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history of Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp!

Spoiler Alert: Please be advised that as with all of my Outlander articles, this article contains information  from all of the books!


I was going to wait with this case but a number of people have recently brought up the question and the puzzle of Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser’s history and ancestry, so I have decided to provide some sort of answer. I am not going to delve into any of her recent history, her character analysis or anything like that. That information is all readily available if one reads all of the Outlander books and or watches the Outlander series! What I will try to do is piece together various bits of information provided by Diana Gabaldon in her Outlandish Companion 1 book. I will use that information to go a bit further back in tracing Claire’s known ancestry. Hopefully by the time we are finished, we might have a better understanding…or not…of her history. What we will probably end up with is even more questions!

Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp



  When I read through the Outlandish Companion, I found it fascinating how Diana wove her characters so deftly into real family lineages and ancestries, finding some small window of  opportunity to fit them seamlessly into the fabric of each line.  For more information on her detailed research on this aspect, I highly suggest that you read her Companion book! This first edition contains information on the books up through Drums of Autumn.

Outlandish Companion


I am so happy to share too that she is working on  a Companion II which is rumored to be available some time next spring.



Now, back to Claire’s history and what I found so interesting about it? Without reading Outlandish Companion, most of us would assume that Claire’s ancestry or lineage is unknown but that is really not the case. Claire is most likely unaware of it because she was raised by her mysterious uncle Lamb, who died before he could share her ancestry with her.  As I read through her short family lineage, I was struck by two things in particular. first of course, was the fact that she had a detailed family history at all and that it was more English than French? I assumed that there would be more of  an obvious French connection or tie in because of the surname and because of events in the books that seem to tie her in some way to a French history. That may indeed come at some point in the future, but for now, I must work with the information available to me.  The second thing that sparked my personal interest was a reference in the Companion’s history of her to Richard III, King of England.

Excerpt from Diana Gabaldon's Outlandish Companion

Excerpt from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlandish Companion



For those of you who do not know anything about Richard III, You can find basic information on him here


He is probably most famous for the way in which he managed to become King after his brother Edward’s death, and of course his involvement in the disappearance of the Princes in the tower.  Much of  the earlier portions of my ongoing story revolve around this mystery and those involved in it. I used it as a taking off point for part of my time travels with the early Royals.

There is a great little book about the mystery and the suspects, which you can read a preview of here:


Cold case Princes of the tower

It is one of the most famous or infamous unsolved mysteries still waiting for some answer!  I was so intrigued by it that I could not resist weaving it and all of the suspects into my story line. Now, in my story Richard made a secret pact with the Vampyre faction, who knew of a way to spirit the boys away but not kill them outright. In this way, Richard was able to honestly say that he had no hand in killing the boys and had no idea what happened to them. You can read some of my story about the Tower mystery starting here:



Now, you might see why I was so intrigued by the mention of Richard III and the boys in the tower in Claire’s family history!


As I mentioned previously, we assume that Claire’s past family history is unremarkable, mundane and not all that interesting or worthy of comment… We also assume that Claire is just plain Claire Beauchamp with no ties or connections to nobility or rank.  Whereas Jamie can trace his family ancestry far back, holds a title of Laird in his own right, Claire is just Claire, an average everyday commoner from the 20th century. She has no idea and probably doesn’t really care about what her Uncle Quentin Lambert Beauchamp was working on at the time of his death.  Now, from what little we know about Uncle Lamb, I find it a bit odd that he would care about this ancestry and title either? For some reason though, he was interested in seeing it restored, maybe it was his way of  giving Claire her family identity and rightful title. Perhaps he thought that with her marriage to Frank Randall, this history and title would have some meaning, value and importance in her future or the future of her offspring.

Quentin Lambert Beauchamp was a noted archaeologist and historian who spent much of his time traveling the world at various ancient locations. His interests were more of ancient ruins and history than in more recent things such as British Peerage and lost titles? He raised Claire after her parents’ deaths in a car accident and did not share any important family history or information with Claire while she was growing up. Maybe he thought, as many of us do, that there was plenty of time ahead for that.

Lambert Quentin Beauchamp Claire's uncle young Claire

Growing up with Uncle Lamb, Claire lived a highly unconventional life that would hardly suit her for the blue blooded life of nobility or landed gentry even of the 1940s. When she met and married Frank Randall, a well respected Historian with an interest in the more recent British history, her unconventional bohemian lifestyle would have to change. He was a part of that more upper class refined gentry and would have found Claire’s ancestry and lineage of great interest. Claire met Frank while he was working with Uncle Lamb on some ancient French Philosophy work, so apparently Uncle Lamb and Frank were colleagues and probably friends. As far as we know, Lamb did not share Claire’s family ancestry with Frank- if he did, it has never been mentioned.

Let us get back to Claire and that mysterious family ancestry… We can assume at this time that, at the time of his death Uncle Lamb was working on having the extinct title of Lord St. Amand restored and as his heir, Claire would thereby be heir presumptive to the title, making her Lady St. Amand. So, unbeknownst to Claire or anyone else at the time, she really was a Noble Lady of high rank and standing! Will this fact ever come into play at some later point, and is there any significance to it? We will have to wait and see if this has any importance at a much later time.

This is a copy of the very basic family tree for Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp.

Beauchamp family tree

excerpt from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlandish Companion

Claire Beauchamp was born to Henry Beauchamp and Julia Moriston on 20 October 1918. Her parents died in a car accident when she was only five, and Claire was adopted by her uncle, Quentin Lambert Beauchamp, an archaeologist and historian whose work took him all over the globe. He attempted to enroll her at an English boarding school, but she stubbornly refused to attend.

“Faced with the necessity of prying my chubby fingers off the car’s door handle and dragging me by the
heels up the steps of the school, Uncle Lamb, who hated personal conflict of any kind, had sighed in
exasperation, then finally shrugged and tossed his better judgment out the window along with my newly purchased round straw boater.” – Claire, Outlander (Chapter One)

Claire consequently spent her childhood traveling the world with her uncle while he worked, becoming accustomed to fairly primitive conditions. She later claims that her first kiss was at the age of eight, in Egypt with the dragoman’s nine-year-old son.

Claire’s Marriage to Frank

Claire met Frank Randall, a historian, when he came to consult her uncle about his work. They were soon married, and spent a brief two-day honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands, followed by only a few months together before the outbreak of World War II. Claire and Frank were separated for most of the war. Frank trained as an officer in MI-6, and Claire as a nurse. Both served their country in their respective roles for the duration of the war. Once the war was over, Claire and Frank, reunited, decided to go on a second honeymoon in Scotland to reestablish their marriage in 1946. They stayed at Mrs. Baird’s bed-and-breakfast in Inverness, a city in the Scottish Highlands situated near an ancient stone circle called Craigh na Dun.

These are the basics of Claire’s ancestry that we are aware of right now. I mentioned earlier, and Claire had thoughts on it as well, that her family lineage must go back to France in some way due to her surname? Well, yes it does… but it is extremely far back!

Claire Beauchamp1

excerpt from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlandish Companion

Her earliest documented ancestor was one Hugh De Beauchamp, who was originally from Normandy, arrived in England with William the Conqueror, was of course loyal to William and was well rewarded for it.



