Something Wicked this way comes… Gerard DeJewel and Elizabeth Rivers

Gerard cover

Gerard’s beginnings
Gerard DeJewel… The source of all the wrongs done in realm for centuries! Gerard is a witch with a plan… and secrets! His goal in the future is to scam as many people out of cash as possible enabling him to carry out his other more evil witchly plans involving the past!

A few words from Gerard himself… “Wicked I may be, but at least I am not evil incarnate… or a vampire!” I admit to a few less than honorable deeds throughout the past but really, I lay some of the blame on those who were so willing to believe in something that they questioned nothing! A very gullible lot they were back then, weren’t they?! As to my supposed abuses of my wife… I may have been a bit over bearing and controlling but most men were in those times! The same holds true for my children, I followed dictates of the age and I had their best interests in mind… except possibly that hellion middle child- I don’t think even the wild highland clans deserved her as punishment!

Now, as to these “time slips” that have occurred… Ummmm Yes, I did have some involvement in those? I was rather unsure of how to control my powers and did not realize how much damage could be wrought! I do heartily apologize for those small side affects…

I have been informed by the higher council that I must work on my self control and no longer meddle in the affairs of humans, lest I wish to be stripped of my powers, outed as an un-natural in the medieval ages and thus suffer the fate of all the rest whom I might have caused to be die? My current goal is to regain my personal wealth, not to take over the world… I’ve discovered a relatively easy way to do this. I shall use my natural charisma and charm as well as my knowledge of the past and glimpses of the future to become a highly trusted, well paid Celebrity Psychic!

Elizabeth cover

Elizabeth Rivers has heard stories that she’s descended from royalty, witches, maybe mermaids or an ancient mythical goddess? Her quest is to find out the truth and discover the mysteries of her past… Perhaps once she finds those out she will understand her as yet untested witchly powers? Perhaps she will also understand why she is so drawn to the water. Maybe the water goddess Melusina does run through her blood?

Elizabeth has an affinity for water, she feels more at home there than anywhere else, which is odd because she grew up in the middle of farmland, Midwest USA with not open water to speak of? Her family was pretty closed mouth about their history. Her parents died in a tragic accident when she was young and she raised by two aunts who said little other than, “Sometimes, it’s better not to question things?” It wasn’t until she reached her teens that they shared some of their heritage and their beliefs with her. She was sworn to secrecy and made aware of the dangers of being a pagan in a land full of devout Christians. They did try to teach her but, it turned out she was a pretty pathetic witch who couldn’t even master the basic spells? She gave up on it and joked with her aunts that it must have skipped a generation! Elizabeth chose instead to focus on facts and history. She went to college got a degree in medieval history and landed the job of a life time working at an old castle in a place called Dragon Valley…Her aunts then told her about the stories of their past and how maybe her destiny was calling her home?

Although yes, Elizabeth is technically a witch- she thinks the magic must have skipped a generation with her so she doesn’t really consider herself one? She does have a few old wands that were passed down to her, more as family heirlooms than anything else since her aunts hold no hope for her as a witch after numerous failed attempts to teach her anything in the past! She also gets more than her fill of various antiquities in her work and would prefer not to be surrounded by them constantly in her off hours- what few she gets! The one thing she does want is the feeling of calm and strength that she gets from water?! There are times when she feels almost like she can control it… but, what a ridiculous notion is that- especially from one who has no powers?!
Screenshot-34 (2)

Elizabeth had arrived at this strange Haunts Castle to be greeted by a rather cold and rude man by the name of Gerard DeJewel. Actually, she had felt what she assumed his presence before he made himself known to her… From the moment of stepping foot in the Castle, she had felt an odd sense of someone watching her? What was even odder was, that while this should have frightened the daylights out of her, she seemed to feel no fear of this particular observer? All of the other strange sounds and feelings of being watched, Yes! She was scared witless of this place already… but, not so for the one she felt watching her so closely?
Screenshot-2 (9)

He had definitely not been an enthusiastic welcoming committee! The man outright told her that she shouldn’t be here and he was not in favor of this project! He had grudgingly assisted her in settling into a modern downstairs apartment that had been provided for her use. Muttering, and swearing under his breath all the while… She had finally exclaimed in exasperation, I can still hear you, You do know that, right?”

He had given her a glowering, almost evil, some might call it, stare and replied, “Good! Then you will quickly realize that I am not at all on board with any of this!”

