A well fought battle, but who are the victors?

First of all, I must wholeheartedly and very sincerely apologize for my delay in reporting on the final battle results. I know that I promised to announce the winners of this heated battle on Saturday, but if you read the end of my entry for that day, you will know that I was surprised by another event? I am sorry to say that this event took some precedence over our on going battle for honor between Outlander Fans and Vikings fans… I am quite sure that all of you would agree and if put in the same position as I was that evening, you would have made the same choice!

Valentine's day from Rollo

Had any of you been made the same offer or invitation, would you have refused? Would you, even you Outlander Highland Scotsman fans, have been able to resist the temptation of being alone in the woods with the great and mighty Rollo? I think not!   I will just give you all my apologies and tell you that I enjoyed myself immensely… I will not go into all of the details of our much private evening because I am not one to kiss and tell… I do have some secrets to keep! Siggy could be reading or listening and I do not want to put any hard feelings or doubts between us? I will just leave the matter at this explanation, Rollo and I have had a much long discussion, come to an understanding between ourselves and we will consider ourselves as “friends with benefits”!


Now, on to the results of that much heated battle? If you all recall, it started quite simply enough, a small skirmish on open field to give both sides, The Outlander Fans and The Vikings Saga fans a chance to show their valor, their honor and their blood thirst for dominance and bragging rights? There was of course an option to declare that you did not care who won, so long as men would go shirtless? It was a long and cut throat battle, right to the very end! At first it looked as though those who just wanted shirtless men would take the field and the glory? But, as the battle wore on, you all showed that there is much more to you than just wanting to see half naked men. I am happy to say that the battle took a serious turn and was fought well on both sides for honor and glory of either Outlander or Vikings. It came right down to the wire and I feared it would be an even tie. Now, I did promise to give the Vikings an advantage in the battle as I was concerned about the fairness of such a battle. The Outlander Fans have been here far longer and are a mighty tribe to contend with? The Vikings fans got a much later start here on this blog so I felt that in all fairness, they should be given a way to even out the playing field? As it turns out, they needed no such advantage.

When the battle became intense, those Viking women showed their worth, dug their trenches and raised their shield walls to show that they were worthy of such a battle. Both sides also showed that, while they enjoy a view of a shirtless man, that view would not deter or distract them from fighting for their honor!

Vikings meet Outlander

So, who has finally won the battle? Well,  All that I can say is, “All Hail the Shield Maidens!” You have proven that when it comes to a battle for honor, One should not mess with a Viking Woman!  All of the women who fought so valiantly have also proven though that they prefer their men to have heads attached to their shirtless bodies?  I think even Princess Kwentirith would agree that for the most part, she would rather have her captured men whole?

how many heads did you want

The men might plot and partake in the more gruesome of battles and shows of victory. We women all fight just as  fiercely for victory, but we fight in different ways and as I said, we prefer our spoils of war to whole, living and breathing for us to enjoy after the battle is finished!

vikings_season2_episode10_gallery_3a-P the wrath of a shieldmaiden You go girl go girl two lagertha with her maidens lagertha and shieldmaidens katheryn-winnick-stars-as-shield-maiden-lagertha-in-history-channels-vikings ecbert and lagertha3

So, Fierce Shield Maidens what have you won with this battle? Why, You have earned the right to settle in those places where you fought not for power and control or great riches of silver but for land to farm,  homes to call your own,  to eventually live in peace and yet pass on your own great fighting spirit and independent nature to future generations who would claim thrones of England and also become those fiercely independent Highland clans and Warriors!  Without your battles, your struggles and your desires for land that you could call your own, that future might look much different!

To the victors go the spoils of the War… Raise your drinking horns high, celebrate and remember that once the war is won, we are all still women fighting a great fight together? As we are so often reminded, Women must stick together to survive! Join with those Highland Women who are your descendants as well, rejoice and share your rewards…. a break from the battles to enjoy a bit of the shirtless men! Ohhh and do not forget to include the women of those Saxon lands that fought just as bravely and suffered as much as everyone else. I’ve heard that there is a wonderous large hot tub in that land, just waiting for all of you to experience?

rollo4 rollo7 Rolloragnar2 ragnar and lagertha ask athelstan to join them Ragnar and Ecburt in the tub

Bjorn Ironside Jamie's backside jamie being flogged Claire and Jamie wedding nightrob roy 2rob_roy_13


claire and frank11Scottish menscottish men5scottish men6scottish men7scottish men8

My one last suggestion and warning to all of you as you are enjoying your feast…. You might be well advised to keep Princess Kwentirith away or she may claim them all as her own personal spoils of war and you will not see any of them again for quite some time?

Kwenthrith1 Kwenthrith3 Kwenthrith2kwentirith talk to me of love and deathkwentirith inspecting the northmenkwentirith I always knew I would like these men