Amongst the most eminent Normal families in the train of the Conqueror was that of Beauchamp, and amongst those that shared most liberally in the spoils of the conquest was Hugh de Beauchamp, the companion in arms of the victorious Norman, who obtained grants to a very great extent from his triumphant chief, as he appears at the general survey to be possessed of large estates in Hertford, Buckingham, and Bedfordshires, was the founder of this illustrious house in England. This Hugh had issue, Simon, who d. s. p.; Payne, ancestor of the Beauchamps of Bedford, that barony having been conferred upon him by William Rufus; Walter, but some doubts have been thrown upon the question of his having been son of Hugh, Sir H Nicholas stating him to have been “supposed of the same family”; Milo, of Eaton, co. Bedford; Adeline, m. to Walter le Espec, Lord of Kirkham and Helmesley, co. of York.

So, in the beginnings of Outlander when Claire used her maiden name and came up with the “plausible” story that she was on her way to relatives in France…She may have had some but it would have required quite a jump through the Stones to go far enough back to find them!

You can follow the descendant branches of Hugh De Beauchamp on the above link if you are interested in tracing the genealogy further- as with all family trees it gets highly confusing at times!

For our purposes, we are going to jump ahead in the genealogy to  Richard Beauchamp/St. Amand 1453-1508. He went by St. Amand as that title was bestowed upon his Father, William Beauchamp when he married Elizabeth de Braybrook St. Amand.

Richard St. Amand


William Beauchamp St. Amand


Elizabeth de Braybrook St. Amand


Richard St. Amand had only one child, and illegitimate son, Anthony St. Amand.

Richard, 6th Baron Beauchamp De Saint-Amand of Wilts, England was 3 1/2 when his father William died and 38 when his mother died. He was convicted by the “Act of 1484”, but soon pardoned. He was made a Knight of King Henry VII about 1485, perhaps during the coronation. He received a grant of property forfeited by his stepfather, Roger in March of 1485. Richard was appointed Keeper of Blackmore Forest, Wilts, as “Sir Richard Beauchamp” in 1486. In 1488, he was commissioner of Musters in Wilts and in 1501 he was an officer supervising the official welcome of Katherine of Aragon. In 1504 “Richard Beauchamp, Knight, Lord St-Amand” served as Steward of Malborough, Wilts. he had no children by Dame Anne but did have a “natural son”, Anthony, by his lover, Mary Wroughton about 1470. He made his last will and testament on June 14, 1508 and died in July 1508. Some probate papers spell his name “Lord Seynatamand”. He was interred in the Black Friers’ Church near Ludgate, within the City of London.

With Richard’s death the Amand title would be extinct as he had no legal heirs to it? His son, Anthony St. Amand was illegitimate so would not be in line to inherit the title or the lands that went with it.


Uncle Lamb however was able to prove however that an heir or heiress did exist but was covered up by the family in their attempts to avoid much unwanted scandal at the time. He found some long hidden evidence of Anthony having married a relative of the family.

Excerpt from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlandish Companion


What is interesting to note here is Anthony’s biography? It states that eventually after his death, the family left for France… So, in reality or retrospect, Claire did have more recent family connections in France but she would not necessarily have found them by searching for Beauchamps, but rather St. Amands!

Are you thoroughly bewildered and confused yet? Yes, researching one’s genealogy does have a way doing that! This small portion Claire’s genealogy does not even touch on what possible other connections she has to say, far more ancient times in France, or how the Beauchamp name might link her to others in the story? Then, of course there is the mysterious link or genetically inherited connection she has to other time travelers through out the story. 

Outlander ship

One of those is the strange Master Raymond, whom she meets when she and Jamie are living in France. A more in depth investigation of Master Raymond and his mysteries will be coming in the future!

Another one is the “Witch” Geillis Duncan, who mistakenly believes she is a witch because of her ability to travel through the Stones.

gillian and the stones3

For an in depth look at Geillis Duncan, you can read the following articles





Besides these two key time travelers, there are a number of others who are interconnected in some way by their inherited abilities which is directly dependent on their genealogy. Some of those of course are Claire’s daughter, Bree and Bree’s husband Roger. Roger is a descendent of Geillis Duncan so we would assume that is where he inherited the genetic trait from? But, as many of us are well aware of… Never assume anything with Diana Gabaldon.  Diana creates so many twists and turns that all we can really do is make a half educated guess as to the direction she might go!

Two remaining people of interest in all of this web of genealogy and connections are the Comte St. Germain and one other suspicious and rather obscure person of interest. We have previously touched on St. Germain’s connections in our investigation of Geillis Duncan, and he will most likely come up again in our future investigation of Master Raymond. 

It  might interest you to know that as with so many of Diana’s characters, the Comte St. Germain was a real person with interests in the Occult?


comte st. germain2



You can find additional information concerning him and his connection in the Novella, The Space Between. The other person of some suspicion is a man by the name of Percy Beauchamp. He comes into the forefront in My Own Heart’s Blood with his own secretive agenda, of which we are still not quite certain of other than his search for Fergus. His story and connections are not exactly clear. He was a step brother to Lord John Grey, as well as having a more personal relationship with him. Beauchamp is the surname of his wife’s family in France? He is in search of Fergus because he believes that Fergus is a missing heir to that family… So, that would put Fergus with some sort of hypothetical connection to Claire?  At this point we have always considered Fergus as an orphaned waif that Jamie rescued, raised and treated as a son. There is as yet no connection or mention of Fergus knowing anything about the secrets of Claire’s identity or her abilities.  As far as we know, Fergus displays none of his own abilities in such a way but then again, as far as we’re aware, he’s most likely never been near to any Stone Circles or ancient places that might trigger his ability?  One clue about his genealogy or his genetics and their connection to any of these travelers comes with the birth of his younger son. His younger son, Henri-Christian is a dwarf. Now, while this may not appear on the surface as anything significant, we need to look at some evidence or facts surrounding dwarfism. In many cases, it is an inherited gene.


  • Not all forms of dwarfism are caused by genetic disorders. Dwarfism can result from insufficient growth-hormone production, a low-functioning pituitary gland or other deficiencies in the endocrine system. One of the most common forms of dwarfism is achondroplasia: This is an inheritable disorder that affects the formation of cartilage in the long bones of the body. About 70 percent of dwarfism is achondroplastic. A person with achondroplastic dwarfism has a normal-sized head and trunk but disproportionately sized limbs.


  • There are 46 chromosomes in the human genome. Chromosomes are arranged in 23 pairs; each pair contains duplicate genes or alleles that code for a specific trait, like eye color or hair texture. The first 22 pairs of chromosomes are called autosomes. The last pair contains the sex chromosomes—X or Y—and determines the sex of the individual. Achondroplastic dwarfism is inherited in an autosomal-dominant pattern; in this case, “dominance” is just a term that describes a pattern of inheritance in which one gene can suppress the expression of the other in the allelic pair. This means that one achondroplastic dwarfism gene is enough to cause the disorder

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/about_6322434_inheritance-dwarfism_.html


There is much mention of Master Raymond being a dwarf, and if you read the Space Between, there is much discussion there of Dwarf families or sects in Paris during the times when Master Raymond and Comte St. Germain  were living there.  Once you put these bits and pieces together, it seems quite plausible or possible that although Fergus himself did show any sign of dwarfism, he may have carried the gene for it, passing it down to his son. If you follow along those lines, it also gives you cause to hypothesize or guess that there is some possible genetic link between Fergus and Master Raymond or his many descendents.  Those thoughts and speculations, however will be followed up at some later point in our investigation of Master Raymond.