Elizabeth knew that his look was meant to frighten and dissuade her from any further interaction with him but something told her this was a front that hid his truest nature?

Still grumbling, he helped her carry her things downstairs and tried to make a half hearted attempt to be somewhat sociable and agreeable, as though he suddenly remembered that it was required of him. She could tell that he was hoping she would turn down his offer of assistance and let him leave. Hmmmm… She was not about to do any such thing? For some reason, this rude man held her interest! She decided to let him suffer a while longer and employed his help in unpacking her small amount of belongings.

She didn’t have many personal treasures- the wands, and then these antique sun sculptures that have been in her family forever? No one knew where they came from but they were pretty and Elizabeth was always drawn to them even as a small child. Her aunts insisted she have them.

When Gerard saw them, he actually became quite unsettled… he who is usually so calm and unphased! He asked her so many questions, for which she had no answers. That rattled him even more! He could not believe she knew nothing of her past, of her history and commented that for one who dealt so deeply in the pasts of others, she certainly was remiss in her own?! Gerard insisted that she set about learning of her own history?

As a last thought, he asked her, “Have you not yet toured the castle at all?”
She had to reply that, no she had not toured all of it in depth yet, what did that have to do with her history?! He sighed and told her to look closely throughout and she may see a connection between her antique suns and those decorating portions of the castle? He muttered, “For such an acclaimed historian and archivist, I find it amazing that you hold such treasures and don’t even question their history?!”

What Elizabeth did not know was that Gerard was on a mission to save himself, as well as her possibly? He had been ordered to redeem himself and salvage what he could of the mess he had made. The council had made it quite clear they were not joking and even given him a few months of enduring a taste of the torture he could expect if he failed in this? All Gerard knew was that he was to assist this young woman in fulfilling her destiny, what ever that should be?

Elizabeth had only been given instructions that this Gerard was here to assist her and she should follow his advice? They also added that they would be sending her two additional staff members soon to assist her. They assured her in their letter that they realized what immense endeavor this project was and they were quite certain that she would need some help.

For the time being, Elizabeth went along with Gerard’s foolish notion of delving into her history. She thought it a silly waste of time and what did have to do with the history of this castle and this land…nothing, she thought!

Gerard and Elizabeth soon found themselves forging a sort of uneasy alliance as they worked together. More unease on Gerard’s part than Elizabeth’s! Gerard was quite adept at putting up walls around himself and normally, he was not one to be drawn into casual relationships of any kind, friendship or any other sort! He was not a type for small talk or friendly bantering, and certainly not flirtations with women! He kept his interactions with Elizabeth strictly managed to their research of the Castle and the surrounding area.

Screenshot-10 (3)
Elizabeth, on the other hand had no such discomfort about forging ahead in her interest of him! She wasn’t usually comfortable around strangers, especially men… but for some reason, this man who should have sent her warning signals flashing into over drive had the opposite affect on her? She was completely comfortable and relaxed around him… and she admitted to herself, extremely attracted to him!

For Gerard’s part, the young woman grated immensely on his nerves, she annoyed the crap out of him with her constant chatter and her generally cheerful, optimistic attitude! He did notice though that she seldom experienced fits of temper or ire, was intensely curious about everything, it seemed but her own history? She was highly intelligent and had an innate skill for remembering and recalling the most seemingly insignificant facts that would turn out to be of great importance. One other thing about her interested him and gave him pause to wonder? She accepted the fact that she was a witch, but also remained unconcerned with her lack of abilities in that facet of her life. She did not bemoan the fact but usually laughed it off saying it was a good thing she had her brains because if she had to survive on her witchly powers, she would be in a world of hurt! Of course, there were a few other parts of her he was beginning to find extremely interesting as well… such as the way she laughed openly and sometimes loudly, the way her lips moved when she did… the way she glanced at him when she thought he wasn’t looking? And, then, for all her cheerfulness and open optimism, there was her very real fear of such things as ghosts and haunting spirits? For a woman who seemed comfortable as a witch, for one who was such an expert on so many things, this fear seemed oddly placed. But, it was overwhelming and overtaking for her and being here in this Castle so full of it’s mysteries, ghosts and hauntings was causing her to unravel a bit!

She imagined all sorts of things, voices whispering to her, wails and moans from someone in great distress, even others watching her from hidden corners? Occasionally she would even swear that she saw children playing on the tower walk and a woman floating through the Great hall…


Screenshot-5 (2)

Screenshot-22 (2)

Gerard attributed it to much reading of the history of this place on her part! He tried to remain patient with her but patience was something he had never had much of!

