From the Creator: Sims3 That’s Amore Venue

I have installed the last Sims3 Venue offered, have had a look around it and can now make some observations about it.  Yes, the preview screens of it were quite impressive… but that is usual due to some good marketing and photography work on their part!  I mentioned previously that I purchased it more for the contents included in it rather than the venue itself… I am not disappointed with those individual items so it’s worth the money spent, for me anyway. I was not really expecting a whole from the venue/ build so I can not say I was surprised or disappointed in that aspect either!


If you are planning to use it as is, please be forewarned that it is a huge lot- 64×64, with little else to do on the lot other than experience the Gondola ride? Not much thought or effort was given to interior décor or entertainment! In my opinion this lot is what I would call a definite fixer upper with a lot of potential! Please excuse my photos… I plopped it down in my current empty world of Aurora Skies and it doesn’t necessarily quite fit in with that environment. All of the photos are taken in build/buy mode as I really just wanted to go in quick and check it out.

These are some quick overviews of the lot after placing it.

Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-5


I could resist trying a few adjustments to portions of it to see some differences in the appearance? As I said, it qualifies as a fixer upper… I do not care for much of the wall covering that they tried with this build. It’s far to shiny and I think it detracts from the over all appearance! I changed the roof color/pattern and did some very basic wall covering replacements to come up with this?

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8



Here are some photos of the interiors such as they are…

Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10

You can find a number of places to sit, or make use of a computer… The décor and atmosphere leaves much to be desired!

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14

I did find one spot to do some painting… after you get bored with reading!


And, after an exhausting trek through the building and the very large lot, you can at least find a place to sleep? If two of you came here together, possible for that romantic encounter on the Gondola, you are out of luck on finding space to sleep together! I found only this one bed anywhere on the lot! If you were planning on a nice romantic meal together… please remember to bring your own and be prepared to cook it on a grill! I did find one grill located on one of the balconies near the entrance.

Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17 Screenshot-18


Overall impression and thoughts on this venue… Yes, definitely has potential as in a massive renovation and redecoration project. It does seem to have a good basic structure and foundation to work from but the redecoration would be extensive and take quite some time! You could easily go in and add some entertainment and recreation, as well as some decent cooking and some convenient toilet facilities?! I can see the opportunities for some great photos, at least out door ones… Not sure if I would bother taking photos inside without some redecoration!