For now, we are only concerning ourselves with Claire’s ancestry and genealogy as we know of it.  With that being said, I think we have covered as much of it as we can at this time!


So, in conclusion to our study of Claire’s ancestry and lineage, I would like to now introduce her with the title which her Uncle Lamb was working so hard to restore for her?

Claire Baroness St Amand Claire a lady2



The Title that he was working on having restored was the Baron of St. Amand. After his death, Claire would become Baroness or Lady St. Amand. You may feel free to address her as either, but please do remember that she is indeed a Lady in her own right, rank and blood!

Ohhhhh, one last small detail or question…. In my search of all things Beauchamp, I ran across this Grimoire, labeled the Beauchamp Grimoire?  Just a random musing on which of her ancestors might have owned such a thing? 

A grimoire /ɡrɪmˈwɑr/ is a textbook of magic. Such books typically include instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets, how to perform magical spells, charms and divination and also how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, and demons.  In many cases, the books themselves are also believed to be imbued with magical powers, though in many cultures, other sacred texts that are not grimoires, such as the Bible, have also been believed to have supernatural properties intrinsically; in this manner while all books on magic could be thought of as grimoires, not all magical books should.

While the term grimoire is originally European and many Europeans throughout history, particularly ceremonial magicians and cunning folk, have made use of grimoires, the historian Owen Davies noted that similar books can be found all across the world, ranging from Jamaica to Sumatra, and he also noted that the first grimoires could be found not only in Europe but in the Ancient Near East.

Beauchamp grimoire

Beauchamp grimoire

Ohhhhh My Goodness, I forgot to include another piece of Claire’s Ancestry!

Some of Claire's ancestors, Thoma De Beauchamp Earl of Warwick with wife Katherine Mortimer.

Some of Claire’s ancestors, Thoma De Beauchamp Earl of Warwick with wife Katherine Mortimer.











From the Creator: Weekly update!

It’s been quite the busy week we’ve had! Story update, book reviews and music for us to enjoy, plus today’s tour of the now finished Royals Forest!

Story update: Brennie’s Destiny

The Water is wide
book reviews and music

Music page

Royals forest cover
Royals Forest Tour

Now, I think I should answer some of your wonderings on the twists and turns of our story. I am sure that many of you might be getting confused with it so I hope to clear some of that up now without giving too much of the story away ahead of time!

Elizabeth's trunk

Elizabeth cover
Please don’t worry, we will get back to the mysteries of Richard III and the princes in the tower. We will just be taking a round about longer journey back to them. Brennie’s journey and her destiny in Scotland will lead us to the future and then back to Richard! If you remember, Richard made a deal with the Vampyre factions to remove the boys originally. He, and so many others of that time also had a great interest in the ancient linen. We know it belonged to Guinivere Pendragon at one time, and was then passed down through the centuries to other women including Jacquetta and Elizabeth. Many centuries later, another witchly woman, Elizabeth Rivers has come into possession of a chest containing an ancient linen and three medallions of the York Suns.

Judith and Eleanor in the hall
guinivere's arrival
Before we got so entangled in the mystery of the Tower, Eleanor DeGuille and her friend Judith were trapped in time with Guinivere. That is where they began to unravel the events of the past. To our present knowledge, they are still there somewhere between times at Haunts Castle reliving all of the history of those people. If you have been reading all of the story, you may recall that Judith’s boyfriend is a Vampyre known as Eric…and one of her best friends is another Vampyre known as Brenda Blonde? Eric and Brenda will soon arrive at the present day Haunts Castle in search of Judith find out her fate of being lost in time with Eleanor. Eventually it will all tie together so be patient and enjoy the timeslips and the detours! Our next detour will take us to Scotland, and the Isle of Skye where Eric and Brennie settled and made their home for centuries.


dunvegan castle

showing up for a day on the set

Eleanor’s Journal65:Beyond the tower and back…

Brennie with Adrian and Eric

Brenny glared at Adrian as he sat down at the table with Eric. She had little use for ones who assumed that they knew better than her, that she was less than an equal merely because of her status in life. This man was far too arrogant for her taste. She cared not how important his mission… and, yes she did know of what it was. What he must understand was that he could not accomplish it without ones such as her. Just because it seemed that she be a lowly serf of a tavern wench or servant did not give him right to misjudge or mistrust her abilities or her intentions. She kept back her anger at him and her desire to tell him proudly just who she was. No, that would serve no purpose right now… she was here to aid Eric and the others in this cause, not promote her own. That would come later, she thought to herself. Eric had promised that should she help them in this, he would see to assisting her in her own battles. For now, she would mind her tongue, hard as that might be with this Adrian.

Avalon at night
Before she turned from them, she could not resist just a minor slip and piece of her mind. She continued to glare at Adrian and spoke evenly in attempt to maintain control. “That child is still in grave circumstances and the Higher Council will not look kindly if you should place her in even more danger than she was before.” She then gave a scathing look at both men and continued in a soft but clear warning. “She should have went on to Avalon with her Father. That is where she should be, protected and training with the merlins and the ladies of the lake, not here in these dire times.” She turned and stalked away from them, leaving them with a last piece of her thoughts. “Achhhh But, of course men always assume that they know better, even in matters that they do not know of… such as the raising of children or the protecting of fairies. I am quite sure Vivianne was not so agreeable to this plan when it was put to her after the fact.”
Screenshot (2)

Brenny left the men to their discussion and took the child upstairs away from their conversation, which she felt might become quite heated before the night was through.
Brennie and Ainor1

Adrian was incensed at the young woman’s attitude and her words of warning. He set about questioning Eric on her role in all of this besides wanting to know just what their situation was now. If it was true that this was such a dire time then perhaps this be the wrong time and place for them.

Eric advised him to sit calm and listen while he explained the current time and situation. There were many things going on now that appeared on the surface to be greviously dangerous to all of them, but underneath and beyond these events was where they must look. Eric was frustrated with the situation as well but had better understanding of it than Adrian, who had not lived through the past few centuries. He had to choose his words carefully so that Adrian would completely comprehend what had taken place and was currently going on. He also had to do it quickly, he did not have weeks or even days to give his friend a detailed accounting of history.

First, he reassured Adrian that they were at the right time and place. Any future danger could be dealt with later if it came to that point. Hopefully by placing the child here and carrying through a plan which had been worked on for some time, they could avoid the possible dangers of the future. He went on to share the present time and most important events concerning them now.

The year was 1474 and the King was Edward IV. The more important fact for them was the matter of his chosen wife and Queen consort. His Queen consort was Elizabeth Woodville and she was the key in this whole situation that concerned them. While Edward was a descendant of some importance, being from the line of Eleanor of Aquatine who held some ancient witchly bloodline, it was more the bloodline of Elizabeth that currently mattered. When she had come into the rule, the witches faction had originally approved of her, deemed her suitable and went along with her supposed quiet, non threatening representation. Now, however, she was becoming a liability for them and for all of the ancient ones. She was bringing suspicions accusations upon them all and if she continued in such a way, she could bring about full scale annihilation for all of the ancients.

