Outlander: After the Gathering

Just a quick post to recap tonight’s episode! I need to make it rather brief because the Atholl Brose and the Rhenish wine have taken their toll on me! I am feeling a bit like Angus right now…


Atholl Brose with Cranachan!

Atholl Brose with Cranachan!



Before we go on with the update, I just want to say that our dinner feast was a success! The only minor glitch was the Clapshot Rosti… it tasted great but turned out more like hashbrowns than potato pancakes?!

For the recipes you can see the previous post:

Pork tenderloins with Clapshot Rosti and parsnips crisps

Pork tenderloins with Clapshot Rosti and parsnips crisps


Dessert was Cranachan. I did make some slight alteration on the recipe, used mixed berry sauce rather than fresh raspberries because that’s what I had in the fridge! Rather than individual servings, I put it all together in large serving dish. My one mistake with it was making the whipped cream too early ahead of time- reminder to self and others, this is not really a do ahead dish! It still tasted wonderful though!





Ok, now that Dinner is out of the way, Let’s move on to the more important matters… Not that the feasting isn’t important, but we all know that the most important part of this gathering is The Gathering, and all of those who attended!

First let’s see a few of the out of town guests… Herself, Diana Gabaldon made an appearance as Iona. Sadly, Iona was snubbed and insulted by Mrs. Fitz? It must have been some personal argument or disagreement between them that lasted for years. Iona’s family must be experiencing some monetary hardships as Mrs. Fitz quite rudely pointed out how nice her dress was again, wasn’t it the same she wore to the last gathering? The last Gathering of the Clan MacKenzie took place 20 years ago so Mrs. Fitz must have an excellent memory and hold a long grudge!

Diana at Castle Leoch


Our esteemed creator of the show also put in an appearance! I didn’t catch a name for him though! You look marvelous, Ron Moore!

Ron Moore cameo


There was one other out of town guest wandering about and I am curious as to he was? Certainly not one of the Clan members, dressed the way he was and resembling much more of a Sassenach… I have my suspicions about him and his identity. His name was not mentioned and he was not introduced, but I am thinking perhaps he is the Duke of Sandringham? If I remember correctly from the book, he was visiting the Castle at the time of the Gathering?



Colum MacKenzie made his grand entrance to the Gathering and showed the importance and seriousness of the event by shaving for it! Wow.. what a difference a shave makes?!

Outlander_Cast_Gary Lewis and Colum MacKenzie Colum Mackenzie at the gathering Outlander 2014


There was a long line of men waiting to swear their oaths of allegiance to Colum and the MacKenzie Clan. Dougal, of course was first in line as proper and appropriate for him as we know that he is the other half of  Colum!

Outlander 2014

Did I mention how long the line was? Angus had plenty of time to drink Claire’s stash while he was waiting around.



Claire had a plan in mind to escape but as quite often the case with her plans, it went quite awry and caused some difficulties… such as almost being knifed by Jamie!


Jamie with a knife

Due to Claire’s failed attempt at escaping, she caused even more problems for Jamie! Ahhhh Claire, he gets into enough trouble on his own, he doesn’t need your help to find it!  Luckily, Jamie is quick witted and a charmer with that boyish smile of his… also, lucky that Colum likes him and doesn’t really enjoy the thought of having to kill him. No, that would be Dougal’s idea more so than Colum’s! Anyway, Jamie managed to salvage the situation of the oath taking by making his play on words… “I promise to obey you as long as I am on your lands…”



Once the Oath taking was finished, it was time for the fun to start? If you could consider a Boar hunt as fun… Claire just did not seem to understand or take seriously the danger of  wild boars.  After all, what harm could a pig cause? Ummmm Claire, Really- what did you think a boar was? She of course realized her mistake rather quickly once she encountered the animal chasing her down! 

