The Men of White Towers!

The Men Of White Towers Manor!!!

The Royals Project is pleased to present a Special Page for Eleanor’s Journal!

This page is a preview of events to come later in Eleanor’s story. Eleanor will get to later but now, Let us enjoy a little of who will arrive in Dragon Valley?  We are thrilled that The Men of White Towers Manor could make a guest appearance here!

White Towers men cover

The men of White Towers! These men share a secret past together and they are also ancestors to some very fine men of today’s world! They are looking for answers and possibly romance in the Royals Realm of Dragon Valley. Enjoy these Royals Regency Romance heroes! Much thanks to kimwriter75 for her creations of Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp who served as inspiration for two of the ancestors! No CC used

Normally, these men would go on the Royals Sims page but for now they deserve a spotlight on them!!!

Sir Bradley Pittens has been described as a rake, a ravisher, a scoundrel. He doesn’t care what they think! He’s the rebellious younger son of a wealthy Noble who has to make his own way since he will not inherit a title! Making his own way is a career in the Royal Navy and  secret service that involves the being rake and scoundrel in order to easier gain valuable information! He does dream of more famous descendants? NO CC. Thanks so much to Kimwriter75 for the descendant original Brad Pitt!

Bradley Pittens cover Bradley Pittens photo layout John Deppley cover John Deppley photo layout

Lord John Deppley is a high born Nobleman, he inherited a title, estate and all the headaches that go with it! To all appreances, he is a proper Gentleman and the best catch on marriage market. He knows he needs a wife, but he also has another agenda… Besides being the proper Lord Deppley, he is also member of a  secret service to the crown? Very few  know and he prefers to keep it that way! Much thanks to Kimwriter75 for Lord John’s descendant, Johnny Depp-the model for this character!!!

MacGreere photo layout MacGreerly cover pic many years of fighting for his Clan, finding ways to make peace, often being labeled as a traitor, His Grace Richard MacGreere has finally had his Clan’s land and his title of Duke of Grerefeld restored to him! All he really wants to do now is find a wife and return home to his home in the Highlands! Not just any wife… he has one already picked out, he just needs to find her?!

Pittens outerwear Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-20

These three men will play prominent roles in future journal entries! They all have secrets that tie them to Dragon Valley!

Here are some previews of their stay at White Towers! Also, a few clues to tide you over… One of them has recently become the new owner of White Towers? One of them has come to Dragon Valley in search of a wife… a missing wife, that is? The third is under orders to find a wife as well or some one will choose one for him!

Sir Bradley is a bit unsettled by Mary England.


A  discussion between Eleanor and Lord Deppley.         The teens record the events in their  journals!

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3

 Bradley suffers  attention with gritted teeth.                     The discussion continues over chess

Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5

Ahhh finally a chance to make an escape?                       The “Rake”  sidetracked by a pretty young thing!

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9

The Duke tests the ladies with camp food                           Too polite to refuse, they smile and “enjoy”

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12

Surveying their new residence                                              Sir Bradley voices misgivings to Richard

Screenshot-21 (2) Screenshot-21

Some secret shared between Richard and Eleanor?             Eleanor shows her thoughts of the meal!

Screenshot-22 (2) Screenshot-22

Bradley attempts to remain polite…                                   Mary England is infatuated!

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-24

Do you ever get that feeling you’re being stalked?          Bradley loses patience and insults Lady Mary

Screenshot-25 Screenshot-26 (2)

Richard gives Bradley a warning                                                Bradley’s temper is on edge…

Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27

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