The Fairies had already gone much to ground and now resided only in a very few isolated realms. Their only remaining protection was from the Vampyre faction and from the few preistesses left who followed the old ways of the Ladies of the Lake. These included some witches who looked at it as their duty and honor to be the chosen guardians. The Vampyres had as always, managed to walk a fine line between worlds. The human population was becoming consumed with it’s fear and turning more and more to what they believed was their salvation… a church that in some ways was more wicked and corrupt than could be imagined. That church had over the past centuries gained an enormous amount of power and control over those who put their faith in it. Eric just shook his head and added that it was such a long and detailed history, it should wait for some other time. Now, they must concentrate on the most imperative matters.

Even the witches wanted little of Elizabeth or her line much longer. They were fearful of how much more damage she could cause, especially now that she had produced heirs for the throne. They proposed a plan of which would at least diminish some of her power later on. The witches faction had pleaded their case with the Higher Council that the child, Ainor who was trapped in time, be placed here in their protection and be allowed to follow her desitiny to rule. They would ensure that she was put in such a position as to wed the young heir to the throne, Edward V. The witches, the Fairies, and even the Vampyres were in agreement on this plan if it could be worked out.

The Higher Council was reluctant in interfering but, they did want the child safe and they also knew that it was vital to the balancing of worlds that the voices of all those representitives be listened to. If they were all of the opinion that this was what they wanted, then they could go forth with their plan. They must ensure however, that the child remain safe and well cared for at all costs. In human terms of time, it may have seemed this plan took place over but a few short months or years… but, in the timeless reality of that other world, there were those who had seen this coming for some time. Those ancient seers could not control the future outcomes, but they could make plans to possibly avoid some of the chaos they saw. Sometimes it worked well in their favor, other times it back fired. It was the risk, the chance they always took. This was one of those such risks.

When Eric finished his explanations, Adrian was still in a great deal of doubt. This was all such a chance and a gamble to take with this child’s life and her fate as well as their own. Eric argued with him on it. What other option or choice did they have. None, he reminded Adrian, “We have few other choices, save send you straigh back to the beginning and take the child to Avalon as Brenny so reminds us.”

Adrian stood up and paced around the room. “Well, then prehaps that is what we should do, should have done in the first matter.” He shook his head in frustrated anger. “This is a Damn Bloody mess, this is and I know not what to do now. For my part, I want to be done with this… I have need to go home to my time and my own family.”

Adrian and Eric1
Eric stood now as well. He knew it would come down to this matter of his own family with Adrian. “Your family is safe and well cared for, waiting for you on Avalon. Your part in this is almost finished and then you can go home to them. You have done your part, your honorable duty in this matter. Now it is up to the rest of us to continue it forward.” He was as tense and frustrated as Adrian. He was also a bit envious of Adrian’s fate and future but would hold that to himself. Perhaps one day a time would come for him to have that blessing and grace of a family to go to without it being torn away from him. Some of the events of the past few centuries he had endured still haunted him and he often wondered if he would ever be able to trust that another’s life would cease because of him. He could not, would not speak of these things to Adrian. Adrian must go back to live his own destiny and fate without the knowings too much of the in between times else it could cause him to make different choices and decisions and they would not end up right where they were now. These events and consequences of time travel were so complex and fragile that the slightest changes could make vast differences.

Eric gave Adrian this sound advice and warning of such consequences. He had already seen some occurances of it over the years and needed Adrian to be fully aware of such dangers. “When you leave here this morn, I will give you guiding threads woven by Melusina. They will take you to her at Avalon and they will give you the remaining details of all of this. You must rest assured for now that Ainor will be put in good care and the linen will be placed in such safekeeping as well.”

Their tempers remained short with each other and they argued a bit longer about the leaving of Ainor. Eric finally put an end to the discussion. “Adrian, my friend, You will do as you are directed on this. I do not want us to part in anger for it will be a long length of time before we see other again. We must follow the path and direction set for us each on this road now. Let us not wast more time together arguing but rather share a few pints of ancient Blood Ale together before we take our parting.”

He reached a hand out to his long time companion in friendship. “Come, let us head for the forest and enjoy a few moments of darkness before the light comes up and you must be on your way.” He nudged his friend and added, “Ainor is well asleep by now and I am sure that Brenny has calmed herself to her more usual pleasant temprement. Mayhaps we can coax a song or two from her. She has a fine voice and knows well all of the ancient tales and songs. It will ease your mind and put you in a better mood to return to that wife of yours.”

As they went to leave, Eric called softly up the stairs for Brenny to join them outside. He smiled at Adrian, “Smile Man, you are well on your way back to that lovely witch who entrances you. And, before you leave you will taste some of the finest ale ever brewed. Along with her pleasing voice, Brenny has talent for brewing such amazing concoctions as you have never tasted before.”

A few hours later as the sun began to slowly rise, Adrian found that he had to agree with Eric on all accounts. The young Brenny had soothed his thoughts with both song and the most delicious ale he had ever tasted. She had indeed calmed herself… more with the idea that this man would soon be on his way and out of her life than any other thought. Soon, he would be gone, she would deliver the precious child to her safekeeping, and then Eric would help her with her own troubles as promised.

Brenny was not truly happy or at ease with the plan these men had come up with for either little Ainor’s future or their own, but there was little she could do about it. It was a plan put in motion by those far more powerful than she could ever think to be so she must go along with it and pray it did not blow up in their faces to set them all a flame. She would do her part and deliver the child the woman who would care for her until such a time as the rest of the plan could be put in motion.

Eric could not venture out so far or so long in the daylight, nor stay for the length of time needed at this woman’s home. It was up to Brenny to don her more formal attire and persona to accompany this child to the home of Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Stafford. Margaret lived a quiet life of seclusion much away from court. In fact, such a secluded life she led, many thought her dead and her second husband let it stand that way. She suffered from much hearbreak and bouts of what he called seizures… In addition to these ailments, she also held a firm and deep inner loyalty to the house of Lancaster, of which her eldest son was heir to. Her son had been taken from her at a young age and she had no part of raising young Henry Stafford. After her second marriage, she had born a daughter who was in the care of her husband who maintained his loyalty to the York clan, namely Edward, not so much Elizabeth. Margaret’s true ailments were not ones which any of the family would want ever known. She was one of those rare individuals who showed visible signs of ancient bloodlines in her vague views of the future and the past… which were labeled as siezures and mind wanderings.

Because of these visions and her insistances on them being real, she was much confined away from others as she grew older. A few of her close friends and family still knew of her existance and kept ever close watch and care over her. Much of her heartbreak came from the loss of her children, having never been allowed to care for them or raise them. One of her closest friends and confidantes knew of this and endeavored to find some way to ease her friend’s pain, even if for a short time. The Queen Elizabeth’s mother, Jaquetta was that friend. Even though she was now a staunch supporter of her daughter and the Yorks, she did never forget her once true loyalties to the Lancasters and to this friend of hers. Jacquetta was also a well trustworthy and silent witch. She remained true to her ancient ways while keeping them in the utmost secracy. Even she as Elizabeth’s Mother, feared what might come with her daughter’s continued open and blatent misuse of her rank, her power and her abilities.

