt to give a slightly more historically accurate basis for the stories. I do say slightly more accurate because it is all of course, historical fiction! There are few if any remaining documentations of what actually took place during that time. The only truly accurate account of what happened would be ones from people on both sides who were actually there to witness that history taking place. As far as I know, no one has come across such eye witness accounts! What we have left are scattered remnants, bits and pieces of that history from early sagas and story tellers who were paid-much as current day story tellers- to create a glowing story of that bloody and dark part of history. Every story teller added to and changed the events to please the audience they were telling the story to.  Down trodden and beaten warriors wanted tales of glory, victories and battles. Ladies of the realms wanted romance, a knight in shining armor, a love story, the church wanted tales that would make them look good and the pagans look bad… and, so thus, the Bards wove the legends of Arthur and his Britons into all of those things, just as they do today!

We all know those stories, those fantasies of Arthur the legend. My search has been for more of what might have been the real stories behind the legends. I have stated before, that in every legend or myth, there are grains of truth, you just need to search for them.  When I read or watch historical fiction, I look for those small grains of truth.  I am like anyone else, I love a good story, but being one who is passionate about history, I do prefer those stories to some grain of truth or at least some sort of accuracy when dealing with historical events.  For that reason, I try to stick with authors that I trust, one who have put some significant research into the history that they are writing about. I have no qualm with them playing with timelines as needed in order to weave their story, I also have no problem with them weaving the events into their own story line- that is all to be expected in creating a good story. What I look for within or behind each story is an author’s reasoning and their ability to blend what might have happened to what actually did happen.

The legends of Arthur are so filled with myth, magic and fantasy that is difficult to separate that from the events that actually took place, the events that were the basis for the myths. In order to find some balance between those fantasies and the limited actual history, I have turned to some of those authors that I trust and looked at their stories of what might happened, could have happened. These two authors have given different versions of Arthur and the events surrounding his life, his rise to glory and his attempt to hold on to it.

I did mention the first author and his representation of Arthur in my previous post. I will refresh your memory here and highly recommend that you read his version. Bernard Cornwell gives us his version of Arthur in his Warlord series.

I found this book trailer for Winter King and the Warlord series and had to laugh when it included various clips from our Vikings and the King Arthur movie!


Uther, the High King, has died, leaving the infant Mordred as his only heir. His uncle, the loyal and gifted warlord Arthur, now rules as caretaker for a country which has fallen into chaos – threats emerge from within the British kingdoms while vicious Saxon armies stand ready to invade, As he struggles to unite Britain and hold back the enemy at the gates, Arthur is embroiled in a doomed romance with beautiful Guinevere. Will the old-world magic of Merlin be enough to turn the tide of war in his favour?

enemy of god Arthur book 2 by bernard cornwell

The balance of King Arthur’s unified kingdom is threatened by Merlin’s quest for the last of Britain’s 13 Treasures; by the conflict between the ancient religion and the new Christianity; and by Britain’s war with the Saxons. A master storyteller continues his retelling of the Arthurian legend.

Excalibur arthur book 3 by bernard cornwell

In The Winter King and Enemy of God Bernard Cornwell demonstrated his astonishing ability to make the oft-told legend of King Arthur fresh and new for our time. Now, in this riveting final volume of The Warlord Chronicles, Cornwell tells the unforgettable tale of Arthur’s final struggles against the Saxons and his last attempts to triumph over a ruined marriage and ravaged dreams.   This is the tale not only of a broken love remade, but also of forces both earthly and unearthly that threaten everything Arthur stands for. Peopled by princesses and bards, by warriors and magicians, Excalibur is the story of love, war, loyalty, and betrayal-the work of a magnificent storyteller at the height of his powers.

Bernard Cornwell does include some of the mythology of the legend with his inclusion of Merlin and others such as Nimue (Vivianne). He addresses the conflicts going on between the new religion of Christianity with the dying Pagan beliefs and how this as much as anything else worked to tear the kingdoms apart when they needed to be united against the Saxons.  While he includes that mythology, he also addresses the divisions of the kingdoms, the Roman influences that remained, the betrayals that took place as rulers attempted to hold on to their kingdoms by any means possible- including siding at times with the Saxons and attempting to pit the Saxons against each other. Cornwell looks at all of these things that were most likely actually occurring during that time. He gives us a more realistic picture of those legendary characters, flaws included! My personal favorite deviation from said legends is his portrayal of Lancelot as a vain and traitorous man whose main ambition was to be a King in order to enjoy the materialistic benefits it would bring him. Lancelot had excellent PR men, which he found within the church, and used them to extoll his “saintly” virtues.  The portrayal of Arthur as a man so focused on his role as protector and seeing only the good in people combines that legendary honor status of Arthur while showing the flaws of such belief. He refuses to see clearly what is going on around him, what treachery and deception other people that he trusts as loyal are capable of, that he makes serious mistakes in judgement and nearly defeats his purpose of uniting the kingdoms as a result.  I have not yet read the third book but am looking forward to seeing the conclusion to this version of Arthur and his history.


 a more basic and realistic representation. As she herself warns, you will find no magic or fantasy realm here. There is no mention of Merlin, Lancelot, or even Tristan and his beloved Isolde here. Helen Hollick admits freely that she is not an academic historian but she did do a great deal of research into the events of this time period to put together this version of who Arthur may have been, how he might have risen to his power and what might have happened as a result. For those of you looking for a glorious knight in shining armor full of honor and true goodness, this is probably not the book for you… This Arthur is full of flaws!  If you are looking for a romantic love story of Arthur and his true love, Guinevere, then this is probably not quite the right story for you either. Above all else, this Arthur is a warrior with high ambitions. He has a vision of being King as his Father was and he will do almost anything to achieve that goal. He does love his Gwenhwyfar but that love comes second or third to his first ambitions. He is definitely not a saint, he has a lust for all women- which he often acts on and then must suffer the consequences of those actions.  Some of those consequences include a number of jealous and spurned women as well as various offspring along the way.  Some readers have commented and complained that this series portrays women in such bad light as evil, manipulative types… What I get from this series so far is Helen Hollick showing that women could be just as malicious, devious and manipulative as men when it came to terms of them fighting for  power or wealth and status. They were not above using what ever means available to them to ensure they got what they felt they deserved, needed or desired.  This is a much a story of women’s wars against each other as it is about the battles or wars of men for a country or kingdom. The story of Arthur’s battles at time almost comes secondary to the power wars of these early women!


The kingmaking Helen hollick

As Uthr Pendragon battles to overthrow the tyrant Vortigern tragedy strikes. There is only one man who can lead Britain from the chaos of darkness into a new age of glory. Protected since birth, he is revealed as the new Pendragon.

The Pendragon Banner 2 by helen hollick

Who was the man
… who became the legend
… we know as

Pendragon’s Banner is the second book in Helen Hollick’s exciting King Arthur trilogy, covering 459-465 A.D. This is not a fairy tale or fantasy. There is no Merlin, no sword in the stone, and no Lancelot. This is the most accurate Arthurian legend ever written, based on historical evidence and meticulous research.

At age twenty-four, King Arthur has the kingdom he fought so hard for and a new young family. But keeping the throne of Britain—and keeping his wife and three sons safe—proves far from easy. Two enemies in particular threaten everything that is dear to him: Winifred, Arthur’s vindictive first wife, and Morgause, priestess of the Mother and malevolent Queen of the North. Both have royal ambitions of their own.

In this story of harsh battles, secret treasonous plots, and the life-threatening politics of early Britain’s dark ages, author Helen Hollick boldly reintroduces King Arthur as you’ve never seen him before.


