Vikings Scarred: Kewntirith’s cure



First of all, I must share that I am still in much emotional turmoil and distress over the events in Kattegat. It is going to take me a few days to process what happened there and deal with the loss of my friend Siggy. I am sure that you will all understand my grief and allow me to take some time to mourn her properly. My heart is hurting right now but in a few days, I will be able to giver her honor and tribute as she so well deserves.

For tonight, I need some diversion from that heart ache… and what better diversion is there than spending a few moments with the ever bizarre Princess Kwentirith!  She is one of those disgusting and nasty people that we revile but for some reason want to know more about? She is the despicable scandalous celebrity of the time and her antics always draw attention. Her most recent stunt was no exception. The ever popular question of the week being, Did she just do what we think she did? So, in answer to that question, Yes, she did indeed piss all over Ragnar!

In the recent battle, Ragnar received a nasty slash to his abdomen while trying to assist a shieldmaiden in the fight…the shieldmaiden went down and Ragnar nearly did as well.

another shield maiden remains standing ragnar can do nothing for her but has to save himself the spear just misses him

After the battle, Ragnar found some private space to deal with the pain of his wound.

ragnar in pain from his own injury

ragnar in pain from his own injury

ragnar's battle wound

ragnar’s battle wound

Kwentirith found him alone on the river bank… She seemed genuinely concerned about his wound and offered to help. His response was one of, What can you do…

kwentirith  I see you are still suffering I can make it better

kwentirith I see you are still suffering I can make it better

how can you make it better some magic


kwentirith prepares to offer her cure

kwentirith prepares to offer her cure

up with the skirts   no it's not what you think1

Ragnar’s reaction…much like our own was one of  WTF are you doing? Here silent response was of Don’t worry, it won’t kill you… it might even cure you?

ragnar's reaction just WTF are you doing don't worry it won't kill you

whoa ummm you can stop now I think I do not need this cure a bit difficult to measure the correct dosage1

A rather crude and messy delivery but for the most part a  highly effective treatment!

There all done a bit messy but highly effective

There all done a bit messy but highly effective

So, yes she did piss all over him, but why? Was it some other bizarre fetish of hers that we didn’t know of? Was it some form of warped depravity that we would not be surprised at coming from her?

A loss for words  what do you say after you've let someone piss on you1 I suppose I should say thank you I think1

I suppose maybe you should  You saved my kingdom for me now I have saved you we are even

I suppose maybe you should You saved my kingdom for me now I have saved you we are even

Well, no actually, Princess Kwentirith seems to be well versed in the medieval and ancient healing practices… some of which are still being considered as useful today! She pissed on him for good reason!  On looking at this event, I hate to admit it but perhaps when Torstein was suffering so much, they should have called in Kwentirith!

Urine has, in fact, had an impressive range of practical uses for much of history. A key area was medicine. In Rome, Pliny the Elder recommended fresh urine for the treatment of “sores, burns, affections of the anus, chaps and scorpion stings”, while stale urine mixed with ash could be rubbed on your baby for nappy rash. In early-modern Europe numerous medical luminaries went further. Pioneering French surgeon Ambroise Paré noted that itching eye-lids could be washed in the patient’s urine – provided that it had been kept “all night in a barber’s basin” first. The father of chemistry, Robert Boyle, advised certain patients to drink every morning “a moderate draught of their own urine”, preferably while “tis yet warm”. Anyone indignantly demanding a second opinion would find that Thomas Willis – the richest doctor in England at the time – was instructing a young gentlewoman to drink her own warm urine against “extreme sourness” in her throat.

Other cases could be far more urgent. In about 1550 the Italian doctor Leonardo Fioravanti saw a man’s nose sliced off in an argument, and promptly urinated on the fallen organ before stitching it back on. Henry VIII’s surgeon Thomas Vicary recommended that all battle wounds should be washed in urine; and others advised the same for potentially gangrenous ulcers, or poisonous bites and stings. Being sterile when it leaves the body, urine was then a far safer cleaning agent than the kind of water typically available.


As difficult as it might be for some to comprehend, the medical benefits of urine have been widely studied in many areas including, but not limited to, the effect of pee on wounds. While some holistic health practitioners use urine therapy for treating a variety of ailments and conditions, the medical community has not made many significant statements on the medical uses of urine.

Normal urine is not only pH balanced, it is non-toxic and is believed to contain many nutrients and healing compounds. As such, it would stand to reason that it could be used to help heal wounds. In fact, some research has been done to determine whether urine is capable of healing wounds, and the results indicate that it is in fact very effective.

While there is much controversy surrounding the use of pee on wounds and urine therapy as treatment for diseases, it remains a very curious concept. Some believe there has been more research than we know on the topic, but that positive study results have been suppressed because there is no monetary gain involved. Others deem this perspective as merely a complaint of conspiracy theorists.

What is known is that using pee on wounds is typically not harmful. In fact, some studies have indicated that urine is an effective treatment for severe acne when all else fails. Normal urine is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial, making it a potentially ideal treatment for cuts, abrasions, wounds, and skin infections of any kind. Proponent researchers believe that an infant’s urine is the most sterile as well as the most effective for acne treatment, and that a person’s first urine of the day contains the most nutrients and antibodies.

It’s not likely that the vast majority of people are sold on the idea of using urine as medicine, but some forms of medication, such as some estrogen replacements, are already derived from animal urine. Though the mere idea of it may not sit well with some, there is no doubt that using it on wounds would do in a pinch. Emergency situations are unexpected and if a person sustains a serious wound, cut, bite, or sting and no anti-bacterial cleansing agent is readily available, human pee could help.

While you’re not likely to encounter a situation where you’d have to make such a decision, in an emergency situation, a person could pee on a wound and could potentially prevent serious infection until further medical help could be received. This is often a common situation in the case of painful jellyfish stings sustained in remote areas where medical attention is not nearby. Similarly, drinking urine in an emergency situation could prevent dehydration.

After regrouping from this strange medical treatment, Ragnar decided to move on to other important topics of conversations, such as warning Kwentirith of her brother’s weakness and inability to rule. This was a very serious and telling discussion… Kwentirith understands very well what Ragnar is speaking of and her face shows that she knows full well what will need to be done in the future.

so much for that  on to honest discussion of weak willed brother  he will be your downfall

so much for that on to honest discussion of weak willed brother he will be your downfall

You do understand that don't you?

You do understand that don’t you?

yes she understands  now on to next matter of business

yes she understands now on to next matter of business

Once that serious discussion was clearly understood by both of them, it was time for Ragnar to show just how low he is willing to sink in terms of his choices in women! Kwentirith hikes her skirts again, and takes Ragnar for a ride…

how is your wound  ohhh it still hurts you should make it better

how is your wound ohhh it still hurts you should make it better