It was Jaquetta who was a part of this plan to guide the child Ainor towards the throne. She took it upon herself to quietly lay the groundwork and the plan to place the child in the care of her friend and cousin, Margaret. She deemed it would give Margaret some peace, some solace to aide in caring for this little one and it would ensure much safety for Ainor.

Because it all must be done in such secracy and only a very limited and trusted few must be a part of it, Jaquetta had searched out trustworthy ones from the Witch and even Vampyre factions to assist in it. She had called upon the quiet watchers, the Ladies of the Lake for guidance. They had sent young Brenny to her as well the vampyre, Eric.

The young woman, Brenny was an ancient priestess from the higher lands of Scotland, but was also connected to the Royal families of there. She was currently residing within the household of James III of Scotland and was a distant relative of Margaret’s. It had fallen to Eric to escort her here and see to the transfer of the child whence she should arrive.

In the dim morning mist, she watched and waited as Eric said his goodbyes to Adrian. Her mind was troubled and filled with the worries of this plan, as well as worries of her home in the highlands. She found it very hard to keep her thoughts well trained on this current duty of hers and not think of the troubles that she had left in order to do this thing for those Ladies of the Lakes, of whom she was one of. They had called upon her to carry this out and she would do as asked, but she vowed to herself that once it done, she would return and put right those problems she had left there. As she waited, her mind wandered as always back to those other troubles.

Brenny tried not let tears slip out from the painful hidden thoughts that constantly bothered her. She had no home to speak of… she was an illigitimate, bastard daughter, one of many within the larger extended family of King James III. By all accounts, she should have been of no concern or value to him in his schemes and power. For some reason, though he had deemed that she should be a part of his court. She knew not why. She only knew that she had been removed from her peaceful and much isolated home in the northern highlands and brought to his court to live under his rule. She had earlier lived a content life with her Mother’s relatives, all witches and Ladies of the Lake. Well protected and loved by them, she had never questioned her parentage, knew only that her Mother had died giving birth to her and knew not who her Father was… nor did she care at that time. It seemed of no importance to her life there. Someone had known though, and eventually James had been made aware of her existance. He had used the knowledge to gain control over that part of the land, and over the much ancient Ladies. It was in recent years as she grew into her young adulthood and of a marriagable age that he had called for her to placed at his court and under his control. She knew full well that it was not any family concern behind his actions. She was just another of his pawns, his weapons to use against others or to use for his own advantages. What he really wanted from her were the stories, the histories that she had locked away within her vast knowledge of songs, ballads, stories and legends. He wanted to control those but he could not because she would not sing them, tell them, nor write them down as he demanded. They were locked in a battle over this which it seemed was at a stand still. He had vowed that until she should do as bid, she would ever remain his ward, his hostage to do with as he saw fit. She had vowed to never sing another song, tell another story and die in his custody rather than give in.

This trip now to England, which had been set by Jaquetta, the Queen’s Mother was presented to him as part of his show of good faith and alliance with England… a show which he was much intent on right now, as he had just signed a marriage contract to eventually wed King Edward’s daughter, Cecily. For this reason, he had allowed the visit of Brenny to these English relatives. He had no idea that he was being used in a far bigger plan than his own.

Brenny shook the thoughts from her mind and returned to the more important matters at hand now. Eric came back to her side and walked quietly with her to the house. He would sleep for much of the day and she would make preparations for the trip to Margaret’s home where Jaquetta and Margaret awaited their arrival.

These two older women, friends for so long, sat waiting together for the arrival of a little child who should carry a heavy weight of changing a course of the future, and mending a woman’s torn heart.

little Ainor

Eleanor’s journal 60: Tower mystery, a guiding light to follow

Jasper led Henry out of that forest, all the while feeling as though someone were watching them, hovering above them. He could not shake that feeling and speculated to himself that those silent ancient ones were about keeping vigil and waiting to see if he would be successful in this difficult challenge. Henry Tudor felt much the same and voiced his thoughts, “I am feeling as uneased as that silly Catherine with her fears of this place.” He rubbed his arms, then wave them slightly as if to swat some invisible irritant away from him.

They made their way a short distance from that place and the feeling of being watched over lessened. It still lingered faintly though, and Jasper had the feeling that it would follow them until he resolved this concern and issue with Henry in an acceptable manner. Someone, some spirit was with them, waiting and listening. It did not ever completely go away and they both felt it about them.

Finally, they arrived at the shore and a small boat awaiting them. Once they were in and occupied with the chore of rowing, Jasper broached his needed discussion, “I know of your doubts and your misgivings on this destiny that you are not so sure about.” Henry simply nodded his head and continued rowing as his uncle spoke quietly to him.

“You must clear your head and your conscience. You must accept this divine destiny and know that it is yours. You must trust and believe in this without any doubts on your hear or your mind to sway you from this course. This is not just some obsessive want or dream of your Mother’s making. You have a right and a deserving of this crown. It is up to you to fight for it. This is your fight, your challenge and your course in life. It is not a battle to be fought and won just because you think it your duty to your family and those who support you. You must truly believe that is your right, your calling and your destiny. That is the only thing which will carry you through what is to come. That will be your guiding strength on into the future.”

Henry responded with his doubts. “That is my trouble, Uncle, I just can help but think those second thoughts and ask myself, Why me… There are others who have as equal, or more of a claim than I upon this crown. So, why is it that I should think I am so much more deserving of it than them. My Mother’s passion and obsession borders on the unhinged, I often think it has driven her to the brink of insanity. I can not go simply by her professions alone, nor of yours I think either because in the end, you are so tied to her that you would be ever loyal to her through anything.” He eyed his uncle with a knowing look and Jasper turned his face away to avoid revealing his acknowledgement of Henry’s suspicions.

Henry smiled sadly and sighed, “As to the other legions of followers, most of them would turn their allegiances on a chance. They are discontented with Richard now, but if Richard were to turn and favor them, they would easily turn their loyalties. They have proven such in the past. If Richard were to suddenly have a change of heart or conscience and set that boy on the throne where he rightfully belongs, none of this would matter or have consequence.”

The men continued rowing in silence for a time before Jasper answered those thoughts. “There is much more to it than just that… But, in reality, What chance do you think there is in Hell that Richard would do such a thing. No, Richard has set this whole matter in motion and now we must all ride out the storm. He has gone past reasoning with and it is his own actions which have put you in this place to fight for this crown.” He paused for a moment then went on. “Look upon it in that way, if you must. This is a battle for the sucession and you are the only one in a position to be a contender for it. Yes, there may be others who have a right or a claim, but they are not here, are they? If you do not take on this challenge and win it, then Richard wins by default and will remain in control. He has already proven that he is losing his own grip on reality and that he has little regard for his conscience. Do you want to sit back and allow him to go on?”

Henry thought on this and nodded, “No, I can not in good or clear conscience sit back and watch his reign go on as is. If it were not me in this position, I would back another who was as willing to fight him on this.” It all weighed heavily on Henry’s mind and he could not quite come to grips with the many thoughts bothering his heart. “I only wish that I had as much faith in Divine right and guidance as My Mother does seem to have. I would ask for some sign, some assurance that I truly am that chosen and worthy one. Is that so much to seek from those above, and on the ground who profess to know what my calling is?”