“Hollick’s interpretation is bold, affecting and well worth fighting to defend.”
Publishers Weekly

“Weaves together fact, legend, and inspired imagination to create a world so real we can breathe the smoke of its fires and revel in the Romano- British lust for life, love and honour.”
Historical Novel Review

“Camelot as it really was… a very talented writer.”
Sharon Kay Penman, bestselling author of Devil’s Brood


“Hollick juggles a cast of characters and a bloody, tangled plot with great skill.”
Publishers Weekly

“If only all historical fiction could be this good.”
Historical Novels Review

“Stripped of its medieval trappings, the story of Arthur’s rise loses none of its legendary power… this [is a] well-researched, skillfully constructed trilogy opener.”
Library Journal

Shadow of the king by helen hollick

Arthur Pendragon is dead! His widow, Gwenhwyfar, faces overthrow by the powerful council headed by Arthur’s uncle, and a power struggle with his ex-wife Winifred. But, unknown to her, events in France and Germany mean that a far mightier battle is ahead.


I have only just started the second book in Helen Hollick’s series so I can not give a full review of all of them together but I can say that I am as equally impressed with Helen Hollick’s version as with Bernard Cornwell’s! The two authors give different representations and reasonings but both present a rather realistic portrayal of the events surrounding the legends. I have to say for now that I am slightly more in favor of Hollick’s version only because she has chosen to leave out the magic of Merlin in her telling of the story. I appreciate that Cornwell found a way to incorporate the myths and magic into his version but kind of wish that he hadn’t put so much focus on Merlin and his seemingly magical qualities. I understand his reasoning in wanting to include this mythology in some way but I think it takes a little away from the rest of the more realistic story he is presenting. He could have presented Merlin as the highly respected Druid that he might have been and even alluded to what ever mythology or magic that may have been associated with that belief system, much as he did with the other beliefs such as Mythros and Isis, and left it at that without involving his supposed mystical and magical qualities quite so much. I did also appreciate his portrayal of Tristan and Isolde in their doomed love affair with no myth or magic involved in it, just a sad story of two lovers who met a bad end.

What initially drew me to Hollick’s version of the legend was that in reading previews and summaries of her series, I was interested in the fact that she chose to include the stories of Hengist and Horsa, and Briton King Voltigern. Hollick’s version of the legend places Arthur in the middle of these events and gives us a version that weaves Arthur’s ambitions and actions into this historical event. It then allows for a telling that coincides with some historical theories that the later Saxon King Cerdic was probably of part Briton descent. I did address this history in the previous post on Saxon history so her weaving of the legend in this way made some sense to me.  Hollick’s version of Arthur places him in the earliest part of the Saxon arrival while Cornwell’s version put Arthur at a later time with Cerdic and another Saxon King Aelle fighting against each other for land and power.

Both Hollick and Cornwell make some reference and admissions as to how it is in some ways a situation that the Britons themselves created. In Hollick’s story, Arthur admits that were he in the same position of those Saxons such as Hengist being deceived and betrayed on land that was promised, he might have reacted in much the same way. This Arthur also concedes that Hengist had a right to promised lands and he honors that particular right, allowing him to retain those lands. Hollick’s  Arthur makes mention of the futile wish for peace between all and realizes that the Saxons are not going to disappear from their land.

 Both authors also both make excellent reference to the earlier Roman domination and remaining influences such as the architecture left behind. In Cornwell’s version, Arthur and his Guinever reside in one of those remaining villas, though the villas all are suffering from disrepair and neglect due to the fact that there are so few skilled artisans left to make any repairs. There is also much reference made to the beliefs of both Britons and Saxons not wanting to live in such stone buildings filled with spirits and ghosts of unknown nature. Another unfortunate side affect of the ongoing wars is that everyone was so focused on battles and surviving that they had little time, wealth or manpower left to devote to the upkeep of such places. 

My personal thought and suggestion is that you read both versions for a better understanding of  who Arthur might have been and those events that had a part in creating the legend and myth that he became!


If you are still craving the fantasy and the myth of Arthur, never fear… there is yet another version of that legend coming. Knights of the Roundtable, a feature film version of the story is currently in production with a scheduled release date in 2016. It is being directed by Guy Ritchie, written by Joby Harold and stars at this time include Katie McGrath, Charlie Hunnam, and Jude Law. It was recently announced too that David Beckham will make an appearance. For full details on the cast, see here:


The young Arthur runs the back passages of Londonium with his crew, not knowing his royal lineage until he grabs Excalibur. Instantly confronted by the sword’s influence, Arthur is forced to make up his mind. He joins the rebellion and a shadowy young woman named Guinevere, he must learn to understand the magic weapon, deal with his demons and unite the people to defeat the dictator Vortigern, the man who murdered his parents and stole his crown to become king.

Some production photos have been released:

'Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur' filming in Wales Featuring: Atmosphere Where: Conwy, United Kingdom When: 14 Apr 2015 Credit: WENN.com

‘Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur’ filming in Wales
Featuring: Atmosphere
Where: Conwy, United Kingdom
When: 14 Apr 2015
Credit: WENN.com

'Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur' filming in Wales Featuring: Jude Law Where: Conwy, United Kingdom When: 14 Apr 2015 Credit: WENN.com

‘Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur’ filming in Wales
Featuring: Jude Law
Where: Conwy, United Kingdom
When: 14 Apr 2015
Credit: WENN.com

'Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur' filming in Wales Featuring: Guy Ritchie Where: Conwy, United Kingdom When: 14 Apr 2015 Credit: WENN.com

‘Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur’ filming in Wales
Featuring: Guy Ritchie
Where: Conwy, United Kingdom
When: 14 Apr 2015
Credit: WENN.com

'Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur' filming in Wales Featuring: Atmosphere Where: Conwy, United Kingdom When: 14 Apr 2015 Credit: WENN.com

‘Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur’ filming in Wales
Featuring: Atmosphere
Where: Conwy, United Kingdom
When: 14 Apr 2015
Credit: WENN.com

'Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur' filming in Wales Featuring: Jude Law Where: Conwy, United Kingdom When: 14 Apr 2015 Credit: WENN.com

‘Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur’ filming in Wales
Featuring: Jude Law
Where: Conwy, United Kingdom
When: 14 Apr 2015
Credit: WENN.com

'Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur' filming in Wales Featuring: Jude Law, Eric Bana, Poppy Delavingne Where: Conwy, United Kingdom When: 14 Apr 2015 Credit: WENN.com

‘Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur’ filming in Wales
Featuring: Jude Law, Eric Bana, Poppy Delavingne
Where: Conwy, United Kingdom
When: 14 Apr 2015
Credit: WENN.com

Filming 'The Knights of the Round Table:King Arthur'  in Wales Featuring: Guy Ritchie Where: Conwy, United Kingdom When: 14 Apr 2015 Credit: WENN.com

Filming ‘The Knights of the Round Table:King Arthur’ in Wales
Featuring: Guy Ritchie
Where: Conwy, United Kingdom
When: 14 Apr 2015
Credit: WENN.com

In January 2014, Warner Bros set Guy Ritchie to direct a new multi-film version of the King Arthur legend. The first film titled Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur,  with Lionel Wigram as producer and Joby Harold as screenwriter,  is the first installment of a planned six films series, and is scheduled for a July 22, 2016 release.  Idris Elba was in talks to play a Merlin-esque figure who trains and mentors Arthur. When Elba did not sign on to the film, the director continued to look for an actor to play the role.Charlie Hunnam, Ritchie’s choice for the role, will play King Arthur.  Elizabeth Olsen was in talks for the female lead.  However, on September 18, it was Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey who was added to the cast of to play Guinevere.  On November 14, Jude Law was in talks to play the lead villain role in the film.  On February 11, 2015, Eric Bana was added to the cast to play Uther, the father of King Arthur.  Mikael Persbrandt joined the film on March 6, 2015 to play a villainous role.   Filming in Windsor Great Park was underway in February 2015, then later in North Wales from March 2, 2015.  Later on March 10, 2015, Ritchie tweeted a photo and confirmed the first day of shooting  In April 2015, filming took place in Snowdonia, where locations used were Tryfan, Nant Gwynant near Beddgelert and Capel Curig.


