Vikings: A long awaited voyage! Part one of season 3 premiere review

*****Spoiler Warning!” 

This post contains spoilers for Vikings Season 3 episode 1, Mercenary. If you have not watched it yet and do not want spoilers, please avoid this post until you have watched it, or do not complain that I did not advise you ahead of time!


Have you ever experienced a long, cold winter trapped in close quarters with nowhere to go for relief from the voices and the troubles of others? Well, if you have been through these winters, you will understand me when I say that after some months of the bitter cold, the dreary days of  little sunlight, and the never ending snow, everyone becomes restless. Their nerves are frayed, they are on edge for little or no reason, they are restless, bored and irritated with the company of even their closest allies and loved ones? That is how we have spent this winter of much distress and discontent.  We were ambushed and attacked in our own home by our own King…and  that was just  the start of our longest winter!  Before I go on with our coming voyage, I must quickly share what happened that fateful winter night when King Horik decided that he trusted no one of Ragnar’s family and that they all must die.

He supposedly came in peace, even brought with him his entire family to celebrate a new beginning, an alliance between all of us. What he really did though was set a trap to lure us into, to use us as his means of doing away with Ragnar and his family whom he felt held too much power?

King horik's family of daughters

While he spoke of peace and celebration, he was trapping ones such as Siggy and Floki into carrying out his plans of death. I did warn Siggy more than once that this dangerous game she involved herself in could come to no good end?

you once promised ragnar's weakness you did not deliver  You wasted all your seed on a promis  Tell me now what is his weakness

you once promised ragnar’s weakness you did not deliver You wasted all your seed on a promis Tell me now what is his weakness

you must go to the great hall at sunset and kill ragnar's young sons

you must go to the great hall at sunset and kill ragnar’s young sons

I will make you a queen you will rule again

I will make you a queen you will rule again

Rollo had learned of her actions, and felt wholly betrayed by her even though she had done her deeds with his future rise in mind. That made it worse as far as he was concerned for it felt to him like she did not trust him to fight his own battles?  There was much tension, anger and resentment between them when he was returned to us near death. They were both filled with bitterness and said things they probably should not have…

Don't  give up   What do you care

Don’t give up What do you care

what do you care Do you want an honest answer  I don't know but I think you might still be useful somehow

what do you care? Do you want an honest answer, I don’t know but I think you might still be useful somehow.

to whom

To whom, I really don’t know

Floki was embroiled in his own treacherous game with Horik. In attempt to gain Horik’s trust, he was ordered to kill someone who mattered?

floki calling the gods to rollo my friend torstien has been murdered

Horik plotted and planned with his family- his wife and his son, and with his army to ambush and destroy us in the night…

wars are not always fought on the battle field today we must overcome the magic of ragnar lothbrok horik and wife Gunhild who was once a great sheild maiden herself sometimes the war comes into your home

They sought to bring the war right into our home but in the end they failed because of the loyalties that all felt to Ragnar Lothbrok. His plot was known about and he was defeated. Those two, Siggy and Floki did not betray but brought their information to Ragnar so that we could be prepared for the fight.

The gods are coming   I know

this family will fight or die trying

this family will fight or die trying

a fight between shield maidens

a fight between shield maidens

when it is my family or yours then my family shall live

when it is my family or yours then my family shall live

In the end, Horik was surrounded and put to death by Ragnar. Horik’s one last request was that Ragnar let his son live? I am not so sure this was such a wise idea but Ragnar did grant it.

horik thinks he has won but he underestimates Ragnar and those loyal to him Horik is surrounded and floki enters the room

At the end, it was his own dagger that he was killed with, and Siggy had the final revenge of watching him die!

a dagger of death to seal the bargain siggy will have the final revenge as she watches horik die


floki where have you been   Looking after you Bjorn

floki where have you been Looking after you Bjorn

The sword of Kings was in Ragnar’s possession now and Bjorn held it as if feeling his own future destiny.

the sword of kings in bjorn's hand bjorn's destiny


So, King Horik and his family were no more and now Ragnar is King. Being King does not make life any better or easier, and it does not make a man any happier about his life? All of the problems and messes that were in his life are still there for him to deal with. He suffers no less from the winter, the restlessness and the discontent than the rest of us!

Now, winter is leaving us soon and we are more than ready for spring to arrive! Ragnar has announced that come Spring, we shall sail to England and claim that land which King Ecbert promised us. Many are more than ready, are anxious to take the voyage… they all have their own reasons?

Ragnar is as restless as everyone else. He does love his sons, but their Mother… not so much! He loves the son Ivar, but can do nothing to help the child and feels pain at being around him I think? Aslaug feels that same pain as well, but she is a Mother above all else and will endure that heart ache for her son.

Ragnar must leave because

aslaug and Ivar

She knows that Ragnar does not love her but she continues on with a brave front and a cold attitude to others. And, she watches her husband and Lagertha leave with great suspicion, she is sure no good will come of this?

Do you love mesuspicious aslaug watches lagertha lagertha is much too close for comfort

Rollo, he must leave because his heart hurts too much to stay right now. He can not forgive Siggy for her sleeping with Horik even if was done in some attempt to help him…

rollo must leave because

Rollo is not happy, neither is Siggy but they are both too proud to admit their wrongs to each other…

rollo is not happy either but at least they do not have torstein's problem rollo understand well floki's desire to leave rollo's response to floki I understand completely I will be glad to sail

Much later Rollo will think on Siggy, admit what was in his heart for her and still feel the bitterness… but at least he would come to smile again!