Jasper sighed and agreed with the young man’s questionings. “No, that is never so much to ask. Perhaps the heavens will give you such sign from above… From those of us on the ground guiding you, I can only seek to assure you that we would not put such faith in you if we did not firmly believe that it is your destiny, and ours for you to wear this crown. Your Mother’s passion comes from her true belief in those above that guide her life. She does not veer or sway from that course even though it has cost her much happiness and peace in her life. This is true for all of us. We could easily have disgarded this path long ago and held much happiness on the surface, but there would be no true happiness or peace within our souls or our hearts. You must weigh one against the other and decide which is of the more important.”

Jasper was not sure that his words and his assurances were having much effect. He searched in his soul for what Henry truly needed to hear and know. “Henry, you know all of the reasons and justifications for your claim, you know that you have a valid right and claim to it through your Mother’s bloodlines. No, perhaps they might not be as valid or strong as some other claims could be… but as I have already stated, those others are not here, not in position to fight for this right. You are, and that should be taken as your sign from above that you are the one. The heavens and the fates have aligned in such a way as to give you this opportunity. It is still up to you to fight for the claim. Thus, the fates create a scale of balance, an equal chance for either side to win or lose. If we go forth, engage in this battle and win it, then we have won fairly and honorably. That should be your sign as well… Take up the challenge and the sword, enter into the fight and then let the fates decide. Who ever should win will be the rightful ruler… Accept that as your guiding sign and have the courage to follow through with it.”

star over sun
The men grew silent and concentrated their thoughts and focus on reaching a larger ship off in the distance. In the dim early dawn mist and heavy fog surrounding them it was difficult to see anything. They also battled heavy waves on the churning sea. Quite suddenly the sea calmed and fog lifted to show a strange sight in the sky. In the heaven with the hazy rising sun, there was an odd star near it… swiping across the sky near the sun and for a moment it stopped it’s flight, settled and appeared to be sitting upon the sun. Then just as quickly, it resumed it’s path across the morning sky… As if it were a leftover star who had missed it’s calling to leave with the others of it’s night time group.

heaven's sign
Henry stared up at the sky in some awe, then looked around the calm sea that they were suddenly sitting upon. He let down his oar and raised his face to that sky with hands clasped in front of him in prayer. His immediate thought was that this was his sign… his proof from above that he was on the right course, the divine path. His heart and his soul were filled with a lightness, the dark doubts lifted and he knew that he must fight for this divine right and accept what ever outcome it led to.

With that clarity, he smiled at Jasper and picked up his oar, “Come, let us take advantage of this divine intervention and reach our destiny all the quicker with a calm sea for the moment!”


At Royals Forest, the haunted woman had stood upon the shore and stared out at the small vessel sailing away into the turbulence. She had simply looked up at the clouds, raised her arms to those heavens and offered a small thought of light to guide the way of these men who battled for their destiny. During this time she was in need of that light and guidance herself, being lost in the throes of some deep never ending sadness that seemed to go on through eternity. She could recall nothing of life lived and only felt some peace and comfort when in the nearness of the ancient Abbey. That woman floating there knew not how to relieve herself of the immense, overwhelming pain in her soul… she often searched the forest and the field for some answers, some understanding but usually felt nothing that would allow her to remember or know what her purpose was.

At some times in the past, there had many visitors to this place…coming in remeberance and memorium, paying homage to those souls lost here. Over time the visitors had lessened and even the old Abess of this small chapel had finally gone on to her calling.

The light for Abess Ancient

She had tried to bring this lost soul with her to that light but the young woman had resisted for some reason. She knew not why she should not go, only that it was not time for her to leave yet. So, she had watched that worn and frail woman leave this world and go to the next…

That woman had been the only one to ever acknowledge and accept her presence here. They had spent some many years in quiet solace together, giving each other some sort of comfort and peace. After that woman’s leaving, the place had been much empty save for an occasional traveler through the woods, a few hunters and wanderers in search of game and wild harvests. Once in a great while a Royal group would arrive at the lodge down the road and stay for short lengths of time.

Most who visited did not stay or linger long. She tried once or twice to reach out in some way to them in hopes they could shed light on her dispair but they seemed greatly disturbed by her presence. They would quickly depart on feeling her near to them so eventually she had given up and spent most of her time in some nether between realm of half sleep, tortured dreams and vague clouded memories which she could make no sense of. At times she had some feeling as if she were bound here by some wicked one’s words or curse. Other times, she felt the binding was of her own making caused by a guilt, a grief and pain that she could not work her way out of. Time had ceased to exist for her as it marched on, faded to and fro, in and out. And, just as time had ceased to exist for her, she had ceased to exist for time… save for being some long forgotten part of an ancient myth or legend.

Her name had been forgotten over the years, even by her… With no on to call upon her or speak it, it held no meaning for her. The only means of recalling it was to read it upon the old stone marker placed near to the Abbey by someone she could not rightly put a name or face to. His memory had worn away as much as the etched words upon that stone he had seen placed there in her memory at some time after that battle which had left her body trampled and destroyed on that field.

That memory was too painful to bring back. Each time she tried, her entire being was so overtaken with the shock, the physical distress and the heart shattering hurt that she could not fight past it. She quit trying after a time, deeming it not necessary and only wanting to avoid such pain ever more.

Now recently, others had begun traveling through this place more often. It felt as if they were in search of something, and many of them seemed to be in such danger as once she had been. Something within her began to wake, a sense that she was needed… that her purpose here was unfolding in some way. She could hear more clearly the conversations and the thoughts of those who traveled here now. Yes, they were in much danger. There was a storm approaching, a wicked and vicious storm of massive proportions, it would be a battle of souls and the river would run red with blood once again. In this place between worlds, between times and realms where there laid an opening which people of little understanding had been using to cross those boundaries… In this place where she had been left to pass into eternity, there would be another battle for a kingdom, a crown.


Eleanor’s Journal 59: Tower Mystery, haunts of Royals Forest

The young girls prepared to face their Mother and admit to at least a portion of their supposed guilt in what they chose to describe as a much careless misplacing of the chest. For just this one time, they agreed to set their differences aside and stand together against the woman that neither of them had any great love for, but certainly much fear of.

In the dark of Royals Forest, the other group made their preparations for each their seperate journies. Jasper and Henry Tudor needed to make much haste and be away from this place. They had ventured far too close to enemy territory to complete this mission but deemed it entirely necessary in order to gain the support of Henry Stafford. Jasper was not so sure that any of this was such a wise move but he had run out of options and the whole situation with Richard had become far too dangerous for all of them. He knew more than he let on to Henry about just how far Richard was willing to go.

Young Henry Tudor assumed that this was merely a battle and war for the crown, not that it wasn’t vitally important in itself… but there was so much more to it that Jasper did not feel he dared share with Henry yet. He did not want Henry’s focus to be swayed from the one task at hand for him to complete. In order to make some rights of everything else going on, it was imperitive that Henry succeed in this bid for the crown. For that reason, Jasper kept the other events to himself and prayed that by Henry taking the throne, and taking Elizabeth York to wife, those other events would work themselves out in ways that would not destroy more of their world. He wisely kept silent his knoweldge of the ancient ones, the witchcraft, the other distant and secret realms that were watching to see how this all played out.