From what little plot or story information that is yet available, all I can surmise is that this will be more myth and fantasy than any real historical basis other than mention of said King Vortigern playing some part in it. That is fine too, we all enjoy some fantasy in our life along with the more real stories! It looks interesting so far!





Musical inspiration

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Loreena McKennitt – The Bonny Swans


Loreena Mckennitt – The Mists of Avalon


And, while you’re listening, you could check out Melusina’s story here if you haven’t read it yet!




From the Creator: Weekly update!

It’s been quite the busy week we’ve had! Story update, book reviews and music for us to enjoy, plus today’s tour of the now finished Royals Forest!

Story update: Brennie’s Destiny

The Water is wide
book reviews and music

Music page

Royals forest cover
Royals Forest Tour

Now, I think I should answer some of your wonderings on the twists and turns of our story. I am sure that many of you might be getting confused with it so I hope to clear some of that up now without giving too much of the story away ahead of time!

Elizabeth's trunk

Elizabeth cover
Please don’t worry, we will get back to the mysteries of Richard III and the princes in the tower. We will just be taking a round about longer journey back to them. Brennie’s journey and her destiny in Scotland will lead us to the future and then back to Richard! If you remember, Richard made a deal with the Vampyre factions to remove the boys originally. He, and so many others of that time also had a great interest in the ancient linen. We know it belonged to Guinivere Pendragon at one time, and was then passed down through the centuries to other women including Jacquetta and Elizabeth. Many centuries later, another witchly woman, Elizabeth Rivers has come into possession of a chest containing an ancient linen and three medallions of the York Suns.

Judith and Eleanor in the hall
guinivere's arrival
Before we got so entangled in the mystery of the Tower, Eleanor DeGuille and her friend Judith were trapped in time with Guinivere. That is where they began to unravel the events of the past. To our present knowledge, they are still there somewhere between times at Haunts Castle reliving all of the history of those people. If you have been reading all of the story, you may recall that Judith’s boyfriend is a Vampyre known as Eric…and one of her best friends is another Vampyre known as Brenda Blonde? Eric and Brenda will soon arrive at the present day Haunts Castle in search of Judith find out her fate of being lost in time with Eleanor. Eventually it will all tie together so be patient and enjoy the timeslips and the detours! Our next detour will take us to Scotland, and the Isle of Skye where Eric and Brennie settled and made their home for centuries.


dunvegan castle

showing up for a day on the set

Behind the Scenes: Royals Forest now finished!

All of the work on the Royals Forest property has now been completed and for those of you who are simmers, you can download the property here:

Royals forest cover

It does not contain any custom content but it is a custom placed lot. I am including views here so you can get an idea of where it was built in Dragon Valley! As I have mentioned before during the earlier creation process, it is designed with story tellers in mind. It is also easily converted to a community lot if you would rather use it that way. I tried to keep it fairly basic so did not include a lot of décor. I also did not include garden plants but there is plenty of open space left for you to add those on your own. I did place butterfly and small bird spawners as well as fish spawners and some alchemy insects. There is also a dive well in case you should want your own time slip opening!

Guinivere Pendragon in the grave yard.

Guinivere Pendragon in the grave yard.

Guinivere at the time slip/dive well.

Guinivere at the time slip/dive well.

Adrian DeWare with Ainor at the timeslip.

Adrian DeWare with Ainor at the timeslip.

Brennie at the campsite practicing archery

Brennie at the campsite practicing archery

Guinivere guiding Catherine away


Here are some finished photos of the property. Most of you who have been following the story will be familiar with the property since it was used extensively in recent episodes!

Royals forest cover

royals forest cover2

royals forest cover3

royals forest cover4

royals forest cover5

royals forest cover6

royals forest cover7

royals forest cover8

royals forest cover9

I did make one last addition to the open field. I thought it would be a thoughtful gesture to include a memorial to Guinivere Pendragon who so died so tragically there in that field. If you happen to wander into the field now, you will find a monument to a fallen Fairie in the middle of this peaceful meadow that is now filled with butterflies! Of course we may never know for sure who placed the monument there. Nothing has ever been mentioned of it…
royals forest4

We did not use all of the lot for our filming purposes so you might wonder what some of the other spaces looked like? For example, we never saw the basement of the Abbey.

The basement portion of the Abbey contains kitchen, dining, sleeping spaces for pilgrims and other weary travelers, plus work areas which include nectar making, alchemy, and gem cutting. This is also where the privy and bathing spaces are located.






We did see the main floor of the Abbey


The light for Abess Ancient



Adeliza and sybilla3

We also saw some of the second floor of the Abbey, where the Abbess Sybilla’s private quarters were



Adeliza and sybilla

Another portion that we never saw in our story was the second floor of the cottage.








Through out the story we saw a great deal of the outdoor parts of the property. Here are some highlights and overviews of it.

view of back of hunting lodge

view of back of hunting lodge

front view of property with trees included

front view of property with trees included



Overview of forest showing placement on island in Dragon Valley

Overview of forest showing placement on island in Dragon Valley

Overview  with placement on island

Overview with placement on island

distant view of field and Abbey

distant view of field and Abbey

distant view showing trees and hunting lodge

distant view showing trees and hunting lodge

distant view of lot showing Abbey

distant view of lot showing Abbey


view of hunting lodge with trees included

view of hunting lodge with trees included

distant view of hunting lodge

distant view of hunting lodge


I hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far, and the behind the scenes tour of Royals Forest!

Eleanor’s Journal65:Beyond the tower and back…

Brennie with Adrian and Eric

Brenny glared at Adrian as he sat down at the table with Eric. She had little use for ones who assumed that they knew better than her, that she was less than an equal merely because of her status in life. This man was far too arrogant for her taste. She cared not how important his mission… and, yes she did know of what it was. What he must understand was that he could not accomplish it without ones such as her. Just because it seemed that she be a lowly serf of a tavern wench or servant did not give him right to misjudge or mistrust her abilities or her intentions. She kept back her anger at him and her desire to tell him proudly just who she was. No, that would serve no purpose right now… she was here to aid Eric and the others in this cause, not promote her own. That would come later, she thought to herself. Eric had promised that should she help them in this, he would see to assisting her in her own battles. For now, she would mind her tongue, hard as that might be with this Adrian.

Avalon at night
Before she turned from them, she could not resist just a minor slip and piece of her mind. She continued to glare at Adrian and spoke evenly in attempt to maintain control. “That child is still in grave circumstances and the Higher Council will not look kindly if you should place her in even more danger than she was before.” She then gave a scathing look at both men and continued in a soft but clear warning. “She should have went on to Avalon with her Father. That is where she should be, protected and training with the merlins and the ladies of the lake, not here in these dire times.” She turned and stalked away from them, leaving them with a last piece of her thoughts. “Achhhh But, of course men always assume that they know better, even in matters that they do not know of… such as the raising of children or the protecting of fairies. I am quite sure Vivianne was not so agreeable to this plan when it was put to her after the fact.”
Screenshot (2)

Brenny left the men to their discussion and took the child upstairs away from their conversation, which she felt might become quite heated before the night was through.
Brennie and Ainor1

Adrian was incensed at the young woman’s attitude and her words of warning. He set about questioning Eric on her role in all of this besides wanting to know just what their situation was now. If it was true that this was such a dire time then perhaps this be the wrong time and place for them.

Eric advised him to sit calm and listen while he explained the current time and situation. There were many things going on now that appeared on the surface to be greviously dangerous to all of them, but underneath and beyond these events was where they must look. Eric was frustrated with the situation as well but had better understanding of it than Adrian, who had not lived through the past few centuries. He had to choose his words carefully so that Adrian would completely comprehend what had taken place and was currently going on. He also had to do it quickly, he did not have weeks or even days to give his friend a detailed accounting of history.