One evening Gerard had insisted on showing Elizabeth a bit of Dragon Valley and it was late when they finally returned… As they came into the yard, Elizabeth stopped and listened to something, “Do you hear that?”

Gerard shrugged, “What this time?” He was tired and not really up to her many puzzlements and questions but did try to be agreeable.


Elizabeth answered, “Really, you can’t hear it? It sounds like someone wailing off in the distance?!”
Inwardly, he groaned to himself absolutely not wanting this conversation again… they had it every time the wind blew it seemed!

She kept on about it and finally he did lose his temper! “Elizabeth! Enough Already! The Castle is ancient, full of creaks and moans as well as ghosts most likely! You can not jump at every little noise you hear, You’re going to drive us both crazy!” He cursed, “And, I for one should not like to take that route out of this world?!”
Screenshot-7 (3)

Later, they tried to relax and enjoy one of the few luxuries Elizabeth had brought with her, the wall screen television… but Elizabeth’s mind wandered to other things, such as the sight of Gerard being far more interesting than the news!

Screenshot-17 (2)

Gerard had been trying to pay attention to the news, but as usual Elizabeth kept interrupting with random thoughts and then attempts to casually return to the earlier conversation about the noises?
What Elizabeth did not realize was how much of a news junkie Gerard was?! He got so aggravated when interrupted while watching or reading it… it took all of his limited patience not to growl at her to be quiet! With anyone else he would have, but this woman… she was growing on him for some reason?! He actually enjoyed having her non stop chatter surround him most of the time? There were moments though that he did wonder what it would take for her to be quiet? He also wondered, with all her chatter, how she heard every little noise in the first place?!

The last thing he was going to admit to her right now too, was the fact that he had heard the distant echoing cries… His thoughts ran more to who it was than what it was? He assumed it was a spirit, but as he had told her earlier, the castle was full of anguished spirits and ghosts so it was hard to say just who might have been calling out? At any rate, it was quiet enough now!

A frustrated Gerard sat listening to Elizabeth debating on ways to cease her chattering for just a bit?

He had a suggestion, and from the way she had looked at him earlier, he surmised that she might not object?


Ahhhh that had went well… he decided to push it one step further?

Elizabeth had no qualms about a relationship with Gerard despite the uttered misgivings and looks from the townspeople they had met? Gerard had warned her and readily admitted his reputation. He never tried to hide his past- at least what he felt she could handle of it? For what ever reason, Elizabeth trusted him and being with him felt right. She wasn’t even put off by his often moody nature, his sarcasm and his fits of temper!

Gerard felt much the same about Elizabeth. Yes, she often annoyed the blazed out of him, grated on his edgy nerves and frustrated him beyond belief… But- her presence, while grating to him at times, for the most part eased his mind? He felt happy with her. For the first time in centuries he could be open, honest, and even found himself laughing?!

The next morning, they started to explore the castle. As they sat in the upstairs gallery, Elizabeth wanted to know more about what Gerard knew about the castle? She had a feeling he knew far more than what the books might tell her and wanted him to be truthful!


Gerard warned her, “I don’t think you’re quite ready for all of the grizzly details?” He suggested she start with a book that he felt would help with some of the facts that he knew she was such a stickler for?

He regretted offering her the book when her attention was quickly consumed with that rather than him? After letting her read for a time, he suggested a break from it?

They discovered a mutual passion and Gerard found himself much enjoying her level of concentration and competition. It wasn’t often he found an opponent who could offer him a challenge!

After the break of chess, they set to work seriously. He set Elizabeth up with centuries old manuscripts to pore over while he worked on something else… He had received an urgent call from John Deppley explaining Eleanor’s state and the changes that had taken place? This added to Gerard’s concerns. Now, besides helping Elizabeth find her place in the witches’ world, he must help Eleanor?! He wasn’t sure if he even could? He had never heard of a Time weaver being a fairy? He supposed of course it was possible…After all few had ever thought it was possible for a witch and a vampire to produce offspring but John was proof that was possible!



Much of the day was spent studying and researching the past! Finally, Elizabeth insisted they take a break and explore more of the castle?

When she got down to the lower level, she started hearing those cries and moans again? It was louder now and eerie….