Some of those secret factions were still much angry that their previous attempts to place one of theirs on the throne had not gone as planned. They did not mean Elizabeth Woodville either… for even those ancient ones were not happy with her representation of them. All she had done, in their opinions, was cause more danger for them all. No, their intent had been to see the child, Eleanor DeGuille placed upon the throne with young Edward. Had that taken place, many of those silent but powerful factions would have been appeased. They had all agreed that the boy Edward, even if he carried no outward traces or signs of his lineage, would be acceptable in that he was a descendant of the witch’s faction. Those ancients who had observed young Eleanor knew that she would eventually show signs of her own ancient bloodline and that she would well represent the witches and the fairie factions. Their cause had been defeated by the untimely death of King Edward and the resulting chaos that ensued with Richard’s take over. These factions wanted no part of Richard, or for that matter, Elizabeth Woodville having reign in any way. While the witches and fairies were honor bound not to interfere in the current affairs, they did invoke their rights to have some say in events that would cause much danger for all of them in the future.

Even the Vampyres, who really had no just cause to be wary in this situation, and should not have had reason to be involved… even they took it upon themselves to choose sides with the witches and the fairies in this matter. For them, it was simply a way to ensure they gained land holdings long lost to them over the centuries of battles in this area. The Vampyres had been a part of the land as long as those other ancients and their bloodlines ran throughout the areas from many of their Northern, often blood lusting relatives and ancestors. Many of those Northmen, those who had lived in the cold darkness of the wintery climates and ventured into this land so many centuries ago. They had not been entirely wiped out, but had silently acclimated themselves into the cultures and ways of this Britain and of that Normandy that they now called home.

The Vampyre faction chose to side with the witches and fairies in this matter in return for some of those lost holdings eventually being returned to them. They did not care so much over who ruled but rather who would do the least damage and be the most benefit to them. The Vampyres were willing to play both sides against the middle as long it was of some benefit to them. Such was the case with Richard when he had agreed and accepted their assistance. Little did Richard realize that this faction would just as easily turn on him as those others he had put his trust in. What the Vampyre faction truly wanted was their land holdings back. When they quickly saw that Richard’s cause was doomed, they made their decision to side with the rest of the ancients and put their bets on Henry Tudor.

Jasper Tudor knew all of this and remained silent. It was not his place, his duty to share all of this with Henry as yet. First and foremost, Henry must win the war for the throne and he must do it without any interferances or manipulations from those factions. It must be his own battle to win or lose. That was the judgement that had come down from the Higher Council. No one could intervene in this battle, just as they had not been allowed to intervene in other battles reaching so far back as to the last bloody battle that Arthur of Pendragon had fought.

On this dark night, as they were standing in front of the ancient Abbey, Jasper’s thoughts wandered for a few moments to that legend that was Arthur. He only hoped that their final battle would not end such as Arthur’s had… Of course that was all of myth and legend though, was it not? At least that is what most people believed now. Few if any, knew the true history of it and that was how the ancients wanted it kept. Not one person truly even knew the exact place of where it had all happened, where that fabled isle of Avalon was, where that fateful ancient battle had occured. Jasper gave a shudder as a more sudden wind picked up and whipped the air around them. He stood there lost in his thought and to him it seemed as if he could feel those long departed ancient warriors. He heard the wind carry faint echoes of war cries, he smelled blood all around him and beyond that, he heard cries of babes, of women mourning and screams from ancient women and children as they met their own deaths. The sounds and the smell was so real as to cause him to hold his head in anguish.

He thought it was just his own mind playing havoc with him until he turned to the sounds from the others in his group. Catherine Stafford looked about to wretch and fall faint. Her face was a ghostly pale and she clutched at her husband’s arm, “Come, Henry let us be gone from here. I feel something in the winds and the storms about us. This place is not safe for us, though I feel there is nowhere safe for us right now.”

Feeling the past of Royals Forest
Henry Stafford was feeling his own terror and could not but agree with his wife though he did not put voice to his thoughts. There was no need to terrify her even more than she was already scared. His thought was that the fates were giving him glimpse and feeling of his future and he prayed fervently that the echoed cries of women and children were not those that would be his own wife and children. He made a sudden decision then that he hoped would at least keep them safe, if not him… for he knew there was no safety for him now. Henry Stafford ordered his wife to go to Richard and put herself and their children upon his mercy. She must go to him and disavow any knowledge of his doings, beg for reprieve and swear her loyalty and alliegance to Richard for now. When Catherine made attempt to disagree with him, he was insistant and adament that she do as told. Jasper backed him on this as he told her, “No, what I need to do now is mine to do alone with no part from you. Tis your duty to our children to go to him and deny any part in this. You must put yourself out of this and be where no blame can ever be accused or placed on you. You must do this in much public and in front of witnesses such as the Bishop. For then, he will be able to do nothing more than ensconse you in a tower dwelling for the present time. There you will at least remain alive and safe throughout this ordeal.”

Catherine was in tears and still reluctant to carry this out. Henry Tudor, who had remained silent until now, stepped forward and made his own direction to her, “No, You shall do this. Should you like to be one of those women wailing and screaming over their fate and that of their babes being slaughtered? Should you like to die in agony in a field somewhere and all the while wonder what has happened to your children as they are dragged away to their own torture…” He looked at her ashen face to be sure she was understanding his words, “There has been and will be more than enough blood shed in this fight without you adding your own. You will do as you are bid now and take yourself to what ever safety and sanctuary there is left on Richard’s side for now. When this thing all over and done, when I have a crown safely on my head, I will ensure that you and your children are safe for the future.”

Guinivere guiding Catherine away
With those words, Catherine had little choice but to make her way back to the snake pit so filled with venom that was now Richard’s court. As she left Royals Forest, she felt an odd sensation that someone was guiding her safely away from this place that filled her with almost as much fear and dread as the Castle did. She still heard the faint cries in the wind and continued to hear them until she was well clear of that Forest.

guinivere's presence
Much later as the dawn approached, Henry Tudor stared at the open field across from the old Abbey. Something in his soul told him that the battle he had felt previously had taken place there. He knew it had been real, and he also had an awareness that his own destiny and fate would be decided there upon that same field. Henry was not a battle hardened warrior. He was young and most of his life had been spent in escaping from deadly battles such as this. His deepest fear was of not succeeding, of failing all of those who were so determined for him to wear a crown. If truth were told, he was not even sure he wanted such a thing, or was as worthy as they all deemed him to be. Who was he to be so all important, so worthy or deserving of this crown? He could not help but question this in his mind so often. By all rights, that crown should have been the young Edward’s. In his his heart Henry knew this to be true and he could not shake the feeling that he was the usurper in this game.

As they walked softly off into the mists surrounding this place, Jasper sensed Henry’s doubts and knew the time had come to share some of his knowledge… certainly not all of it, but enough it to ease the doubts which could cause him to doubt himself in the future battle. He needed Henry to be well confident in this with no second thoughts or guessing on his part. Henry needed to know enough to be confident that he was worthy, he did deserve this crown. He needed to believe that he was entitled to it.