First, he reassured Adrian that they were at the right time and place. Any future danger could be dealt with later if it came to that point. Hopefully by placing the child here and carrying through a plan which had been worked on for some time, they could avoid the possible dangers of the future. He went on to share the present time and most important events concerning them now.

The year was 1474 and the King was Edward IV. The more important fact for them was the matter of his chosen wife and Queen consort. His Queen consort was Elizabeth Woodville and she was the key in this whole situation that concerned them. While Edward was a descendant of some importance, being from the line of Eleanor of Aquatine who held some ancient witchly bloodline, it was more the bloodline of Elizabeth that currently mattered. When she had come into the rule, the witches faction had originally approved of her, deemed her suitable and went along with her supposed quiet, non threatening representation. Now, however, she was becoming a liability for them and for all of the ancient ones. She was bringing suspicions accusations upon them all and if she continued in such a way, she could bring about full scale annihilation for all of the ancients.

The Fairies had already gone much to ground and now resided only in a very few isolated realms. Their only remaining protection was from the Vampyre faction and from the few preistesses left who followed the old ways of the Ladies of the Lake. These included some witches who looked at it as their duty and honor to be the chosen guardians. The Vampyres had as always, managed to walk a fine line between worlds. The human population was becoming consumed with it’s fear and turning more and more to what they believed was their salvation… a church that in some ways was more wicked and corrupt than could be imagined. That church had over the past centuries gained an enormous amount of power and control over those who put their faith in it. Eric just shook his head and added that it was such a long and detailed history, it should wait for some other time. Now, they must concentrate on the most imperative matters.

Even the witches wanted little of Elizabeth or her line much longer. They were fearful of how much more damage she could cause, especially now that she had produced heirs for the throne. They proposed a plan of which would at least diminish some of her power later on. The witches faction had pleaded their case with the Higher Council that the child, Ainor who was trapped in time, be placed here in their protection and be allowed to follow her desitiny to rule. They would ensure that she was put in such a position as to wed the young heir to the throne, Edward V. The witches, the Fairies, and even the Vampyres were in agreement on this plan if it could be worked out.

The Higher Council was reluctant in interfering but, they did want the child safe and they also knew that it was vital to the balancing of worlds that the voices of all those representitives be listened to. If they were all of the opinion that this was what they wanted, then they could go forth with their plan. They must ensure however, that the child remain safe and well cared for at all costs. In human terms of time, it may have seemed this plan took place over but a few short months or years… but, in the timeless reality of that other world, there were those who had seen this coming for some time. Those ancient seers could not control the future outcomes, but they could make plans to possibly avoid some of the chaos they saw. Sometimes it worked well in their favor, other times it back fired. It was the risk, the chance they always took. This was one of those such risks.

When Eric finished his explanations, Adrian was still in a great deal of doubt. This was all such a chance and a gamble to take with this child’s life and her fate as well as their own. Eric argued with him on it. What other option or choice did they have. None, he reminded Adrian, “We have few other choices, save send you straigh back to the beginning and take the child to Avalon as Brenny so reminds us.”

Adrian stood up and paced around the room. “Well, then prehaps that is what we should do, should have done in the first matter.” He shook his head in frustrated anger. “This is a Damn Bloody mess, this is and I know not what to do now. For my part, I want to be done with this… I have need to go home to my time and my own family.”

Adrian and Eric1
Eric stood now as well. He knew it would come down to this matter of his own family with Adrian. “Your family is safe and well cared for, waiting for you on Avalon. Your part in this is almost finished and then you can go home to them. You have done your part, your honorable duty in this matter. Now it is up to the rest of us to continue it forward.” He was as tense and frustrated as Adrian. He was also a bit envious of Adrian’s fate and future but would hold that to himself. Perhaps one day a time would come for him to have that blessing and grace of a family to go to without it being torn away from him. Some of the events of the past few centuries he had endured still haunted him and he often wondered if he would ever be able to trust that another’s life would cease because of him. He could not, would not speak of these things to Adrian. Adrian must go back to live his own destiny and fate without the knowings too much of the in between times else it could cause him to make different choices and decisions and they would not end up right where they were now. These events and consequences of time travel were so complex and fragile that the slightest changes could make vast differences.

Eric gave Adrian this sound advice and warning of such consequences. He had already seen some occurances of it over the years and needed Adrian to be fully aware of such dangers. “When you leave here this morn, I will give you guiding threads woven by Melusina. They will take you to her at Avalon and they will give you the remaining details of all of this. You must rest assured for now that Ainor will be put in good care and the linen will be placed in such safekeeping as well.”

Their tempers remained short with each other and they argued a bit longer about the leaving of Ainor. Eric finally put an end to the discussion. “Adrian, my friend, You will do as you are directed on this. I do not want us to part in anger for it will be a long length of time before we see other again. We must follow the path and direction set for us each on this road now. Let us not wast more time together arguing but rather share a few pints of ancient Blood Ale together before we take our parting.”

He reached a hand out to his long time companion in friendship. “Come, let us head for the forest and enjoy a few moments of darkness before the light comes up and you must be on your way.” He nudged his friend and added, “Ainor is well asleep by now and I am sure that Brenny has calmed herself to her more usual pleasant temprement. Mayhaps we can coax a song or two from her. She has a fine voice and knows well all of the ancient tales and songs. It will ease your mind and put you in a better mood to return to that wife of yours.”

As they went to leave, Eric called softly up the stairs for Brenny to join them outside. He smiled at Adrian, “Smile Man, you are well on your way back to that lovely witch who entrances you. And, before you leave you will taste some of the finest ale ever brewed. Along with her pleasing voice, Brenny has talent for brewing such amazing concoctions as you have never tasted before.”

A few hours later as the sun began to slowly rise, Adrian found that he had to agree with Eric on all accounts. The young Brenny had soothed his thoughts with both song and the most delicious ale he had ever tasted. She had indeed calmed herself… more with the idea that this man would soon be on his way and out of her life than any other thought. Soon, he would be gone, she would deliver the precious child to her safekeeping, and then Eric would help her with her own troubles as promised.

Brenny was not truly happy or at ease with the plan these men had come up with for either little Ainor’s future or their own, but there was little she could do about it. It was a plan put in motion by those far more powerful than she could ever think to be so she must go along with it and pray it did not blow up in their faces to set them all a flame. She would do her part and deliver the child the woman who would care for her until such a time as the rest of the plan could be put in motion.

Eric could not venture out so far or so long in the daylight, nor stay for the length of time needed at this woman’s home. It was up to Brenny to don her more formal attire and persona to accompany this child to the home of Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Stafford. Margaret lived a quiet life of seclusion much away from court. In fact, such a secluded life she led, many thought her dead and her second husband let it stand that way. She suffered from much hearbreak and bouts of what he called seizures… In addition to these ailments, she also held a firm and deep inner loyalty to the house of Lancaster, of which her eldest son was heir to. Her son had been taken from her at a young age and she had no part of raising young Henry Stafford. After her second marriage, she had born a daughter who was in the care of her husband who maintained his loyalty to the York clan, namely Edward, not so much Elizabeth. Margaret’s true ailments were not ones which any of the family would want ever known. She was one of those rare individuals who showed visible signs of ancient bloodlines in her vague views of the future and the past… which were labeled as siezures and mind wanderings.