Gerard did not want hear any of her whining! This was getting ridiculous! He told her firmly that she needed to get over this fear?!

They went down to the dungeon cell, now nothing more than a cold, dark empty space…. Screenshot-43

Even Gerard was uncomfortable down here?! The noises started again, much louder and terrifying now.

Elizabeth couldn’t stand it any longer!



They made it back upstairs and tried to eat something.

Gerard’s nerves were frayed causing his temper to be short. Elizabeth retreated to a somewhat safer level as he ranted and then warned her, “Do not go back down there Elizabeth! There is something vile and evil there!”

Meanwhile, other haunts had started throughout the castle?

Gerard insisted that she go back to the apartment while he tried to figure out what was going on downstairs…

She argued but he was firm… she was not capable of handling anything that might be down there, she should go take a shower and try to stay calm! This was far more serious than just ghost haunting?!

Back downstairs, Gerard stood against the wall and felt the evil… He knew full well what it was, and who it was?

Gerard stood there feeling the past, experiencing the end of a life

The life he felt had once been so close to him, he had done vicious and unmentionable things for her once in his life… all in an attempt to keep her from sliding down the torturous path of evil and total insanity. In the end, she had went down that path over the edge into a dark abyss of lunacy and depravity? She had finally been locked away where no one could be harmed by her again… He knew it was for the best, knew how dangerous she was, but he couldn’t help feeling pain for the sister he had once loved?

So, now he stood here and did the one thing he could for her… he relived her last days of insanity and could only hope that his spirit touched her somehow and she didn’t feel quite so alone in those last hours? At times throughout the ordeal, he felt her reaching out trying to talk to him, trying to hug him and yes, trying to slap him as well…


Gerard did something no one, not even himself would have thought possible… he shed tears for his sister’s wasted life

He felt the end come for her




Elizabeth, never one to follow directions well, had taken a quick shower and went back down there anyway. She felt some deep heartbreak in Gerard?

Elizabeth instinctively knew when the pain was over…she felt a heaviness lift from Gerard’s heart only to be filled with an overpowering sadness? Strangely, a hidden door had appeared as well!

They entered the room to find an old urn, covered in rust and spiderwebs… The sadness in the room was overwhelming! She couldn’t help cry. Without him telling her, she knew this soul was his tortured insane sister, Marie.

It touched Gerard’s soul that she was able to cry for Marie? No one else would have mourned but for him.



A few days later, John became concerned when he was unable to reach Gerard? All of his calls kept going to voicemail. Considering Gerard’s dubious past, John worried that he might have turned to his previous ways? He finally had no choice but to go to the castle and find out what was going on! A few days later, John became concerned when he was unable to reach Gerard? All of his calls kept going to voicemail. Considering Gerard’s dubious past, John worried that he might have turned to his previous ways? He finally had no choice but to go to the castle and find out what was going on! He was originally suppose to meet with Gerard the following day along with Judith and Eleanor… but, this turn greatly concerned him due to the situation he already knew of about the Castle?

John had told the others to remain at White Towers and wait to hear from him. He would bring Eleanor with him just in case her abilities of visions and recall might be of value. Arriving at the castle, he tried to keep Eleanor calm. She was agitated and nervous about this meeting. “Eleanor, calm yourself…this is not a time to panic!” He warned her. She was extremely nervous, scared and much on edge. He had a momentary doubt whether it had been such a wise idea to bring her now!

A harried and terrified Elizabeth came out to greet them. John introduced himself and Eleanor, and explained that he was a friend of Gerard’s? Gerard had told her of John, and of the pressing need to assist this woman, Eleanor? She had to tearfully explain the current situation and beg of John’s help?


Gerard’s grief over reliving Marie’s death had caused him to retreat into himself… His sadness had been replaced with a flood of remorse and guilt eating at him. He had locked himself away in the King’s quarters, became violent and cursed her to leave him be. He had told her that she was wasting her kindness on him, he didn’t deserve or want it and least of all he did not want her pity! She had hoped that he just needed some time… but it had been days and now, he would not even answer her when she went to the door?

John did not seem so surprised at this? He had actually wondered at times when Gerard would succumb to those feelings eating away at him… Gerard with his surface armour of distain and lack of remorse, his biting cynicism and sarcasm which he used to cover any true emotions. In reality, the man cared deeply about what he had done, what he had been in the past. John’s concern right now was that this was not the time for Gerard to break down! They all desperately needed Gerard’s help!