Eleanor’s journal: Tower mystery58… Admitting guilt and placing blame

Elizabeth Woodville watched Grace leave and quickly wiped her face clean of the emotions she felt. She allowed herself to feel those softer emotions for Grace because she could… She could safely feel kindness and care for that girl because in the end, the larger picture of life, Grace posed no real threat or value to anyone. She was truly an innocent bystander in this game of power and pawns. Unlike her own daughters who could be used much to her advantage, used against her or be traded off to the highest bidder, Grace was a safe replacement to show affections to. She had come to care for the girl more than her own children simply because she knew from their births that her children were not truly hers. Her sons were, for all practical purposes, sons of England… never had they really been hers to love or guide. Her daughters were looked at as much valuable commodities and although she had been allowed to keep them close and raise them, there was always the underlying knowledge that they were not truly hers either. She had learned early on that it was better to not be so closely attached and overly fond of them for they would eventually leave and be expected to give their loyalties to those houses they were wed into. If one did not give into those intense feelings, it did not hurt nearly so much when they were taken away. It was a lesson she had learned with the early deaths of two of her children, and then the lesson had been re-enforced more recently with the death of daughter Mary. Mary’s death had been the turning point of her heart going cold. It was then that Elizabeth turned so much colder and distant towards the other children. She determined then that whether they left by death, by marriage, or as in the case of the boys- by way of a crown… it mattered not, they were still gone to her.


She summoned that coldness within her heart as she turned to face the two daughters left to her right now. Somewhere deep inside, she knew that one of these girls was the traitor to her and to the rest of them. Now, she must determine which of them it was. She also felt a need to understand why. Perhaps it was more a case of them not realizing just what they had done. She thought on this as she approached them and set about explaining the circumstances with the chest.

The two young girls eyed their Mother warily and both were in some state of fear as she looked at them coldly and spoke with a calm, yet chilled demeanor, “It has been brought to my attention that something of most precious and important value to us was misplaced during our leaving . It is now in the hands of Richard… And, I should like to know just how this happened?” The girls were perplexed and Elizabeth watched them both closely for some sign of guilt. Neither of them showed sign of knowing what she was talking about so she continued, “When we were packing and arranging for our items to be moved and stored away, the coffer chest of my Mother’s which I held so dear to me was supposed to be sent on to my sister Catherine for her safekeeping should anything happen to us… I have been informed that it never was sent but left in our apartments.”

At this statement, both girls seemed on edge. They looked down at their feet, glanced at each other then returned to staring at the floor. Their hands fidgeted with the cloth on their dresses and they did not respond to her questioning. Their Mother was growing agitated and vexed. Could it be that both girls held a part in this?
Elizabeth and daughter fighting1
As neither girl would speak up, Elizabeth spoke crossly to them both. “I am not accusing anyone or placing blame… But, I would advise and warn you both that the contents of that chest have raised the suspicions of Richard. He has made threats that he could make those contents known and accuse us all of witchcraft.”

Both girls went equally pale and gasped in unison as she went on, “Of course should he do this, it would not just apply to me, but to all of those in our family. As he put it to me, Wouldn’t it be a bitter irony… We could all escape the cold damp confines of this sanctuary to be forever warm roasting over a bonfire together!”

The girls were so visibly shaking and crying that now they were unable to make a coherant response to her. She did not give in to their tears or their fear. She wanted them to feel that same fear that had overtaken her. “I know not who is responble for this greivious error, I care not right now…I just want you both to know what danger we have been placed in by this act.” She turned away from them and spoke more softly more to herself than them but with the intent of them hearing her clearly.
Elizabeth woodville1

“Perhaps it was done out of carelessness… I can not think that someone would intentionally put us all at such risk. Mayhaps they did not realize what was in the bottom of that chest, were unaware of the importance of that well worn and much sewn ancient linen within. That linen which has been passed down through generations of women in our family and been sewn upon by so many of us. Ahhh well, even if not done intentionally or purposefully, the result is still the same. The linen, the chest, and all of the precious memories of our family such as Dearest Mary’s locks of hair and last scraps of sewing are now forever gone to us. Richard now holds everything most precious and dear to us and can use it against us.”

With that quiet speech, she walked away from the girls into the other room. She stood around the corner out of sight, waited and listened to the girls.

Young Elizabeth and Cecily, both trembling and in tears eyed each other. Through their tears, they began to whisper heatedly to each other. Elizabeth grabbed her younger sisters arm and pinched it viciously, “What in God’s Holy name have you done, you wretched girl?”

Cecily slapped her sister’s hand away and spat back, “Me? It was not I who touched that linen and that chest last. Twas you searching through it and I remember well your curiousity about that blasted cloth!” She hissed at Elizabeth, “Do not place this blame upon me, when it is you who are always going on about how much more responsible you are than I. It was you who should have ensured it was sent off to Catherine.”

They looked at each other in much confusion and Elizabeth finally spoke, “Think, Cecily, Think very hard… Try to remember who all was in the room with us when we were preparing to leave? It was all so hurried, I can not remember it all so clearly. I know that I gave specific instructions as what should be done with that chest but there were so many of us there and such haste that I can not recall who was to have charge of taking it and delivering it…” Elizabeth began to cry again, weeping and wiping the tears away. She felt such guilt for this action that may or may not have been her fault but as her Mother had put it all too harshly, the result was the same.

Cecily for once shared her sister’s feelings and felt her own amount of guilt. Her guilt was well founded though, as she knew what had happened and had let it occur, thinking only of herself at the time. Even now, her guilty thoughts were more of the fact that this act which she had not thoroughly thought through was coming back upon her directly. Cecily knew full well what was in the bottom of that chest and it’s significance. She also knew that she wanted no part of it, then or in the future. She wanted no part of her heritage and was loathe for it to be ever connected to her or their family. Her only thought at the time had been that it should be better for them all to be well rid of it forever. To send it on to her aunt Catherine would only put Catherine in danger, and she did like her aunt Catherine. There was one person in the room at that moment whom she had trusted well enough to do her a favor and take the chest away from all of them. That person was one that would never want such a thing as a hint of witchcraft to associated with Catherine’s name, nor with Cecily’s or young Elizabeth’s.

Margaret Stanley had been present in the room at the time and Cecily had ever been a favorite of Margaret’s. The Duchess Catherine was married to Margaret’s nephew, and Cecily also knew of Margaret’s secret plan to sway a marriage between Elizabeth York and her son. Margaret shared much with Cecily that she did not divulge to others. For some reason, she well liked the young girl and made much praise over her when her Mother and others did not. Cecily had confided in Margaret about the possibility of danger within the chest and asked the woman to take it away from them all.

Cecily saddened
Now, Cecily cried in some heartbreak that the one she had trusted so well had seemingly betrayed her and all of her family. She felt guilt for that trust but was bewildered as to why Margaret would have done such a thing when it was still her intent to see her son wed to Elizabeth. This did not make sense even to Cecily’s young mind. Cecily might be young but she was wise enough to see that there was still some puzzle about this. She also though quickly enough on her feet to realize that neither she nor her sister Elizabeth should have to take the fall or the blame for this. While yes, they had been careless in their actions, the blame could go to Margaret for this mess!

She whispered as much to Elizabeth, admitting some guilt and responsility only for the fact that she had left charge of the chest to Margaret Stanley. Elizabeth looked at her sister in some surprise and suddenly gave a rather smug and harsh smile, “Haaaaa then it would seem that this would be my gift from God above… if it was truly she to blame, I would not think that even Mother would go so far as to give me off in marriage to them!”
Elizabeth's trunk

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The Royals from Avalon through time and history to Haunts Castle!

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