Because of these visions and her insistances on them being real, she was much confined away from others as she grew older. A few of her close friends and family still knew of her existance and kept ever close watch and care over her. Much of her heartbreak came from the loss of her children, having never been allowed to care for them or raise them. One of her closest friends and confidantes knew of this and endeavored to find some way to ease her friend’s pain, even if for a short time. The Queen Elizabeth’s mother, Jaquetta was that friend. Even though she was now a staunch supporter of her daughter and the Yorks, she did never forget her once true loyalties to the Lancasters and to this friend of hers. Jacquetta was also a well trustworthy and silent witch. She remained true to her ancient ways while keeping them in the utmost secracy. Even she as Elizabeth’s Mother, feared what might come with her daughter’s continued open and blatent misuse of her rank, her power and her abilities.

It was Jaquetta who was a part of this plan to guide the child Ainor towards the throne. She took it upon herself to quietly lay the groundwork and the plan to place the child in the care of her friend and cousin, Margaret. She deemed it would give Margaret some peace, some solace to aide in caring for this little one and it would ensure much safety for Ainor.

Because it all must be done in such secracy and only a very limited and trusted few must be a part of it, Jaquetta had searched out trustworthy ones from the Witch and even Vampyre factions to assist in it. She had called upon the quiet watchers, the Ladies of the Lake for guidance. They had sent young Brenny to her as well the vampyre, Eric.

The young woman, Brenny was an ancient priestess from the higher lands of Scotland, but was also connected to the Royal families of there. She was currently residing within the household of James III of Scotland and was a distant relative of Margaret’s. It had fallen to Eric to escort her here and see to the transfer of the child whence she should arrive.

In the dim morning mist, she watched and waited as Eric said his goodbyes to Adrian. Her mind was troubled and filled with the worries of this plan, as well as worries of her home in the highlands. She found it very hard to keep her thoughts well trained on this current duty of hers and not think of the troubles that she had left in order to do this thing for those Ladies of the Lakes, of whom she was one of. They had called upon her to carry this out and she would do as asked, but she vowed to herself that once it done, she would return and put right those problems she had left there. As she waited, her mind wandered as always back to those other troubles.

Brenny tried not let tears slip out from the painful hidden thoughts that constantly bothered her. She had no home to speak of… she was an illigitimate, bastard daughter, one of many within the larger extended family of King James III. By all accounts, she should have been of no concern or value to him in his schemes and power. For some reason, though he had deemed that she should be a part of his court. She knew not why. She only knew that she had been removed from her peaceful and much isolated home in the northern highlands and brought to his court to live under his rule. She had earlier lived a content life with her Mother’s relatives, all witches and Ladies of the Lake. Well protected and loved by them, she had never questioned her parentage, knew only that her Mother had died giving birth to her and knew not who her Father was… nor did she care at that time. It seemed of no importance to her life there. Someone had known though, and eventually James had been made aware of her existance. He had used the knowledge to gain control over that part of the land, and over the much ancient Ladies. It was in recent years as she grew into her young adulthood and of a marriagable age that he had called for her to placed at his court and under his control. She knew full well that it was not any family concern behind his actions. She was just another of his pawns, his weapons to use against others or to use for his own advantages. What he really wanted from her were the stories, the histories that she had locked away within her vast knowledge of songs, ballads, stories and legends. He wanted to control those but he could not because she would not sing them, tell them, nor write them down as he demanded. They were locked in a battle over this which it seemed was at a stand still. He had vowed that until she should do as bid, she would ever remain his ward, his hostage to do with as he saw fit. She had vowed to never sing another song, tell another story and die in his custody rather than give in.

This trip now to England, which had been set by Jaquetta, the Queen’s Mother was presented to him as part of his show of good faith and alliance with England… a show which he was much intent on right now, as he had just signed a marriage contract to eventually wed King Edward’s daughter, Cecily. For this reason, he had allowed the visit of Brenny to these English relatives. He had no idea that he was being used in a far bigger plan than his own.

Brenny shook the thoughts from her mind and returned to the more important matters at hand now. Eric came back to her side and walked quietly with her to the house. He would sleep for much of the day and she would make preparations for the trip to Margaret’s home where Jaquetta and Margaret awaited their arrival.

These two older women, friends for so long, sat waiting together for the arrival of a little child who should carry a heavy weight of changing a course of the future, and mending a woman’s torn heart.

little Ainor

From the Creator: Piecing together threads of history!

Ahhhh now that we’ve finally made some progress on the story updates, it’s time to piece together some of the historical facts that were used as inspiration for our journey!

We should probably start with some of the references to Arthur, Guinivere and their mythical lands. As I’ve mentioned before, there a number of scholars and historians who do think there may have some grains of truth as to his existence. That is of course, often the case with myths and legends. They begin with one or two retellings of an event, and over time the stories get woven with great exaggerations which continue until they become somewhat unbelievable stories of that fantasy and mythical proportion!

There so many versions of Arthur’s tale in various different forms and names that I am not even going to attempt to record them all here! We all know how to google his name! If you want to start your quest, you can go here for some the basics!

For my story purposes I drew from some of the basics of his imagined history. I have given him some family and included a history of residing at mythical Avalon. In my version of the story, his Father Uther, a great Merlin of our Avalon sets his son Arthur on a course to be a guiding light for the bleakest and darkest of times in the outer world. Our Arthur knows his duty and fulfills it willingly, all the while knowing he must eventually return to Avalon.

I chose to portray the fair Guinivere as a part of the ancient and vulnerable Fairie Realm. She too eventually knew what her role to play was, though not nearly as clearly as she should have! For my part, I have to admit that I did enjoy allowing Arthur to ride off into the mystery of history on his white horse, while taking Lancelot off from his shining pedestal! There was information regarding Guinivere’s family- one version lists her Father as Gwythyr ap Greidawl. As for the existence of her sister, in the Welsh Romance Culhwch ac Olwen, she is mentioned alongside of her sister Gwenhwyfach.


As to the location of Camelot, the stories locate it somewhere in Great Britain and sometimes associate it with real cities, though more usually its precise location is not revealed. Most scholars regard it as being entirely fictional, its geography being perfect for romance writers; Arthurian scholar Norris J. Lacy commented that “Camelot, located no where in particular, can be anywhere”. Nevertheless arguments about the location of the “real Camelot” have occurred since the 15th century and continue to rage today in popular works and for tourism purposes.

As I was searching for sort of location to place it and his eventual final battle at, I did find some opinions that would place it in or around areas of Scotland. One such location was that of Camboglanna, which was originally one of the forts in Hadrian’s Wall.

In his books The Borders and Arthur & the Lost Kingdoms, Alistair Moffat argues that an ancient fort on the site of Roxburgh Castle was Camelot.

Arthur’s last battle was told as being that of one at Camlann. There are of course a number of supposed locations for that! One of them puts the battle near Hadrian’s Wall at Camboglanna (Castlesteads), while another puts it at a place near Stirling in Scotland. River Allen runs through the town of Bridge of Allen, just north of Stirling in Scotland. If you accept that Arthur was Scottish, this is a possible site of the final battle. I chose a combination of these two as my mythical location and later discovered that it fit in well with my young Abbess!

Two Queens from history band together in fantasy!
Adeliza and sybilla pray

My search for an identity for the Abbess Ancient proved less difficult than I first anticipated. I knew I wanted someone from history that had no further ties or connections to the future but who could provide a link or connection between the early Scottish realms and the English ones. I found Sybilla de Normandy and she provided a starting point in tying the various parts together. I did have to alter her history and story a bit to suit our purposes but tried to maintain some link to her actual historical facts. She was born to Henry I and one of his many mistresses around 1092. Although it is most probably unlikely that she had any sort of friendship with Henry I’s second wife, I deemed it possible or slightly plausible within my fantasy timeline!

Henry I of England

Sybilla de Normandy

Henry’s second wife, Adeliza of Louvain, who bore him no royal heirs and eventually did retire to a monastery. After Henry’s death, she did eventually marry again and had a large family. for some unknown reason, she chose to retire to the monastery where she died around 1151. For us, Adeliza merely provides a link to the future in safeguarding the linen and ensuring that it passes on in time.