I loved a woman like that once, I prized that woman as much as my own life  fat lot of good it did me

I loved a woman like that once, I prized that woman as much as my own life fat lot of good it did me

Let no man mock another over what touches his heart time and again every man will feel it

Rollo is amused by all of it right now


Floki, he would leave because he felt trapped by his marriage to Helga and his new family? Floki feared happiness!

floki must leave

I think Floki feared the impending responsibilities of being husband and Father? He looked at his family and all he saw was the looming responsibilities, and the fear that something might happen to them? Better then, not to be so attached to them should that happiness be taken away by the Gods…

floki and helga Floki and Helga's daughter just look at her  No I can't she makes too happy and I fear it perhaps when you come back you will see the sense of this   Perhaps I will die there we're such a happy family   what is wrong with that We don't want to trap you if you want to leave us you should go

In Floki’s words, Helga was so horribly good that he couldn’t stand it and he must get away! Helga would not fight or argue, she simply said, “Go then, perhaps you will feel different when you return?”

You can not understand I am so happy I am so happy we're leaving


Athelstan, why did he feel such need to go back to England?

Athelstan must leave because

Athelstan was torn in his thoughts and his decisions, but he felt that he needed to follow Ragnar? Ragnar felt much the same in that he must follow Athelstan… Athelstan must go back to that place, and his God. He must face his inner demons and hauntings to be clear in his mind and heart of what he should do with his life.

ragnar and athelstan

Athelstan is marked by his god for some higher purpose and he must seek out that purpose.

I know you too well you can not hide anything

I know you too well you can not hide anything

Athelstan is torn not only by his faith but in his friendships. Ecbert awaits his return to him and to their God’s calling.

and you also must stay athelstan we need you  I need you

and you also must stay athelstan we need you I need you

he hears the call Athelstan's true god is calling whether he wants to listen or not

And, what of Lagertha in Hedeby, why did she feel need to go on this voyage when other troubles were brewing upon her doorstep?

lagertha must leave because

Lagertha killed her abusive husband to become Earl of Hedeby… there are those that are not so happy about this and feel that she has usurped the title from it’s rightful inheritors. Is Hedeby truly hers? When it comes right down to it, no not really… some who she trusts well right now will seek to betray her and regain that title. But, that does not come into her thoughts on this journey because she does not know of this treachery, so why then does she choose to take this voyage with us when she should be content and happy with her new role as Earl? I believe she takes this journey because she ready for adventure. Her son is grown now, on his own, she has no ties or restrictions of Motherhood on her, she is a free woman for now. Though she knows she must probably marry again at some point for alliances she is not ready for that quite yet? She still yearns for the adventure. I do not believe it really has anything to do with thoughts of being with Ragnar again. She has a new life to embark on, and she would make the most of what ever comes her way.

kalf says I have nothing to offer   Let me be the judge of that kalf and lagertha

She does not know it but the treachery and betrayal will come from the one she trusts most at Hedeby…

Kalf puts up a convincing front if you kill an unarmed man then you really are a coward

So, she takes time to embark on this voyage with her family, such as it is… and she finds herself in a new situation with a new man who is infatuated with her!

Not a happy family trip It's such a fine day  I think I'll join you and show you your new land Lagertha is impressed at least a little


Ahhhhh and then there is our friend Torstein…. why is he so anxious and excited to go on this voyage that he can not wait for spring to arrive and would be willing to go in a snow storm if need be? Well, Torstein’s reason is a bit different than the others. While one would assume that his reason is that he can not wait to raid and fight, that is not his main reason for wanting our ships to sail so quickly?

torstein and his problems

As I did mention, it has been a long cold winter and Torstein spent it warming a few too many blankets? This should be a good lesson and reason to listen to those who preach moderation in all things, even sex!

two women carry my child

two women carry my child

Sometimes no one can believe just how ignorant Bjorn is of certain things  Is that possible

Sometimes no one can believe just how ignorant Bjorn is of certain things. He asks, “Is that possible?”

rollo's solution marry both of them take one as wife the other as concubine that will settle the matter

rollo’s solution marry both of them take one as wife the other as concubine that will settle the matter


or kill me

No that is not possible, they hate each other and both want to kill me!

Really, No one is so happy to see our boats finally as Torstein is!

thorstein can't wait for the boat to sail and take him with it away from his problems

problem one problem two


There are many others excited about this voyage as well. Usually, the voyages are looked on with some great sadness by much of the village as we must watch our men and our shield maidens leave for battles and fear for their safety until they return to us. This time is different though. This voyage will take many families across the sea to this new place of England. It is with much excitement, and yet a heavy heart that I will sail as well! I will go on this voyage to England to see Wessex, but I have promised Siggy that I will return to her. I would never think to so totally abandon her here in Kattegat and I feel immense sorrow that she would not join me in this journey.  I do understand, though, such as the way things are with her and Rollo for now.  It breaks my heart to leave her, but we have talked it over and it was she who suggested that I take this chance to travel. I think she will feel some better knowing that one of us is with Rollo, watching out for him?  Rollo was reluctant about my coming at first. He suggested that perhaps it would be best if I stayed here with Siggy? I know that while he refuses to admit it, he still cares for her and worries about her welfare.  I have made assurance to him that she will be fine, and it is better this way. She needs time and space from all of us for now. 

those left behind this time families went too to settle the promised land leaving for england

This is part one of a two part review. The next part will continue with our arrival in Wessex!