Meanwhile, Eleanor listened intently. She was surprised at Gerard’s deeper caring side? This was not the Gerard that she remembered?!

This information confused her and she wandered away to think about it… John immediately called her back. She reacted with annoyance and frustration. In her mind, he was being far too smothering and overprotective of her! It only served to add to her agitation! She responded to his call, “I am not deaf, in fact my hearing is quite keen? There is no need for you to yell!”

She returned, only to become fixated on the sparkles coming from her hands? Elizabeth voiced a whispered concerned thought to John, “What is wrong with her?!” John gave frustrated sigh and replied, “She is quite nervous about being here? This place has some strange occurances that tend to disturb many?”

Eleanor had been trying to calm herself by focusing on the light within her, then registered John’s excuses for her. This irritated her again, that he was assuming to think and answer for her. “I am quite able to speak for myself John!” She glowered at him and more properly introduced herself to Elizabeth, assuring the young woman that she was fine!

Gerard was locked away in the King’s chambers trying to drink away the pain and the guilt of his previous life.
It was not just Marie’s death anguishing his heart and his soul, but all of the things he had done, lives he had set to ruin in his misguided attempts to save Marie from herself? All because he had not been able to see her for what she was really was from the beginning. A damaged soul, she had exhibited signs of instability and insanity from her earliest childhood? Malicious and unexplainable “accidents” had happened often to those she angered at. Whereby she would claim innocence, shed caring tears and beg her older brother to protect her from undeserved punishment? He had spent his life trying to protect her and then protect others from her…

John silently and suddenly appeared in the room… He seemed to be having no difficulties managing his newly released powers? Gerard was not impressed or welcome of John’s company! He responded with his habit of cynical sarcasm, “Ahhhh Look, your true nature has escaped your tight control!”

He added, “If you’re here for drinks, I doubt you’ll find my blood to your liking? It’s rather bitter and acrid, and as I’ve been told, full of evilness incarnate?!” He paused for a moment, “No, not at all to your liking for all things good and honorable!”

John let the man rage, then picked up a drink, “No, Gerard, I want not of your blood… I want your black soul instead?!” Gerard winced at the caustic comment and took another drink before responding, “Ahhh finally, you have decided to walk the darker path?” He then laughed bitterly

They drank in silence for a bit, each lost in their own concerns and thoughts.

Finally, John decided it was time for Gerard to face his demons and darkness. He forced Gerard to confront the past and deal with it, knowing it was the only way for the self torture to end and for Gerard to fully move on in the future!

Gerard raged through some of it, his anger and disgust at himself for his past actions taking over, while John listened closely hearing the gut wrenching pain come from Gerard’s soul. He allowed Gerard to go through all of it, his self admission of past deeds and destruction and his vows of being beyond redemption. At the end, he reproached Gerard, “Who are You, God? Who are you to decide for yourself that you are beyond redemption?!” He went on, “What, Have the Angels, and the Reaper come to you and demanded your soul?!” Gerard’s anger stilled a bit while John continued, “NO! I thought Not! You are still here on this earth with some purpose? You can choose to wallow here in self pity or you can take your stand, regain your life and fulfill your destiny and purpose in life!”

John struggled with patience in getting through to the anguished man.

His patience gave way and he grabbed Gerard, shaking him almost violently, “God’s Blood Gerard! Now is not the time for this! If you want to choose self loathing and pity, if you want a life of solitary confinement with only alcohol to comfort you instead of a woman who truly cares for you, then by all means go for it! Only do it later! Right now, I have need of you to pull yourself together enough to help us!” John showed his own anger, “I have had enough of your raging, I have rage enough of my own at life’s circumstances without having to endure yours as well!”


Something, either John’s words, his anger, or his probe into Gerard’s mind, was getting through?

Gerard started to come to grips and through his pain he slowly and raggedly began, “Gods, I have done so much damage, I do not even know where to begin to put it to rights? I’m sure some of it can never be undone or it’s hurts healed?” He sighed and continued, “You’re right as usual, John.” He shrugged, drew his hand through is hair and added, “Does it never bother you to be so Damnably Noble and Honorable?!”


John breathed a sigh of relief. Gerard had worked through this with his biting humor intact. “Right now, my nobility and honor are secondary to my concern for one I care about? I suspect you might relate to that? Surely, you have set aside your less than honorable tendencies aside for the concern of someone you care about… I know you care, so don’t even bother denying it?!

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