So, there you have some idea of how I pieced together threads of history and time in order to help weave my story!


Eleanor’s Journal64: Through the time slip to safe haven for a short time

She stood finally and motioned him to follow her out of the room. They went downstairs back to the chapel where she lit candles to shed a soft glow over the altar. She had a suggestion for him. “Tis early in the night… the child will sleep the night through and I will watch over her.” she gave him a thoughtful look and a lilting light smile. “You have been gone but only a few days in your counting, but in one other’s countings, I think she has been waiting for some long centuries for you to return to her… Go now and find your woman, she remains in her hidden home nearby. Go and spend the night with her and your son.”

Adrian was taken by awed surprise with her news of a son. He could not fathom such an event. He had left her so quickly and so recently… and now to be told he had a son waiting as well, one that had grown possibly into manhood never knowing of him. He could only pray that the witch and vampyre blood in his son’s veins caused him to age so slowly as the rest of them. Of course it must be so, else he would be long dead by now! He reached his ancient home in the deepest depths of night, to find his Melusine waiting at the window with a candle as she had done every night for centuries. She had sensed his coming, but still flew to him and wept with joy as she wrapped arms around him. “Acchhh, Well, tis about fine time you showed up at last!” she chided him as she showered him with fiery kisses.

When finally they parted from each other, she called out to a much irritated sleeping maid, “Gwenna, go and fetch Julian, bring him down here at once and tell him his Father is here!”

While they waited for Gwenna’s return, Adrian cautiosly told her what had happened, and that he must leave again come dawn. She nodded in understanding, she had known there might be difficulties with this.

Gwenna finally arrived with a small boy of about five in tow. He was half asleep and thought he must be dreaming when the man lifted him from his nurse’s arms and held him up in the air to look up at him in great awe and sheer joy. A blessing that Adrian had given up as ever coming to him and Melusine, this small wonder of a boy with such a guarded and serious look about him.

The time was short between them and the little boy eventually nodded off back to sleep held close in the arms of a Father he knew little of. Adrian and Melusine spoke quietly so as not to wake the boy. She admitted that when he left, she had not known of her condition. She had been so greived over his leaving that she had spent some time at Avalon with her sister Vivianne, assisting her to tend to Arthur’s recovery which took much time. She had realized her blessing and been as much stunned by it as he was now. Vivianne had insisted that she remain at Avalon in that mist of time for quite a long while. The boy had been born there and they had only recently returned here for a short visit, promising Vivianne that if he did not return while she was here, then she would go back to Avalon and wait for him. Adrian stroked her arm, reached over to kiss her and told her, “You must return then to Avalon for the time being. I must take her again through the time slip and I would not like to have my son full grown and dead in grave when I return. You must advise Arthur of this event and tell him of our next plan.” She kissed him back and nodded her agreement.”

Before the dawn, he returned to the Abbey where Sybilla was waiting for him with little Ainor awake and ready to leave. Sybilla had already seperated the cloth and wrapped the remaining piece around the child. The other portion was now locked away in a chest to await Sybilla’s next challenge… finding one worthy and capable of the care of this precious piece of linen. She blessed Adrian and Ainor on their journey, added her own weavings of protection about the child, just as she had spent a portion of the night stitching prayers into both of the pieces of cloth. Sybilla gave him one added warning of caution, “You must be certain to use only this one time slip. There are a great many others out there but none are stable as this one. This time slip seems to have the ability to take one whole and completely into the other space. The other slips that are more natural have a way of splitting you… some part of you remains on this plane whilst the other part of you is sent elsewhere. Do not ask of me to explain, for I do not understand either. All I understand is that some others have come back to find that they have not really left? When they return here, there have been accounts of them facing themself… It is then that great turbulence and storms take over as though something more greatly unnatural has occured and the forces of nature rebel. Tis best you take no chances, use only this one.”

Before they left, Sybilla mentioned a last thought to Adrian. “May this small bit of my life and my time be useful to you and ease your mind in all of this matter. The year now is 1122, my name is Sybilla de Normandy. My Father is Henry I of England, tis he who is waging war out there to keep his lands and his crown right now. My husband is Alexander I of Scotland. I know not of what will take place from here, only that I have some feeling that my husband’s and my time is short lived together. I came here in hopes that by giving my life to God, I could somehow change our path, our destiny… I have a guiding spirit leading me on my path, my husband’s saintly Mother, Margaret of Essex does watch over us. I know that all who rest here, such as that haunted spirit of this child’s Mother, are well watched over and protected. May you go in God’s light, and that of the Goddess as well.”

Her words made not much sense to him right now… he knew little to nothing of what was taking place in this time. He committed it to his memory though, as she said, it may help to guide him in the future… And he thought, when he arrived there, he would search for the resting place of this woman and lay flowers of respect and gratitude upon her, just as they had done for Guinivere.

Adrian and Melusina with linen
He left her that day and returned briefly to his home and his wife before taking the next journey. Sybilla had asked of him to wait until evening to enter the slip. She needed a small amount of time to place the linen in the hands of one who could be trusted to pass it along where it should end up in the future. She did know of one woman whom she could trust in this matter, one who would keep the secrets to herself and do as needed to pass the chest and the linen along…

Her Father, Henry’s new wife, Adeliza of Louvain was a quiet and devout woman who would understand the importance of this prayer linen. Sybilla knew that if Adeliza had her choice, she would have given herself to her church rather than to her King. All that Sybilla should need to ask of Adeliza was that she find a way to pass this precious material on to worthy women who had some deep hidden belief in the ancient ways. Adeliza should look at this as a mission from their God to reach out to others who might face persecution.

Adeliza and sybilla3
Sybilla went that day to meet with Adeliza and convince her to take on this much private task. Adeliza was a friend with her, they both felt a deep inner calling to that spiritual realm which many others did not quite put so much true faith in. She had trusted Adeliza before with the secret of her occasional visions and her second sight, her vague glimpses into some future. Sybilla believed that God had gifted her thus for some reason, and that she should use her gifts wisely and with God’s council.

Adeliza and sybilla2
Adeliza had not condemned her, nor been repelled but rather became her supporter and her confidante in this difficult cross that was hers to bear. So, she sat with Adeliza and shared some of her recent visions. She told Adeliza that her step daughter, the Empress Matilda would return here one day and be in need of support. Adeliza must find a way to give it, and to pass on this ancient and blessed prayer linen to her. She advised Adeliza that the linen was not so much for Matilda, but for some women who would come after her. They would be in great need of it’s protection and would also know of what to do with it. It was more for Matilda to be custodian and care taker of until such a time came when it would be evident who should recieve it. When Adeliza had questioned for more, she had replied in some deference and regret. “I know of naught else, my Lady, I only know that it must go on to Matilda’s line. There will be a woman, of the name Eleanor who shall recieve it. You are the only one who can see to this. I would not ask it of you if God had not set it so. You will one day be close with Matilda, she will need you and you must be her friend as you have been mine in this life.”
Adeliza and sybilla

Adeliza and sybilla pray
She sat for a time with her friend, they spoke of common spiritual matters that interested them both and they prayed together for guidance. As she stood to take her leave, she hugged this gentle Queen and whispered, “You are a true and loyal friend to me. There will be dark times ahead for all of us but God will bless you and we shall someday walk together in his grace to do his work.”

Adeliza and Sybilla4
Adeliza heeded her friend’s request and put in motion the journey of the mysterious linen. Some years later she had indeed handed over the chest and the linen to her step daughter in much secracy, at the same time that she swore her alliegances to that woman’s right to the crown of England. What ever else she might think of her step daughter, the woman remained a faithful friend as much as possible through a bloody battle for her son’s right to the crown. Matilda could be well trusted with the ancient relic. She had been entrusted with other ancient relics kept them safe. For some reason, she did realize the importance of the linen even though she knew well that it was not meant for her but for the future.