Claire in the Boar hunt

Yes, of course it’s all fun and games until you make a boar mad and he attacks! There was much seriousness when one of the hunters was mortally wounded and even Claire could not save him. Dougal showed his emotions and later gave his thanks to Claire for her help with the dying man. A rather unsteady truce was set between them after that.


On returning from the unfortunate Boar hunt, the men threw themselves into a different sort of battle, but not much less dangerous than a Boar hunt. It was time for a no holds barred, no rules, last man standing wins game of Shinty! I have to admit, this is one of my favorite scenes of the episode!


Once again, Claire showed a slight lack of understanding with her comment of “That’s not really fair, is it?” Rubert could not even come with an answer for her on that one other than to shake his head at her ridiculous question!

Rubert and Claire watching shinty

Ohhhh, by the way, Jamie appeared to be the last man standing as he knocked Dougal to the ground, smiled and said, “I learned from you!”





Outlanderday Cooking: Atholl Brose Experiment!

Previous Outlander Post:


Earlier this morning, my daughter peered into a bowl of oats soaking in water,  gave me a very skeptical look and commented, “What do you plan on doing with this mess?” This look was much the same sort she gave me last night when she spied the bottle of Whisky on the counter! We are not normally Whisky drinkers so this was a highly unusual purchase on my part. I told her I needed it for a recipe and she gave me an even more suspicious look. I am pretty sure she might be very concerned about our dinner menu for tonight? While she is a devoted Outlander fan, she is not so sure we should delve quite so deeply into the food offerings… though, she was reasonably impressed with the Bannocks. Her response to the Bannocks was, “Well, those aren’t nearly so bad as I thought they might be” as she helped herself to another one!

oats in water


As suspicious as she is with the Atholl Brose and the Whisky, I think I will keep the turnips a secret until after she’s eaten the Clapshot Rosti later this evening…


For now, we’ll just focus on the Atholl Brose experiment!  I found the inspirational recipe for this drink at


Atholl Brose (or Athol Brose, Athole Brose) is a Scottish drink obtained by mixing oatmeal brose, honey, whisky, and sometimes cream (particularly on festive occasions). When made with cream the drink is rather like Baileys Irish Cream. Atholl Brose has also become an alternative name for the dessert Cranachan, which uses similar ingredients.

According to legend, the drink is named after the 1st Earl of Atholl, who quashed a Highland rebellion in 1475 by filling the rebel leader’s well with the mixture, making him easily captured.


I was a bit leery of trying this recipe mainly because as I’ve mentioned, none of us are Whisky drinkers. When I read the comparison to Bailey’s though, I was interested in trying it.  Initially, I did even debate on using something other than Whisky in it. While out shopping, I found some Dewar’s Highland Honey Whisky, and decided to give the Whisky a try.



I did follow Theresa’s recipe for the most part and only made a few minor changes to it.  The first step is soaking the rolled oats in water overnight to make Oat Milk.  I used a suggestion for creamier milk mixture by putting the oats and water in the blender and pulsing it for about 10 seconds. After that process, strain the oats out by squeezing the mixture through cheese cloth or muslin.  Throw out the leftover oat pulp, unless you can find some other use for it? You will add your whisky and honey to the saved milk, blend it together with whisk.  I only used 1/2 cup of Whisky rather than full cup as I wasn’t sure about the whisky taste yet.  I used a Cinnamon Vanilla Creamer instead of regular cream, and added a bit more of it to make up for the lesser amount of Whisky. 

I used cheese cloth to line my strainer and then just squeezed out the rest of the milk/water from with my hands.



Once you’ve mixed everything together, put it in the fridge to chill before drinking. I did taste test it before putting it in the fridge for later and it was quite good! My only thoughts on my experiment with this is that by using the Creamer, it is a little thin? I think I will add a bit of heavy cream to it before serving… and maybe a splash more of the Whisky! After tasting it, I am kind of wishing I would have made a double recipe of it!


You can serve it with or without the cream added. This picture shows both options!

Atholl Brose with and without creme