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Outlanderday Cooking: Wine and Wedding feasts!

First of all, before we discuss any other cooking or dining plans for this evening’s episode, I want to try to answer a question one of my followers left me. She wanted to know whether Colum’s wine goblets were available for purchase anywhere? Well, I had to go in search of them after that! Alas, I was not able to find the exact goblets- I am quite certain that Colum probably had his specially crafted just for his table! I did however find a number of other beautiful goblets and glasses on my search and will share them with you!


Outlander wine goblets

Why is their Rhenish wine not white post:  https://timeslipsblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/25/outlander-why-is-their-rhenish-wine-not-white/

Colum and Claire enjoying the Rhenish wine


Now, unfortunately for Claire, she will be celebrating her Wedding feast at a local tavern/Inn and not at Colum’s fine table… or at a well set Sassenach one either.



If she were celebrating her Wedding feast under more suitable and appropriate circumstances, she would of course enjoy some of the treasured Rhenish Wine and perhaps she might have received some of her own exquisite goblets to set a future table with?  Here are just a few examples of such elegant Wine ware that I found!




Pitcher/Decanter to serve the Rhenish Wine from!

Jacobite wine goblets

Jacobite Wine Goblets, found on my search… unfortunately no link to their maker or other information was available.

Celtic wine goblet

Celtic Wine Goblet, one of many available at http://graemeanthonypewter.com.au/pages/products.asp?ID=2



Celtic Wedding Hock Wine Goblets

Celtic Wedding Hock Wine Goblets from: http://www.basil-ltd.com/page/137256204


These next three were all found on Amazon!


pewter wine goblet at amazon gold wine goblets from amazon etched wine glasses


Update! If you still can’t find that perfect glass or goblet, I suggest you try searching here!



Ahhhhh and now that such dreaming is out of the way, Claire will have to just be happy that she has been found a clean dress to wear! And, tis a truly pretty one at that! Thank Heavens for Ned Gowen!

Outlander wedding dress first look


As to her Wedding feast, well it most likely be what ever the Inn is serving tonight, which we understand is roast beef, fresh bread and plenty of Ale to wash it all down! I’ve heard that Jamie might possibly be able to procure some better tasting wine for them to celebrate with privately? We’ll have to see if he has any luck on that!


We will be joining in the celebration and will feast on the same fare everyone else at the Inn tonight!  Theresa at Outlanderkitchen.com has provided us with an excellent recipe for roast beef so we shall attempt that!


sliced-beef-copy rubbed-roast-copy


I am going to experiment a bit with the roast though. I have a very small beef roast and am going to try something with it? I’ve done this in the past and it turned out delicious so I am going to try it again and combine it with the rest of Theresa’s recipe?  What I will do is very carefully open the roast so it is a flat piece of meat, then spread an herbed goat cheese mixture over it and roll it back up, tying it once I am finished. After that process, I will go on with Theresa’s recipe! I will provide pictures and results in an update post later tonight… hopefully? If I am not too teary eyed and wine sloshed from the whole Wedding event!


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Rhenish Wine update!

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Just a quick update to let you know that I did find a Rhenish Red Wine at my local Trader Joe’s!  It was a bargain at under $5 so I decided to pick it up and will be trying it out! I have not had a chance to taste it yet, it’s chilling for now and I will update on whether it was truly a good find or not… or whether I will be using it to flavor some cooking!

Joseph Handler Sweet Red- Reinhessen Germany

Joseph Handler Sweet Red- Reinhessen Germany



I did also find two reviews of it on other sites and am including those here!

The Wino that I know: Joseph Handler Sweet Red



This other video review is for the 2010 Joseph Handler Sweet Red from Thumbs Up Wine Review