Sybilla de Normandy remained quietly in seclusion at her small Abbey. It was said that she died young at a place called Eilean nan Bannoamh: Isle of the Female saints. Her husband, King Alexander I of Scotland founded a Priory there in her name and marked her burial place as Dunfermline Abbey, Fife. What he had truly done was allow her wish to be set aside and left to follow her soul’s calling in this other place. It had been her foremost desire that he follow his own destiny and mayhaps find one who could give him an heir. His heart could not do this however, and though with her supposed death, he should have been free to wed another and sire a child… it was not meant to be. He died in 1124 and was succeeded by his brother David who would later support his niece, Matilda’s claims to the English crown. Sybilla did weep at her husband’s passing but maintained her isolated existance as the Abbess and guardian of this small ground and it’s much tortured spirit until her old age and her passing to that light. She made her journey to the light in 1151 at the same time as her much beloved friend, Adeliza. Though they died apart in different abbies, they walked into that light together.

Adrian’s next journey into that time slip landed them far into the future with as usual, another bloody battle taking place. As they arrived, he had surveyed the carnage going on and could only think to himself, “It never does seem to end.” This time he kept them out of sight and away from the fighting. He took a moment to focus on the linen wrapped around little Ainor and feel what it might be telling them. The child seemed on edge and picked nervously at the wrapping that seemed to tug and pull out from her of it’s own volition. He held Ainor closer and placed a bit of the cloth in his hand to feel where it would direct them. Strangely, it acted like one of those water witch sticks or, one of those navigating bits of iron that pointed direction on the seas. Through the darkest of the night, he followed it’s lead until daylight when Ainor began to stir in his arms and he knew they must find shelter to rest until they could more safely travel by cover of night. He traveled best by darkness and could not be out in much of this daylight without suffering serious consequences from it.

He set his thoughts to searching for some shelter, and hopefully for some other Vampyre faction who might aid him. His thoughts were answered, once again by his good friend, Eric who appeared out of nowhere with his usual grin. “Haaaa, and so we meet again my friend. What has taken you so long this time?”

Adrian and Eric1

Eric and Brennie
Eric laughed and quickly led him to the safety of a small hunting cottage, where a young woman was waiting. The woman was not a vampyre, but she was quite lovely looking with her amber curls, her well endowed cleavage, and a pale creamy complexion. She smiled happily at Eric and kissed him soundly. Eric kissed her back and indulged in some fond handling of her curves before letting her go. “This is a friend of mine, Brenny…” He motioned for the woman to take little Ainor, “Brenny will care for the wee one whilst we rest. And, then after that we will see to getting you and her to safety.”

Brennie and Ainor1
When Brenny took the child, she went to unwrap the linen hastily and both men jumped to admonish her. Eric told her, “Leave the shawl with her Brenny.” Brenny looked at them in some annoyance, “Accch, she must get down on the floor and stretch for a bit, and she must eat… she can not do such things wrapped up in this. I will put it up where tis safe from harm for now.” she shook her head at the men. “tis a sorry lot of care takers you two are. She is not an infant babe that must be swaddled in this blanket constantly. Tis not good for her, or for the cloth either… They both need a rest from each other for a time!” She turned her back on them and attended on Ainor with much fuss. “And, do you think I have not a brain in my head that I can not see the value of that cloth. Ahhhh be off with you both to sleep your day away. This child and I will be quite fine without you.”

The two men looked at each other in some mutual embarrassment. She was right of course, neither of them knew a whit really about tending a child. Poor Ainor, if she should have to be left in their care for very long.

Brennie with linen2
Later that evening when they woke, they found a much content Ainor occupying herself with a basket of yarns and beads on a pallet near the fire. Brenny was sitting close by sewing upon something. Adrian looked closer and cringed in fear as he realized what it was she was stitiching upon. He flew forward to grab the linen out of her hands but she held tight as did the linen. She looked up at him with a knowing and stern stare, “Mind you not, I know exactly of what I am doing with this linen. I know well what is and of it’s importance and it’s power.”

Brennie with linen1
Adrian stepped back and looked at her with some inner thought. He realized that he had misread her earlier that morning. Could his senses have been that affected by his exhaustion… She calmly answered his thoughts, “Nay, you did not know because I did not want you to until I should be sure I could trust you. Just because you are Vampyre, and a friend of Eric does not mean that I should trust you implicitely. That is how witches meet their ends in any time or place.”
Brennie with Adrian and Eric
Eric stood aside, he knew enough not to interfere in any arguement that Brenny should bring up when she set her mind about something. He just pulled Adrian over to the table, “Leave her, she know well of what she does. We must discuss other things now.”

Eleanor’s Journal63: Beyond the Tower through the time slip


The Abbess admitted her guilt sheepishly. “Ahhh yes, in that you are quite right then. It has been some many centuries that you have spent in this cacoon of your own making. But, now it is time for you to emerge from that swaddling of sleep and rejoin this world, at least in your spirit form.”

abess and guinivere6
Guinivere winced, showing her disturbance at the passage of time. “Then if you are so correct in this, my dear daughter should have passed away to that other side long ago… Yet, you speak of her as though she still has life to live ahead of her? This I do not understand. You must explain this to me before we go on with anything else for before I can go on with any other matters, I must know of my daughter’s plight in life.”

The other woman agreed and went on to explain the child, Ainor’s fate and her now precarious circumstances. “That day on the field, Arthur had to act quickly and make harsh decisions in order bring Ainor to some safekeeping. He instructed the Vampyre Knight, Adrian DeWare to take the child through the time slip opening.”

Guinivere made a soft sound of startled fear. “But, those openings are filled with their own dangers and highest of risks… Tis not even truly certain they actually exist. Many have attempted such journies, most never to return, and the few who do return speak of such strange places and times that few believe their wild tales. Why would he have risked such a thing for our child.” She shook again with a resounding fear. “what has become of my child. What fate did he send her to.”


The Abess made every effort to stay calm herself in the telling of this tale, for she did not want to worry the young Mother over much. “Arthur knew more of the slips than many others, though even he was not exactly sure of what the outcome should be. He only knew that it should be the safest option for your child. He told Adrian that the child was meant for this world, her purpose and her destiny were with the future years not the present ones. He said he could not take her on to Avalon because she was meant to be in the outer world, learning the ways of her people.”

She paused for a few moments in order to steady herself and Guinivere. “He told Adrian to wrap her in your prayer linen and take her to safety.” Guinivere sighed softly and held hope that the linen had at least protected her child in some way.

Adrian bids his wife farewell before his journey into the timeslip

Adrian bids his wife farewell before his journey into the timeslip

Adrian with Melusina and Ainor1
For one instance in Adrian’s duty to Arthur, he swerved from that order, if only for a short amount of time. While Eric of the Northmen took Arthur on his way to Avalon, Adrian put off his own trek through that time slip and instead secretly took the child to his home and his wife. Adrian’s wife, Melusina was a witch of great powers and was an honor bound protector of the Fairies in her role as a Lady of the Lake. Before he would risk the child’s life through that time slip, he wanted the advice his wife. She knew much more about those things than many others and it was said that she had ability of some control over them. Melusina had at first gasped in terror at all that happened, and at the thought of this sort of escape for such a young child. She quickly realized though that Arthur was right and this was the only means of keeping the young fairie blooded Royal child safe.

Melusina blesses the linen
Melusina had set about making some preparations in guiding them on such venture. She did warn her husband that even she could not place promises or gaurantees on whether this should work, or of where and when they might land in time. It was close to impossible to guage that. That woman feared much for her husband and the child… She spent some time weaving more prayers of safety, well being and blessings into that linen along with lines of some guidance into it’s fibers. All she could do was fervently pray that it would help them reach some safe time and place and lead them to those who would be of assistance. When all was ready, she warned Adrian that he may have to travel more than once or even twice through the opening to land finally in a right place. He had questioned her on how he should know what that safe place was. She shook her head, “The gods and linen will be your guide to those who will know what to do.”

She had went as far as the opening with them and watched as they disappeared into the well of deep nothingness. As they left, she cried and prayed to her own Goddess to watch over them and bring her husband back to her whether in this time or in some other… It mattered not to her, she would wait for centuries upon his return if need be.

Melusina had been right in her cautions that they would need to travel more than once. But, she had also been right with her assurances that the linen should be their guide. Their first landing had brought them to the same land but some centuries later. There was another battle going on, this one was of Normans and Saxons, along with Northmen all fighting for territories and a crown in as much dispute as Arthur had left his own. It seemed to be ever long, ongoing battle and Adrian thought to himself that it might go on forever more. In that much different time of warring factions he had to very quickly determine some means of knowing where their safety might lay. It was odd how they had landed again in the middle of a battle scene and needed immediate assistance, it of course not being of any safe place for the child… but, she seemed to be quickly becoming used it even at her young age. Another strange occurance… he had looked out at the battle and the warriors, and seen a vaguely familiar face. Eric of the Northmen was in the midst of this battle. Adrian had simply thought, how appropriate and usual that Eric would continue to put himself in the middle of wars. Eric had by chance glanced towards the woods, feeling that other Vampyre presence and suddenly given a slight nod and grimacing smile of his recognition.


Some time later that night, they had shared a small camp fire and Eric had advised him that this was most likely not quite the best place or time… All were swept up in throes of raging conquest fever and warring parties abounded throughout the lands now. He did however know of some who might be of assistance with their plight. This was a time of change in the lands and there were still some who cautiously and secretly went by the ancient ways while attempting to weave those ways into their religions of now. He knew of an Abbess who led at the old Abbey on the hill. She was quiet and seemingly devout in her ways but would grant them sanctuary for a time. Eric had looked down on the now sleeping little one and smiled. “Ahhhh wee one, if you only knew how well adored and loved you are that so many would put their lives in danger to protect you.” His fingers traced a path over the linen she was well wrapped in and his memories went back to that long past time. He motioned to Adrian, “Come, let us head there now and we can pay our respects to her Mother as well.”

They headed up towards the Abbey and Eric spoke quietly and rather sadly, “I try to remain close to this place when I can, and stop there often just to remind myself of that time.” They nodded in the same sentiments, though for Eric it had been centuries while for Adrian, it just so recently occured and still dwelled most bitter on his mind.

The young Abbess had welcomed them with no questions. She did not pry or seem to need any explanations other than they were weary travelers caught in the middle of this recent battle. She had simply nodded her head in understanding, “Ahhhh as are so many now. It matters not who one is or was, nor what side they once were on in these battles. It only matters whose side one takes at the end.” She had taken the sleeping child, cradled her in her arms and crooned to her an ancient melody while her hands caressed the linen. “such fine and beautiful work, someone cared greatly and put much love into these prayers.”

Adrian looked at the woman curiously. She knew of what this linen was. He held his breath as she smiled at him and whispered, “Any work this finely detailed is surely filled with thoughts and prayers along it’s lines.” She left it at that.

Later that night, Eric took his leave of them but reassured Adrian that he would return to be of assistance. The child had been well fed and placed on a pallet near the fire to sleep while the Abess directed Adrian to a bench some way aside so as not disturb the little one.

Adrian looked upon the woman and felt some odd sense of light within her. In fact, he did see a faint silvery light around her whole being. She radiated a quiet glow of light and goodness from her palest flaxen hair down to the worn leather slippers on her feet. He thought it somewhat strange that this woman was so youthful to be an Abbess in charge of this priory. When he asked her about this, she replied softly, “Well in the first reason, there were none who wanted to come to this remote and lonely place. And then there be the other reason.” She smiled sadly, “I could not bear my husband any heirs and I felt a calling to this life from early in my life. He has accepted this and has allowed me to set myself aside for this holier life. I hoped that he would find one who would please him and bless him with children, but that has not been the case.” she waved her story aside then, “Really, my story is not of such importance as yours and that child’s”

She rested a hand on his arm and he felt a tingle of that light run through him. Pointing towards the sleeping child she spoke seriously to him. “I do know of what and who she is. She is of much need and value to the future but, this is not the right time for her.” this was much the same as Eric had avised. Adrian listened while this woman explained more than Eric had in his hurry to be about his own duties. “These times are even more treacherous and turbulent than the past ones you have come from. There are even bloodier battles ahead and a long fight for some stability within this realm. William marched across this country, and held some sort of control while he lived… but, now his heirs will battle each other for the power. No one will be truly safe for some time to come. She is not destined or meant for this time.”

Adrian was frustrated and disheartened, he knew not what to do next. The woman, who called herself Sybilla, pointed again… this time at the linen wrapping. “Someone who knew well of the ancient ways and gifts has woven a powerful spell of protection and guidance into that linen.” She paused for a moment then whispered, “and, an even more powerful one around that child… Her Fairie blood and her wings are tightly bound within her and will stay that way until someone with a greater gift unleashes it.” Sybilla looked at him with some knowing as she continued, “Your woman has done a fine job of ensuring this child’s safety from her own bloodline. There is one thing that she was remiss of though with the linen.”

Adrian was curious, and puzzled as to how this woman of God knew so well of ancient secrets. She merely smiled at his thought, “Ahhh, Think you because I have chosen to give my life to prayer and devotion to this God of mine, that I reject the ancient ways? Just because I choose to follow this path does not mean that I judge any others who choose the ancient paths. The roads and the paths to heaven are many and I condemn no one who believes differently than I. I look into hearts and souls, and see the purity and goodness within. The highest of the Christian Priests can be more wicked within than any who follow an ancient God or Goddess.” She stopped herself before she might go into her own sermon on the rightiousness of mankind.

“I am remiss, this is not what we need debate on. I must tell you of that linen and what you must do for it to work as your woman intended.” She went on to explain to him that in order for the linen to work properly in it’s guidance, it must be in seperate pieces. One should be kept with the child, and the other should be placed in the hands of those who would eventually see the two parts brought back together.

This, Adrian did not quite understand and he had to ask Sybilla to please tell him more of how it should work. Sybilla told him that it was a very difficult and intricate weaving of spells and prayers and quite complex with it’s layers. They must seperate the linen into two pieces. She would take one piece and ensure that it was placed with the proper women who would take the piece of linen and continue to weave prayers and blessings into it. It would pass on throughout time. When the child took her piece of linen through the time slip, the threads of her linen would search for their missing threads, as would the threads of the other piece search for their other half. They had been blessed with almost a life of their own and would ever search, much as people do, for their other half. Sybilla had only one concern. It was of much importance for the linens to only be sewn with prayers of goodwill, thoughts of blessings and wishes for safety. Should the pieces be filled with thoughts of bitterness, curses or cruel intents, those things would follow all who had touched either part of the linen. Once she placed the linen in the hands of the women she deemed worthy, she could only pass along the warning and hope that they should forever take it seriously. She would have little control of what was added to the cloth in future times.

Sybilla warned Adrian that when he should finally arrive at the right place in time, he must make sure that who ever took charge of the child understood this well and should take care of what they stitched into that linen of hers. She told him too, that once they reached the right destination, he must give the linen to those who would take the child into their care. He would be guided to them by the force of the linen pulling itself towards it’s other half. That is how he would know they were at the right place with the right people. He was still much unsure about this whole business but felt he must put his trust in Sybilla.


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Two young Queens share a prayer for the future

Two young Queens share a prayer for the future

Melusina adds her blessings to the linen.

Melusina adds her blessings to the linen.

Adrian bids his wife farewell before his journey into the timeslip

Adrian bids his wife farewell before his journey into the timeslip